Molotov’s - Dive Bars - 582 Haight St, Lower Haight, San Francisco, CA

Molotov’s   - Dive Bars - 582 Haight St, Lower Haight, San Francisco, CA

Molotovs doesn't need your Yelp reviews.And no it's doesn't take Apple Pay.


Epic people watching here. Came in while our tattoo artist across the street at Idle Hand drew up our stuff. Bartender was friendly and both of our drinks were $5 for happy hour. They had a pool table and pinball machines inside. Minus one star for a funky old beer smell


Great place, like "everyone is friendly". Just stopped to charge my phone, use the restroom but stayed. Bought some beers, played some pinball  and everyone or close too just wants to chill.exchanging tabs and just wanted to "get away" from the craziness.


Came here for a quick drink before heading to Outsidelands and the bloody mary was fantastic and only $5. Total dive bar and I loved it. Friendly patrons, skilled bartender, dog friendly (water bowl inside) , hilarious stories and would be my regular bar if I lived nearby.


Get rid of your bouncer .......For those of you who want to be treated disrespectfully ... I would highly recommend this place


Fuck my life (FML), one of the best bars in San Francisco and a regular watering hole of mine. Would've gotten married here, if the wife was cool with it. Where the shit do I start expressing my love? I'll keep it eazy breezy:The bombs:- Dope decor. Stickers all over. - Nice and dark, so I don't have to see your fugly face.- Sick music selection, let the locals work their magic. Keep your Taylor Swift at home, techie bros/bras. - Friendly bar staff, keepin' it simple. Get a Pabst (guess the cap) and Powers. No flirtinis served here, go see that mixologist down the street. - Dog friendly (CHILL DOGS ONLY!!)- Can bring food inside. No, I'm not talking about eating a fucking 3 course meal. Simple sandwich is fine. The facts:- Cash only- Pool table- Pinball- Close the bottom door after yourselfHere's some suggestions:- Come early (or anytime on weekdays) you can hang out with the regulars. Be respectful and easy going. - Come later (after 8 on weekends) to visit the techie/yuppie zoo. No admission cost!


I'd really like to sh!t on this place but this is my home bar away from home.  Way ahead of the  other bar I referenced in another review. I only really come here when Toronado is packed.


Let's check the list:Grimy atmosphere$2 beerPunk on the jukeboxPool tableAnd everyone knows your name. It's like a post-apocalyptic Cheers!


This is not a bar pretending to be a dive bar. This is a real dive bar, with a real edge. The drinks are stiff and cheap(I recommend the bums choice,$5 well whiskey and a can of hamms) there are dogs roaming about, and the crowd outside blends in effortlessly with the sketchier residents of the neighborhood(who may or may not have an address). Oh, and there's pinball. And occasional fights the bouncers will force outside the bar. If you're looking for service with a smile, this is not your place(the bartender is often not even behind the bar). If you're looking for a truly different experience with a crowd heavily weighted towards SF natives, this is your place. Personally? I love it. I love the screw you attitude, I love the prices, and I regularly enjoy the people as well.


$5 for a shot of whisky and a Hamm's. Enough said...


Terrible bar. Only positive aspects are that its pretty cheap and has decent pinball games and a pool table.Bad atmosphere, bad crowd, did not satisfy any of my dive bar cravings.


Terrible customer service. Extremely rude staff, one in particular was a bartender with a "P*ssy Slayer" shirt. When I asked for soda since I was driving later, he said "Here you go, ladies." When I didn't finish the drink, he asked, "Did you just order a Coke to not finish it?" What's it to you?


Bad ass dive in the Haight. Had a great time drinking Jameson with the bartender. If you love a sketchy neighborhood spot, this is A1 awesome. Loved the place and was bummed they didn't have shirts.


Good selection of music on the jukebox, $2 PBR... What's not to like?Chill punk rock dive bar in the lower Haight that doesn't seem to give a shit what you like as long as it's not Google Glass.On the real though, you're probably gonna get your ass beat if you try any of that tech bro shit here. Just no. Stop. Don't. Get your drank on and save the number crunching for work, techwad. Kplzthxbai.


Order of events on a Saturday night:1. Squeeze into the bar after being asked for IDs2. Wait behind people who aren't ordering, they're just standing (six-deep) in front of the bar3. Make my way past and order a pint4. Drink with friends and scope the crowd5. Watch a dog saunter in and vomit in the middle of the floor6. Listen to those around it howl in disgust7. Count how many people unknowingly step right into said vomit8. Inform the bartender that there's dog puke, to which a simple shrug is returned9. Hope no one does the splits into the sick10. Watch the dog return and begin to lap up its own regurgitation11. See the doorman come by, throw a paper towel onto the floor, and kick it around the remnants of the now-mostly-gone spew12. Decide it's time to leave... and probably never returnI like my bars sans dog (or any) barf, thankyouverymuch.


Best bar in Lower Haight.  $2 PBR, $5 shots.  Prices have never gone up in the 6 years I've been visiting here.  The owners are kind, down to earth people that believe in keeping the character of the bar, instead of turning it into a gentrification cash grab.  Patrons of this bar come from all walks of life and are well-mannered and friendly unless you act like a jerk, which fortunately isn't tolerated here.All the staff are wonderful.  Dana usually has my drink ready to go BEFORE I even get up to the bar! That still blows my mind sometimes.


Good selection of beers! We were able to get a table on a Friday night after waiting (and stalking) for 20 minutes. The music gets too loud though, so this isn't a good place to try to catch up with a friend.  We couldn't hear what the other person was saying, and ultimately left in search of a slightly quieter place to get drinks.


This bar was righteous.Great bartender, diverse clientele, and I learned how to play the game 1-4-24I was extremely pleased to spend a good hour here before moseying on to the next spot. If I'm ever back in Lower Haight for the evening I will definitely make a point to grab a pint at this spot.


Great prices, metal and punk in the juke box, dogs are allowed inside the bar. I love this place. So many great times here! If you suck at pool, good luck!

4/22/2014 Updated review

This is crazy. My friend KC told me what happened at Molotov's.Sorry being out of touch for the last month or two. But he let me post my story on his yelp account.So I walked into a bar recently and took a seat. I got my money out but dropped a few bucks. So I bent down and picked it up. As I did, I looked behind me to make sure no one saw how clumsy I was. And there She was. A lady standing about 12-15 feet behind me peering at me through her Google Glass. The light was on so I knew I was "On the Air." Or at least my backside was. So I asked the fair maiden, "Did you get a good shot of my good side?"She simply giggled like a little 15 year old girl and said "OMG, It was totally Crackalicious."I said "Crackawho?"And of course she giggled some more.So I said, "You know, even though you act like a 15 year old, you look much older or else you would not be in this place." I continued to let her know that she did not have to go through all this trouble in buying Google Glass. All she had to do is buy me a Shot and a PBR. I'm easy.This time she giggled so hard her Google Glass fell off. She was so embarrassed that she ran out of the bar leaving her expensive phone and purse. So I humbly thought, Wow! My Crackalicious is outstanding!I didn't catch her name or her number but she looked familiar. Who could it be? So I went home with optimism that maybe, just maybe, if it does go viral, I could land a gig as a butt model. Yeah!However, I woke up the next morning feeling so violated! How could this have happened! Was I video raped! I mean really, I went to a bar minding my own business and the next thing I know my Crackalicious is out there for the World to see.So please help. I'm begging. I need some advice.Should I sue this woman if it does go viral or get a restraining order?Should I sue Google for not putting the following warning on their product?WARNING: Google Glass may cause the following:1. Heart Attacks: Resulting from the excitement recording other people's lives rather than your own poor pathetic life.2. Memory Loss: OMG, Where did I leave my expensive purse and phone?3. Perversion: OMG, That guy's so Crackalicious!If any of these symptoms occur seek help from a Psychiatrist Immediately!

4/21/2014 Previous review Being a native son of SF, I love this bar. I was at Molotov's yesterday, 4/20, to watch the Giants… Being a native son of SF, I love this bar. I was at Molotov's yesterday, 4/20, to watch the Giants beat the Padres and the A's beat the Astros. It has always been a good place to watch a game, play some pool and pinball and just hang out.I went online to post my review and saw the someone came in wearing Google glass recording patrons.. There are unwritten and written rules in any establishment:1. Don't slip anything in anyone's drink.2. If you have had too much.. Bar serves you water.3. Bar reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.4. Do not video the bar or any patrons in the bar.I'm sure there's more but these are the common sense ones off the top of my head.One of my other favorite bars in the City is Zeitgeist.... If anyone reviews their policy's you will find the written rule in the bar... No camera's No pictures, No Videoing...Period! I guarantee they will enforce this!No BS. Respect the establishment!So, the obvious advice (I'm sure many have already thought of this) to all owner(s) and management to Molotov's is to post and enforce these rules!And my obvious advice to Sarah Slocum (probably fall on deaf ears), Patrons and the Establishment do not want to be recorded! Leave your Google glass in your purse, at home, or in the car! Best to Molotov's. I'll be back soon!Cheers!KC Read more 7/31/2012 Previous review In this order...Smoking hot bartender (Bree) $ 2 PBR's Hardcore musicPool TableI'll be back soon!
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