Mi Chalateca - Latin American - 515 S 10th St, Downtown, San Jose, CA - Restaurant Reviews

Mi Chalateca   - Latin American - 515 S 10th St, Downtown, San Jose, CA - Restaurant Reviews

Best pupusas I've had so far! I got camarones y queso and it was so delicious! They served our party of 25 with excellent service! -1 star for: nasty bathrooms, cleanliness, and overly sweet michelada. Other than that everything was delicious!


First off my Pupusa experience is as listedFirst time I tried pupusas was at a friends house when his momma made them for his bday party years ago.... DANKSecond time... Hole in the wall spot in Oakland called Los Cocos... DANKThird experience was over here at Mi Chalateca ...... DANKSo this is my third time coming here... I always get the pupusas, steak and cheese for me.. I will say that the pupusas do not ooooze cheese like I have tried before but don't get it twisted. These Pupusas are still succulent and tasty as all hell! Their cabbage is hella good too, I could literally sit there and just munch on the slaw if I wanted to.I also get the burritos here... Bruhhhhhhhhh great find.. The burritos are sooo good and priced REASONABLY... if you are reading this Mi Chalateca... please don't raise the prices on my broke college ass. You guys are making America great again! The carne asada is SOOO good though the way they marinate their meat... mmmmmMy girl got a pollo asada burrito soo good too... BUT WAIT THERES MOREHave you ever been to a taqueria and they had shitty, stale, nasty, hard, disgusting chips?Well say no more fam... they have the crispiest chips i have ever encountered in my lifetime of enjoying Latin delicacies! AND THEIR SALSA... DUDE THEIR SALSASo flavorful and really packs a punch to each dip of the crispiest chip you will ever crunch intoIf you are in the area.. EVEN if you are NOT in the area... and like latin food specifically pupusas come through to Mi Chalateca I am Asian and I approve this message


They serve the best pupusa's in the city. Good options on the menu but the menu looks so clumpsy its hard to find which dish is what.Service was good and quick. Try their tacos.


Well i was out and about in san jo for the weekend, i dont know the area to much so i asked a fellow yelper for some tips on a place with good grub. She choses to remain anonymous so i wont bust her out. She recommended this place she said they have some bomb food. So i took her word and headed out to that place. While driving up to their driveway i seen a big sign that said "Hella good tacos" i was like, ok so they are really confident about having some good food, i'll be the judge of that.If theres something that im really critique about, that would be on Mexican food just because i make mexican food and i like it a certain way.Ok here i go, one of the waitresses was really nice the other one was a B!+(#. They would both come to the table on separate times. It was almost like if they were playing good waitress bad waitress. The food was good. The popusas  were good the pickled cabbage that goes on top of the popusa was kinda bitter and bland. I added salt to my cabbage. I also had 2 tacos cabeza (beef head) and lengua (tongue) sadly to say even tho they were good i couldnt tell apart which one was which because they were both greasy as hell.Before eating i always go to the bathroom to wash my hands. It was weird because theres a mirror in front and behind the toilet. Thats weird like who the hell wants to take a deuce while looking at them selves? lol the rude waitress was just mean and apparently forgetful we asked for more salsa and she would forget, not bring nothing to the table. I asked for another knife because the one i had first got still had food on it. It was all dry and crusty, she brought another one and just threw it on the table. Over all i would give this place a 2nd chance i wish i could give it 3 and a half stars but i cant because half stars aint a option i guess. The menu was big tho so i could always try something else thanks for the tip fellow yelper Sara T. Oops lol didnt mean to bust u out lol       One more thing out front of the entrance there was a young girl selling bootleg dvds with her lil kids i bought a dvd hoping to help her out some. Support the young struggling mother buy a bootleg movie :)

Bootleg dvd sale outside of the main entrance Bootleg dvd sale outside of the main entrance This was hella good no complaints here This was hella good no complaints here Supposedly a tongue and head taco Supposedly a tongue and head taco See all photos from Nando V. for Mi Chalateca 4/11/2016

I had my first pupusa from La Chicana in Woodland, CA and it set the bar high. When I moved back to San Jose, I knew I would have to find another go to pupusa spot. I tried Chalateco's first but its really like the McDonald's of pupusas. It gets the job done but wasn't something that left me awe struck. So Mi Chalateca was up next.It's definitely better than Chaleteco's but not close to matching La Chicana. I ordered a cheese with pork and a bean, cheese, and pork (I think these are the ones called revueltas). My partner ordered a cheese and pork and a pork. Our server gave us the wrong plates but I was already half way through a pork and cheese one. There was no going back! Definitely really good and preferred it to the revuelta. I also ordered an horchata. It was OK. Nothing special but not too watered down. I liked that it was a sit down restaurant. Its on the small side. One awesome thing about Mi Chalateca is that that they have a back lot you can park in. Big plus for being in the downtown area. You won't have to worry about parking


This place is amazing!!!! Best guac ever (and that's saying something since I'm from Texas!)!  it's right off the highway! The service is hands-down phenomenal! I may just make roadtrips just to eat here! Not to mention the stellar iconic 80's music! I love this place so much!

I'm in love... With guacamole! I'm in love... With guacamole! 10/5/2016

Decided to come check this place out for the first time, and it was the worst experience I've had. I came after hours when they have the taco truck open, and we waited for about an hour before we got fed up of waiting, keep in mind there was not that many people there. La Vic's probably would've had our food quicker, and that place is always packed after the bars close. Anyways, aside from the lagg, they ended up running out of meet and had to wait for the manager to head out and pick some up.To make matters worse, 3 guys that still had a while to wait ( their number was 29 and 30) while the count was barely at 16, started kissing ass to the cashier and the cashier got their food made next instead of going in order. Those guys left the place with their food laughing. One of the other customers that should've gotten his food before those guys called the cashier out on it and told her that he wants his money back cause it wasn't right wbmhat she did, and she tried to lie and say that they called ahead of time and ordered through the phone. But he, like myself knew that was bullshit and saw when those guys got there and ordered.Worst experience I've ever had. A lot of customers requested a refund


Stopped in for a carne asada burrito, which comes with complimentary chips and salsa. The pupusas seem popular here, and come with a huge cartoon of cabbage. The regular size burrito was more than enough food, and I had leftovers. The decor is very loud, with electric lights running along the wall and TV screens in multiple directions. Bathroom is clean.

Carne asada regular burrito Carne asada regular burrito Complimentary chips and salsa Complimentary chips and salsa 6/5/2016

One star because they charge a 99¢ fee on a $40 purchase for some cheap to make food.

Careful they charge an extra processing fee for any purchase made with a card which is very ghetto this day in age. Careful they charge an extra processing fee for any purchase made with a card which is very ghetto this day in age. 11/22/2015

This place has some bomb papusas! They are very reasonably priced and delicious. They also have a number of different ones to choose from. It's fairly busy especially late at night but not where you can't sit down right away. The ladies here are super nice and helpful on choosing a papusa! Lol. I have already come back for more!

Platanos Platanos Shrimp and steak Shrimp and steak See all photos from Lauren Ashley G. for Mi Chalateca 8/2/2016

Not what you're expecting from the outside, but the color of the outside matches the character and chill atmosphere! Inside the music was taking me back to when I was in high school. It's a little run down just because of the booths, but I was totally overlooking that because of how good the food was! I'll definitely be back and with other people!


The food was delicious, especially the pupusas and fried plantains with lechera (you have to order it on the side). The pupusas came out really quickly. Our table waited no more than 10 minutes. The only reason they did not earn 5 stars was because their service was not very good. Our server did not come to our table except to take our order and serve our food. We had to call her across the restaurant to get her attention. This was really uncomfortable and inconvenient.


Stumbled upon this place via Yelp. The neighborhood is not that great but the food was pretty good. Loved the different varieties of pupusas. I swear a quarter of the page was just that. I opted for the shrimp & pork/cheese pupusa. What was awesome was that they leave a big container of slaw on your table. Some other places you would need to ask for more. I will come back and try the other foods. The menu was a lot to take in. So much to choose from.

Shrimp & pork/cheese pupusa. Don't forget to add extra slaw and hot sauce Shrimp & pork/cheese pupusa. Don't forget to add extra slaw and hot sauce Holy slaw! Holy slaw! 7/16/2015

Come here for the pupusas!! :D The revuelta pupusa (pork, beans, and cheese) are yummy! I like to sometimes order the jalapeno and cheese pupusas too :)  I usually order 2 or 3 pupusas and it's very filling! It comes with a big container of pickled cabbage too! Oh, there's also free chips and salsa. But they no longer have the salsa bar :( The tortas, burritos, and tacos are good too, but this place is best for their pupusas :)There's indoor and outdoor seating, which is nice. The decorations in the restaurant is a bit different and strange to me. But I love coming to this place for pupusas! It's only a short walk from SJSU and perfect for lunch or dinner! This place accepts cash and cards, but there's like a minimum of $10 to use card!

Cabbage! Cabbage! Revuelta pupusas (somewhat burnt, but still good) Revuelta pupusas (somewhat burnt, but still good) 1/26/2016

Delicious food and great service, the waiters are always of help they look happy and fulfill your needs when there I highly recommend

Carnita papusas yumm Carnita papusas yumm 6/28/2015

Our server was a little pompous because we didn't pronounce everything we ordered correctly, but other than that, everything was great. The fruit drink is amazing!! I wish I could buy it in bulk. The pupusa de ayote I ordered was delicious, but I didn't really like the toppings that looked like slaw because they taste pickled. I also ordered two chicken tacos, which were good, though I wasn't expecting them to be so small. I tried a bite of my boyfriend's meal, the super huarache, and it was also great. I want to come back to try desserts some time!

Agua fruta Agua fruta Pupusa de ayote Pupusa de ayote Chicken tacos Chicken tacos See all photos from Colby D. for Mi Chalateca 6/1/2016

Such bad customer service. So rude. The waitress rolled her eyes at the questions I had about the menu and walked away while rolling her eyes. Sorry to say but I didn't try the food. This is not a food review... This is based on customer service.


The food here is good. I got pupusas on Tuesday and were amazing! The only thing that bothered me was the dirty menus. The michealada was more on the sweeter side.

Pupusas Pupusas 3/6/2015

Came here due to amazing reviews. We ordered empanadas, pupusas and a torta. The torta was good, not amazing, but good. I was actually surprised the torta was on real sandwich bread rather than a tortilla. The empanadas were not my favorite, which is shocking because I normally LOVE empanadas (I've tried the Colombian, Argentinian, and Mexican empanadas before and loved them all) but did not particularly like the fried banana empanadas they have here. Now the pupusas alone are worth 5 stars. I would come here only for the pupusas. They are medium sized, have a good variety of flavors to choose from, and very savory. They come served with a tomato sauce and a cabbage/veggie coleslaw type of topping. I recommend eating with the sauce and veggies!Big downside: they charge a convenience fee for using credit card, no matter what the amount of the bill is, which is ridiculous in 2015! Seriously inconvenient for customers. They do have an ATM inside the restaurant though, which will of course charge you a fee unless you have a specific card that waives them...


My co-workers and I have been looking for a place that makes good pupusas.  We searched on Yelp and found this place and decided to give it a try.  Walked inside the restaurant at about 10:45AM and it wasn't crowded at all, probably because it wasn't lunch time yet.  The cashier in the front was very polite and welcomed us in.  We took a minute to look at the menu before we decided to order.  We both agreed that we wanted to try their pupusas, so I ordered two.- Revueltas - mixed pork, fried beans and cheese. This one is my favorite of the two because it had a little bit of everything in it.  Each bite had all three flavors and it was consistent.- Chicharron - this one was stuffed with just pork and it was delicious as well. The pupusas was very moist and the meat was tender, not dry at all.The pupusas were about $2.25 each and it came with a side of curtido (kind of like coleslaw) and hot sauce.  The curtido had a strong oregano taste, but there was a balance, so it went really well with the pupusas.  I'm a fan of this place and my fellow yelp reviewers were right, this place was delicious!

Revueltas pupusas Revueltas pupusas
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