Paula LeDuc Fine Catering - Caterers - 1350 Park Ave, Emeryville, CA

Paula LeDuc Fine Catering   - Caterers - 1350 Park Ave, Emeryville, CA

The entire team at PLDFC goes over the stop to ensure your event is flawless!  From delicious food to impeccable design and professional staff, nothing gets left to chance.  Thank you to Jessica Haro, Casey Harris and Maya Hann-Bryd and their teams for helping make our events perfect.


Please DO NOT go here. They do not respect their customers and my guess is the food is ordinary but the reputation is big. Find another caterer. You can do better. Here is why in detail:  I have the authority to hire a caterer for a fancy 70th birthday event.  Money is not an object. The event is for 32 in Twin Peaks, SF.  I called Paula Le Duc fine catering 4 times and no one got back to me with a phone call or price quote. On my 5th call to Anita, and a lot of patience, I finally got some one in sales named Sunna; however Sunna came across as if she did not want to help. She told me that the only slots available for a Sept 24, 2016 event was at a 25,000 price point or above. She didn't say much beyond that but with some pushing she finally explained to me that certain days were blocked out for large events only. Come on. When a customer calls regarding an event for 32, telling them there's a $25,000 minimum without further explanation sounds foolish,  particularly when it's not a cold call and the sales team has already been informed that the customer is seeking catering services for a 32 person intimate birthday party. So I asked when were some other time slots available on the schedule that did not have a minimum $25,000, and Sunna persisted in her reluctance and kept on about their unavailability,  which to me is bad business particularly if a customer is showing flexibility. So then,  I finally narrowed down to a date that would not be $25,000,  because clearly that is not standard nor reasonable for a small group of 30. But then,  Sunna refuses to find out from me exactly what services I was seeking or event details and proceeds to throw out numbers at me saying, "well our events start at $460 per person".  Sunna literally acted as though she did not want to send me a quote. It was like pulling teeth. I found the interaction outrageous for a business of any magnitude. I was frustrated and disappointed because I was very interested in booking an event with Paula Le Duc  but felt like most of the conversation was geared toward dissuading me from booking that event,  because clearly " I could not afford it" was the underlying message. But for me, money isn't a problem or object in this case. I was prepared to pay a large dollar amount reasonable for a party of 30, if I could get what I was hoping for or close too. I honestly think that if I had not persisted, that I would not have ever gotten a call back from Sunna on the sales team. So my question to Paula Le Duc Fine catering is this: Since when is business so good that you neglect new potential clients? When?  I honestly have doubts about this company and truly do not recommend you go here because I am quite sure there are other equally good, quality, high end caterers  in the SF Bay Area who actually respect their customers, all of their customers, because at the end of the day the profit of this company is because people have spent their money and have entrusted this company's  services, and it is a sad day when a company becomes so grand that they forget.


Can we give 100 stars??Paula LeDuc catered our daughter's wedding and our experience-from the tasting to the last glass of champagne-was absolutely perfect & phenomenal!The staff is top notch, professional, warm and wonderful.  Ashley, Julene, Nancy really got to know us and all of the wedding party and created a menu that reflected the personality and preferences of of the couple and all the family members.  Every single delicious item was a nod to our traditions in a delicious and creative way!   From the signature cocktails to the appetizers to the entree.  Their execution is like a ballet!  The kitchen staff, servers, bartenders and coordinators worked seamlessly.  No detail was unchecked. I'm not exaggerating in the least to tell you that it was a perfect event!  All our guests are still raving about it months later.  So a million sincere thank yous for Ashley, Julene and Nancy and everyone at Paula LeDuc!


Perfect will be just fine is their tag line, and they live up to it in every way.  PLD catered our wedding at Beaulieu Garden, and with every step of the process, their professionalism and thoughtfulness shone through (thank you, Blanca, Jen and Nancy!).  Our guests raved about the food - which was fresh, local and creative.  We're still dreaming of the peach salad.  The service was also, of course, top notch. We couldn't ask for a better catering team on our big day!


Sorry for the delay review, but first and foremost I want to say thank you to GigSurf for letting me part of the Dream Force Event at Pier 70 hosted with Paula LeDuc Fine Catering. That day I was excited to see and be part of Paula's amazing team and how well kept and organized everything was cleaned and prepared at its finest. Even though all I was helping on was the prep work, I could feel the passion Paula's cooks had for the taste in fine dinning. I can't wait to do another event.


My financee and I have just had the most horrible experience imaginable with PLD.  Our wedding was scheduled for 5/15 at BG (Beaulieu Garden), for which PLD is the exclusive caterer.  We've had invitations printed.  We've bought a wedding dress appropriate for the site.  We've retained photographers, rented hotels, bought plane tickets for guests, and we've sent checks and signed contracts to both BG and PLD.  This morning, while trying to finalize a few things on the menu, Casey Burke (account manager at PLD) told us that she didn't think she could provide what we wanted, so she was pulling out as caterer and thereby taking away our venue -- 45 days before the wedding!  There is no way to recover from this -- everything in Napa is already booked, so we are going to eat huge costs as we attempt to reschedule elsewhere.I assure you, this is not some sort of Bridezilla situation on our part -- the email exchanges up until this morning had all been friendly and polite on both sides.  We were literally down to choosing Peet's over Blue Bottle coffee, and coconut rather than caramel ice cream.  Little stuff.  There was absolutely no reason for what they did, and no explanation was offered.  We just got a terse legalistic letter from them, shown below in its entirety.Our wedding planner (who has been fabulous) has never heard of anything like this in her ten years in the industry.This is beyond unprofessional, it's cruel.  PLD has single-handedly destroyed our entire wedding for no apparent reason.  I am beyond horrified at the way they've treated us.  My financee and I are utterly devastated.Brides and grooms, spare yourselves the ultimate heartbreak -- don't trust your wedding to PLD."Dear Jennifer and Jeffrey,   Thank you for considering Paula LeDuc Fine Catering for your wedding on May 15, 2015. It is with sincere regret that I write this letter to you today, signifying the conclusion of our participation in your wedding.  This letter confirms Paula LeDuc Fine Catering will no longer be providing you with catering or event services on this date.  Any signed documents or payments received from this date forward will be returned to you, unprocessed and considered null and void. I have attached a formal letter confirming this, and will mail a hard copy via post, for your files.I wish you both the very best moving forward, and a wonderful future together.Warm regards,Casey Burke"

Comment from Paula L. of Paula LeDuc Fine Catering Business Owner 4/8/2015 Dear Jeffrey -Our tag line, "Perfect will be just fine" speaks to the trust clients have in our… Dear Jeffrey -Our tag line, "Perfect will be just fine" speaks to the trust clients have in our ability to deliver on our brand promise. Earning that trust has always been our highest priority for each of our 35 years in business.In the 13 short days we worked together we tried unsuccessfully to meet your needs and gain your trust. Since the time lost in the planning process was minimal and funds had not yet been committed, we felt you would be able to entertain other more suitable options.We wish you every success with your upcoming wedding.Warm Regards,Paula [email protected] Read more 2/9/2016

I do not even know where to begin. Paula LeDuc Fine catering first and for most has the most amazingly delicious food and drinks. As a planner they also are a dream to work with! They make my life so much easier. All of my clients are always very happy with their experience with PLD. They are definitely my go to catering company.


Went to a corporate event they catered at. Food was pretty basic and nothing to rave about. Bar service was bad. Bar tenders refused to fill champagne glasses for the toast and were busy "attending to the line". Wait staff was rude when we asked when a certain dish would be refilled. She kept pushing us to another station despite me telling her I was allergic to that food and simply standing by her station talking to my coworkers. The staff also seem to rush around with liquids and food and don't as much as say excuse me when waking by. Overall very disappointed.


horribe service( unexperienced cooks and servers ), unsanitary practices ( I SAW THEM reusing plates by just wiping them off and cleaning them with a little bit of vinegar!!!), extremely rude ( tried to ask them questions and get extremely short sarcastic answers back ) and just really bad food ( save your money, your better off buying frozen from safeway).


PLD is simply a cut above. We worked with Nancy and Hilary for our wedding at Beaulieu Garden and I cannot imagine working with anyone else. The effort and care they put into everything they did for us was beyond any expectations. I chose not to have a planner so did everything myself the year leading up - Hilary and Nancy gave me their recos for hair, transportation, you name it. They offered to help in any way they could, which was completely unnecessary but overwhelmingly appreciated. They understood everything that really mattered to us as a couple and went above and beyond to make every little detail personal to us. The evening (and frankly entire year leading up) would not have been the same without PLD, and particularly Nancy and Hilary. Granted their costs are high comparatively, and that wasn't easy to swallow. But looking back now, they're worth every penny. It's so evident by the time you get to the day of - the food, the staff, the venue, everything - it's just incredible. If anything went wrong that day, I didn't notice (or care), it was flawless... thanks in great part to them.


We hired PLD as the catering and events team for our at-home wedding, and are so glad that we did! Not only is their food out of this world, their service is impeccable, and their ability to manage furniture rentals, lighting design, parking attendants, etc. made the day a breeze for our families. All of our guests commented on how incredible the food and drinks were, and how attentive the team of servers was to all of the guests. As the bride and groom, we had a dedicated waiter who made sure we got to try everything and kept our water and wine glasses full all night. (This really made it easy for us to spend quality time with all of our guests and still get to experience all of the delicious things being served!) Even without us requesting it, another server took care of a friend of ours with serious food allergies, finding her in the crowd and bringing her every item that should COULD eat throughout the night. That kind of attention to detail is really what sets PLD apart. Sarah Scott, our event coordinator, spent the entire week before the wedding at my parents' home, overseeing the moving of furniture, building of a dance floor and complete setup. She was an incredible resource throughout the planning process and helped us bring our wedding dreams to life.Bottom line -- they are expensive, but you get every penny of what you pay for. They are THAT good.Oh, and doing a tasting at PLD was one of the most fun dinners we've EVER had.


PLD catered Pixar's wrap party for the film "Ratatouille". With over 3,000 guests and a food themed movie, Paula LeDuc Catering had to really bring it. And they did. The food was INCREDIBLE (not Incredibles, haha). The really took the French foodie theme and ran with it. The layout was also amazing. Not only could guests see the food being prepared (awesome!), but we could actually get to it. It's not easy to corral 3,000 starving people through food lines. The food ranged from the best mini grilled cheeses ever to foods I don't even know the name of and they were all delicious. (I still think about the stuffed mushrooms...)Even though this review is a little late, it still holds up. Since the Ratatouille wrap party I've been to several local events catered by Ms. LeDuc and her team of mighty chefs and every single one has been top notch. Plus, I hear she caters for Oprah. If it's good enough for O, it's good enough for me.

Pixar's "Ratatouille" Wrap Party - street cart section Pixar's "Ratatouille" Wrap Party - street cart section Pixar's "Ratatouille" Wrap Party Pixar's "Ratatouille" Wrap Party 8/21/2013

What can I say to even give justice to the phenomenal job they did at our recent wedding in Napa.  The food and service was out of this world.  Everyone was just blown away...  We couldn't have asked for a better caterer for our wedding.   We will miss working with you guys but know in the future who to use for any big event in our lives.much love to the Paula Leduc Team!!-Jaime and Olga


My daughter was married recently at Beaulieu Garden and my husband and I can't stop talking about the entire event!  Paula LeDuc absolutely knocked it out of the park -- in fact, my husband is calling it our "Royal Wedding."  Molly and Jenna were our contacts at PLD and were responsive, knowledgeable and professional throughout the entire process.  ALL of the waitstaff were wonderful and true professionals.  The food was spectacular and tasted every bit as good as at our tasting.  From the first glass of champagne to the final cheesecake lollipop and coffee our guests were completely wowed!  This should say it all:  I have received thank you notes from our guests from the day I returned from California.  Each one has mentioned the attention paid to details, the excellent food and service!  Thank you Jenna and Molly and the entire Paula LeDuc team that worked so hard to produce such a marvelous and memorable evening for us!!

12/22/2010 Updated review

I am updating my previous two star review for PLD based on the follow-up I've received from management and, ultimately, from correspondence that I've received from Paula herself.  While I have not changed my overall two star rating, because the experiences I documented in my previous review (see below) are all still true and are what they are, I do want to note that I am pleased with the speed at which management responded to my concerns and criticisms and also that they are actively invested in finding and implementing solutions towards making their catering and rental costs more transparent. About two days after my post went up, I got a call from Jaclyn, our account exec, expressing how sorry she was that I had felt blindsided over PLD's costs during the wedding planning process.  She never once made excuses or reacted defensively.  Instead, I found that she was totally and completely receptive to my criticism and interested in finding solutions so that no other brides would have to go through the same harrowing experience.  We spoke at length on multiple occasions and, in the end, I became thoroughly convinced that PLD is invested in making long term changes to certain of their billing practices and procedures.  I have to admit that I am, frankly, impressed by the speed and professionalism with which my concerns and displeasure were dealt with.  As a patron, it is one of the most disappointing experiences to voice  your concerns and misgivings about a business and then to find that all the business cares about is paying you lip service and making a quick buck.  I found that, in this case, it's a testament to PLD's service and business and ultimately, Paula herself, that they followed up with me so expeditiously and personally.  It's refreshing to see that Paula still cares about her reputation and hasn't sold off her name for a paycheck.  While nothing can change the past and how I felt during the planning process about being the victim of a "bait and switch," I am satisfied and pleased with the post-event follow-up.  Did PLD make some mistakes throughout the duration of our wedding planning?  Yes, most definitely.  But, I am all about the glass being half-full and mulligans, so, would I give PLD another chance in the future knowing what I know now?  Again, my answer here is: Yes, most definitely.

12/2/2010 Previous review First, the disclaimers: my rating for PLD's food and service is a solid 4.  The only reason I had to… First, the disclaimers: my rating for PLD's food and service is a solid 4.  The only reason I had to give them a weighted average of 2 is because of the lack of transparency when it came to being forthcoming about the costs associated with our wedding that took place at Beaulieu Garden in Rutherford in September 2010 (for which PLD is the exclusive caterer).  My review applies regardless of whether you are choosing to use PLD of your own accord and your venue doesn't require you to hire PLD as their exclusive caterer or if, like us, you chose a venue that requires that you use PLD.  The good: PLD really is about service.  Jaclyn (our account exec) and Tim (our event exec) are both really pleasant and, in general, go above and beyond to accommodate requests.  As an aside, I have to take a moment and just say that I'm absolutely smitten with Jaclyn, who manages to balance the business of planning your wedding with the utmost professionalism along with good humor and sweetness.  I digress.  On the day of the wedding, the entire PLD team was there and played all their parts perfectly. Seriously, perfectly.  A PLD staff member was always on hand to bring me and my husband water/sustenance and they were never intrusive.  The food was hot and the lamb and black cod were perfectly cooked. At this point, you may be asking yourself, wow, this woman used the word "perfect" three times in the last 4 sentences, what gives and what's up with the 2 star ho-hum review?  Well, here comes the bad and infuriating. The bad is you don't find out until after you sign on the dotted line for your venue what your PLD costs are or that you are locked into using PLD as an intermediary for every single rental.  Furthermore, the contract that PLD sends you is not itemized, so you can't figure out what amount is being allocated to what item.  Instead, you get an aggregated number for a line item called "Rentals" and you have no idea what they are charging you for what.  When I asked for a specific itemized contract of costs, I was told that "PLD doesn't provide that" but that they would provide "specific costs" for "specific items" at my request.  Now, I don't know what kind of bride you are, but I certainly didn't have the time to separately ask about each item.  Of course, given that they didn't seem to WANT to provide an itemized list, I became increasingly suspicious about the costs.  When I looked closer, I found that a lot of costs were overstated or flat out wrong and that if I had not asked about them, PLD would have happily taken my money without a second thought. (I believe some people would call this "getting ripped off.")    The following are specific examples of just some of the unsavory and borderline unethical incidents I can remember about my contractual dealings with PLD and the built in upcharges you should expect and look out for if you use them: 1.  Hidden upcharges. I saw candle holders from Z Gallerie that I wanted to use at our wedding.  Per PLD's suggestion, they said they could source the identical candle holders and rent them to me.  Sounds great, right?  Cost on Z Gallerie's website: 79.99 per candle holder (to buy and own said candle holders).  PLD's charge for the rental of each: 255.  Nope, you didn't read that incorrectly.  255 US dollars! That is over a 300% markup to rent, not own these.  That's just one example of rental costs that I found to be wildly inconsistent with value.  2. Sharing Items. When I was considering booking the venue, PLD made it a point to tell me that I could "share" mundane rental items with the bride who had her wedding on the day immediately preceding mine or the day after mine. Note that though you are told this, you aren't told that it's laden with exceptions and that this "sharing" concept doesn't apply to anything that's a "premium" item (which, as you guessed it, is pretty much everything).  Even though I shared white chiavari chairs (which we used just for our ceremony seating) with the bride who had her wedding the day before mine, the 50/50 split was only begrudgingly conferred after I asked 4 times for it. It was a nuisance to have to ask for and to be made to feel cheap to ask for what had been promised.  There are more examples, but at this point, you get the jist.     Now, about me. I am not opposed to paying top dollar for great value.  Just manage my expectations and don't BS me. I know that the wedding industry is a racket and that if I want to have a blow-out wedding, I am going to have to put my money where my mouth is. I just don't enjoy being taken for a ride and being stonewalled about where my money is going.  In sum, Caveat Emptor to all you brides considering PLD.  I'm a big fan of PLD's food and service, just not so much of their less than forthcoming business practices.   If you can stomach knowing that you're being ripped off from time to time, then by all means, hire PLD. If not, seriously reconsider using them. Read more 12/10/2008

Last Sunday, I was fortunate enough to attend a fancy holiday party catered by Paula LeDuc Fine Catering. Wow! They had the food and drink figured out to every last detail! The party was absolutely packed but the servers still managed to wiggle and squeeze through the crowd to pass the amazing appetizers. Some of my faves included:- mini ahi tuna niciose "salad" placed on top of a potato slice- figs- brioche with a quail egg- little beef thai cupThe drinks were also fabulous. I enjoyed a few glasses of different types of champagne. My bf loved his shaken whisky sour and some of the best Pinot Noir he'd ever sipped on.Then, the mini desserts were perfect too. I used some constraint but enjoyed the tiny pumpkin pie and a small bite of a rich chocolate brownie. My bf tried and enjoyed all of them! The coffee might have been the best I'd ever tried... mmmmmm!!!


Paula LeDuc Catering is easily the best catering outfit on the West Coast. I was the banquet Chef at the Ritz Carlton for years and know what I'm talking about. In fact I worked for top caterers in San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and of course San Francisco & if you really want a night to remember - go with Paula LeDuc Catering (bring your checkbook! the best don't come cheap!)


Hands down one of the best caterers in the Bay Area. Our company requires dealing with several vendors at one time which can be a very stressful job to manage.  With Paula LeDuc as one of our vendors, we know it will be just that much easier. All of our clients have raved about how wonderful of an experience it was to work with them - from start to finish.  With each client, the PLD staff continues to think up innovative ways to ensure that each event will be uniquely beautiful. If you are looking to wow your guests from the food to the atmosphere - PLD is the way to go.


PLD is truly a gem and tour de force. To be lucky enough to have PLD cater any event always guarantees brilliance - food, service and creativity! This June, PLD catered our wedding held at a Private Estate in Rutherford. From start to finish, we were greatly impressed by their professionalism, highest food quality and offerings and their enthusiasm for our event. We are so grateful have had PLD on our team - it was one of the best investments we made! They truly are the best. We worked with Jaclyn, who is incredibly thoughtful, professional and truly a star. She always went out of her way to accommodate us and make us feel special. Casandra was our lead in execution and she could not have been more accomplished - her wealth of knowledge in the industry speaks volumes. Casandra and her team executed our vision without a hitch. Planning a wedding is stressful enough, and I couldn't have asked for a better team to help! Everything, from our rentals to the food to the service, was flawless. PLD manages to think of all the details before you and are always there in the moments that you need them. For instance, while I was waiting to walk down the aisle with  my dad, we had to stand in the sun for some time and a member of the staff had an umbrella for us and held it above our heads up until the moment went started walking. PLD worked with us to design a few food items that we wanted to personalize for our wedding. The pastry chef collaborated with us to design a beautiful dessert buffet and was always willing to work with us to get it right. Vegetables were sourced from the estate's garden. They are extremely conscious of consumption and always try to source locally. Tres bien! Event staff was gracious, timely and never intruded into the event. They had impeccable timing, Throughout our day we had our own private servers who always tended to us. Never over the top, always just right. At the end of the evening, we were sent home with a gift basket and food from the day so that we could enjoy it.During the ceremony, Casandra and Jaclyn both checked in with us to make sure there wasn't anything else we needed to feel comfortable. We truly felt like stars! A few quotes from our quests:"The BEST food, let alone WEDDING food!""The staff was like dining at a Michelin 5 star restaurant." "They were always there - and even when I sat down late, they plated my entree and it was HOT, not room temp, like it usually is at weddings.As PLD says, "Perfect will be just fine." And, it's the truth!


I gotta say, after reading these reviews I was extremely excited to attend a holiday party that they were catering. But i think it really just led to my complete, total, and utter disappointment. The best part (which i find extremely amusing, considering their screw ups with the coffee and champagne), were the bartenders. They were very nice, professional, and made excellent drinks! I can't say much for the food, cause well...I only got to try one item (and that item wasn't good...AT ALL). Hopefully it was just an "off day" for them...and hopefully the "unnamed" company didn't pay what everyone else did!!

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