MAC Cosmetics - Cosmetics & Beauty Supply - Union Square - San Francisco, CA

MAC Cosmetics - Cosmetics & Beauty Supply - Union Square - San Francisco, CA

I am so happy to write a review for Johnny at the 45 Powell St. I had an accident over the weekend and ended up with a terribly ugly black eye, After some research, I ended up being referred to the Mac Pro on Powell. With perfect honesty, I usually avoid Mac stores like the plague. I have been asked more than once when I walk in and ask for help, "Are you going to buy something?" or "There is a $60 min. for a makeover." (Bloomingdale's Mac counter I am talking to you) This has always left me with a negative impression of the company. However, this was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had a any make-up store. Johnny immediately asked if I needed help, showed me some products, asked me questions about how sensitive the bruised area was, and proceeded to make me feel and look beautiful again! I had a meeting directly after visiting the store,  and I was so much more comfortable after my make-over. He even gave a recommendation for a fellow co-worker working the next day if I needed help tomorrow. Thanks Johnny again! You showed me an excellent level of service and care. I hope your manager reads this! Hopefully I will see you soon for a much funner project! PS great make-up skills! I snapped my friends and they could not believe the before and after shots! Keep it up!


This review is for the Powell st, store and not Mac cosmetics. I've used Mac products for several years and love them, and have purchased them from Mac stores across the country and across the world, and I've learned that when shopping at Mac you will always get knowledgeable, friendly and experienced staff who are willing to help no matter what questions you have. The exception to this seems to be the Powell st. store. I have been in this store a handful of times and each encounter has been the same - the worst Mac customer service with staff who don't want to be there and certainly don't want to help. The people that work here, and I use that term loosely couldn't care less about helping customers or answering questions. About a month ago I had a bad experience with their customer service, I left and went across the street to Nordstrom where I made my Mac purchase. In speaking with the Nordstrom's Mac representative she told me that the Powell st. store had a bad reputation with customer service and she thought it had been corrected.Fast forward to this past weekend where I made the mistake of going into the Powell st. store. I went in knowing exactly what product and color I wanted, all the sales associate had to do was go to the drawer and get it for me. This apparently was too much work for her and I had inconvenienced her. As she was ringing up my purchase, she decided it was time to have a chat to her co-worker. Her co-worker was interested in discussing another customer. The two of them were basically bitching about another customer right in front me. Wow! how pleasant is that and really makes me want to be your customer.If you want Mac products there are plenty of other Mac stores in SF or just go to Macy's or Nordstrom's where the customer service is far superior than this place. What I find strange is with so many places to buy Mac and with Sephora just two doors down why the customer service here is so bad.


I just had a fantastic experience here with Winnie! I made an appointment for full face makeup and she was so amazing. I get my makeup done fairly often and had expectations but she blew them away. She blended so many different products to get my eyes and lips perfect, and the best part of all is she was by far the friendliest and sweetest person I have ever experienced at a Mac store. She made the experience so pleasant- thank you Winnie


I had the best possible experience at this Mac store in what was literally a moment of truth for me: On the morning of my wedding day, just 1 hour before our appointment at CityHall I was basicallysent away at the Sephora next door, where at least 10 make up artists were available doing nothing but refused to perform the make over that had been promised to me over the phone when I had called a few days earlier. They applied eye make up half heartedly, but left the rest untouched. Also the attempts and pleas by my friend and myself to the store manager not to leave me standing in the rain on my wedding day were to no avail. As one can imagine, I was getting very nervous and was close to tears, when my friend suggested to try the MAC store next door. This saved my day!! As soon as they opened, the store manager herself did my make up. By now, I was pressed for time, but that was no problem for her. At 15 years experience, I didn't need to tell her which colors I liked and how she should do it, but she picked the colors that were perfectly matching my type herself. I just told her the occasion, she looked at my style and in no time after a few strokes with the magic MAC brushes, I looked in the mirror and was very, very happy with the result. She was so cute and reassuring and it more than made up for the bad experience at the place next door.


As much of a makeup fanatic I am, the night before last was my first time ever in this specific location! * Immediately greeted by a MAC employee Josh :)* Friendly security* Was quickly brought over to the product I was looking for* Matched my color* Handed me a makeup wipe so he could apply it onto my lower jaw, was given tips on how to apply* I walked out with the new Studio Water Weight foundation along with the 196 brush, and two pairs of my favorite #48 lashes. * Store was very clean and stocked* All employees seemed happy to be there* All around great time for meJosh was friendly, informative, polite, and quick to get me exactly what I needed. I had a great first experience in this store thanks to him! Wonderful wonderful. Definitely coming back soon! Thanks Josh!

Josh's tip was to be light handed with this fndtn and brush, and roll the product onto the skin :) Josh's tip was to be light handed with this fndtn and brush, and roll the product onto the skin :) 9/14/2016

this review is only for Powell st. MAC store. I have had very bad expwriences with this store. I found the customer service in my three times visit there exteremely poor. People were rude to me and when I asked them questions they were not helpful at all. For example I asked once "I've neve had a yellow lisptic before and when I try it, the color gets lost on my skin, how do I apply it? and they said however you want!!!!!" I don't know how this answer was anywhere close to actually answering my questions. there was time that I coulnt find the color I want and waited for half an hour and no one  tried to ask if I needed help. Another time I put on a blue lipstick and one of the employee pointed at me and said oh that looks crazy you need a pencil to fix that. and she walked away without helping me and laughed out loud. I hated my experience and found employees very rude and ignoring.


Uhm MAC PRO Store in Union Square?! Only a MAC-addict's dream come true! I fell in love with MAC cosmetics when I was in high school and have dreamed about going to a MAC PRO store ever since then -- however, there were never any PRO stores near me at the time, so teenage me just had to do without.However, when I found out a MAC PRO store was opening up in my favorite spot to shop in the Bay Area, I was jumping for joy! This store is just perfect. Not only is the interior design really impressive, but the whole vibe of the store is just so much fun. I can't tell you how many times I've walked inside and there was a DJ playing with disco lights illuminating the store.Oh and the range of both regular MAC store makeup and MAC PRO makeup will delight any makeup enthusiast. If you're not familiar with MAC PRO makeup, it is a line of makeup designed for professional makeup artists, so it has a huge range of color that you wouldn't typically see in a makeup line for everyday consumers. I'm talking bright purple and orange lipstick, holographic pigments, and mixing medium products to have fun with and play with your makeup. This is always a store I must stop by on a shopping trip in Union Square, and it never disappoints!


Heaven=this place. Immediately got a stylist to come over and help us. He was so funny and nice, and his recommendations were PERFECT. I wanted a "bold" lipstick but I've never found a red I like. I asked about the new brown trend. He gently challenged me that I couldn't wear red, and found the perfect shade, and taught me how to wear it so it darkened to fit my skin tone and stayed on. I walked around all day staring in mirrors, amazed at how great it looked. :) My friend had seen someone with gold eye makeup recently and was dying to try it but had real doubts she could find a way to make it work for her. Holy crap, he hit the jackpot. Got her this perfect gold, olive pigment magic and showed her how to wear it. It was not over the top, but made her light green/grey eyes totally come alive. Neither of us are real "make-up people," so his friendliness and above and beyond makeup tutorials were deeply appreciated. This store is amazing. Such great staff and Mac products just RULE.


So my day didn't start off as expected. My nail shop was closed, my sister bailed on me (she was supposed to do my hair and makeup) it was just one of those weird days where you feel as though everything is working against you. My husband and I had a babysitter for the night for the first time in a year so I wanted to go all out. As we were walking to check into our hotel we were approaching MAC and I decided to pop in and treat myself. I was approached right away by Johnny. He was so helpful and just all around a genuinely great person. He ended up applying my makeup for me I swear he's heaven sent! Being a mother of 2 toddlers it's hard to even have the time to doll myself up so having it done by a professional was such a treat. Johnny you made this tired mama feel like Cinderella for a night! Thank you again so much you're an amazing person.

Makeup done by Johnny Makeup done by Johnny 12/7/2015

I got my makeup done by a freelance artist (Alicia!) on Saturday and it turned out so beautiful! It was Alicia's first day but I never would have known as she was so professional and my makeup turned out perfect! She walked me through the makeup she was putting on and how to apply it (primer, concealer, foundation, powder, eyeshadow, filling in brows, etc). Overall, I was so happy with the final result and felt really confident for my Holiday party later that night! To add, I love that the MAC in Macy's is set up so you spend $60 to get your makeup done but get that money back in product. The MAC stores no longer do this- instead you spend the same amount get a "complimentary mascara". C'mon y'all you know we have to buy the makeup if our makeover looks bomb! As a long time MAC customer, I can confidently say I love this location!


I was hesitant to come in here for a while but I finally decided to go right in one day since I didn't wanna continue paying for shipping when I buy online plus I wanted it right away so I didn't feel like waiting for the shipment. I've been here a couple of times and both occasions were very pleasant. Staff are ready to greet within seconds of walking in through the door and willing to help. I'm still an amateur with makeup but I know what I want and like and their products haven't disappointed. I hate and love the fact that I walk by here every single day after work but I only shop here when there's a specific product that I want. The store is well organized but kinda trippy with the mirrors and just where the dividers are placed gives you an illusion that it's bigger than it actually is in there. I didn't get the fake and superficial impression from anyone and came across a couple of sweet associates. I'm sure I'll be back here real soon.


I walked in needing new foundation and concealer and was greeted by Alejandra. She was extremely helpful with guiding me through the right colors for my skin tone. She kept it simple, answered my questions, and then proceeded to complete the transaction at the register. Alejandra was very friendly, easy to chat with, and followed through with the customer service! If you're looking to replenish or buy new stuff, go look for her and she can help you out!


$50 to get your makeup done.  I am sure you can come in as a walk-in if you are lucky but I knew in advance that I'd be in the city that day so I made an appointment weeks in advance.  It was a Saturday, Valentine's Day, and I was able to spend it in a city that I adore w/ both of my kids.  I did not have make-up on that day until this place transformed me.  The session did not take longer than 30 minutes but in that 30 minutes, it was enough to make me see a different side of me that I hardly get to face in the mirror.  I felt confident the second I saw my reflection.  Service was great and I loved how I look afterwards.The store's layout is weird and small but otherwise.. I'd hella come back!

I feel beautiful! I feel beautiful! 10/30/2015

Avoid getting your makeup done here if you know anything about makeup. 2 times in a row I had to teach the makeup artist how to properly contour and do my face. Terrible knowing that this is supposed to be a "Pro" store smh. Also, look at these lashes about to fall off!!!!! A hot mess! Come on now MAC!

The makeup artist almost had me walking out like this. Very disappointed and a waste of money. The makeup artist almost had me walking out like this. Very disappointed and a waste of money. 12/13/2014

If you're looking for that Cinderella moment this is the spot!  Whenever I have an event to attend I always have my makeup done.  Honestly MAC is the best.  I've had my makeup done at two different professional beauty salons, which also specialize in hair, and I was underwhelmed both times.  I've yet to be disappointed with MAC.  Miguel = total awesomeness!!  Loved the look he put together for me, especially since I was so vague.  LOL.  I honestly have no idea what kind of makeup looks good on me.  I told him it was for a masquerade party, and I wanted to look like a glammed up version of myself.  I had no ideas for colors, and I didn't bring any photos either.  Luckily, Miguel interpreted cluelessness to fabulous!He was very meticulous with everything, the foundation, concealer blending, final touches, etc.  And trust me, those details make a big difference!  I loved the look so much that I ended up purchasing all of the eye makeup, lips, concealer and blush.  He put the shadows and lips onto one of the paper makeup faces, so I could do my best trying to recreate the application.  He even wrote down all of the other products in case I was interested in purchasing the other items.Seriously loved it!  The make up lasted too, even under that mask and dancing!  I wish I had a clear photo of my makeup so you could see the colors well, but I didn't get one.  The photo I have posted does not do it justice!Everyone here was super friendly and helpful too.  The team seemed very collaborative.  I would definitely not hesitate to come here again!

Makeup for masquerade party: before, after and w/ mask! Makeup for masquerade party: before, after and w/ mask! 12/17/2015

I've been here twice, and both times I've received great customer service. I was trying to find a pretty shade of red lipstick, and I found the perfect color I was looking for. YAYYY! Everyone who works here is absolutely fabulous. This is definitely the way all retail shops should treat their customers. The guy who helped me last time even remembered me and said hello- how nice!


Went in this store for the new prolong wear recently... And the older short man who works there helped me... He grabbed "my color..." And started appling foundation to my face... As he's doing it I'm looking in the mirror in aw with the color he chose for me... I know I'm a nc40-42 but he thought I was a nc 25... Umm no! He was telling me how good it's blending in... I'm just shocked and trying to tell him it's not the right color... All the employees at this store are mean and extreme unprofessional! And I can't believe that a Mac Pro store would hire such unprofessional people! I went back a few weeks later to get a blush that the Nordstrom and Macy store didn't have.., and I was ignored the whole time no one would help me. All the girls working where standing around talking about what they did that weekend... "Umm can I get some help? I need the peachykeen in the pan!" And then the girl walked away, and so I walked out! I will never come back to this place and have contacted a manger about the situation! Wtf!


Both my friend and I decided on 2 stars, only because of the artists "Lea and Disney", this experience should have 1 star imo. Lea was very personable,  friendly and fun to be made up by. :) Not the best work, but I was able to blend it out later (barely any time, but posdible). It also wasnt the smokey eye I asked for...again, no worries, it was decent and her personality made it bearable. Disney didn't have the best attitude, but thebmake up she did on my friend, turned out GORGEOUS! Yet, we both will never step foot in this macys again due to the unbelievably rude and catty people working here. There were a few bad apples, but the person who greeted us for our 3pm appointments  (bday celebrations and a dinner cruise on the hornblower special occasion) was a literal nightmare! I thought how sad it was for mac, that this person was a sales person, and when asking for the manager, Mackey explained in the most condescending tone that she is the manager!! Wow! Really???!!!  Every other person we encountered were more busy gossiping with each other than caring about their customers. We had 3pm appointments and were greeted by the apparently unhappy and catty manager Mackey. We brushed it off...all good...but then they were confused of which artist was doing just seemed like a fiasco. Regardless of the catty people, poor service, bad vibes, entitled kid attitude, long waits and just down right disrespectful gossip, the not so great and great make up, we were still going to purchase a plethora of products. Mackey literally let some guy who was irrate cut and told us she "needed" to help him and we dont mind (didn't give us a chance to answer ), this was after 15 minutes of standing at the counter and being told we would be rung up multiple times by multiple people. By the time this "manager" decided she would allow us to purchase the products we chose, we were not about to support this mac, if we support mac ever in the future.  Thankfully, if we decide to purchase these products, we can go to another Mac store and pick out the same stuff, yet not support these kinds of business practices.  It's unfortunate that Mackey deterred a sale that was over $200 alone for me and a returning customer. I am checking out new stuff after this experience...there are so many now...urban decay, too faced...benefut, but thats been around for a while, i think I will start trying new brands out after this and a few other yucky experiences I have had at mac. I hope whoever the general manager is, is aware of Mackeys lack of customer service skills and condescending, rude behavior? I would never come back, maybe management should look into promotions for Disney and Lea...maybe not disney, she is good at make up. My review is terrible, rude and unbelievable service for a "Huigh end" make up counter! That's what I get for going to a chain store ;) But I do love to play with make up!'s going to fabulous! But just not here ;)


As I mentioned earlier, I recently won a set of Stila lip glazes recently through and on another social media website.  I was currently in the market for some foundation as I am pretty well stocked on the other elements of make-up. It has been awhile since I used make-up in my daily routine. As far as I was concerned, I did not think it all necessary to be all made up going to university and hear class lectures. Different strokes for different folks. Sometimes it is too time consuming "to slap on the cack, cack on the slap" (British theatrical slang expression passed on to me by one of my celebrity acquaintances) when I am in a royal hurry. I got the heck out of Sephora and escaped next door to MAC Cosmetics.I was greeted at the door by a sweet soul named Christian. I asked him what was in the bag. He told me they were giving out samples of foundation and offered me an empty sample jar to get a foundation of my choice. I informed him I was looking for a foundation. He offered to get me a MAC specialist to help me and dashed inside. Christian introduced me to the lovely Missy who has been mentioned in many Yelp! reviews. And this is a new Missy fan here adding her rave reviews. Missy examined my complexion and asked me questions about what I was looking for. I was looking for everything, particularly tinted moisturizer and sunscreen. I like coverage but I do not want it to resemble a mask. It has been sometime since I was wearing make-up. I asked her about BB cream, what is BB cream? Missy explained to me that MAC Prep and Prime is a Beauty Balm ("BB") is a convenient all-in-one: foundation, moisturizer, primer, and sunscreen with a SPF 32.  Sure beats carrying a lot of products in one's make-up bag. Missy told me my skin was nice, tight, and in good condition. She felt the BB would be just right for me. One word: Sold!  Instead of a foundation sample, I got a sample of their face and body lotion. Missy suggested that I apply my foundation with a brush. She showed me some really cute travel brush sets too. (Hmm, wish list.) I told her I would think about it. I know I still have my foundation brushes in my stash. Missy and Christian made shopping at MAC Cosmetics an enjoyable, pleasant experience. My five stars to them. And I hope to be able to do business with Missy again in the future.What prevents me from rating MAC Cosmetics five stars is the ambience and atmosphere. The music leaves much to be desired for me--there is a DJ playing tunes? I did not even notice there was a live person overseeing the music. Interesting. I am all for  the mise-en-scene of shopping, especially the look of the store, the cleanliness, the employees, and the music. When it comes to the music, I believe music should be in the background--yet not overpower and overwhelm potential and regular clients when they walk in. It should be heard yet not so loud that people can have conversations without shouting at the top of their lungs so the other party (and others) can hear them. Turn the volume down, I dare say. Let the music play, yet keep the volume turned down. Background music not foreground music.SYOY! Ciao!


so glad to have this store here.I can only use MAC make up due to allergies so when I saw that they have their own store next to Sephora I was stoked.Came here right after they open so the place isn't crowded yet.Got some good help with one of their associates.highly recommended.  I heard it gets busy so come early if you can

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