McAllen International Airport - Airports - 2500 S Bicentenial Blvd, McAllen, TX

McAllen International Airport   - Airports - 2500 S Bicentenial Blvd, McAllen, TX

Nice, clean, friendly little airport!  My colleagues and I got off the plane to get food (we had a short MX delay). There is only one food vendor, but the food is top-notch!  I had the burger on a pretzel bun with fresh cut fries.  Everything was very tasty, fresh, and delicious.  I kinda want to come back to MFE just so I can eat this burger again at the airport. Aside from the food, Security is simple and quick.  Gate area is small, but seating is adequate.  I don't think many flights go in/come out of here, but this airport does a great job, offering friendly service and easy processes.


This is the smallest airport I've ever been to in my life .  There is one security line for the entire airport and Like only 4 gates !  I literally get to the airport 30 mins before my flight and never miss it lol .   The downside is that there is no Starbucks , no restaurants , not really any options for food but there is a bar lol !


They only thing I like about this airport is that you can drop off your rental car, get through security and to your gate in less than 20 minutes. Seriously. No need for the typical "1.5-2 hours before your flight" rule of thumb. What I don't like about this international airport are your airline options. I typically fly United - which they offer - but for a cheap flight within the state, Southwest is the best way to go. More flights and at a lower fare. Unfortch, Southwest doesn't fly into MFE. You have to fly into HRL for that. But what I reallllly don't like about MFE is that they made me trash my phone case. I completely respect security precautions and the FAA. But I've traveled with my blingy plastic phone case all over the US, Canada, Mexico, Belize, Nica, and Costa Rica with no problem. But this small town airport that is MFE has concerns with my plastic phone case being a novelty weapon. Arg.


Due to having family in McAllen I actually have flown in this airport several times. It's a small airport which can be bad in some cases but actually works out to its advantage here. Maybe I've always flown at the right time, but I've never had any long wait to get thru security. Since it's such a tiny airports once I'm past security I'm at my gate. Overall this helps me not having to show up so early which I appreciate. It's doesn't have all the newness and amenities I'm used to with Mccarran but it is what it is.


Pros: It's small. You only need to be here 1hr before your flight take-off time and you'll be golden. Also, there's free wifi.Cons: It's small. There's limited flights, and most--if not all--go to either Dallas or Houston, where you have to connect to your actual destination. So, of course, flights in and out are always expensive, because: supply and demand.


Wow what a small airport! Small city so get the small airport but with this came some confusion. I stopped at this airport to return my rental car as I was meeting up with some other co-workers and they were going to drive the remainder of the trip and when we went to return the car it was quite confusing. Typically when I've returned a car to an airport in the past you go to the rental lot and there is a place to pull forward and drop the car off. Someone is waiting for you and immediately looks over your car and gives you a receipt. That is not the case at this airport. Instead you must park your car in the lot, walk inside the airport, and complete the remaining paperwork there. Not hard, but when there are not any signs noting this is makes it quite confusing! The staff also was not completely knowledgeable so it was a slowww process.So overall okay airport just a little confusing with the rental car situation.


It's an airport. Small and easy in and out. They have TSA. 10 min to everything.   Not a lot of airlines but good if you need to come to McAllen


First time I've seen rows of chairs in the baggage claim area (that cracked me up), and I've been through a lot of airports. It made a certain amount of sense as long as it took American Airlines to get our luggage on the carousel. The airport seemed Pleasant enough enough, however.


Fast and small as a convenient store...You could board your plane, check your bags, and get a cocktail ten times in 15 min. I love this airport because it's in and out and you don't have to worry about all the hustle and bustle.They need better food options just in case you are delayed, however it serves it's purpose.


The American Airlines bag check area is staffed by the laziest and most rude people I have ever witnessed in my life. There are about 15 people on front of us, some even with boarding passes and no luggage, and it took 1 hour and 30 minutes for us to check our bags. The girl in the black glasses seems to be the laziest, you know who you are.The staff constantly didn't understand the system, chatted with each other, and left the counter. She lied and said there were no flights for 3 more days without even checking. I'm sorry, you being lazy and bad at your job because you likely didn't go to college shouldn't negatively affect other people. Get education or at least motivation. Don't you dare tell me we are stuck in South Texas for 3 more days because you cancelled our flight when the weather was nice that we had booked for 6 months. 20 minutes on the phone and we got a flight booked later the same day.Every other airport I've been to is faster and more professional than this one. Get rid of the trash American Airlines bag check staff.


Small but perfect! Cozy and international! This is the only airport I've been through that welcomes you with mariachis! Love it! The sight of Palm trees just makes me feel back at home! South Texas! Warm weather! Home of the ruby red grapefruits! Best Mexican food! I'm home!

City of Palms! City of Palms! 9/21/2015

Small nice airport. They could use more food options but hey, they are an airport not a mall.


I flew into (and then out of a few days later) McAllen airport to visit a close friend. Being in the middle of nowhere, I was expecting a run-down airport in disrepair and ancient technology. I was pleasantly surprised. Though only one or two airlines operate service through McAllen (MFE), you can still generally get to places as there is service to the larger regional airports such as DFW or IAH. What I really like about this airport is the customer service and general vibe of the place. The employees here actually seem happy to work in the airline industry (a rare thing altogether in today's world). Everyone from the friendly ticketing agent to the TSA to the coffee cart lady were all smiling, friendly and social. The restrooms are kept clean, baggage claim is quick and efficient and the seats are comfy. TSA/security lines were quick and barely took me more than 10 minutes to get through security. Not that I needed to use it, because my friend was picking me up, but parking here is only $3 per 24-hour period! (Cost comparison at the Orange County airport - $14 per 24-hour period).Free wifi !!!


Mid size airport located in the heart of McAllen. There is not many airlines that fly into here so the ones that are here seem unmotivated. I flew with American Airlines and not only were they late but the had one person on check in...? Long wait to check a bag !!!


I can't believe I haven't written a review for my hometown airport. My reasons for loving MFE are pretty much the same reasons why I love the Tucson Airport. You can get your boarding pass and cross the TSA checkpoint in a few minutes. Even when there is a line. You cannot put a price on that. MFE has significantly less amenities than most airports, including the Tucson airport. But, geez, who cares? Airport food sucks anyways so I don't care if McAllen has food options or not. Go to the nearby Starbucks and get a taco from Valero before your flight and quit yer crying.


This airport lacks restaurants and bars and charter operators. Its all scheduled air and inconvenient. Yes allegiant flies out to Vegas but beyond that its a small airport with flights not value priced

Outside pulling up Outside pulling up 1/10/2014

What's not to love about a small airport with awesome staff. Getting though TSA was ready and fast. I'd be surprised if it ever took you over twenty minutes to get from the parking lot to your gate. The rental car return area was a little weird because there wasn't an attendant to checkout the car. Instead you have to park and find a kiosk inside the airport. I took a star off for this.I probably will never use this airport again but if you're looking for a way to get close to the border before driving in to Mexico then you should consider landing at McAllen.


To say check in is easy here is an understatement. Clean bathrooms. Easy parking/ no traffic. However, this is the first  airport in the world that I have been to that didn't have a tv monitor at the gates. What in the world? No news or outside information? I am also confused. There is zero flight nformation on the tv monitor at the gate. Seeing as my incoming flight is currently delayed 20+ minutes, I am confused as to how I would receive information if I wasn't  using an app. No verbal announcement either. *Shrug*.


The one day I don't get a chance to eat lunch or dinner, hoping to grab something quick from the terminal before my flight, and the airport has a ceremony where they allow nonpassengers to enter the terminal and block every food and beverage option from the public passengers. Really!? Shouldn't the customers have priority? This was poorly planned and I'm disappointed in the McAllen Airport.


Airport can not sort bags to save their lives! Second time here and ive had to wait 45 minutes again for the bags from flight to come out

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