Mistral - French - 13422 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, Sherman Oaks, CA - Restaurant Reviews - Menu

Mistral   - French - 13422 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, Sherman Oaks, CA - Restaurant Reviews - Menu

Great dineLA menu and experience. They serve a little bleu cheese popover to start and I was a bit cringing when I reached for it, but it was very mild and delicious. The scallops appetizer is amazing and to die for. The veal main course was also very flavorful and lemony. Service is quick and very attentive. The escargot is also incredible. It's garlicky and fresh. It's $17.50 so it's a bit of a splurge. The candlelight ambiance is filled with lively chatter. Parking is hard to find and valet is $6.

Pretty ambiance Pretty ambiance Candlelight dinner Candlelight dinner Amazing escargot $17.50 Amazing escargot $17.50 See all photos from Gloria Y. for Mistral 9/16/2016

I came in as a walk-in Thursday night mistaking it for another French restaurant. This is definitely not a walk in type of place though. They don't even have a lobby to wait in so remember to make reservations. The food was all well executed but not too memorable. The soufflé was great though and interestingly, they are one of the few restaurants I've found that still do escargot in the shells. The wine list was extensive and the price ranges from $50 to $200 (averaging $80). I ordered a Syrah and it was brought out at cellar temperature and then very carefully decanted.  The service was very standoffish French rather than chatty American. That means that my server pulled out and pushed in my chair for me (even returning from the bathroom), put my napkin in my lap, and was there to refill my wine to the perfect serving even though I had only taken three sips. It also means that he didn't introduce himself,  didn't try to talk to me, didn't try to sell the specials, and only came by once the menus were closed. Reading through the reviews, I see that some people don't adjust well to this type of service. All in all, the wine experience and service was great but the food was nothing to write home about. And really, for that much a plate, don't you want to love it?


Came for LA Restaurant week. Chose this place bc it was the highest rated. And they earned it. Food was fantastic & so was the service despite a bit of a strangely chaotic phone call.Seared scallops were served rare or medium rare which i had never had that way but it was outstanding and went great w the pasta and veggies accompanying. The lamb chops were soooo delicious. Ordered med rare per staff suggestion and glad i did. They were like butter! The potatoes au gratin were awesome. The green beans were more awesome. And the carrots were literally like candy.My husband devoured his halibut and cleaned his plate. Sorry no pics, this place was fairly classy ;)Both deserts were very good but paled in comparison to dinner.


I have been here several times. It's a very small & quaint little restaurant. The food is always good. I have never been disappointed in anything that I have ordered. This last time, I got the lamb chops which came with a side of very delicious potatoes au gratin. And, for dessert... their famous chocolate soufflé which is always very high and fluffy! I must say, the cheese popovers that they serve complementary are out of this world delicious. Almost everybody said that was the best thing. I really think that they should serve more like two or three. Or just bring a whole basket of them! Their bread was very hard. If you have dentures, forgot about it!Even though the ambience was pretty nice & romantic with candles. It was extremely noisy & very difficult to have a conversation with the person that you're with. Plus, I think the restaurant could've turned on some music in the background. The trickiest part of the place is the bathroom. You have to pass the kitchen & go through a very narrow hallway, passing the waiters & busboys! A tight squeeze, to say the least. My body grazed a couple of them accidentally. Very awkward! And, when you finally get to the bathroom, which is all the way in back. The door is super tiny. It's like something out of Alice in Wonderland. There's a steep decline of about 4 inches & then, barely unnoticeable, there's a big step down! The lady in front of me almost landed face first in the toilet! It's a death trap! Be careful!

Chocolate soufflé. Always delicious. Chocolate soufflé. Always delicious. Lamp chops. Lamp chops. 10/18/2016

We had a special lunch here.  It's a bit old school in a way, older wait staff, some of the folks were a little cold, but all in all, the food was good and it had a romantic feel to it so it hit the spot well enough.


Wanted a nice dinner place but didn't feel like driving into the crazy LA area. Once we found the good reviews on this we had to try it! They did have some great dishes, and service was impeccable, they need to work on dessert though. If you're looking for a nice restaurant in this area I'd recommend it. It is pricey for entrees, but they do give large portions so that makes it a little better.FOODComplimentary Goat Cheese Pastry (4 stars): The pastry is made perfectly. Complimentary Bread (4 stars): Warm, soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. Crab Cake (4 stars): Nice chunks of crab, very flavorful! Tartare of Ahi Tuna with Toast Points (3.5 stars): With the toast it's good, with the endive not so much. Halibut Special (4.5 stars): Great crispy costing and cooked perfectly. The mashed potatoes were normal, veggies and cream were good. Nice big filet of fish as well. Lamb (3.5 stars): The marinade was good and it was cooked well, but not the best lamb I've had. DESSERTChocolate Soufflé (3.5 stars):The cream with this was very good, soufflé was okay. A lot of it got burnt to the side ramekin. Peach and Strawberry Cobbler (3 stars): Very normal. Nothing really special about it. ATMOSPHEREGorgeous chandeliers, nice interior. More of a traditional type of elegance.SERVICEAmazing. They really excel at service here. PARKINGValet for $6 or metered street parking free after 8PM.

Crab cake Crab cake Tuna tartar Tuna tartar Halibut special Halibut special See all photos from Latisha P. for Mistral 5/17/2016

One of my long time favorite places to dine in the Valley that never disappoints! Outstanding French cuisine! The restaurant has a lovely romantic Bistro atmosphere. Beautiful chandeliers light the dining room perfectly.Love the complementary bread and blue cheese pastries.A few of my favorites to start:Tuna tartar with toast points, I always need extra toast. Amazingly good! The beef tartar is delicious too!French onion soupJumbo crab cakes have great flavor Specials are always fabulous but you really can't go wrong here the food is delicious!I enjoy the lamb, venison medallions and Branzino Boeuf Bourguignon and the chicken with mustard sauce are classic dishes.Excellent wine selection.The chocolate souffle is fabulous and a must have here! It takes a while to prepare so order first thing.A great space to have a party too! The staff here provides the ultimate dining experience always. Best to have a reservation.Valet parking available out front.


All hail to one of the Top 200 restaurants of the year!!!  So with that being said here goes what I can only share are my personal opinions...I feel that I have a special connection with French Cuisine so when the occasion calls ---Heck lets do French!!! I've put in mad hours researching the ideal place to share our special day together with my Partner. Now being a foodie I am very particular with my needs and trust me it doesn't include smothering service...Criteria:1-Fresh ingredients that tasted as good as it looks--I'm very visual with my eating and very big on quality as oppose to quantity.2-cute but def not too stuffy ambience--me too easy going for stiffness.3-decent Vino selection and knowledgable staffs just know your ish and Feed me!!! This place satisfied my culinary needs.  I would definitely come back again!! Thanks for the delicious experience Mistral.

Red wine to balance the lamb... Red wine to balance the lamb... So cute... So cute... Escargot... Escargot... See all photos from Sathy T. for Mistral 5/16/2016

I have been to Mistral's over twenty five times in so many years. That alone could be my review and a very (very) good one that would be. And why not leave it at that? The service is excellent, professional and engaging. The food is consistently terrific. The ambiance is ever so high end French bistro'ish [sic] it takes you off of Ventura Blvd. and transports you to the Saint Germain section of Paris. What's not to love about all of the above? Nothing and I do love it all. If I wrote this review any of my other twenty five visits this would absolutely be a Five Starer. So what's changed this time?There was a time not to long ago when you wanted fine dinning in "The Valley" Mistral's was your one and only choice (please notice the exclamation point not a period at the end of this sentence)! But the last 18-24 months there has been this bombardment of young, hip, cutting edge eateries invading then settling in the San Fernando Valley. Mistral's is not the only show in town anymore.This is a good thing and takes nothing away from Mistral's except the idea of going somewhere else. This obviously didn't happen to me this past weekend but it was in my mind.Competition is a good thing. It keeps you on your toes. You can't rest for a second when invaders creep into your territory. Henri, the owner of Mistral's is a super smart restaurantior and without a doubt will not only keep his already very high bar high but I'm sure will raise it to meet the demands of his diners.You know I'll be back to watch this unfolding story.


Came here for Dine LA.  The restaurant is on the smaller side so I would suggest you make reservations.  They have valet parking which is an added expense if you want to dine here.  Sherman Oaks is notorious for bad or no parking availability.  Although, you might get lucky.  The food was pretty good, but I wouldn't come here on a non DineLA special because it is on the pricey side.  Definitely not worth the price you pay.  One thing I did not like about this place is the restroom.  It's located outside in a small space that is closet sized.  There's no A/C in there.  So if you need to do your business in there, you will be sweating your balls off while smelling the stinky urinal that's staring you right in the face.  Don't worry about getting all dressed up because I wore jeans and a polo shirt with sneakers.  As long as you don't wear shorts or a t-shirt, you should be fine.

Peach cobbler Peach cobbler Lobster risotto Lobster risotto Veal Veal See all photos from Matt P. for Mistral 10/5/2016

Food here is delicious; it is a small and intimate place.  I would have given them 5 stars except our waiter (I think his name was Alejandro, he was rude to us.  He should not be waiting on tables at a nice restaurant like this. :-/


Very nice and humble atmosphere. We tried for the first time with our son and the service was just amazing, met the owner and he's just a sweetheart and very attentive to his diners. We highly recommend this place! Superb wines as well!! Steak and chocolate soufflé are a must!!!

These were the bottles of wine we had..phenomenal! These were the bottles of wine we had..phenomenal! 3/4/2016

We came here by the recommendation of my husband's friend and no disappointment: this place has a very nice ambience, the service was great and most importantly the food was so delicious.I visited there during the dineL.A restaurant week event. I ordered the crab cake while my husband got the lamb. It was the best crab cake I ever had.We ended our meal with the chocolate souffle. I got used to having sweeter desserts so I was not very fond of this. Btw, overall experience was great.

Veal sweetbreads and Shrimp. Dine L.A Jan 2016 Veal sweetbreads and Shrimp. Dine L.A Jan 2016 Maryland Style Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes. Dine L.A Jan 2016 Maryland Style Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes. Dine L.A Jan 2016 1/27/2016

Mistral is a French Bistro located in Sherman Oaks. In Sherman Oaks parking can be difficult but luckily this restaurant offers valet parking for $6. The Ambience: Small intimate restaurant with dim lighting, glistening chandeliers, and beck n call service. Has a sophisticated upscale feeling. Since this is a smaller restaurant, it's best to make a reservation. The Food: All of the dishes tasted wonderful. The crisp veal sweetbreads and shrimp, capers-lemon beurre blanch stood out and was bursting with flavor. The Hawaiian cocktail is divine which made the price of the drink more accepting. The Peppered Medallions of Venison cooked to medium rare was savory and paried well with the potatoes. The Red Wine Braised American Wagyu Tri Tip melted off the fork and the Maryland Style Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes were rich in texture and flavor, which left my stomach completely satisfied! Their food is amazing! And they have an excellent wine selection.The Service: Very professional and attentive staff and service. You will receive 5 star service here.Price: $$$ This place is pretty pricy so make sure to come on a pay day =)

Charcuterie Plate Charcuterie Plate Loved the decor Loved the decor Crisp veal sweetbreads and shrimp, capers-lemon beurre blanc Crisp veal sweetbreads and shrimp, capers-lemon beurre blanc See all photos from Krystal S. for Mistral 1/30/2016

The food in this restaurant outdoes the most fabulous of restaurants I've had the pleasure eating at in Europe. Henri put his Chef to work making the most wonderful of Cassoulets.The Cassoulet had all of the wonderful ingredients one would expect to find in Toulouse in the Southwest part of France.  Duck confit, pork, wonderful sausage and beans, to name a few and exclusive of the herbs and spices. Pair all of that up with fine wines and good friends for a phenomenal evening.The waiters are attentive and friendly.  I've never seen them angry with anyone..  Your water glasses never go dry and should you drop a fork or a napkin it's replaced in a flash.Henri (the owner) deserves the highest of compliments for this meal, and for running a good house.


Date night was at a quaint little restaurant in Sherman Oaks! Service is great and we arrived early on a Thursday evening and there were only two other parties in the restaurant!We ordered their side of brussel sprouts as an appetizer and the shallots and bacon added just the right amount of flavor! Don't eat too much of the delicious sourdough bread, because you want to save room for their wonderful entrees and Chocolate Souffle for dessert!

10/22/2015 Updated review

I wish I could upgrade my five stars. I'm always taken aback by how amazing the service is. The food is spectacular, great ambience but the service really tops everything.

Delicious duck Delicious duck Perfectly cooked pasta with chanterelles Perfectly cooked pasta with chanterelles Wow. Vegetable Risotta Wow. Vegetable Risotta See all photos from Laura G. for Mistral 11/7/2013 Previous review Another stellar meal here with impeccable service.  The New York Steak with caramelized shallots was… Another stellar meal here with impeccable service.  The New York Steak with caramelized shallots was really fantastic.  Perfectly cooked and seasoned resting on a bed of caramelized shallots with thin cut fries.  I LOVE everything about this restaurant. Read more 5/16/2013 Previous review This place was packed at 8PM on a Wednesday night - good sign.  Old school Italian feel but French… This place was packed at 8PM on a Wednesday night - good sign.  Old school Italian feel but French food.  We started with an amuse-bouche of puff pastry with warm, delicious cheese.  Deceptively delicious.  Then they brought out a little cup of french fries with house made sauces - nice touch.  The bread was served with the salads. The bread is spectacular, crispy crust and chewy inside.  I really appreciated the pace of the amuse-bouche, fries and bread.  It was spaced out nicely.  I had the Duck Confit.  DELICIOUS.  Crispy skin, moist, great sauce.  The brussel sprouts and carrots were excellent as well.  Hubby had the pasta with tomatoes, friend had the tuna.  Our friend from Chicago made a note so he could return with his wife the next time they were in town.  This is the real deal, top notch food and impeccable service. Read more 9/2/2016

Ridiculous markup on prices- way too expensive for what you get and the service reflects it- surly waiter who doesn't speak French but acts like he does- never again


Very good food. The service was nice but not great. The chicken with rosemary was delicious. The chicken melted in my mouth. Everything on the dish was perfect. However, the apple/cranberry crumble was surprisingly gross. The biggest problem that I had was that it was maybe only an inch thick (which is super thin and didn't contain much ingredients), and had hardly any flavor. On top of that, it had nuts on the top (not mentioned on the menu)....which I thought was dangerous for people who have nut allergies. I don't like nuts which is why I didn't like it, but I felt like I was eating crumbled nuts with a tiny piece of apple. I hate to be too harsh, but that was honestly the worst desert I have ever had. I told them the problem not because I was pissed, but because I thought I should tell them that they need to be more careful with peanuts.


After a long day today, this place conquered my appetite! Great service, and nice ambience-- food isn't that bad but felt satisfied :) Escargots and lobster ravioli is a must try!--yum! :)

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