Nick’s Seashore Restaurant - Seafood - 100 Rockaway Beach Ave, Pacifica, CA - Restaurant Reviews

Nick’s Seashore Restaurant   - Seafood - 100 Rockaway Beach Ave, Pacifica, CA - Restaurant Reviews

This place is local local on the water old school decor! Beers were decent price.  The locals in the bar can push you away.


Wife and I shared the trout arugula salad and onion rings. The salad was AWESOME. Moscow mule was a little on the wimpy side but it was tasty. Tried a pineapple martini for the 1st time  and I would totally recommend it. Prices are not cheap but they are not over the top for a beach side restaurant. Our server Ana B was great. We were indecisive in what we wanted and she kept coming back with a smile every I time. We ate around mid day so we did not catch live music or dancing. We will definitely come back next time we are up the coast :)


First time here. We were seated at a window booth overlooking the ocean, which was, by far, the main perk of the visit.Our service was good, but we were deceptively up-charged on the soup, and when we brought it to our waitress's attention, she did nothing.The food itself comes in huge portions (my partner and I shared the crab sandwich with eggplant fries), but was unremarkable. Too much mayo and not enough crab in the sandwich, and pretty flavorless all around.The old-school bar looks cool, and I'll visit again to check out the live band on Fridays and Saturdays, but likely won't ever return for food.


Took a little leap coming here, based on some recent past reviews. Atmosphere is nice, casual. Definitely has a 70's/80's decor to it. I thought the prices were a hair high, but being our last night in Cali, we'd splurge. She ordered the prawns, I got the prime. Hers came out great, mine was med well when I ordered med rare. The second prime rib looked like it should have, but was a huge disappointment. Super tough, no flavor. But, to their credit they took it off. The table next to us wasn't thrilled with their meals either. On a positive note, views were great. Drinks were cold and service was pretty good. Might be good for just a burger and beer but I wouldn't plan on a nice meal here.

Looks great, but real tough. Looks great, but real tough. 8/5/2016

long wait but Oysters on the half shell YES! great drinks and the view at sunset if you are sitting window side is the place to be. Oh we orders a bunch of Happy Hour food that was delish! and a band was setting up which we only heard a few minutes before heading back home. A short stop in just to grab drinks and bites it was pleasant.Clam chowder was my favorite and the crab sandwich very good will have to return again STAFF excellent!


Food and service is always great. Huge portions. Nice location and views. Love the garlic bread that comes out warm with the right amount of garlic. Clam chowder has a good amount of clams and seasoning. I usually order the fettucine with seafood and marinara sauce. It says spicy marinara, but you can ask for regular marinara. The seafood that comes with it is always fresh and cooked perfectly. Only downside is that there can be a wait on certain nights and they don't do take out when they're busy.


Not all three stars are created equally and I view this one as a good "three stars".We came here before a flight -- just 15 minutes away from SFO and yet it feels like a different world.It's got nice views of the ocean -- when it isn't covered in fog.  Inside it feels like a throwback to the 60s.  The dining room feels dated and yet the overall experience felt a little more kitschy than tired.The food itself was pretty decent -- I enjoyed the clam chowder and the fettuccine with shellfish had good amounts of clams and mussels.  It wasn't a "spicy" marinara sauce as advertised -- but perhaps for the older palate it was plenty spicy enough.  My dining companion got a halibut special that was just ok. The scallops were a big enough hit too.Service was friendly too.Overall, a decent place with a great location to boot. It's nothing extraordinary, but there's plenty of room for decent places like this.


The complimentary warm buttery garlic bread yummmmmmm. Just feed me that!I made reservations a week in advanced and got the time/date I wanted. I would recommend making reservations because this place is packed. They have a live band on Saturdays at 8pm but you can only hear it if you're near the lounge/bar, we sat in another room. We ordered the short ribs, crab sandwich, fried oysters and big drama burger with eggplant fries. They were all good! The big drama has got to be one of the spiciest burgers I've had, I can't really eat spicy, jalapenos that must have been infused in everything. I took the jalapenos out and the burger was STILL spicy. The short ribs were delicious and surprisingly no bone, which I expected, just a large piece of meat! Crab sandwich had a ton of crab, at least half a crab must have been used to make this. Crab and mayo on buttered bread, simple. Fried oysters with the curry rice was also good, but weird that it had curry rice...Overall, I'd come back! This restaurant is right by the water. Our waitress said she saw humpback whales and orcas just an hour and a half ago from the time we were there. Sad, we missed that.

Braised short ribs Braised short ribs Big drama burger with eggplant fries Big drama burger with eggplant fries 8/12/2016

There were ten of us for a late lunch after a round of golf.  As we didn't have a reservation, we waited about 15 minutes for them to set up a large enough table.I ordered the burger with cheese and bacon on the sourdough bread.  An extra $2.00 for the bread.  Else, it comes on a standard bun.  Choice of fries or salad.  I got the coleslaw.The burger was huge.  I decided on 1/2 and doggie bagged the other 1/2.The slaw was disappointing.  Ground black pepper scattered.  I couldn't eat it.  Had my hubby's eggplant fries instead.  The fries were coated and deep fried.  Served with ranch dressing.  Overall a good lunch. Ample parking.


We waited 30-40 minutes for a table. We had been waiting for our table in the bar, where you can order from a limited menu. That menu included a cheeseburger, but not the veggie burger. We asked if we could get the veggie burger in the bar, so the server went to check. He came back and told us we could only get it in the dining room. When we were finally seated, we soon discovered they were out of the veggie burger, so we left!The location is nice though. We spotted some whales from out front, otherwise I would give 1 star.


First off Nicks can get crowded and deserved to be so. The wait staff is good, the food is great and its is graced to be located on a wonderful beach that draws tourists and locals alike.On weekends the bar has live bands and there seems to be a regular crowd who comes in to enjoy it, couples on dates, and travelers and tourists. I love the mix as an avid and semi-pro people watcher this place is great. After diner take a walk along the cliffs, kick off your shoes and go down to the beach or take a stroll along the shops across the street.Also attached is a motel and for those who love it so much or have to much to drink in case it's better that you not drive.So to the food. I've ordered a couple of things here but so far my favorite is their famous (so they say and I believe them) carb sandwich. Now put out of your mind what you may think of other crab salad sandwiches you may have had. This is not oily, does not have globs of mayo, or fake crab and celery mixed in as filler. No this is crab and mostly crab and plant of it. They add just enough mayo to hold it together without over doing it. It's them put on a good quality buttery grilled sourdough bread, with tomato, onion on the side and lettuce and its about the perfect sea side diner. Enjoy it with an authentic cup of clam chowder that I find better than the versions on pair 39 in San Francisco.Although the dining room is more comfortable and has somewhat of a view over the parking lot of the Pacific Ocean, I prefer seating in the bar.Its a very large bar with a good size stage, dance floor, lounge area and yes a long bar. The menu is limited in the bar area but I'm fine with that as I can get nearly everything I want there. I prefer the bad for the crowd. Bikers, couples on dates, seniors gathered with friends for dance night, families on vacation, new moms dancing with their baby's to get them to sleep before hitting the road, bar fly's handing out at the long bar telling stories and watching sports. It's just a great place to watch people.I think my wife and I will enjoy frequenting Nick;s and I look forward to becoming regulars. Tog et a five star, they need to do a bit of refreshing as some of the place is showing it's age the bathrooms are a little dirty from heavy use, but be careful not to loose the character of the place.

Crab salad Crab salad Lamb chop appetizer Lamb chop appetizer Bar area Bar area See all photos from Michael M. for Nick's Seashore Restaurant 9/1/2016

Brought my all star team (El Cerrito Sluggers) here after beating the Pacifica cages for an excellent team dinner and everything was amazing.  Fettuccine was cool, burgers were excellent, crab sandwich (they're specialty) was ridiculous!  SERVICE WAS A-1!!! I'm mad I can't remember my server's name (beers were coming cold and fast like my base runners )And the owner is such a stand up dude he saw how happy the kids were he PICKED UP THEIR TAB!!!! U just don't get throwback hospitality like that everyday nor everywhere!! Loved it so much I brought the rest of my family here three days later (after we won the 10u championship of he 2016 Hoop Dog Classic )I'll never ride past this spot again without stopping thru at least for a beer!

Happened to roll into a cruise night (I think it was a Thursday) Happened to roll into a cruise night (I think it was a Thursday) Kids were happy as hell because they won and had good ass burgers Kids were happy as hell because they won and had good ass burgers 9/8/2016

AWESOME experience last night for our 3 year anniversary,our waiter Jim was the best what a great guy.We had prime rib and the crab sandwich they knocked it out of the park,it was awesome.Thanks nicks you guys are a great establishment and we loved the old school high end dining experience.

Great sunset Great sunset 2/3/2016

California Trip #18Mayo and crab--say what?? For the record, I don't like mayo on my lobstah roll either. One of the two most delicious food ever and you're going to ruin it with mayo?? Shut the front door.When I heard that Crab Sandwiches (crab salad with mayo) are popular in California, I originally refused to try it. I like my crab straight-up. Maybe because it was the end of my trip, relaxed, and going with the flow of the California vibe, I decided to stop by Nick's Seashore Restaurant (Nick's) and try Nick's Famous Grilled Crab Sandwich.Nick's Famous Grilled Crab Sandwich on Sourdough with fries-- Sweet Dungeness crab tossed lightly with mayo, served on grilled Wedemeyer Sourdough and a slice of tomato. I have to admit, it was pretty tasty. I barely noticed the mayo as the crab flavor came through nicely, and the slight tang of the sourdough bread was a great compliment to the crab. I'm sad to say I don't remember the fries so maybe they're just okay? The price tag is crazy ($23.50), but I wasn't able to finish my meal, and eating it cold the next day was almost even better. 4*Service and Ambiance--Nick's décor is a bit outdated, and most of the customers dining with me were older (although it was happy hour time), but when you sit down and look at that view, nothing else matters. The young man taking care of me was wonderful and I had no complaints. 4*If you're staying at the Best Western across the street, or visiting Rockaway Beach, I recommend you try out Nick's Famous Grilled Grab Sandwich. Don't be scared of the mayo. When you're in the Bay, you've got to eat like the natives!

Crab Sandwich on Sourdough Crab Sandwich on Sourdough 6/12/2016

Place is nice Good food Waiting little bit disappointingHave been told 15-20 minutes It took 30-45 minutes Jim our waiter is very good.Asked questions with a smile and try to offer many good things. Regarding the drinks We have order Bloody Mary and it was good.The second order of drinks felt like a virgin no alcohol.Lamb dish was great.Meat was very soft and melt-in-the-mouth.Steak sandwich was good my mother enjoyed it.Filet mignon should have been medium well but cook made it Well done.My father was not able to eat it so Jim took it from the bill. Overall we had pleasant experience.They have decent expresso which doesn't give the heartburn like a Starbucks.

See all photos from Yevgeny D. for Nick's Seashore Restaurant 8/14/2016

Nick's Rockaway has some great features but also some detractions. On the plus side, the setting is quintessential coastal California.  You got the beach setting, the seagulls, and the bluewater. In addition, the food is good but not great. The premises are slightly seedy and could use some freshening up.  We had a group of 40 for lunch and consequently were placed in the back room. The menu was limited in that there were only three choices allowed for our group and I had the salmon burger.  Other selections were fish and chips and turkey with gravy. It was OK. Dessert was one scoop of ice cream in a bowl with a spoon. It would be interesting to return and order some items like oysters or shrimp. This restaurant is a long time institution in Pacifica and draws a number of tourists.  It reminded me of Redondo Beach back in the 60s.


Great View,  Excellent food, good service, very nice ambiance.  A great place to watch a whale breaching, and enjoy a good meal.  A treasure in a beach town.Enjoy, Christian K.


We split a bowl of New England Clam chowder ($9).  Had a great taste, but not many clams (which my wife would pick out and not eat, thus no picking).We also split the "Nick's Famous" grilled crab sandwich, dungeness crab (from Washington and not California, crabbing still banned in bay area) with tomato on Wedemeyer grilled sourdough for $23.50.  Since we were splitting the sandwich we decided to add avocado ($2) and chess ($1).  Instead of french fries we had the eggplant fries.  For $26.50 it better be a good sandwich, and it was.  I definitely recommend splitting the sandwich.  It's a lot of food.  Hard to describe the crab sandwich.  Blended crab with their own sauce (similar to a tuna melt), but a lot tastier.  The eggplant fries was definitely a good choice, but you must eat them hot.Great service.Btw, Wedemeyer is a local bay area bakery established in 1936.  The bread on this sandwich was excellent.

Nick's famous crab sandwich with eggplant fries. Nick's famous crab sandwich with eggplant fries. 9/20/2016

Came here for my husband's birthday. He is a big fan of the famous crab sandwich. Unfortunately, it's not as good as it was before. Where's the crab? Seriously! They sure did cut back a lot, but not their prices!!Service was great. They are all so friendly. I would come back for some cocktails, delicious garlic bread and the beautiful view of the ocean.


I go there for their marinated crab. It's only served at dinner from 4pm. We ordered the crab and half dozen oysters along with a basket of garlic sourdough bread. Everything was delicious. The wait help could have been a bit more attentive. We had to chase down help to get wet towels for our hands mid way into eating our crab.

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