Marin County Fair - Festivals - 10 Avenue of the Flags, San Rafael, CA

Marin County Fair   - Festivals - 10 Avenue of the Flags, San Rafael, CA

There are a handful of local county fairs in the Bay Area and the Marin County Fair is by far one of the best laid out and organized in the area! Why do I say that? Well for starters, it's held annually, the most recent being the seventy-fifth anniversary, in San Rafael's Lagoon Park right next to its storied Civic Center. This fair is so compact, you can literally do a full walk around in about one hour to get yourself situated. It only lasts five days and is held annually around the Fourth of July weekend. Which is perfect because they have the best fireworks spectacular, bar none, set to music while on the lagoon. And since it is so short, they have some of the best free entertainment around, underneath a huge white tent.   Admission is only twenty bucks per person and parking, if you can find it close by, can be as low as 10 dollars a car. As always with these kinds of slash and dash kind of events, it's best to see where else you can park to see if there are more affordable options. My dearest friend of the North Bay Christine R., managed to finagle a few tickets and asked me if I'd like to come along with her family on a Saturday night. I immediately said yes but was curious of where we should meet up, she suggested the Northgate Shopping Center which is literally only a mile away from the fairgrounds. After meeting up, we then proceeded to drive close to the fairgrounds only to find a ton of traffic waiting for escorts to guide cars into the main gravel lot. When we decided to take our chance and try for street parking to no avail, we decided to see if the nearby Autodesk building, which we saw was charging ten dollars a car in their private lot, had any more parking available. Just as the parking attendant said we were out of luck, we see a car pulling out and ask him if we could take that spot. Success! Which of course meant this was going to be a great day!And what a great day it was! Luckily the Marin County Fair is one of those fairs that still let's you take closed food and drink containers into the fairgrounds. Yeah, any size, as long it's not in glass or can beverages, you are good! How awesome is that? I was smart enough to head to the store and get us bottled sodas and snacks while my friends went to her favorite Vietnamese sandwich shop to get us some delicious Bahn Mi sandwiches. See we're smart and thrifty the perfect combination. With a quick check through security we were off to was is known in the fair as "The Island" where all the concerts take place, which tonight was the glamorous Shelia E! By the time we arrived at 3pm the grassy area where you can catch the show for free (a seat under the tent will cost you) was pretty full but we managed to find a space and lay out a blanket and set up three folding chairs to watch Shelia E rock it at 7:30pm          and the fireworks spectacular at 10pm.With time on my hands, I got a quick chance to walk around as well. I noticed that the Marin County Fair still is one the few fairs that has all of its vendor areas outdoors instead of in an air conditioned building. It made for a nice flea market vibe, as people shop for their retail goods by the lagoon. And then there are the rides, in which a long lasting tradition still holds, that practically all of the rides at this fair are FREE with admission! Which remains a nice thing to happen in this day and age. Most of the rides are on the further side of the lagoon but some like the Ferris Wheel and carousel are located within the food and retail areas. There are some rides that require admission near the food area as well. Speaking of which, we did managed to nosh on some traditional fair foods while there, as the funnel cakes were as deep fried as ever and the watermelon lemonade was a nice a refreshing afterthought. From there, I also managed to catch some of the fair exhibits which included a nice homage to Star Wars and a salute to the history of the Marin County Fair. I like the way this fair is laid out with the Marin Center, which normally hosts concerts, being used as a local art showcase and a horticultural, crafts and pie eating contest being held in another events building. There were live shows by local talent in one tent with aforementioned concerts being held in the island. All of which is super easy to get around, even with a huge crowd this Fourth of July weekend. With someone parked at the island with your belongings waiting for the shows to start, everyone can just do their own thing while taking in the fair's sights and sounds. After Sheila E. rocked the glamorous life to end her set, we took in the fun filled fireworks show set to patriotic music. From there, it was one final ride on the Ferris Wheel where we took in a gorgeous nighttime view of everything we just experienced that day. A fair that's fun, easily accessible, and affordable. The Marin County Fair is the glamorous life indeed.

The fireworks went sky high at the 2016 Marin County Fair in San Rafael. The fireworks went sky high at the 2016 Marin County Fair in San Rafael. The crowd danced to Sheila E at the 2016 Marin County Fair in San Rafael. The crowd danced to Sheila E at the 2016 Marin County Fair in San Rafael. The spectacular fireworks show at the 2016 Marin County Fair in San Rafael. The spectacular fireworks show at the 2016 Marin County Fair in San Rafael. See all photos from Jason F. for Marin County Fair 7/9/2016

I love this fair .  This review is for the 2016 Fair.   We went to the fair on Opening Day, July 3rd.We parked in the first lot just as you pass the Marin City offices (aka the Space Bldg).  The cost was $10 but well worth it since we were very close to the entrance.  This is the entrancethat is closest to the RIde Area.  The ticket price includes admission to almost all the rides(there are a few in the area across the lagoon).   There are rides for the toddlers, young kids and for those who don't mind getting spun, gyrated or propelled.  We passed on those.This is not a massive fair......which I love.  You can easily see all the exhibits, shows, performances, animals, etc plus eat to your heart's content.  After 9pm they have a fireworks show which we didn't stay for.We did see the farm animal petting zoo, the rabbits, goats, chickens, sheep and some other critters.Clover Dairy gave out free samples of milk, or chocolate milk or yogurt.There are lots of food choices---funnel cakes, hot dogs, hamburgers, tacos, burritos, french fries, garlic fries, corn dogs, lemonade, smoothies and a lot more.  There is a food court with more choices--Chinese food, Middle Eastern food, veggie burgers, tamales, and more.I got a veggie corn dog, lemonade while Mr Rinky got a kale salad.  We both enjoyed our food.The prices were pretty decent.They also have an International Marketplace . I bought an embroidered Mexican peasant blouse.  I'll try to add a photo of it.There was also a huge assortment of juried art with all sorts of baked goods, art works, photos, kids' art work and more.  I of course loved the baked goods with breads, cakesand cookies.  It was so tempting to try to pinch off samples but I managed to resist.They also had a wonderful Ikebana and Bonsai exhibits. There was a small Origami exhibit with elaborate insects, dragons, birds and other critters.There was a Star Wars exhibit with people dressed in costumes.  R2 D2 was there too.I rode on the solar powered carousel.  I was able to snag the cat to ride on even though I needed help from the ultra nice attendant who had a nice conversation with Mr Rinky about how much he enjoyed his job.We  both rode on the large Ferris Wheel.  Each cab can hold up to six people but we got our own as did most people since it was still early in the day.  Wonderful views!We passed on going to the Chinese acrobat shows.  We've been do the performances before so we decided to pass We did stay to see the International Film Festival which was excellent.  It was 90 minutes of6 or 7 heartfelt movies with movies about an Indian high school basketball tam in Northern Alaska, a film about how a rescue dog helped a man overcome his health issues, a film called the "Gnomist" about a magical ferry village  that was built in Kansas along with three or gout other films.Here is the link to the "Gnomist."…÷÷÷OP000000000000I loved seeing all the families and kids, gflocks of tweens and teens, older couples and mobs of friends.  Everyone was having fun!All in all a glorious , fun day.  Can't wait for next year.

2016 insect origami 2016 insect origami 201y view from Ferris wheel 201y view from Ferris wheel 2016 Mexican embroidered blouse from the International Marketplace 2016 Mexican embroidered blouse from the International Marketplace See all photos from Rinky N. for Marin County Fair 7/7/2016

Where else can you see awesome fireworks and see a rock concert for $20.00. Yes the rock group Foreigner. The fairground surrounds a lagoon where the awesome fireworks is displayed at 9:30 pm. No fog to ruin the fireworks because of the protection of the surrounding hills.Lots of circus rides, booths full of gimmicks ie. hats, sunglasses and airbrush t-shirts. I didn't see too many corn dogs or cotton candy. The beer booths were drawing big crowds. I had a big lunch so I settled for an ice cream cone and kettle korn. No funnel cake touched these lips. Just a note, parking is limited and a pain to get out of the parking lots. Don't park on the side street McInnis Parkway, about 50 of us lucky recipients received parking tickets. Ugh!


The Marin County Fair has everything a great fair should have; great rides, yummy food, wonderful entertainment, beautiful scenery, colorful character, healthy clean animals, friendly staff, super fireworks every night, close parking $10, indoor & outdoor activities, water stations scattered everywhere, many 36" & 42" height requirement ride options, great weather, and so much more. Definitely a must do for all Marin families at least once a year during the 5 days they are here.Each year the Marin County Fair provides an exceptional experience for young and old alike. We always try to get there as the doors open so we can rush to the Great American petting Zoo before the mad rush. The animals are friendly, soft and clean. There are pigs, goats, small cows, llamas, ducks, wallabies, deer and they are all hand fed from birth so they are quite docile and personable. This year one of the wallaby had a baby in it's pouch... pretty amazing. After the petting zoo we make our way to the rides, because there too we want to avoid the lines that form later in the day and even longer in the PM hours. The rides are all free once you have paid the entrance fee $20.... which is AWESOME because my daughter, 4.5 years old, likes to go on as many rides as many times as she can. We even played a couple of the games this year, which at $5 a person per game can be a wallet buster. But of course it is an experience you never forget so once or twice each year is worth the memories. After the rides we head back over the bridge to find lunch and while we are at it support a local school, charity or heritage program by eating at one of the local food court options. This year we supported a local school program by eating Guatemalan food, a local homeless shelter program by eating Asian fusion tacos, and a Chinese Cultural center by eating Chinese food. I love that the Marin County Fair offers this opportunity to local nonprofits and school programs and also as a healthy alternative to "carny food".We watched singing and dancing on the small stage. Hip Hop and break-dancing youth competitions, Irish dancing, barbershop quartets, and all kinds of local talent competitions. My little one loves the "Something Ridiculous" guys on their ladders and unicycles throwing knives at each other while being silly to the extreme, she LOVES the Chinese Acrobats and all of their daring feats, she loves the one man clown unicycle juggling guy who absolutely knows how to entertain a group of young kids.... and I LOVE watching her LOVE it all.

Fly in the Star Wars ship Fly in the Star Wars ship Rides from above Rides from above See all photos from Lindsay B. for Marin County Fair 7/2/2016 Updated review

As fairs go, this is a fun night out. We rolled in about 6:30 and got a spot right in front for $10. Compared to previous years it seems parking costs have gone down. We strolled in by the kids section with games and rides and headed toward the pavilion for the evenings concert, Kool and the gang. I go every so often for the concerts and they seem to pull some good names year to year. We didn't try to push forward in the pavilion, we had a great viewing spot to the side where refreshments are sold. Sound is excellent and perfect amount of space to dance and shake a tail feather. I'm not sure how long it's been a thing but the fair now sells tickets for the concerts above the standard $20 entry fee. We kept it at the general admission since we weren't bent to be up close. It's good to know it's an option if there is a band you are super excited about seeing up close. Rides are free with the entry; lots of shopping vendors, food options that do extend beyond the usual fair food like corn dogs and funnel cakes. And of course, civic center as a backdrop makes this a beautiful place to spend a summer evening.

7/7/2009 Previous review I am reserving 1 star for their extremely congested parking situation. I mean seriously, this is the… I am reserving 1 star for their extremely congested parking situation. I mean seriously, this is the worst parking gridlock ever!That being said, we were able to finagle free parking thanks to an overpriced $20 price tag for a lot that was like 1 mile away from the fair but still in the line of fire for congestion at the end of the evening. I guess we were just awesome like that, who knows.I thought the fireworks this year were better than previous years. I am a fan of the pixi dust fireworks and there was plenty of that happening with purple explosions of color. Just beautiful!I love that this fair goes green with recyclable products, local organizations that offer food to help raise funds for their causes and there is the best mom and pop stand for smoothies, ice cream and hot chocolate ever! Read more 7/4/2016

Food choices are a bit scarce which was disappointing, considering fair food is usually some of the most unusual/quirky foods there can be. The most experimental food at the Marin County Fair seemed to be deep fried candy bars which are pretty ho-hum standard at all other fairs these days.That said, the fair is definitely large enough to spend a whole day at. There are a variety of exhibits and nearly all the carnival rides are free which is great considering others I've gone to charge each ride a la carte! This year there were also exhibits for virtual reality and Star Wars...kind of out of place....but kind of cool at the same time!Nights end with a short, but nice fireworks show which is visible from nearly any area of the fairgrounds since its shot from the middle of the lagoon. It was definitely a fun experience!

See all photos from Elaine Y. for Marin County Fair 7/4/2016

I love this fair but the customer service at vendor  "I Love Orange Chicken" was horrible. So called "boss" Chris does not know how to treat customers. I went to purchase a meal for my son and he did not give him his change back. So he asked me did I give you your change I said no so then he proceeds to ask my son and my son says no. I'm thinking to myself come on now you just asked me now ur questioning me and then asking my son?! So unprofessional. The whole time he had the money in HIS HAND and didn't even apologize! I also purchased a large soda and he gives me a small and doesn't even apologize for that. BAD BAD service here do NOT eat here or waste your money. He could have fixed it with a simple apology but he wanted to think he was right the whole time and was being rude. The other girl working there was also rude when I went before but I gave them another chance and instead of making it better they made it worse. People have bad days and I get it but these people need to change their employees attitudes completely. Not only that I seen them mess up 3 peoples orders before mine. DO NOT EAT HERE! They do NOT know how to appreciate their customers and do not correct their wrongs!!!!

Do NOT eat here HORRIBLE customer service. Do NOT eat here HORRIBLE customer service. 7/1/2015

The greenest Fair on Earth!  This fair is all about the solar-powered carousel and solar-powered stage.  Did you know this Fair was the first in the country to ban smoking and to mandate each food vendor have a healthy food option?  Fireworks every night during the Fair.  There's so much to do and see, something for everyone - must check out the acrobats.  Take a picture with your favorite Star Wars character.  Get inspired by the Bonsai tress, view the artwork inside the Marin Veterans' Memorial Auditorium, sit through a demonstration of cake decorating, enjoy a live concert, eat some oysters, eat ice cream, etc.Bring chairs, blankets, hats, jackets (gets cold after sunset), and a small cooler.  If parking lots are full in front of Civic Center, park in the back of the courthouse, wear comfy shoes.  Admission price gets you in along with rides.  It's extremely safe, officers are present at all times ensuring public safety.  Sit back, relax and watch the sky illuminate with beautiful fireworks.  Happy Fourth of July!

See all photos from Christine R. for Marin County Fair 7/2/2015

I hadn't been to a county fair in over 15 years. I've been missing out on life! HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? - Adults: $18 when bought online in advance ($15 + $3 processing fee); $20 at the gate - Children/ Seniors: $15 when bought online in advance ($12+ $3 processing fee); $15 at the gate- Children are free on opening day! AND WHERE IS THIS? Near the San Rafael civic center. This fair is good size, and you can walk from one end to another within 10 minutes. The lagoon makes for pretty scenery.  WHAT IS THERE TO DO?Tons of activities for people of all ages. Just to touch the iceberg:- Rides: free with admission! - Carnival games: win that giant donut stuffed toy.- Animals: pigs, horses, cows, chickens, dogs, even alpacas! - Carnival Food: everything from traditional funnel cake to Indian burritos. Get that $11 SMOKED TURKEY LEG, and feed your family with that monster! - Performances: Chinese acrobats!, bands, talent shows, magicians, jugglers, etc. - Art / Crafts / Food Competition Displays: paintings, quilts, chairs, photos, coloring, jam, baked good, honey. Oh my, it's an actual county fair! - Merchant Vendors: selling all things under the wind.- Botanical center for the plant lovers! - Fireworks at night! - People painting scenery to enter the fair contest.- Misc: lego jeep, boy scouts car races, mobile library, a train that gives rides around the park, science area, and the list goes onnnnnnnnnn forever.GOT ANY OTHER TIPS?- Come on an off day (i.e. weekday) to avoid that crazy weekend traffic and parking. - Don't like fair food? Feel free to pack and bring your own eats! - Food prices aren't astronomically high. Ice cream for $3, corn on the cob for $4.50, teriyaki rice bowl for $8.- Some people bring chairs and blankets to hang out.- There are plenty of parking lots. Free street parking if you come early and are lucky enough to snag it though.- It can get hot, so mix it up between outdoor and indoor/ shaded activities.- People are very friendly!  SO, WAS THIS REALLY A LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE?Yes. We all had so much fun and couldn't stop talking about it afterwards. WHAT DOES YOUR FUTURE HOLD? My sister and I are now self bonafide fair ladies. We plan on entering county fair competitions next year. She'll do knitting, and my nephew will do a train drawing. I will enter for baking or photography- with high aspirations for that green "participant" ribbon. We also will enter the chair building/ decoration competition. Be on the lookout - Marin County Fair Olympics 2016, we're training for ya!

Lego jeep Lego jeep Ferris wheel and ride area (across the lagoon) Ferris wheel and ride area (across the lagoon) Chair Art competition entry. "Chair- ios" So clever! Chair Art competition entry. "Chair- ios" So clever! See all photos from Joanna L. for Marin County Fair 7/8/2016

Went on the 4th of July and this place was miserable. It was overcrowded, understaffed, WILDLY overpriced and cramped with rude, aggressive people. I've been to many fairs in several states, but this one did not feel fun or happy. Between waves of aggressive and obnoxious tweens and loud, pushy (intoxicated) adults, my friends and I made the move to leave before the fireworks. The only plus was the adorable petting zoo. Otherwise, Definitely don't waste the money!


I went to the fair yesterday, July 1, on opening day.  I got there at 6:30, paid $10 to park, got a great spot, the first one next to the exit.  I walked in through the ride area and took some good pictures.  Walked around the first food area.  I would have gotten an aqua fresca, but the line was too long.  I walked through the art exhibit and would have talked to the bee keepers but couldn't tell if the two people sitting at the table were bee keepers or not.  Nobody  acknowledged me.After leaving the art exhibition I continued walking around looking a food choices. I should have gone with the Greek food.  It looked the best at the fair.  Went to the Ross Valley (something) booth and purchased an Almaden Merlot. They poured it right out of the box. I immediately went and purchased a glass of ice to pour my bad wine into.  There was a drink tent and I saw actual wine bottles, but couldn't tell you what kind of wine it was.I bought a vegetarian hummus wrap for $11 from Homeward Bound.  I would give it minus one stars.  There was hardly any hummus in it.  The greens, I think were spinach, were tough.  Definitely not enough filling and way too much wrap.  I ate half and tossed the rest. Then I got a frozen lime drink which was delicious but gave me painful bumps on my tongue.I walked around the market stalls and felt like some of the vendors were a bit too pushy like bad used car sales people.  I went into one of the HiDow booths that was staffed with 4 men that were all friendly and really put the used car sales pressure on.  I bought two products from them and later found out that I over spent by $45 dollars.  You can find the same products on Amazon for $45 less.  This makes me not trust the Marin County officials who sold booth space to unscrupulous vendors praying on Marin County residents.So, I paid $10 to park, $20 to enter the fair, $6 for bad wine, $1 for a glass of ice to make the bad wine drinkable, $11 for inedible food, $4 for a lime drink that gave me painful sores on my tongue and $75 dollars for $30 worth of merchandise.  I did get some good photographs.  I enjoyed the full moon.  The fireworks were good.  Overall, I don't think I will ever return to the fair.  I'm very disappointed in Marin County.  With all the good food and good wine in this area, to only have mediocre choices is surprising and disappointing,

See all photos from Jan F. for Marin County Fair 7/6/2016 Updated review

We went there this past Fourth of July and here's the good and the not so good:Good: A lot of different rides and fair food, interesting exhibits (you could spend all day there and not get bored), the Chinese Acrobats were amazing, Foreigner was awesome, plenty of drinking fountains!The bad: the food lines get ludicrous by late afternoon but then there's lots of hungry people! My huge complaint through is with the judging of the art work and food. If every child who enters a piece of art gets a blue ribbon so no one's feelings will be hurt and everyone is a winner, well that's a discussion for another time. Not preparing them for real life, but even that's a lot better than everybody gets a blue ribbon except one poor kid out of a dozen blue ribbons (or more) gets a lone red second place ribbon. It happened three times that I saw-see photos. Are those judges on crack? What a mean thing to do to those three kids. There were several instances where the more detailed and unique art pieces came in second while the pieces the spectators didn't feel were as good were awarded first place. Our opinions were similar to other fair attendees. Many of us commented on the situation out loud.

One red ribbon One red ribbon One poor kid got second place One poor kid got second place 7/5/2015 Previous review Nice "green"fair, the fireworks show was a lot of fun and they had a good variety of entertainment… Nice "green"fair, the fireworks show was a lot of fun and they had a good variety of entertainment (esp. the bands playing fun marches with even a little ragtime thrown in) and the "name" acts too!The good: Green! That's a great goal to reach for. Rhe food prices were much better than at the LA fair. I was so surprised to be able to get Three Twins ice cream sandwich (delicious organic) for only $3.00! The food, baked goods, art, animals (horses, sheep, chickens, llamas, cows, etc.,were fun and there seemed to be enough of each category to please most people.The bad: As previously mentioned by another poster if you try to buy online there is a $3 charge.The water fountains were commandeered by people slowly filling up large water bottles. I mean everyone in line. Very inconsiderate. At least the LA fair has lots of water fountains and everyone just takes a drink without holding up everybody else. For the enjoyment of all the guests, in the future there should be designated bottle refill fountains and then drinking only fountains. The food lines were very long, but being July 4, prob cant be helped.All in all, lots of fun, not to be missed! Read more 7/6/2016

Do NOT waste your time trying to see the fireworks show on 4th of July at or around the Marin county fair. Not only was the show 10 MINUTES, but they keep the fireworks so low that people trying to view from hilltops and surrounding areas cannot see them. It was the first time I have ever seen a fireworks show and the fireworks weren't in the sky. It was the worst show I have ever seen in my entire life. We waited 2 and half hours in a nice, cute little spot thinking we would get to see a fireworks show as the perfect ending to our 4th of July, when it literally lasted 10 minutes with NO FINALE. That's right, NO FINALE. Who puts on a fireworks show for their town or city with NO finale? It was the biggest joke. I hate the word pathetic and it was truly the most pathetic thing I have ever seen. It was the most "unAmerican" tribute to 4th of July I have ever witnessed. Go to Santa Rosa, or Healdsburg if you want an awesome show, that's where we will be going next year. I just wanted to warn others because it was seriously such a disappointment I wanted to let people know so they aren't disappointed either and can avoid an awful show.


Came here to watch the ChineseCircus of Beijing on the Fourth of July. The seating system in the auditorium sucks!  The ushers are filing in half of the auditorium, I mean people are seated in the left side of the auditorium.  I asked if we can seat in the front and the usher said not until they have the ok to proceed.  There are plenty of seats! Why they can't let people seat where they want to is beyond me!  Such a stupid system! However, the show made my aggravation go away! The Chinese Circus of Beijing is awesome! Highly recommended to watch!


I've been to a bunch if different fairs over the years and I have to say this is one of the nicer fairs I've ever been to! Very well organized and great location right in the lake! Plus you get to see fireworks every night at 9:30!

See all photos from Nathan N. for Marin County Fair 8/20/2016

The Marin County Fair got greedy with their cost of charging for the music. Use to be we could jam right below the concert/acts but now NO MORE. The Fair charges $50.00 a seat for the first 15 rows and Sections A, B, C.  Section B is great as its in front of the stage. But section A & C is a rip off.  Don't spend your hard earned $$$. I bought Section C for the Wallflowers and no stage, just a white tarp with huge suitcases behind. Then I bought Section C for Kool & the Gang and the VIP, stagehands, and a white tarp and no stage. On the Internet it advertises the stage in front. Big Fat Lie. Both Sections A & C misrepresents where the stage is.  The only Section with a stage in front is Section B. By the way the aisles are too wide and too much space in front of the stage. They say they are following fire code which is also crap as all the acts want us up front.


Smaller fair, great bands! Cooler weather by coast. Parking horrid, rides free with very long lines. Not too many exhibits, a nice lake and fantastic fireworks show... good food, not too many options. Shopping area and safety services available. ... smoking areas outside of fair. Games available... lovely mini county fair!


Thanks again to the Yelp North Bay manager Kevin for tickets to the fair!I was really excited to be able and do something fun for the 4th of July since I worked all day. Getting there was pretty quick until the freeway exit. There was lots of traffic and right when it was our turn to get into the Lion's Club parking lot they closed it and initially didn't want to let us go in just to u-turn. Eventually they let us and the guy hit the side of our car with the foldable white and orange sign! We ended up parking at the mall and walking over which wasn't bad since we got to park for free.The fair had two Ferris wheels and a bunch of rides.The location was really nice since there was water in the middle. They had a little art gallery which was my favorite part, especially the Bonsai trees!We got corn dogs and a soda for $10.50 from the food court area before we noticed all the other good food.Spent like $20 on impossible games but it was still fun!The funnel cake line was super long (we waited an hour) and someone who didn't speak English cut in front of us but funnel cake is good so it was kinda worth it.The fireworks show was good as well!When I got home I did notice that there was a lot of dirt and dust that I breathed in. :/ Overall, it was a fun night and I would recommend going if you can get discounted tickets because $20 for the general public is over priced when you still have to pay for rides (unless you're coming for the concert).

1 hour in line for this funnel cake 1 hour in line for this funnel cake See all photos from Rhi S. for Marin County Fair 7/6/2015

This fair needs a major upgrade. The traffic is absolutely horrible going in/ out. Last year it took us an hour to leave the fair so this year we parked at the mall and it was much better. As far as food/ drinks go the only line that wasn't long was the beer line. The food area is a mess and people don't clean up after themselves and it can get pretty gross.The final straw were the rides. The ONE ride I wanted to go on was the zipper. After an hour and a half of waiting I noticed that kids kept cutting near the beginning and no one was doing/ saying anything. My husband finally told them not to cut and was threatened but a bunch of gang-banger wannabes with fake grills. As shouting got louder I asked a fair worker for help and they just shrugged at me. I found someone with a STAFF shirt and asked again for help and was told that they were not real security and could do nothing. We were able to hold our ground, and then ten minutes later a security guard showed up just as we were getting on the ride. These kinds of people really ruin your whole fair experience and honestly, I don't think it's a place for kids (unless you stay away from the rides).Combine that with the raising prices and horrible food, and I don't think we'll be back.


Great local fair with lot's of rides and activities for the kids. There's a fireworks show that they put on every night which isn't that long, but it's included with the price of admission so you really can't complain. The fairgrounds were clean and there was a lot of food options to be had. We only spent a few hours there...mainly to catch the fireworks, but I could see it being a day of fun if you're going to check out the farm animals and other shows. It is a bit $20/ticket, I would suggest it really only being worth it if your whole family is tall enough to ride all the rides there, which are mostly free with the price admission. Our little toddler wasn't tall enough to ride anything yet so we will probably be back in future years after the little one has grown some and can take advantage. It was a fun way to spend an aware that parking can be tough if you go late and the traffic getting out of the lots after the fireworks can be a pain.

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San Diego County Fair   - Festivals - 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd, Del Mar, Del Mar, CA

San Diego County Fair - Festivals - 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd, Del Mar, Del Mar, CA

8/20/2016Moving here from Chicago, I had never attended a county fair.  And The San Diego County Fair does not disappoint!  It was fun to discover how many farmers come to show off their livestock - I never knew SoCal to be so farm-friendly!  The foo

Haight Ashbury Street Fair   - Local Flavor - Haight St, The Haight, San Francisco, CA

Haight Ashbury Street Fair - Local Flavor - Haight St, The Haight, San Francisco, CA

6/14/2015Always enjoy the music, soy candles, cool crafts. We need more diversity from the food vendors next year please. Not one hot dog / hamburger stand, pizza, fried Oreos, funnel cake...something interesting & indulgent.But...Being a city full o

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