Original Joe’s - Italian - 11 Glenwood Ave, Daly City, CA - Restaurant Reviews - Menu

Original Joe’s   - Italian - 11 Glenwood Ave, Daly City, CA - Restaurant Reviews - Menu

This place is new and improved. While the old place was good in the past, the last 5 years it was gone down. Now, it is back and better then before. I had the chicken marsala while my dad had the Bruno. Both were and amazing. Would go again soon.


I have never been to Original Joe's of Westlake before their big renovation so I can't really make any comparisons to how it used to be.  From what I've read, they place was almost like a run-down family restaurant and the food was decent and big portioned.  It's nice to see that it's been given a huge makeover by the folks behind Original Joe's in San Francisco.  The place has a new retro look that gives it a classy atmosphere.I actually opted not to try their more popular entrees and decided to order something that I haven't had in a long time, their Sauteed Sweetbreads.  I was really curious how Original Joe's version of it was like.Sauteed Sweetbreads -- bit.ly/1rvTVwKThe sweetbreads were delicious and had a good amount of flavor.  They weren't overcooked and the sauce put it all together nicely.  I wouldn't say this was the best sweetbread I've had, but I surely enjoyed every bite.  Side of Ravioli -- bit.ly/26bhivdWhat surprised me most was actually the side of ravioli that came with the Sweetbreads.  It was really good!  The ravioli were meaty and cheesy.  They actually stole the show from the Sweetbreads.  I'm probably going to have to get a full order of it next time.I hope to go back again to try more of their menu.  The Prime Rib Dip looks tasty.  And I need to try their other classics such as their Hamburger Sandwich and the Steak a la Bruno.  I also want to try their famous Warm Butter Cake which we wanted to try during our visit but we were all too full from our dinner.  It looks amazing as well!Overall, I was pretty impressed with Original Joe's of Westlake.  They did a great job with the renovation and it great to see that business is doing well for them.  The food is a little pricey, but totally justified by the amount of food you get with the entree and the side dish.  It's a great spot for dining for many occasions.

Sauteed Sweetbreads Sauteed Sweetbreads Ravioli Side Ravioli Side Complimentary Sourdough Bread Complimentary Sourdough Bread See all photos from Rodney H. for Original Joe's 10/13/2016

This was Westlake Joe's that closed two years ago and reopened this spring 2016.  It has shades of the "Westlake" but it is a new restaurant.  I went with my family a week ago at 5:00 pm on a Saturday.  We had about a 25 minute wait in the bar.  We ordered drinks and a appetizer, and when the magic square began to buzz, instead of having the drinks and appetizer transfer to our dinner check, one of us had to wait behind in order to settle up.  The bar and restaurant are separate which is fine if there was more than one bar girl waiting tables in the bar, there wasn't and it was a 10 minute wait to settle that bill.  The good news our abandoned drinks and appetizer were brought to the table.  The service is good!  No more cranky waiters.  The food was mediocre, in the past everything, your entree and side dish were served on one plate, now you get a separate bowl for the pasta and a plate for your entree.  I ordered breaded veal and raviolis, the veal was swimming in its own juice and the raviolis were al dente with a minimum amount of sauce.  I missed the olive oil that in the past was part of the entree, I don't recall the noticeable meat juices.  I was disappointed in my entree and its separation.  And now they serve desserts, big, hearty desserts that are more than one person could eat, perhaps even two.  They were good but need to be downsized a bit.Pros:  good service, great 60's atmosphere, good drinksCons:  bar check and restaurant check separation, food on too many plates/bowls, food that can be flavorful (the raviolis tasted like they came right out of the box), coffee in small cups and it being filled too much to spill on the saucer Would I go back?  Possibly, but I am not rushing back.


16.00.00           Visited 3 times ...                          Still hard to get in or else would have visited it more by now4 1/2 Stars -------------- Food                                   Taste                                   Decor5 Stars --------------------- Service                             They did an extraordary job in all catagory.ServiceTastePortionPriceThey had elevated the taste and quality of EVERYTHING.Even attention was made on the bread and              butter (container at room temp and personalize designed round sheet covering itThe marinara sauce was rich and fabalously tasty.Don't judge it by the price until you yourself have ordered it and eaten it ...         then judge it.Something this good at all front                        (PRICE+PORTION+TASTE+SERVICE) GRAND SLAMNot going to waste your time.     Try it.     Judge it.     Show me another GRAND SLAM that u know of ...Just read the review from Michael Bauer in SF Gate


My former housemate and I came here around 10pm because we had just finished our first bikram yoga class nearby and wanted some food since both of us didn't have time to grab dinner after work. We were starving and this place was one of few places open late. Both of us had never been here before and was quite surprised at the ambiance and decor of the restaurant. The lights were dim, wait staff was dressed very professionally. I'm talking full on suits! Definitely a place where you should dress somewhat presentable. Not like my housemate and I who strolled in with workout gear on. We def felt underdressed. Onto the food! They served us with some complimentary sourdough bread to start off with. Yum!! I ordered the shrimp Louie salad which is romaine lettuce, red cabbage, topped with cherry tomatoes, hard boiled egg, half an avocado, cucumber, whole olives, one lemon slice, and a peppercini with thousand island dressing, topped with shrimp. Presentation was amazing! I was surprised to see the amount of shrimp put into the salad! Def worth the price. The things that I didn't enjoy that much were the fact that the olives were whole and the peppercini was whole as well. Wish they could've chopped them up. The portion was very generous as well. When I was done, it looked like I barely touched my food. I had enough to bring home to enjoy as my lunch for the next day!Service was also top notch. The waitress constantly checked in with us to see how we were doing and always refilled our waters. Def would come back to this place for the service alone!

Shrimp Louie salad Shrimp Louie salad 9/21/2016

Tonight my friend and I needed good food and good service and at Original Joe's we get exactly that. My friend always gets the brisket. She says it's a little on the fatty side but it was tender and good. I had the chicken Marsala. It was flavorful. A little on the salty side for me but I just put the sauce on my veggies. Would definitely order it again. The bread. What can I say! I love my bread and if I'm gong to eat bad crabs once in a while it will have to be warm bread. I asked the waiter if he can warm it up and sure enough he did and came back with a delicious warm bread. Make sure you butter it right away and let the butter melt.  yuummmm!Our waitress was very attentive and was all smiles. It's hard working as a waitress. Thank you!The place gets really busy. It doesn't matter what day of the week. You can also have big parties since they have private rooms. My friend and I usually end up just grabbing a table at the bar. Highly recommend this place. They also have TV to watch games.


Came with my friend and her mom (long time Daly City resident).  My first time here after they reopened.We were able to find seating at the bar area for drinks while we waited for our table.  Manhattans were good, I asked for the Four Roses barrel aged bourbon.For dinner, we got the arancini, shrimps cocktail, lamb chops, steak a la bruno, and prime rib.  All entrees came with sides.  Everything tasted decent.  Service was average but we enjoyed our meal.  Ordered a bottle of Amarone.  Also tried all their desserts

Dessert 4 Dessert 4 Dessert 3 Dessert 3 Dessert 2 Dessert 2 See all photos from Kayla N. for Original Joe's 7/11/2016

I've been craving OJ's since the first time I had gone! My second experience was still a good experience, but I was not content with the things we ordered. Ambiance is lovely here. The vintage feels and the great customer service did not disappoint! And neither did the complimentary bread and butter. For dinner, we opted for a Crab Louie salad and their signature burger with cheese. The salad looked amazing, but the flavors did not suit our palette preferences (probably the olives and eggs). Nothing necessarily wrong with it, just realized we didn't like those flavors together. The burger looked average but certainly hefty. There was a good inch or so on the patty and it was juicy. My problem with it was that it was pretty salty, was very heavy to eat, and was too juicy to the point of making the buns soggy which was a problem for their prime rib dip as well. For both entrees, I would not choose those items again. I'm not discouraged from trying OJ's though, just going to be more selective.

Fettuccine alfredo Fettuccine alfredo Butter cake Butter cake Cheeseburger Cheeseburger See all photos from Sofia R. for Original Joe's 8/30/2016

"My grandparents really like Joe's" is probably a phrase that you'll hear at least once in your life if you or your grandparents live nearby. But here's the thing: that's totally okay. Grandparents rock, and it's good that there are places like this to help the people in our life named nana, pappoo, papa, nona, grammy, grams, gramps, abuela, meema, pachka, boppy, gramma or whatever else you call them.In the same breath I tell you it's a favorite of the senior crowd, I can also tell you that it's a beautiful building. It looks modern, but tasteful, with decor that hearkens back to the older days and shows images of old Hollywood and America on the walls. I'm told it recently re-opened after a two year closure and is spiffy and shiny and it shows.The food is classic Italian-American: expect some simplified antipasti, pasta, and a wonderful selection of mains like chicken piccata, marsala, parmigiana and all the way through the Italian library of fish and other meats. You'll also pick up some straightforward classics like prime rib and of course, a full selection of steaks as well as salads for those seeking lighter fare.They have private room(s?) available for parties, which is what brought me here. They served multiple courses and the staff was super on top of keeping our rowdy group well hyrdrated, with clean tables and prompt servings. Kudos for handling a crowd with aplomb.The big wrap-around driveway is perfect for dropping your nan while you go to park, or leave the keys with the valet. Original Joe's is a terrific example of how old school doesn't have to mean old fashioned. Bring the grandparents, or skip out on the latest trends and grab and uncomplicated lunch or dinner that takes you to a simpler time.


My grandparents loved Westlake Joe's, so my parents grew up having birthdays and family parties to celebrate there. As the years went by, not much changed about the menu but the location was getting a little outdated. I was happy when they were purchased, because like other old school San Francisco restaurants - I didn't have to say goodbye. I took my mom to Original Joe's when it first opened, because it had been about a year since we had our favorites. We got there at about 4:00 p.m. and it was packed, so we sat in the lounge and ordered cocktails while we waited. We opted to sit at the counter since we watch the action. I was touched at the new remodel, brought back memories even though the place got some new finishes and lights. Family traditions carried onto the new menu. They still serve sourdough with cold butter, have great minestrone and clam chowder, those dinner salads with the house made thousand. It brought back memories, along with the cravings. Growing up my favorites were the spaghetti and meatballs, sometimes ordering 1/2 spaghetti and 1/2 ravioli. Almost everyone in my family loves the Steak Ala Bruno, as it is by far the best looking steak and cooked the way you like it. The other half of the family always orders the Calamari Steak, which is still fantastic. And if you were good kid and ate all of your food, you could have a spumoni ice cream for dessert. I'm still good! This last time I went, I ordered the Crab Louie because I was dying for some Dungeness. It was so big and good. I ate half and took the rest home which I ate happily the next day for lunch. I'm very happy Joe's is back, because if there is a celebration to be had - you know where to find us!

Spumoni blew us away Spumoni blew us away Old school napkin design, made anew. Old school napkin design, made anew. Crab Louie Salad! Nearly a whole crab worth. Crab Louie Salad! Nearly a whole crab worth. See all photos from Rebekah T. for Original Joe's 9/11/2016

We came here for brunch but it turns out they don't serve brunch... (They apparently will in 2 weeks)The food is slightly above average spending on what you ordered. The French dip is good and the clam chowder is good and has lots of stuff in it. The bread for the table is surprisingly good and the salad dressing I got with my side salad was great too (plum vinaigrette)The fries were dry though and while I was impressed with the chicken(not over cooked!) and bacon (love thick cut bacon) the rest of it was only okay.Overall simple and decently executed food but really overpriced. It was $48 for 2 sandwiches, a bowl of clam chowder, and 2 Arnold palmers


Does not take reservation, so just walk in to take your chances. We waited little more than one hour for table for dinner.  Westlake Joes has been renovated. Larger tables are in back of restaurant by windows. Somewhat noisy. Reminds me of grandpa's old time diner. Music over noise are the 60s music so I think this place caters to 60 y.o. and up. Food was tasty. Offerings were appetizers, soup, salad, entree with a side. Good service serving drinks, French bread with real butter and ice water. Place is somewhat crowded and parking lot outside was full.

Ravioli side Ravioli side Veal cutlet Veal cutlet Veal parmigana Veal parmigana See all photos from Clifford W. for Original Joe's 9/10/2016

Well I'm not gonna date myself however I've been going to Westlake Joe's for a minute.  I grew up in DC and Joe's has been a family staple.   From my elementary school down the street (Abraham Lincoln) my family would come on those special occasions to Westlake Joe's.  So when the Scatena family sold it they couldn't have picked a better family than the Duggan's to pass the torch to.   The remodel is AMAZING!  Still has the 50's retro look with a classy post modern look.  I love it!! Yes there was a wait a long wait.   However that was expected as it ALWAYS been a wait unless you have reservations.   The NEW bar had the Giants on many screens and projectors, have a drink and a app and relax. You never know you might be seating to maybe Mr. Duggan himself (a huge Giants fan).  I had the Crab cake and Spinach artichoke dip to munch on while we waited. It was a good portion and tasted delicious.   Very fresh!   Beautiful booths and our waitress took our order and was attentive throughout the entire meal. I had to go old school and order the Veal Parmigiana.  YES it is NOT the same recipe as the older Westlake Joe's it's updated just like the restaurant.  Nice portion with a newer look.  Flavors are still traditional Italian, good breading and a good sauce.  Veal was tender and very flavorful.  Ordered the Ravioli and it was smothered in the some exceptional meat sauce.  So GOOD!   Thank you Duggan family for the new look and thank you for keeping the tradition going!!!

Ravioli with Meat sauce. Ravioli with Meat sauce. Veal Parmigiana... Veal Parmigiana... Love the remodel!! Love the remodel!! See all photos from Eddie M. for Original Joe's 6/15/2016

You will get blown away with the photo hung above the urinals here. Well maybe not blown away but it might catch you off guard and mess with your aim just a bit. Good thing they have big mats under there.Ladies don't feel left out. There is something for you here too. The servers are all dressed sharp in black and white with ties. A lady seated next to me really seemed to enjoy the way the server came around with his really big pepper grinder. She kept asking for more and more freshly ground pepper from him although there were what appeared to be adequate grinders on the table. Nice ones too. Lets face it. Nobody needs that much pepper.Well lets start at the beginning... I walk in and am immediately served water and bread. I hear such good things about this place my immediate reaction in my mind is "don't fill up on bread here." Well, as I reach for it I'm surprised. Its warm and got a crunchy crust and came with a really nice chunk of butter... Its great. You've got my blessings. Eat all you like. I look at the menu and convince myself to go with something in the section called "house specials" or something similar to that. I order boiled brisket and ice tea without overthinking my selection just a few minutes after I'm seated. As I munch on my bread I wait for my food and enjoy the ice tea. Its great quality too. I look around seated at the counter watching all the cooking at pretty little shrimp cocktails coming out of the kitchen. The food is all beautiful and the desserts look to die for. They are all decorated with berries and whip cream. All so tempting. If you are a food addict you may not want to sit at the counter.Ambiance is awesome too. Its got a chic diner vibe with olive green vinyl seating dark floors and counters. Beautiful under counter lighting and windows everywhere -- even a couple fire places. Ambiance couldn't be better.I get my brisket FAST. I'm surprised because this place is full. They are doing something right. My food is beautiful as expected. I'm always in a rush so I appreciate the way they move things here. I hadn't even finished my bread and I get my entree. I have it with veggies and the combo of the bread veggies and brisket is a perfect pairing. All of it goes down easy and is the perfect portions. What can I say? I'm eager to come back and try some of those desserts I saw. The bar looked inviting too. Come here for coffee and a dessert. A beer at the bar... dinner... or all of the above. You can't go wrong.

A receipt and my precious blue Heath mug. A receipt and my precious blue Heath mug. A 55 chevy in the Original Joes parking lot. A 55 chevy in the Original Joes parking lot. See all photos from Stefan T. for Original Joe's 6/4/2016

Add me to the list of SF/Daly City natives who grew up coming to Joe's for family dinners and special occasions. My family revisited Joe's recently for my mom's birthday and we were happy to be back in a place that gave us so many great memories before. Ambiance: the renovation is great, and Joe's has never looked better! It still has aspects of the previous Joe's, which were nice to see again. It was all familiar, but definitely upgraded! Service: I'm surprised by the negative reviews for service. This was definitely a high point for me and my family! Everyone who helped us, from the hostess to the wait staff, were all courteous, polite, and friendly. It's always very busy and crowded, so I really believe the staff are doing the best they can.Wait time: Yup, still around 2 hours. Plan ahead! My dad and I came at 5:45 and put our name down ahead of the rest of our party. We got a couple beers at the bar to pass the time. Everyone arrived at 7, and we got our table at 7:20. Not ideal, but expected from Joe's, especially since they reopened just recently.Food: Mixed reviews! While everything else was great... The actual food left us a bit disappointed. Steak a la Bruno tasted good, but came to our table a bit cold. Same goes for the chicken parmigiana. We also found the linguini with clams to be very salty. Standouts? My mom loved her fettuccine Alfredo w/ shrimp. We also enjoyed the fried calamari appetizer. Clam chowder also had some great smoky, bacon-y goodness. Yum. Also, portion sizes are HUGE. Esp if you go for a meat, fish, or chicken dish with the added side. Could potentially feed two!Overall, it was a positive night. We wanted to give 5 stars as Joe's is one of our family's favorite restaurants, but the food left a bit to be desired this time around. Maybe it was an off night' I'll have to visit again and see (but maybe after a month or two - hopefully the wait time dies down a little...)!

Calamari Calamari Clam chowder Clam chowder Steak a la Bruno Steak a la Bruno See all photos from Greg J. for Original Joe's 10/3/2016

First let's start by saying "it was not worth waiting 2 hours" to have dinner here.  The hostesses were horrible and let other people sit before us and we arrived before those people did.  They have favoritism.  The Manager(s) did the same thing with the favoritism.  Let preferred people to sit before others.  Is this a way to run a business?  I guess it is if you come to this place. I haven't been here since they remodeled and after this experience I will NEVER recommend to anyone to come here.  It was the worst experience EVER!!!!!We placed our order and waited another 30 minutes for it to arrive. We ordered 6 entrees and all nuke warm.  It was okay. Our waitress brought out the ice cream cake I asked the refrigerate and it come out melted and gross.  Thank you so much for ruining a beautiful ice cream cake!!!!!  Parking a horrible you have to park in the neighborhood because the restaurant does not offer enough parking.  We ate out often and I don't usually give a restaurant 1 star ratings, but this is one of the few you will see from me.  I think if Yelp would let me rate it with ZERO stars I would of.


More like 3.5 stars. Review is for an 11:30a lunch on a weekday.Came here twice before the remodel and the food haven't changed.Ordered corned beef and cabbage (their lunch special on Thursdays). Not salty at all, came with boiled carrot, 2 baby potatoes, a large boiled cabbage wedge, and 4 pieces of good corned beef. Not dry at all.My friend had the Joe's burger - it could easily feed 2 people. It was just the party meat with sourdough roll bread. If you want tomatoes, onions and lettuce, please ask. We also had to ask for mustard as his burger just came with ketchup. Both meals (no drinks) came to $33 (tip not included).They did a great job remodelling and the sectioning of different areas of the dining rooms. It's nice for big gatherings (more divided space if you want to host a party with 20-30 people).I think there's a lot of nice folks from my parent's generation, that really enjoy this place. Sweet to see that generation gathered here!

Seated behind the bar! Seated behind the bar! Interior view from our booth Interior view from our booth Burger! Burger! See all photos from Mary H. for Original Joe's 5/8/2016

Westlake Joes is a relic. It exudes fond memories of decades past. Times that no longer exist. It's memory makes people happy. Wanting to experience the "good times" again is a fantasy people yearn to relive. Is the fantasy better than the reality?I'm torn. The food was good but in no way the same taste, presentation, and feeling as it used to possess. I'm the same as most people from this area. My grandparents came here once a week for years. I grew up here celebrating with family. Joes is different now, it's evolved.Yes, you will have to wait. A long, long, long time. No matter what the estimated time it will be triple that. Hours. Yes, the prices of everything are higher.Yes, the sauce tastes different. In fact, all of the food tastes different - for better or worse is up to your interpretation. I thought my fried prawns were better than before. Much better taste and preparation. The portion could be bigger though. I like the new penne but miss the rigatoni. The shrimp Louie is not classic Westlake joes. It's wayyyyyy skimpy on the shrimp and no longer served with beets. They did upgrade it adding egg, avocado, peppers and olives. The chicken parm was okay. A little overcooked and tough. I love the remodel but deeply miss the dark, "dingy" old bar. Bathrooms and lobby greatly improved. Antonio, our server was terrific. But I HELLA miss the old waiters and waitresses with their kitschy white shirts and poppin periwinkle satin bow ties. Overall, food was good. Worth the extra dough? No. Was it worth the wait? No. Will I be back soon? Probably not. Am I glad I experienced it? Definitely.

Fried prawns and new penne. Fried prawns and new penne. New shrimp louie salad. New shrimp louie salad. 10/6/2016

I went to Original Joe's in Daly City for the first time on Wednesday October 5, 2016.  I was never at this Original Joe's before when it was called Joe's of Westlake. I went with 2 friends after making a reservation several days in advance for lunch. The restaurant filled up quickly. Our waiter was very attentive and polite. The food was excellent. One of us had spaghetti with giant meatballs, another had polenta with some kind of meat and I had the eggplant parmigiana. Everyone was happy with their choices. We had ice cream for dessert but it was not as good as the main courses. Overall I rate Original as a 4 out of 5.  I'll definitely be going back. Make sure you make a reservation days in advance.


Went here one night and got lucky. Perfect parking, and got seated immediately. Had the Calamari for an appetizer which was delicious, and the Shrimp Scampi for the main course. Let me tell you, the Scampi is pricey, but maaaan, it must be the chefs specialty, as my mouth is watering just thinking about it! Glad they brought this place back with such pizazz, I'm always down to eat here.


Came here for a late dinner 9:45 Monday night and got seated right away.  Ambiance is nice and kinda old school with the Tony Bennet and Frank Sinatra playing.  Had the Veal Parmigiana which was very tasty but for some reason the cheese melted on top was not so warm so it kinda was rubbery on top of the Veal.  My friend and the Spaghetti carbonara which I tasted and thought was delicious. The portions are really huge and neither of us finished our meals.  The place is great but not sure I'd come back and wait an hour to eat like a lot of people claimed. Probably wait a few months or come in off hours till the hype settles.

Side of Ravioli was tasty Side of Ravioli was tasty Veal Parmigiana was good but not excellent Veal Parmigiana was good but not excellent Spaghetti Carbonara was delicious Spaghetti Carbonara was delicious See all photos from James H. for Original Joe's
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