Oak Steakhouse - American (New) - 950 Third St, Alpharetta, GA - Restaurant Reviews

Oak Steakhouse   - American (New) - 950 Third St, Alpharetta, GA - Restaurant Reviews

Almost a home run if it weren't for a bartender shift change. Here we go!Made a reservation for four on a Wednesday. None of us had been to this restaurant so it was going to be a bit more exciting not knowing what to look forward to. The staff was wonderful, all very kind and accommodating and quite conversational. Bravo to the hiring manager....real people work here! We started off with a few cocktails. Two lemon drop martinis, the house Sauvignon blanc, and a "Mojito Summer Ghost" (I totally jacked that name up..but they'll know what'cha mean.) Oh man it was good! Nice and spicy. They used a ghost pepper infused rum to make it. Kinda sweet, but still packs a kick for someone who doesn't really like "girly drinks."The apps! We ordered the charcuterie board, the blue crab cake, the scallops, and the truffle fries. Yes...we're ambitions eaters. All of it was fantastic. The flavors and the additions and the  plating, all superb. The truffle fries will have you reaching for more and more and more no matter what summer beach body program you're on. It won't matter with these damn fires. This is the point when it became time for another round. Everyone stuck to their original drink order, but I felt the need to lessen the sugar intake and opted for their best version of a fresh spicy margarita (keep it simple...but STRONG) and they delivered! It was so perfect. I knew I'd need one more to be complete. :)Dinner! Can you believe four women could eat more? In all we got the salmon, (2) bone-in ribeye's and I got the market fish which was red snapper and I opted for a blue crab cake topper as I wanted to try it and during the apps sacrificed the opportunity to my girlfriends for the scallops (no one should cut a scallop in half to share.) The meals were phenomenal and beyond memorable. By the end of the meal a few of us went for round three on drinks and I was sadly disappointed. I'm not sure if this is a gift or not, but I knew someone else made this 2nd spicy margarita. It was all kinds of WRONG. I took two sips and discarded it. It was the end of our meal and late so I didn't bother to even request a do-over but I did inform our waitress as we were leaving and she confirmed my suspicion. They had a shift change in bartenders. Oh well I hope to return for a do-over on that in due time. In all great experience and fantastic eats!

Red Snapper with Blue Crab Cake topper Red Snapper with Blue Crab Cake topper Scallpos/ Truffle Fries/ Blue Crab Cake, and Charcuterie board Scallpos/ Truffle Fries/ Blue Crab Cake, and Charcuterie board Summer Ghost Mojito Summer Ghost Mojito See all photos from Robin A. for Oak Steakhouse 6/21/2016

If you venture into Avalon in Alpharetta, manage to find a parking spot and don't get too terribly turned around you will find Oak Steakhouse peppered into the retail and restaurant complex.  It's lovely to walk around Avalon at night and see the lights draped over the walkways. No doubt the resident units above have a nice view down below.Oak has some outdoor seating (with heaters if it's chilly out) which is a  great option if you want to take in the view of the complex. Inside though, you can expect more traditional steakhouse albeit modernized. Dark and woody, inviting and cozy and those steakhouse aromas that make my knees go weak.The waiters have on leather aprons to give a butcher feel.  It's pretty fab.  The menu is fairly steakhouse standard but don't limit yourself to beef.  The truffle parmeasan fries put me in heaven at first bite.  But I digress. The parkerhouse rolls served warm with big crunchy salt flakes is a fine way to start the meal. I could not resist ordering a short rib. Sure it's a steakhouse but I don't often see short ribs on such  menus. It did not disappoint.  Everything you want in a braised short rib was there. Complex flavor, tenderness and the ride  mix of sidecar veg to make every mouthful perfection. Dipping some fresh mini donuts for dessert is both whimsical and delicious. Excuse your manners for just one moment and lick your fingers. Who doesn't enjoy an interactive dessert now an then?  Salted caramel ice cream and warm caramel sauce make this  a three way win in my book.  My only warning is sitting outside with heaters on doesn't keep the food warm, only your body.  Eat fast or order wisely. All in all I enjoyed this somewhat modern take on a classic steakhouse.

donuts donuts parm truffle fries parm truffle fries mmm table rolls mmm table rolls See all photos from Stephanie A. for Oak Steakhouse 6/18/2016

Stopped in for dinner at the bar on the way home.  Legit steakhouse.  I frequent Pampas down the street and decided to give it a try.  I rolled with the dry aged 24oz rib eye for $85.00 and a side of grill carrots and brussels sprouts in olive oil/garlic.The steak was fantastic... Rich deep flavor and rightly marbled.   Sort of the blue cheese taste without the blue cheese..    I appreciate the bartenders attentiveness to my allergies and the chef for custom making everything per my request. They didn't make my carrots or brussels sprouts in batches...  I'll be back..  All they need is a fantastic sorbet on the menu and its in my top 3.This place definitely supports a gluten, dairy free diet.Cheers


1st off, service by Bob was great. He was very knowledgeable of the menu and took care of my boyfriend and I quite well. He even brought us a to-go cheesecake slice for my boyfriend's birthday, too! The atmosphere is great inside. It was actually a big factor in choosing this place - masculine vibe that totally politely screams "you're about to eat some good meat" (haha) with a classy yet semi rustic touch - which is totally perfect for my boyfriend! We opted to sit outside tho, which we quickly regretted, being that it was 90 degrees out. We figured the sun going down would cool it off - but nope! Also, a bit disappointing that there were not any fans! Only looked to be heat sources for winter. (Unlike the restaurant next door which had their patio fans going full blast!)The food was good. The oysters on the half shell were excellent - probably my favorite part. We got the 20oz cab steak cooked medium rare, but it definitely came out medium - almost well done in parts. :/ the sides we chose were the mushrooms and the Brussel sprouts. Both excellent. We also got half portions of salads - he got the Caesar (which comes with anchovies that were surprisingly so good!) and I got the wedge - which was amazing! I would go back for that salad alone.Our bill was $190 which I felt was a bit high for what we got (steak wise especially) but we did order 2 beers and a drink, as well as a scotch on the rocks for birthday boy. So all in all, I guess the price made sense! Ps: the beer is ICE COLD which was well appreciated and enjoyed with how hot it was outside. I don't think I've ever had beer that cold at a restaurant. Awesome selling point. We would probably come back, but would need to stress the medium RARE part of the steak. I would definitely come back for the salads and oysters alone even. So good.


I came here to have a nice wine and dine time to myself. I was sat next to a window looking out to the little Avalon lawn where a very large family was lounging and spending quality outdoor time. It was a nice view. My server was super generous when I couldn't decide on my side dishes. I was limiting myself to 2 to pair with my Angus Prime Dry'aged NY Strip. He decided to bring me an extra side on him. So, I ended up with this delicious cauliflower/Brussel Sprouts dish, 3 cheese rigatoni, and grilled corn with peppadews with melted cilantro lime butter. All. So. Good. Obviously, this was too much for this one gal. So I ate a couple bites of my sides and half of my 12oz strip... and can probably make a couple more meals out of the left overs. Also, prior to coming in to dinner, I called to confirm if they could sit one person for the evening. During my dinner, someone who appeared to be the manager came by and acknowledged that I arrived ok. I can't wait to bring my husband back for a date night to try their Foie Gras and other delicious items. I disconnected from my phone for the length of my dinner. So, I didn't take any pics of my food.


Went there on a Friday evening. To my surprise there were not many people. The valet parking attendant did open my wife's door first, which I think is an improvement based on a previous yelpers review. The front oak doors look solid and grand, but upon entering you will see the waiting area is just too small. No wonder every time we drove by there's a huge crowd gathered outside the restaurant. For a upscale steak house like this, I find their wine list limited, especially the by glass selection. They do charge $20 cork fee if you BYOW.The complimentary dinner rolls were plain and simple dolls, that tells me they are not even trying. I began to worry how the main course would taste like.I have to say I'm in love with their dry-aged steak. The usual lean NY strip was full of flavor and very tender, with a perfect touch of the charcol fragrance making the beef to its perfection. I did not  smell any faintest bad lighter fluid odor at all (which l often found in the steak at the exquisite Pampas Steakhouse). This is a dreamy steak!! I shall come back for it.The service was ok, I don't know why the severs are not using the crumber to keep the table clean at all times. It feels wierd eating top notch steak looking at the bread crumble on my table. We also noticed the other waiter next to our table swept the food debris from the table to the floor.  The room was dark but you can see the chunk of food on the floor. I mean really he just brush them off the table!  And before I could say anything to our server, the new guests arrived and sat down already. The picture looked odd enough: upscale steak restaurant,  dark and romantic ambience,  the guests dressed almost formal attire, candle light, wine, flower on the table, ...  and the trash debris right there by their feet. Overall the food is absolutely great, and even the price is on the high side, it worth the stretch. And they have to train their servers better.

grilled asparagus. two hour egg. grilled asparagus. two hour egg. Side dish: roasted corn. peppadew pepper. chipotle lime butter Side dish: roasted corn. peppadew pepper. chipotle lime butter 12 Oz. Dry-aged New York Strip. Posting this pic making me want to go back... 12 Oz. Dry-aged New York Strip. Posting this pic making me want to go back... See all photos from Pete L. for Oak Steakhouse 4/27/2016

Management is excellent and very accomodating.  This is a typical high end steakhouse but not one I need to return to.  Its very expensive for what it is and I would rather go into Buckhead for a meal like this.

Comment from Kevin K. of Oak Steakhouse Business Manager 4/28/2016 Mike P.,     Thank you so much for the compliment on our management team. We strive to make the… Mike P.,     Thank you so much for the compliment on our management team. We strive to make the guest experience as warm and hospitable as possible. I would love to get some more feedback and detail on your visit. Your comment on not wanting to return concerns me that we did not give you an experience that matched your check amount or made you feel special. Please call me so we can discuss your experience. We value your feedback and want to know if something did not make your visit exceptional. Best,Kevin KrappGeneral Manager678-571-1632 Read more 2/14/2016

I'll admit it. Before going to Oak Steakhouse, I thought it was probably going to be an overrated, overpriced steakhouse in Avalon. I set myself up for disappointment. Well, it turned out that the steaks are by far the best in Alpharetta, service was terrific, and the ambiance was perfect. Oak is definitely one of the best restaurants in North Fulton and I hope to return soon.Valet: Parking can be tough at Avalon, but Oak offers complimentary valet. When we arrived, I was surprised that they opened up my driver side door for me instead of opening my wife's door. They need training, but whatever, it's valet.Atmosphere: Dark, romantic, but kind of masculine interior. It definitely feels like a high end steakhouse and that's not a bad thing for a special night out.Drinks: Oak offers a nice array of wine, cocktails, bourbon, and a few craft beer options. I went with a Bell's Two Hearted and my wife enjoyed the wine.Food: The bread service is great to start. They actually switched from H&F Bread Company to some other local bread company and the rolls were amazing. My wife ordered oysters to start which were on the small side and just decent. For dinner, I went with the 8 oz filet which was cooked absolutely perfectly ($41) and the duck crackling mac-n-cheese ($9 or $10) was delicious. Prices are definitely on the high side, but it was one of the best meals I've had in a long time. My wife was blown away by her fish and everything else that she had.Service: We loved our server. He took great care of us all night and had a great personality. He also admitted that the food is better now than it was a year ago and they have really stepped up their game. Overall: If you're celebrating something special or the boss is paying, I highly recommend Oak. It's expensive but it delivers a high quality, memorable experience.


/TL;DR  A nice steakhouse to compliment the group of restaurants at Avalon. It's not enough to unseat the other steakhouses that I prefer, though./ATMOSPHERE  Modern and open with spacious seating you would expect at a steakhouse so that you can let your belly expand and buttons pop off./FOOD  Probably goes without saying the steaks were prepared nicely. The Oak burger is a mix of steak cuts that gives the burger a heartier flavor./SERVICE  I enjoyed the service. They did accidentally flip around two burgers that were ordered, delivering the medium burger and the well-done burger to the wrong position. That really should not happen at a steakhouse. Fortunately, it was dark so the person who ate the medium burger thought it was the best burger of their life. ;-)HOW TO READ MY REVIEWS:1 Star - Does not approach edible. Enter at your own risk.2 Stars - If I'm in the area, I'd pick something else.3 Stars - I would stop by if I happen to be in the area.4 Stars - I would pick this place out of other places nearby.5 Stars - I would go out of my way to dine here.


Went for the 3 hour all you can eat oyster roast and they served extra small batches every 15-20 minutes.  The crowd wasn't very large it wasn't nearly enough oysters served for the straight from work types the location draws.  The service was also pretty sketchy as the waiters were all over the place with their service - consistency, accuracy, and attentiveness.  My suggestion is NOT to do this type of event again and if you do don't serve different type of oysters so you can be prepared to serve the duration of the event. IF we ever return here I'll be sure to update with a review of Oak as a whole but for now this one star is generous in my book.

See all photos from Mo S. for Oak Steakhouse Comment from Kevin K. of Oak Steakhouse Business Manager 4/14/2016 Mo S.,    Thank you for your candid review. We appreciate the feedback. You are right, we under… Mo S.,    Thank you for your candid review. We appreciate the feedback. You are right, we under estimated the crowd last night and didn't have enough oysters or staff to make the event as successful as we wanted to. We only had a small number of reservations for the party so we had the amount of staff and food to reflect the expected turnout. It ended up we were so busy we had to cut off new people attending at 7:15 because of the large crowd.    We have built a solid reputation in Alpharetta with our service, food and hospitality and always want to make any events we do very successful. We will definitely do another event like that in the future knowing how many people like an oyster roast but I can promise we will be ready for a large crowd.   I would love to invite you back to Oak for some drinks and appetizers one night as my guest so I can show you how great our restaurant can be. Please contact me personally to set that up. Thanks again for your feedback and I hope to hear from you soon. Best,Kevin KrappGeneral Manager678-571-1632 Read more 9/5/2015

Colletta was our first choice tonight but there were no reservations around the time we wanted,  so we booked 7:00 at Oak steakhouse located right next door. The restaurant was gorgeous and very masculine with wood paneling and cool modern light fixtures. Service was also very good. Now for the food.   We ordered the cheese plate and charcuterie board.  I loved this.  For $18 each,  it was plentiful and we almost got full of this.   The pate was really mousse like,  the salami was perfect with the homemade pickles.   The cheeses were paired well with nuts and honey,  some type of jam and a really awesome Sriracha mixed with honey sauce. I ordered the scallops with corn risotto and bacon as my entrée.  It was too salty but they were quick to take it away and get me another plate.   This time it was much better and I was pleased to see it was quite big despite being a small plate.  Now for the bad.   The boneless ribeye was extremely dry.   We could not even eat it, even doused in the steak sauce it could not be saved.   Quite disappointed considering this is a steakhouse and for $60+ was expecting more.   Overall I would try this place again,  maybe it was an off night.

Scallops with corn risotto and bacon Scallops with corn risotto and bacon Charcuterie and cheese board Charcuterie and cheese board 12/22/2015

Beware! This place is a rip-off show, the service is really bad and the food is very inconsistent! That said, I don't mind paying top-dollar when I get what I'm paying for and that's what happened the first time I went to Oak.  I was with a large group, the service was amazing ( because the place was empty) and we ordered almost everything on the menu and it was superb! Only issue that time is that they ran out of the wine we were drinking  (which also happened twice on my second visit...so they obviously have a very shallow wine list).On my second visit (last week) we were met by two young and bothered high school girls who were hosting.  They actually led me to the wrong table of people when I arrived! They seemed more interested in talking to each other than listening to the customers arriving. Then we were greeted by a pompous jerk named Kevin who was our waiter. Every time we asked for something he seemed to try and delegate it  to people who could care less...so dirty plates and trays of seafood shells sat there as we tried to enjoy our wine... when my 12 ounce filet arrived (which I ordered MEDIUM and cost $59-) it was RAW... So I would say that this place is more like a tourist trap for the customers in the Avalon....and suggest you enjoy a nice steak at Teds Montana grill instead! It's less than half the price, always good and great service too!

Comment from Kevin K. of Oak Steakhouse Business Manager 2/12/2016 Jason S,    My sincere apologies that your second trip to Oak was a disappointment after you first… Jason S,    My sincere apologies that your second trip to Oak was a disappointment after you first trip being so wonderful. I appreciate your wonderful compliments on the service the first time you came in. I am upset that we were not able to duplicate your first experience on your recent visit.     I would love to talk to you and get some more detailed feedback. We don't have a waiter named Kevin so I don't know who your server was and I would love to be able to give the staff honest feedback from their guests. I have already shared you experience with the food to the chef and he is deeply disappointed as well. Please allow me to invite you back in as my guest so you can experience the service, food and hospitality you had on your first visit. I look forward to your phone call. Sincerely,Kevin KrappGeneral Manager678-571-1632 Read more 9/8/2016

The best steak house outside of 285, much better than Little Alley steak house. The service here is good, not quite as good as chops or bones. The steaks here are great. I have had the rib eye and filet. They are wonderful. The sides are good, nothing special. I give this place 5 stars because the steaks here are that good. BTW, a great selection of wines here.


A group of four of us ended up at this restaurant without a reservation on a busy Friday night at prime dinner time. We chose this restaurant because it was one of the few restaurants in Avalon with above average Yelp reviews, and because Coletta next door had an over one hour wait time for dinner.Oak is basically a fancy steak house. It is located in the Avalon shopping mega complex, so parking can be a bit difficult to find on busy nights. There is valet parking available near the movie theater so if you really are having trouble that is always an option.Oak's decor is very much dark and woody. Very steak-housey. The steaks are sourced from the same folks that supply Peter Luger's steak houses in NYC (color me impressed). The steak selection varies with availability too. There was a scrumptious and decadent selection of side items, as well as flavored butter choices (or foie gras) for your steak. The service was excellent. SOLID meal choice. Everyone in our party left beyond full, very satisfied, and sleepy from the heaviness and decadence of the meal. I personally was very satisfied. If you are looking for a solid steak meal with excellent service, this restaurant will not disappoint.


This is hands down some of the best food I've had at a restaurant in a long time. I'm a serious foodie. We went for brunch. I will be back again for brunch and dinner at some point!1. The prices were good. I got 2 drinks and a entree for $352. The menu is very versatile with a lot of things made in house. My friend got some sort of fritatta with goat cheese in it...amazing. I had the huevos rancheros with pork brisket...out of this world. We got some sort of shoe string fry appetizer that had sausage gravy poured on top of the fries. It blew my mind. I also want to try to lobster grilled cheese and their lobster eggs Benedict. Maybe even the chicken and waffles (they brine the chicken for 24 hours in buttermilk!)? We saw burgers that looked amazingly thick and juicy coming out of the kitchen to. They informed us they use only prime beef.3. The DRINKS! We got their winter sangria which was amazing! It had figs, cranberries, pomegranate, and cloves in it to give it a real wintery yet refreshing feel. I also had a cranberry mimosa. My friend had a Moscow mule and they make their ginger beer in house.

Huevos rancheros at brunch. It was mind blowing! Huevos rancheros at brunch. It was mind blowing! 4/29/2015

I came here for a wonderful anniversary dinner with a reservation for 2. The host originally sat us in the wine room but it was a 4 person table/chairs setup and freezing. They had many other open booths in the next room so I asked to move. They then sat us in a beautiful, large booth in the next room and met our server a couple minutes later to order beverages.The rolls came out but the server put them on the edge of the table and ran off like he had somewhere to go, so we reached over the huge table to bring it closer. I started with the Arugula salad which was extremely overdressed though I couldn't find our server and he never came around to check on us. I eventually told the gentlemen who picked it up after I was finished and the manager came over. He was very nice and pleasant to speak with. He gladly took the salad off the bill to compensate. Our server then started checking up on our table regularly.Our main entrees came out looking delicious. I chose the Grouper which came with a Spring Succotash. The presentation of the food was beautiful but it was very spicy and my nose couldn't stop running. I asked the server what was in it that made it so spicy and he said he wasn't sure so he went to ask the kitchen. It was hot sauce! If I knew there was hot sauce on the dish at all, I wouldn't have chosen it. The manager brought over a new Succotash without the hot sauce but now it had no seasoning and was super bland. They could've added some garlic and changed it up perhaps.Regardless, I appreciated the kindness of the manager. He was walking around to other tables checking up on them as well and sparking good conversation. Unfortunately I just had a bad experience here.

Side of cauliflower and Brussels Side of cauliflower and Brussels Grouper Grouper See all photos from Jen L. for Oak Steakhouse Comment from Kevin K. of Oak Steakhouse Business Manager 5/30/2015 Jen L.,    I appreciate your feedback on your experience. I am the manager that went by your table a… Jen L.,    I appreciate your feedback on your experience. I am the manager that went by your table a number of times to check on you. i am so sorry that you did not enjoy everything. I just wanted you to enjoy your anniversary, that is why I did not charge you for your meal because we just could not make it right for you that night.  Again, my apologies on your experience but I hope you enjoyed the rest of your anniversary. Should you want to come back in, please give me a call to personally set that up for you.Best,Kevin678-571-1632 Read more 9/14/2016

We had a date night at this place and it was excellent. All their steaks come from local farms and are absolutely delicious. Also had their west coast oysters and that was very fresh. Best of all, we loved their scallops. They were cooked to perfection with the most beautiful juicy texture on the inside. The service overall was beyond expected as well


My high hopes were disappointed. I ordered the filet mignon with the red wine shallot sauce, and couldn't even finish it. The steak was flavorless, and it had more fat than I would ever have expected from a filet mignon--I even had to spit a piece out.My boyfriend ordered the filet mignon with the scallop oscar style, and thought it was just ok. The scallops were better than the steak. The restaurant is described as 'dressy' on Yelp, and 'business casual' on OpenTable, so my boyfriend wore a suit, and I wore a nice dress. We felt EXTREMELY out of place, as there were a few teens in t-shirts and sweatpants (one young man had his boxers showing), and the other patrons were in jeans. Overall, it was a disappointment.

The fat on my filet mignon... The fat on my filet mignon... Comment from Kevin K. of Oak Steakhouse Business Manager 2/12/2016 Taylor W,       Thank you so much for your recent feedback from your visit. I am so sorry that we… Taylor W,       Thank you so much for your recent feedback from your visit. I am so sorry that we did not make your experience wonderful for you and your boyfriend. Being a steakhouse, we pride ourselves on serving the best steaks money can buy. I am deeply upset that we would have served you a filet that did not taste good or had unusual amount of fat on it, that is not our standard.         I would love to invite you and your boyfriend back as my guest so I can make sure you get the service and food that we are known for. Please call me to set up your reservation. I appreciate your candid feedback and I look forward to talking to you soon. Sincerely,Kevin KrappGeneral Manager678-571-1632 Read more 5/3/2016

Ambiance is really nice and refreshing, especially for a place out here in the burbs. Food was pretty good. Our waiter was decent except he kept coughing into his hands and then touching the plates. He coughed into his hands at least 5-6 times out in the open, so who knows what he's doing behind doors. Pretty big turn off especially for a restaurant that's suppose to be more high end.

Comment from Kevin K. of Oak Steakhouse Business Manager 5/16/2016 Amy W,     Please accept my since apologies for your experience at Oak. Personal hygiene is very… Amy W,     Please accept my since apologies for your experience at Oak. Personal hygiene is very important to Oak and its employees. I am embarrassed that we had an employee that was not following proper procedures for coughing on the floor.  I will make sure our whole team understands the importance of proper personal hygiene in the restaurant and if they are feeling sick to stay at home.      I appreciate your nice comments on our food and ambiance. I would love to invite you back in as my guest so I can treat you to an amazing meal. I know inviting you back in does not erase the experience that you went through but I hope it allows you to see how we normally run our restaurant. Our guests are the only reason we are in business and I want to make sure that everyone that dines at Oak leaves happy.  Please allow me to make that happen for you. Call me at your earliest convince to make that reservation for you personally. Sincerely,Kevin 678-571-1632 Read more 11/19/2015

First time here we booked on Open Table and the service took our reservation but when we paid for parking at the Avalon and walked over to the restaurant it was closed, it was Labor Day. Why did Open Table take the reservation if the restaurant was closed? So disappointing. We contacted management but they didn't acknowledge anything. Would have given 5 stars if it weren't for the little kerfuffle on our first attempt to go. Fast forward a few weeks and we decide to try again. DOUBLE OMG good!  By far one of the best steaks we have had. By far one of the best meals we have had  in a long long time. Everything was simply prepared to perfection - spot on delicious. $$$$/4 pricewise, good service from the valet to the hostess to our server who was so knowledgable about everything wine, steak everything. Had the frisee salad - not one of my favorites but it was OK, Hudson foie gras -very good as we don't usually see this on the menu, truffle fries- an absolute must order it was heavenly and it seem like it did use real truffle oil, George's Bank scallops- Cooked to perfection very good, 24 ounce prime ribeye - one of the best steaks we have ever had in Atlanta (i'm still thinking about it even as i write). Yeah it was dream worthy good!!!, finished off with death by chocolate which was excellent as wellWonderful meal, decor inside was upscale restoration hardware type decor, almost like being inside a winery tasting room.  WOULD DEFINITELY recommend and will definitely go back. Can't wait!!!

Chocolate - very good Chocolate - very good Scallops - good Scallops - good NY SIRLION STEAK. DOUBLE YUM! NY SIRLION STEAK. DOUBLE YUM! See all photos from t l. for Oak Steakhouse
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JT Nails   - Nail Salons - 1848 Fillmore St, Japantown, San Francisco, CA
3/24/2016I don't get my nails done often beca ...