Magnolia Weddings - Event Photography - 415 Euclid Ave, Lower Hills, Oakland, CA

Magnolia Weddings   - Event Photography - 415 Euclid Ave, Lower Hills, Oakland, CA

This review is seriously overdue as we got married almost 10 months ago. Erich and his assistant did such a great job capturing the joy and fun of our wedding. He was such a positive, professional, and helpful person throughout. He was able to answer all of our questions and handle all of our requests. We love our photos and could not have asked for a better photographer. One of things people told us the next day was how awesome our photographer was and we totally agree. His pictures speak for themselves but they don't tell the whole story, like how he helped keep the groom calm during setup or how he hit the dance floor with his camera for some awesome shots. Our wedding was a big success and a lot of that comes down to having great professionals like Erich there.


Erich from Magnolia Weddings had great vision for my maternity shoot! I'm so glad that we had these done because I can look back on how very big I was.  Random selfies and pictures with friends are not the same.  Loved that he chose multiple locations and played with the editing.


We did the engagement photo / wedding package.Erich is a great great guy. We met him for lunch a few days before our engagement pictures. We'd met with a few other wedding photographers we'd met at the Wedding Expo but had a blast talking with him and it just felt right.He was very quick to reply to emails and concerned with getting what we wanted. He worked with my our chaotic schedule to land the perfect day for our engagement photos, which were stunning. He even worked with one of our photos from a vacation to match it to the photos we took for our engagement photos. We had a great time shooting with him and paid for extra hours. Totally worth it. We ended up sharing almost all our engagement photos on Facebook.The day of our wedding, he and his assistant were everywhere, without getting in the way. He had shown us photos of weddings that he had taken where we were getting married so we'd high expectations and the pictures that we've seen on his wedding blog are even better. We look forward to spreading our full wedding photos, I am very glad that Erich was part of our wedding.


Erich did a great job with us. We didn't really have a clear image in our minds of what we wanted, but Erich found it for us anyways. He's got a great eye and a great manner. We felt comfortable immediately. The pictures turned out great and he got them to us very quickly. Thanks, Erich!


We had the pleasure of working with Erich as our wedding photographer.  From start to finish, Erich was professional, on time, and extremely personable.  Also, his photos of our wedding were stunning!When looking for a photographer, my wife and I met with about 6 other people, but Erich's services fit our budget and needs.  To kick things off, we had him shoot our engagement photos at UC Berkeley, and every single photo and location he chose was wonderful.Our wedding was at the Stanford Memorial Church, and to say this wedding has strict rules is an understatement.  Erich was willing to work within their rules, and even came scouting with us on a weekend to make sure he had the right equipment for the job.  We also had a very limited time budget to take photos on campus, so Erich took our scouting opportunity to find ideal spots so we could quickly and easily take photos on the day of.On the day of the wedding, Erich made himself noticeable when we took portraits.  He made kids in our family smile for family photos (not an easy task), and was extremely organized in getting everyone together.  Throughout the reception, he blended in with the crowd.  His candid shots turned out great, and every time I look at them it's like I'm brought back into the day again.Overall it was a complete joy to work with Erich.  I'd highly recommend him for any event.


For years, my (now) wife told me about how wedding photos are as important as the wedding itself. I knew this meant we needed to carefully select a photographer for our big day. We met with Magnolia Weddings' Erich Valo and knew almost instantly that he was the one (to photograph our wedding). Erich knows what he's doing and will do everything he can to make sure you get the pictures you want.We started by meeting Erich at a park in San Francisco for our engagement photos. My wife and I decided to wear outfits that weren't exactly agreeing with the windy San Francisco weather. After an hour or two of taking pictures, we felt we weren't getting the photos we wanted. Erich had the idea to get closer to the water and take a photo with a lush, blue background. We agreed, but first we had to get to our car, so Erich gave us a ride with his lovely family. When we reached our car, Erich and his wife noticed the picturesque background by our parking, so they had us pose for some pictures there. Those pictures were the ones we chose to send out with our save-the-dates. We received a myriad of compliments from friends and family. This proved that sometimes a particular vision doesn't always work, but a good photographer like Erich can help you from a new one.Our wedding was an equally surprising day, but my wife and I were at ease knowing we didn't have to worry about the photos. Erich did an amazing job looking like he was part of the family, and not just a man with a camera attached to his face. His transition from acting as a guest at the reception to dancing in the hall while snapping photos was amazing. He knows how to capture the mood of an event which really shows in his photographs. He is extremely personable and professional. He even sent his assistant to get my wife's favorite caffeinated-beverage during the wedding, a mocha Frappuccino from Starbucks!Erich went above and beyond for our wedding and I know we will definitely see him again for our future photography needs. I highly recommend Magnolia Weddings for any event that requires a skilled photographer that takes exceptional, high-quality photos.


Erich is the best and I would recommend him for any and all your photography needs for an event. He shot our wedding in August at the Mountain Terrace in Woodside, CA. Not only were the photos stunning, but he also helped guide the wedding along, making us feel very special on our day. Above and beyond and the quality was unmatched.Thank you Erich!


Erich was our wedding photographer at our backyard wedding 3 weeks ago and he was outstanding. Here are a few things he did that I think warrant a five-star rating. - First and foremost, our photos are beautiful. They capture the day, and are a good mix of details, portraits, candids, groups, and environments. We are very pleased with our final photos. - It rained on our wedding day, and by rain, I mean it freaking POURED. Luckily the weather cleared up right before the ceremony, but our plans to shoot a 'first look' were thrown off by the rain because we originally wanted to do it outside. We weren't sure what to do, but Erich politely took control of the situation and moved our 'first look' location to somewhere perfect for the conditions. This really started the day out on the right foot, and helped set the trajectory of the wedding in the right direction: rain or shine, this was going to be a great day!- Erich drove up to Vacaville to the wedding location a few weeks before to scout out the lighting  and venue location. This put our minds at ease, as we knew our photographer was dedicated to doing a great job. - Erich was calm and understanding, he did a great job juggling the requests of guests while getting the shots we wanted. He also helped guide us through the different "events" that took place at the wedding like the cake cutting and the toasts. - We left for our honeymoon the morning after and on the way to the airport, I got an email stating he had already skimmed through the pictures and posted a mini album on facebook with some of the best shots. What a great surprise! We had a ton of fun reminiscing about our wedding night, and having those pictures made it that much more fun. He's a great photographer, and I will hire him again for other events in a heartbeat.


When we started shopping around for wedding vendors I was hoping to not get caught up in the Wedding Reality-Distortion Field. Never heard of the Wedding Reality-Distortion Field? Well it's a huge pet peeve of mine and the source of most of my wedding planning anxiety. An example:"We'd like a two tiered frosted birthday cake to serve 150 guests please""Okay that'll be $200"vs."We'd like a two tiered frosted wedding cake to serve 150 guest please""Okay that'll be $500"Where the Wedding Reality-Distortion Field seems to show up for photographers is when it comes to copyright, reprints and albums. Want an 8x10 print of your vacation photos? That's $3 from Walmart. Want to get an 8x10 print of your wife in her wedding dress? Well Walmart's out of the question because so many photographers require that you buy prints or wedding albums directly from them and keep you from getting your own prints or wedding album made independently by only delivering you small digital files or photos with huge watermarks on them proudly proclaiming "John Doe Wedding Photography" This businesses model makes sense in the old days when wedding photographers had to hold on to the negatives to make sure they didn't get damaged from low cost printers but these days it's not like you can't easily copy all the files. Walmart labs can't scratch a digital negative but also that's a mute point because I'm not gonna send my wedding photos to Walmart. This isn't all about price too.  It's also about quality. I work in graphic design so I know how I want to layout my wedding album, what quality I want the photos printed out at and who I want to bring them to have them bound into a book. Unless I have access to the files and permission to use them in this way I'm stuck with whatever quality product the photographer is willing and capable of providing. Huff! / END RANT!So Erich was our guy. He was okay with giving us permission to use our photos how we wanted, Wedding Reality-Distortion Field need not apply, AND the photos he took at the wedding were pretty sweet. There was an online gallery he set up for us which offered prints for sale. I didn't want to order from it on principle but I begrudgingly admit that when my in-laws wanted "one of the wedding party, one of Uncle Peter with his friend and a 8x10 of the nice one of you and Dana" it was easier to have them order it from the gallery. Thanks Erich for helping to make our wedding fun and easy

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Top 5 reasons I was happy with our wedding photographer- We shot engagement portraits and wedding fashion style portraits before the wedding day. Doing these gave us a chance to get to know our photographer. When the wedding day came we had a comfortable relationship built and he knew what we were comfortable with.- Not only does this photographer have a wedding portfolio online but he also showed us a full wedding, that had not just the wedding ceremony but a tea ceremony like we had planned.- Our agreed time frame of when we would get the photos was two weeks following the wedding. We got photos online one week after the wedding, out takes from the wedding on a dvd later in the month. Our prints were delivered quickly after we ordered them. Our wedding album took a while longer to get to us but we told the photographer we weren't in a rush.- I could tell he enjoyed being at the wedding and had fun while taking photos. - Most important result from a wedding photographer -the actual wedding photos were great.


Erich is the man! I did a quick search on Yelp! and other blogs and stumbled on Magnolia Weddings. It's tough to argue against a track-record like Erich's on Yelp!, so I dropped him an email to inquire about our wedding reception.His pricing model is reasonable, his communication is excellent, he is patient, and he has a great eye to capture amazing moments behind the camera.We 'tested' him with an engagement shoot, which was a success. Our reception was equally successful. Erich brought another photographer with him to assist, and both were at all the right places without being in the way. We are extremely pleased at the quick turn-around time on his pictures. The final pictures are album worthy, and we look forward to Erich helping with this last step in the process as well.  We received a lot of compliments from our family as well. I highly recommend Magnolia Weddings for your photography needs.


We booked Erich as our wedding photographer in 2011, had our 2012 wedding delayed because of family illness and a Spring 2013 wedding that never materialized.  Finally we married at an intimate wedding/elopement in Hawaii.  Erich was chill with us and our wedding drama. He photographed our SF wedding party for friends. It was an awesome rocking time that I'll never forget, because I have the photos to remember it by. Stay cool!


I've had the pleasure of using Russel Morton Photography in the past for special events and celebrations, and I've been very pleased.Erich and his assistant arrived on time (which is a major thing for me), and once they were there it was all business. The photos were processed and delivered promptly, and I was extremely impressed with the shots.If I move back to California I will definitely use them again.Russel Morton offers unparalleled service and professional talent for affordable prices. It's as simple as that.


Erich took amazing photos of our wedding. He was professional and prepared but most importantly the photos of our wedding came out amazing.We'd looked at a lot of wedding photographers before we picked Erich. We even looked at a few more after wards, but I think what made me feel comfortable about hiring him was the work in his portfolio was exactly the kind of photos I wanted from my wedding and exactly what we got. My husband wasn't that concerned about the photos but was concerned about what kind of person the photographer was. Which I'm glad he made a priority. I have been to at least one wedding since where the wedding photographer our friend's had hired was, if not a creep, at least someone we'd rather not have at our wedding. Erich was the perfect presence. He was good about getting all the family together for our group photos, and fun at the party. We got a set of cds just before we left that night for our Napa honeymoon and by the next week (Wed or Thu) we'd gotten an internet gallery to share.  Picking the right wedding photographer was important to me and hiring Erich was the best decision we'd made in all the planning.*Edited to update the names. When Erich was our wedding photographer his business was "E. Russell Morton Wedding Photography" not the Magnolia Wedding Photography that it is now.


Erich did a phenomenal job on our wedding photos. Not only was he an incredibly talented photographer, he was a wonderful guest to have at our wedding. When I saw the photos for the first time, I was flabbergasted. I just could not believe how much he was moving around, how many photos he was taking while we were dancing, saying our vows, greeting guests. He got all kinds of angles and exposure lengths. He came completely prepared, was patient, unobtrusive, funny and helpful. He took some incredible photographs of us. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law were beside themselves when I showed them the shots. My sister even asked for his contact information for other events she wants professionally photographed. He's a gem of a photographer and was one of my favorite vendors.Pricing was among the most reasonable of any I could find--and on top of that, he gives you all the photos. No BS "sure, I'll take the photos, but then you have to BUY them from me." He handed us a drive at the end of the night with ninety percent of our photos so we could copy them to our computer and then mail the drive back to him. How awesome is that?


Erich is that rare combination of a great photographer, with a gift for capturing the moment and being a consummate professional. He knows how to walk the delicate line between getting the perfect shot with out ruining the perfect moment.Hire this man!


I've seen Erich photograph two weddings with adroitness. First my friend's wedding and then my own wedding my friend's wedding and then my own wedding. Our friend's wedding was smart and stylish and I wanted our wedding to be magic and ethereal. The photographs that Erich took from each wedding shows his knack for intuiting the perfect perspective and captured us in an enchanting light.


In my then fiance's extensive search for wedding photographers, he discovered Erich Morton and his exceptional skill at portraiture.  We asked him to photograph our guests so that we'd have a "photo guest book".  He set up two stations during the course of our event.  For the first couple hours he was at the entryway to greet guests and capture their smiling faces on film.  He maintained a calm and genial demeanor which put us all at ease.  As often is the case with big events, we were a bit behind schedule and the beginning didn't go according to plan.  Erich held firmly to his task and was a big help in insuring that every guest who entered was captured on film.The second station was in a park area just a short walk from our event.  I requested this area particularly because we were so impressed with Erich's Carnival series and the trees had lights strung among the branches which I thought he'd use to his advantage.  Erich had visited the site previously and spoken with the woman in charge of rentals so he was prepared with extension cords and a plan of where to set his scene.  The portraits were indeed outstanding, but the electricity was not running.  Luckily, Erich had brought battery power as a back up so his work was not hampered by the power outage.  Upon departure, Erich gave us a disc of the photos from the evening.  This was assurance for us all that the fruits of his labor would not be lost.  Within a very reasonable amount of time, we received an email from Erich with a link to a flickr gallery.  Shortly thereafter, he delivered a disc with the edited shots.  From our first meeting to his speedy delivery of the finished product, Erich was a pleasure to work with.  He holds himself to a high standard of performance and integrity and we feel very fortunate to have made his acquaintance and to have had our special event graced by his talents.


Choosing a photographer was one of the more nerve-wracking decisions we made in planning our wedding. The images of the event are perhaps the most lasting mementos you'll take from the day. We choose Erich and Magnolia Weddings because his portfolio demonstrated an ability to deliver the classic set pieces while also capturing the unexpected, the unplanned and the intimate. He did this beyond even our hopes with so many wonderful photos of every big moment and dozens of small ones. And it's the small ones that really captured the feel of the day. Erich has a knack for hitting the button at just the right instant, and I marveled at his ability to lock in so many meaningful ones. The way he works meshed really well with our event, too--unobtrusive but not timid, coaxing the cast when he knew what he wanted but fading into the background for most of the rest of our evening. Erich is a talent, and we are thrilled he worked with us on our wedding day.


Recent news about legalized same sex weddings only two states away got me excited. I might not have the partner to take to my imaginary wedding right now but I do know who I'd like to have in charge of the wedding photography and that's Erich Vallo of Magnolia Weddings Photography.Erich is a funny and nice guy I've had worked with on several different photography gigs where I have gotten the pleasure of seeing him work. Our photo shoots have required a lot of last minute changes and he reacts quickly and proffesionally. Behind the camera Erich has a great blend of interacting and letting the photo shoot happen naturally.Hopefully by the time I'm ready to plan my own wedding Proposition 8 will have been overturned in California and we can do the wedding closer to home. Until then I will continue to fantasize about an elaborate wedding road trip, with awesome stops at diners and beaches along the way. Any dudes interested in joining me on this wedding road trip are welcome to let me know.

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