Mango on Main by Mini Mango - Thai - 1142 Main St, Napa, CA - Restaurant Reviews - Menu

Mango on Main by Mini Mango   - Thai - 1142 Main St, Napa, CA - Restaurant Reviews - Menu

This place has amazing food! I did take-out for my family and I and we loved everything!We got quite a few different menu options and were pleased with everything. I especially enjoyed the red curry which I added chicken too. The prices were exactly what you would expect and the service was quick to handle my order.Overall it took about 20 minutes which was perfect by the time I left my house and found parking downtown.The inside of the restaurant is small, so if you want your personal space, I would recommend take-out. Overall it was incredible! So happy I found this place!


Peanut bomb you are a solid ok. Went here for take out lunch once just to try this. Was not wowed. I think it's hard to adore this place when there are a billion Thai options in the east bay. This place fares expensive, to me, for what you get.


I have to try every noodle place I can, so mini mango was next on the list. I tried the ba-mee which had crab, egg noodles, peanut sauce along with other spices. The crab was very fishy, maybe it had fish sauce, but the crab still had some shells. So I didn't eat the crab. The noodles, sauce and seasoning were awesome! If I came back again I would get the Thai tea, FANTASTIC, and the see ew noodles. My friend got the see ew noodles and they had a great flavor!


This is a really nice option in Downtown Napa if you're looking for a quiet, affordable meal in a restaurant that's not loud and packed to the brim. The menu is pretty small and relatively inexpensive, especially for the area. It's a little odd that the dishes don't come with rice, especially the stir fry meals, but of course that's easily resolved. As always, I asked our waiter what he would recommended and without hesitation, he suggested the chicken cha cha. It was a vibrant dish with a lot of flavor that held through till the end. The portion was a bit on the lighter side and if you're really hungry, it may not be filling enough on its own. The dishes are more complex than your standard Thai restaurant and if you get exhausted of all the Italian and American restaurants around, definitely consider stopping by.

Chicken Cha Cha Chicken Cha Cha 10/27/2016

Excellent Thai food Soup was full of flavor Appetizers were authentic Thai as well and just scrumptiousBasil stir fry was spicy and tasty Curried salmon was full of flavor without being overwhelmed by curry sauce or flavor. The downside is the server forgot our main entrees and even when he brought us our check after serving us appetizers and realized he made a mistake it still took 25 mins to get our entrees At that point we were pretty hungry and really wish the portions were bigger. Next time I am in town I would definitely go back.


Man, with over 400 reviews, why would you care about this one? Whatever, I ate here recently and all I can say is DUDE (!) in that way you know something is seriously awesome--like this place. I ordered the Peanut Bomb with tofu, which had a--surprise--a peanut sauce to die for. Corn fritters were freakin' awesome, though I wish they threw in an extra one or two for the price, and the service was solid. I'm pretty easy to please with with Thai food, but this place ROCKED!


What a gem! I was in the mood for Thai food during my travels. We walked in and the place was very comfortably, trendy, and clean. Servers were attentive and kind. There are some tables outside but I ate inside. My favorite soup is Tom Kha Gai so I had to get the coconut soup. The flavors were very well developed. It had a little spicy zing at the end of each sip, but not one that was overpowering. The papaya salad was crisp and fresh. In my opinion, the dressing was a little heavy handed but clean tasting so it was okay. A clementine Izzy drink topped it all off.If I lived closer I would be a frequent customer for sure.

Papaya salad with prawns Papaya salad with prawns Coconut soup Coconut soup Dumpling, papaya salad, coconut soup Dumpling, papaya salad, coconut soup 8/28/2016

Summary: "Surprisingly truly authentic Thai flavors from everyday Bangkok street food represented well in a modernized way." is what we would say. Every piece of food we had was cooked just right and service was perfectly kind and made us feel right at home.AMBIANCE/DECOR: (5/5)Homey, cozy, a perfect blend of Bangkok meets Napa. Warm wooden furniture. I felt at home :)Music level was just right too--FOOD (5/5): SO good. Honestly, when my sister and I read the menu... seeing how it was randomly a Thai place in a predominantly Western cuisine area...I was prepared for Americanized subpar Asian fare. Plus we didn't see any other Asians. You know the drill. Don't deny it.  However, it was WAY beyond that and simply an amazing surprise. We ordered...- Indochine corn fritters- Chicken Satay- Sticky mango baby ribs- Jasmine rice side- Thai iced tea (on the sweet and milky side for Thai iced tea, but tasty nonetheless as everyone has different Thai iced tea preferences)This all came out to about $37 :D Each dish was amazing and I'd gladly order them all again, but I should explore the menu even more next time!My sister and I have both been to Chiangmai, Bangkok, Phuket a lot of times. We've lived in Bali, Singapore, and the Philippines as well so I think we know what tasty Asian food is.The Thai couple that run the place are so, so sweet and kind. They make me feel at home and we are definitely coming back when we visit Napa Valley again!(in fact when I have to have my wedding rehearsal dinner, I'd like for it to be here!)


This review is low because of two reasons. Firstly, the food is just alright for the price. I have definitely had much better for a more affordable price. The second reason that this review is low is because while leaving a large tip for a great waiter, I discovered that the owner of the restaurant does not allow his waiters to keep the tip, but rather collect that money for himself. This is extremely illegal in California. I will not dine at a restaurant in which the owner is taking a tip that was not meant for him. That is theft. I wonder how other customers would feel if they knew that the tip they left their server was being pocketed by the owner.


There were no Asian people eating here. Which makes sense. I mean, why would you eat Asian food in Napa? I didn't want to come, but my vegan friend made the choice. She was having a hard time all weekend with our restaurant choices, so I felt like I needed to make a concession and let her have what she wanted.Two of us ordered the drunken noodles, one without shrimp and one regular. When they came, my friend's had shrimp and mine had no squid. We sent them back and they took out some of my shrimp and threw squid in there. Both noodle dishes looked different. My friend's was really soupy and mine was more dry. No one was really happy with their meal.


We got the Special Green Curry, the Pad Thai, and the Chicken Coconut Soup.I thought it was very funny that they called it "Chicken Coconut Soup" and not "Tom Kha Gai," but it was really yummy, so that's what's most important right?very creamy and the chicken wasn't over cooked.  I could have gone for a little more lemon grass.  The Green Curry was probably the best.  Really well balanced flavors and very rich.  We could have used a bit more rice.  It's really too bad when you get skimped on the rice, cause it's so cheap.The Pad Thai was also good, it was on the less sweet side - which I hear is actually more authentic. I definitely really enjoyed it.  So basically the food was really good, the overall vibe was just a little weird - like they were trying to be not thai.  The staff was kinda awkward too, but hey, everyone has to start somewhere.


For me, it's a given that Thai food will be better in California. Not so in this inexplicably busy Napa establishment. We got some takeout during a torrential downpour, and the pad thai was just as disappointing as the weather. I've never had a dish so full of bean sprouts. Ew! I asked for vegetarian pad thai, but there were three shrimp sitting on top of my dish. Good thing I'm not allergic.The only redeeming factor was that it avoided being overly sweet since it was so lightly sauced. My friend said she liked her papaya salad, but if you can't do pad thai well, why bother?

4/15/2016 Updated review

The most wonderful Flavors!  And we have enjoyed Thai round the world...This time the service was as wonderful as the food (please see other review...)

3/29/2016 Previous review The best tasting Thai ever.  And we love Thai, and have traveled to Thailand.  These people are… The best tasting Thai ever.  And we love Thai, and have traveled to Thailand.  These people are geniuses. And they OFFER GLUTEN-FREE foods !!!I have never given five stars to a restaurant with poor service.  We found the service to be horribly slow.  To be fair, we ordered take out while sitting at an outside table.  We wanted to eat there (we had our dog with us) but the traffic noise and smell are miserable.The owner is amazingly nice to everyone and I really wanted to give them five stars for warmth, cheerfulness and the incredible flavors.We will be back but only for take out if our dog accompanies us.  The tables inside look lovely, so I guess we should go back on a dogless occasion.So five stars it is because this bad service may have been a fluke! Read more 2/29/2016

I LOVE the Bangkok street food menu featured for lunch!!!It is so hard to find Khao Soi and they do it right!My favvvvvvorite menu item is the Pad See Ew with pork tenderloin.  OMG. I order it regularly. Hubby loves the peanut bomb chicken and you can not miss his corn fritters.Great location, great interior, we love Mee!


Nice Thai restaurant on Main St. The decor is very modern, contrary to the other Thai restaurants I've been to which usually are heavily decorated with Thai art and ornaments. Great food at a relatively steep price but it's Main St in Napa. I've had Bangkok Noodles Soup which is rice noodles in tom kha soup and also Market Ramen Soup which is ramen in tom kha soup, a vegetarian dish. Small portions so if you're hungry then pay a few extra bucks and order the large. I personally prefer the vegetarian market ramen soup although both are delicious.

Market ramen soup Market ramen soup Noodle in tom yum soup Noodle in tom yum soup Ramen in tom kha soup Ramen in tom kha soup See all photos from Vicheth K. for Mango on Main by Mini Mango 7/16/2016

Delicious - the Peanut Bomb - with chicken. Very nice. The combination of vegetables, chicken and rice was balanced, and altogether tasty. The staff checked back with me repeatedly, to make sure I was taken care of. I will return, for sure.


I walked in and there was only one man sitting at the front table by the window. The man waiter most likely owner was on the phone. He got to us and took I and my daughter to our table without saying nothing. He places our menus down and leaves. When I open the menu it is dirty with drippings of soy sauce all over it. Very distasteful I would say. I and my daughter finally decide what we want and we wait and wait and wait. Until I said we were ready to order. I order the Pot Stickers, Micronesia Rolls, Coconut Soup with Tofu, Indeed Pad Thai, and a Thai Ice Tea. The Micronesia rolls tasted not made in house were deep fried and very greasy, Pot Stickers outsides were burnt, dried and very tasteless. Lucky for the soy sauce to add some flavors. Coconut Soup with Tofu was the ok, however way too salty. Indeed Pad Thai was mushy and very sweet, left an awful after taste in my mouth. The Thai Tea I returned. It was like drinking a sugar block with some weird looking red dye with cream. I order the regular tea and it tasted weird too with some strange grape taste to it. We waited forever for the bill and that was the only time owner waiter spoke to us. This place left a strange vibe in my mouth and I won't be going back. I ran next door to get a Ben and Jerry's ice cream to get the taste out of my mouth.      Oh and the other waiter peeling string beans and going to answer phone. Never ever did I see him wash his hands. There are too many good places in Napa and I cannot understand the good reviews for this place. People must have bad pallets and would eat dog food.We dined in 5pm on 8/30/16 it was a Thursday.

Comment from Mee P. of Mango on Main by Mini Mango Business Owner 9/4/2016 We're very surprised and disappointed to hear about the impression that you were left with. Let us… We're very surprised and disappointed to hear about the impression that you were left with. Let us assure you that this is not the typical experience that we hear about.We been in Napa almost seven years and Our entire staff are very sincerely passionate about delivering  great food that comes with warm and welcoming service for our customer that walk through our door and we're sorry that you left feeling otherwise. We apologize if these qualities didn't shine through more while you were here. While it's true that everyone has different tastes and preferences, we always want you to leave feeling as though you were given the five-star treatment, and we will definitely be looking into your concerns. Do you recall exactly when it was that you came by?Hope to hear back,Mango on main crew Read more 12/24/2015

This is a 3.5 star place. Good food but not very good, better service and terrible value. We dined there on our recent Napa trip and found this place on Yelp as a respite from the pretentious fancier restaurants. For that, mango did a great job.However my soup was lukewarm and only ok as far as Tom yom soups go. My chicken was tasty but not outstanding and I found it odd my husbands curry didn't come w rice. It's not that I object to $2.50, but are they really going to charge that for rice-a typically standard accompaniment? I wanted a side of miso sesame broccoli, something that came with another dish, but was told no. Ok fair enough, many restaurants won't make changes to their menu and there was also a language barrier. But I just found the dinner to be nothing special and overpriced.


I had my first visit at Mini Mango today with my boyfriend. We arrived at Mini Mango a little before 7pm and it was extremely busy. We were seated quickly because there were only two of us but two open stool seats in front of the restaurant was vacant we ended up sitting there instead of the table. I was impressed to see how busy it was this evening and we had our appetizer quick! We ordered lettuce wraps, pad thai, teriyaki lovers. It was a little bit hard for me to be inside because it was so hot and humid I had to deal with it. The lighting was very dim but like any food place in Napa they are all like that. Just something to grab a bite on - Main st is the one! I am a returning customer.

Pad Thai, teriyaki lovers, lettuce wrap all for $45.14. Pad Thai, teriyaki lovers, lettuce wrap all for $45.14. 3/22/2016

Absolutely LOVE this place. My signature dish is the, Grilled Flat Iron Beef (medium Rare)Their Homemade Panang curry sauce it's delicious. It comes with steamed green cabbage & broccoli. Oh! And you can order it more spicy. I tried it one time and let's just say that I need to train my palate for the spiciness.   I was warned before ordering. Since I love #food I was like go for it.. I can do this. Mi plato preferido es el de Carne a la plancha con brocoli. Hacen una salsa de Panang que es lo máximo!  Una vez lo ordene picante, y les cuento que aun cuando mi paladar todavía no está entrenado al picante lo disfrute!!! jajaja  y a los que les gusta picante...dale! Buen provecho!#napa #winecountry #thaifood #yum

#michelinguide recommend, right at the heart of downtown #napa. #michelinguide recommend, right at the heart of downtown #napa. My signature dish is the, Grilled Flat Iron Beef. Their Homemade Panang curry sauce it's delicious. My signature dish is the, Grilled Flat Iron Beef. Their Homemade Panang curry sauce it's delicious.
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