Ozone Thai - Thai - SoMa - San Francisco, CA - Menu

Ozone Thai   - Thai - SoMa - San Francisco, CA - Menu

First time at Ozone. The Tom Yum soup was very good, the shrimp pineapple curry a bit bland, and the spring rolls again just good.The server was a bit flustered keeping our order together, and the service itself was intermittent. These guys may just be a great spot for giants games.


I've only ordered delivery (so maybe it's just my fault), but the Pad Thai came cold and the noodles were all stuck together in a huge glutenous lump...  I tried to stir it around, but the whole lump just spun in its plastic container. I thought maybe if I reheated it the warmed up oil will help unstick the noodles, but, alas, no. I tried to cut the congealed heap with a knife, but it just wasn't worth all the effort, so I ended up tossing it--which was he saddest thing I've had to do, bc I LOVE Pad Thai!! :(I'd love to try eating in, but I haven't worked up the courage to yet.


We ordered Pra Ram with beef, a cup of Tom Kha with chicken and coconut fried shrimp app plus a Thai iced tea and a Pom Pom cocktail today in the mid afternoon. The drinks were just okay, the Thai tea was on the too sweet side. Unfortunately tapioca/pearls were not an option. Oddly, I would consider it to be a common request, but the server had difficulty understanding for some reason. Note: there's a picture of sushi in the listing, but they no longer serve sushi.The food items did not taste or appear to be very fresh and the food came within 5 mins after ordering, which to me causes me to question the quality. The Tom Kha soup was between okay and pleasant, but the shrimp appetizer was tough, not so fresh and covered in sweet chili sauce. The beef in the Pra Ram was a gray color that would indicate you would normally avoid. Apparently, other than the tough meat and the peanut sauce looking off as well, it was edible.As for service, it took our server inordinate amount of time to take our order after we indicated we only needed a minute longer to decide and after the food was delivered we never saw the person again. I think she went home. So, no refills and no checking on the food. I had to go to the bar and ask for the check from one of the several servers working, who initially assumed I just walked in and was looking for a table.As for atmosphere, inside it felt a little run down and could have used some air flow. Outside there were a few bar chairs that needed to be taken straight to the dump and replaced with non splintering chairs.Overall, this was the worst food and service experience at a Thai restaurant. We could have done with spending 20 mins less time there.


Mango salad is so awesome., chicken wings are very tasty and it tastes much better than KOT and TH.


I'm not sure why there are so many low reviews for Ozone.  I'll usually come here a couple of times a month for lunch.  The Shrimp Pad Thai is on point.  (ask for the fish sauce & pepper sauce).  This makes a world of a difference and i'll sprinkle it over my food. However, I may be bias since I love pad thai and would eat this everyday when I was in Thailand.  The Minced Basil Chicken with rice is my other go to order.  The Boat Noodle - with wide noodles is very flavorful & hearty with plenty of meat.  Even my Caucasian boss likes this.  Lol.  I enjoyed all their appetizers such as the Chicken Satay, Cream Cheese Won Tons, Calamarie, Chicken Wings, Spring Rolls, & Beef Jerky.I would stay away from the Beef Salad as the beef is very fatty.  On a side note- their lunch box in the patio area is a steal at $7 for two entrees & white rice!  Cash only for the lunch box.  Credit cards accepted for restaurant dining.

Shrimp Pad Thai Shrimp Pad Thai Minced Basil Chicken Minced Basil Chicken Chicken wings Chicken wings See all photos from Melanie N. for Ozone Thai 5/2/2016 Updated review

Update: the $7 grab-and-go lunch is a great deal that's quick and convenient. Weekday to-go lunch is served in their foyer area where the menu changes daily. White rice + 2 dishes start at $7 (+$1 for brown rice & +$2 for fried rice). Bummer that it is cash only though but there is an atm on site if you need one. Standard Thai dishes from curries (meat and veggie options) to basil chicken to stir fry veggies and more. The basil chicken had good flavor but the vegetarian curry was a little tame in terms of spice. Definitely felt like lowest common denominator curry but the veggies had a good crunch at least. They really pack it in so it's a pretty heavy to-go box where you wonder if it'll hold up through the walk back to the office. If you need a quick lunch, Ozone Thai is definitely a good spot to return to. Rotating menu keeps it fresh and the price is right. Just remember to bring cash.

$7 lunch box $7 lunch box 3/27/2014 Previous review With baseball season upon us, I think it's time to remind myself to keep Ozone Thai in the mix for… With baseball season upon us, I think it's time to remind myself to keep Ozone Thai in the mix for pre-Giants game happy hour. Happy hour goes till 8pm here and there are food specials too which is a major plus. Pints for $3 and specials on cocktails and wine too. Appetizers, that go well with said beer, are $6 each and you get to nosh on some food that evening other than stadium garlic fries. I've had the deep fried quail and the curried mussels. I thought the quail was overcooked and dry but the mussels were delicious. The broth was rich with just a touch of spice and lemongrass. The staff are warm and friendly to boot. All in all not bad for a quick stop before heading onwards to AT&T Park. Or you can watch the game on TV here too. I came here during the off season so it wasn't busy but come baseball season, the usual suspects like 21st Amendment and MoMo's are always going to be packed and while I suspect Ozone will probably also be crowded on game nights, I'm going to make a point to at least remember it when considering places for a pre-game. Read more Deep fried quail Deep fried quail Mussels in curry broth Mussels in curry broth 6/8/2016

Let's start with the positive.The Tom Kha Gai soup wasn't bad. Okay, now I'm going to rant about the pad thai... It was pretty boring. It had no flavor, tasted empty and is just not cutting it. I think it's lacking a few key ingredients (maybe not enough of?) like tamarind and palm sugar. I also prefer slightly wider noodles - but that might be an SF thing. Yep, just took another bite. Bland and flavorless. People really seem to like the lunch deal though, 7$ for lunch is hard to beat.


$7 dollar lunch.-filling-super tasty!-always a vegetarian option-always a chicken option-always one curry-always a stir-fry-ish dish.-awesome choice of rice with an extra dollar for brown and an extra two for fried-$1 sodas!I am always happy after eating lunch here. My favorite is the ground chicken with ginger. and the green curry.Two thumbs up!

Lunch plate with jasmine rice - ginger chicken - pumpkin curry. $7 Lunch plate with jasmine rice - ginger chicken - pumpkin curry. $7 7/8/2016

I had garlic fries and they were bad. There were fruit flies all over us during dinner. We actually killed about 12 of them in the hour we were there. When we let our server know about the flies, her response was 'wow'. No discount, no nothing.


We usually come here for dinner and are able to have a great conversation. Service can be spotty (like, how about coming by a little more often to check on how things are and if water glasses need refilling? and there was the time we were waiting around for our check because we were late for somewhere else, and ended up walking to the cashier to ask for it) but the food has been good. Vegetarian crispy rolls, papaya salad, and tofu coconut curry are our usuals. Mainly I want people to know that they've been REALLY COOL about modifying their dishes around my annoying dietary restrictions, giving me NO hassle whatsoever. Also my partner the vegan has been real happy eating here.


I went there on last friday night there have 2 waitress You guys were super busy, the restaurant was at capacity, and she (short hair server) was fantastic! I appreciate a server who does a great job, and she handled our table of 8 adults with a perfect display of relaxed competence.she was our waitress and we had excellent service ,she suggested some appetizers and was very prompt an always there to check on us and see that everything was ok.Please pass along this compliment to everyone who should see it. And keep up the good work!


They delivery very quickly. I ordered and expected an hour wait time but they only took 20 minutes. Food was very hot and decent. Not too bad of a price point and the delivery guy was very friendly. The Thai tea was expensive but definitely sweet and tasty. Pad See are was decent in flavor, but small chicken pieces. 3 stars for food and +1 star for friendly and speedy service.


One of my go-to spots before a Giants game. Great Thai food. Definetly try the shrimp rolls and $20 buckets of coronas. Service is good but not great. Been coming here for 4 years now specifically before Giants game.

Shrimp rolls and coronas. Mexico meets Thailand haha Shrimp rolls and coronas. Mexico meets Thailand haha 11/22/2015

First time here at Ozone.  Came last-night (Saturday) during happy hour.  Prices were great. Cocktails and wine only $5. For dinner I ordered the Pineapple Fried Rice w/ the Moo-Bo-Raan noodle soup.  The Pineapple Fried Rice dish was beautifully served in a fresh cut pineapple for only $14 and was very tasty.  Inside was shrimp, chicken and egg and of course pineapples.My boyfriend & I sat on the patio which was huge and pretty much empty.  Majority of people sat inside. I think the patio would attract more people if it had heat lamps and a better vibe.  There wasn't much music playing, which could've really helped the atmosphere of such a cute outdoor patio.The restrooms were somewhat scary.  They were hard to find and once inside of them I felt as if I was in a horror film.  Handled my biz very quickly!After getting the bill, the waiter took away my leftover food without even asking me if I wanted it to-go.  When he returned I asked him where my food went and if it was thrown away.  He seemed unsure of whether the food was in the trash, and didn't speak the best English but returned back with my food anyway.  I'm still speculating on whether to indulge in my leftovers.

The boyfriend & I The boyfriend & I Pineapple Fried Rice Pineapple Fried Rice 1/21/2016

I wouldn't say this is the best thai food ever, I've had better. But, its a nice place to go for a casual lunch, talk away and have a good time. We went here in the late afternoon at about 2:30 on MLK day from the exploratorium, and found the restaurant deserted (I love it when restaurants are deserted). Very few restaurants were open at this time of the day and we were happy this was. I ordered basil fried rice and garlic fries, and both of them were great. The staff was pleasant and the portions were pretty big. The spice levels were low for me (yes, I do eat a lot of spicy food).Looking for what to do after lunch? Head out for pool or bowling at lucky strike!


Boyfriend and I were making a bar hopping trip and wanted a place to order some bar food.  Walking in, the restaurant was not crowded with a couple people at the bar. We arrived during their happy hour and ordered the fried quail, cream cheese wontons and the gangsta roll.  He ordered a Heineken and I ordered the Sommaa Manhattan.  My cocktail was alright, but it wasn't the best. The food, however, was pretty tasty. Our favorite was the cream cheese wontons (5/5).  The fried shell with the creamy center was the perfect appetizer.  The rolls and the fried quail were also very good, but take second place to the wontons. I probably won't come back for happy hour, but the entrees sound good and I love Thai food.  The service was on point.  Every time, the waitress would come by AS SOON as we finished an order.  It was like clockwork.  We were impressed. Ambiance: 4/5Food: 3.5/5Service: 5/5Overall Experience: 3.75/5

Cream Cheese Wontons (THESE ARE THE GREATEST) Cream Cheese Wontons (THESE ARE THE GREATEST) Fried Quail Fried Quail Gangsta Roll Gangsta Roll 5/2/2016

The prices aren't too bad here. It's never very busy even on game nights before or after the game which is part of the reason we like going here. The food is tasty and the portions are a good size plus they have a full bar and covered patio. However, the service is not very good. They're often confused and running around with their heads cut off because of their disorganization. They're eager to serve you and friendly though. Sometimes food hits the table before plates, forks and napkins. Nonetheless, I still like their Chicken Satay, Tom Kha Soup and Beef Salad for the beef but I will warn you that if you want the salad spicy, you might want to order medium hot. The Beef Salad is served over iceberg lettuce which I don't like but the meat was seasoned well and juicy. As a group, we've often ordered a few appetizers like Calamari and Chicken Wings to share before the game and that's worked out because the kitchen apparently has their act together so the items come out fairly quickly. My nephew likes their Soft Shell Over Egg Fried Rice which is one of the most expensive things on the menu at $16. Their curries are good too.

Chicken Satay Chicken Satay Tom Kha with Chicken Tom Kha with Chicken 3/3/2016 Updated review

Still a swell place, more takeout than dine in, but I've been watching something sad in their bar the past coupla years: it has a real douchebag problem. By that I mean a cast of regular white DB's hitting on the bartender pretty much continually ("I need a second girlfriend. When do you get off work. I am really nice."). Young, old, the only common thread is their 'bagitude. Oh wait, they all wear dockers.The chatter is so blatant it's almost standup (sit down?) comedy. So stop by sometime, and try not to spray your drink at the occasional overheard howler.

11/19/2009 Previous review Nice place! I've had a few meals here now, after waiting a bit for them to get settled in. It's… Nice place! I've had a few meals here now, after waiting a bit for them to get settled in. It's pretty food in a very stylish setting, at dive takeout prices.The Setting: zebrawood tables in Jack Falstaff's leather-padded main room, uncluttered and roomy. Comfortable chairs. Interesting serving dishes.The Bar:   I will have to discard one of my earliest rules for drinking out (never, under any circumstances, order cocktails in a Thai restaurant). My benchmark Manhattan was perfectly made, and their house Jalepeno Margarita was also really nice (no Roses Lime or nasty sweet-n-sour mix, all fresh).The Food: most items I've had are very tasty and very beautifully presented. The angel wings are a total bust, like they were made by an institutional food service. But the pumpkin curry is one of the prettiest dishes I've had in a long time -- a whole kabocha pumpkin, hollowed and filled with curry, the outside carved decoratively. Really good, I keep ordering it and not trying other dishes. Their red curry is also just right. Read more 7/1/2016

The worst food I've ever had in my life, even the wine was terrible. Never go. McDonalds is better and cheaper.


No.  Unless you're starving and it's the only thing in the area and you can't even hail a cab to go to McDonald's. Just no.

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