Pizza Hut - Pizza - 5323-A Elkhorn Blvd, Sacramento, CA - Restaurant Reviews

Pizza Hut   - Pizza - 5323-A Elkhorn Blvd, Sacramento, CA - Restaurant Reviews

Recently moved to this area and am so happy to live somewhere that they actually deliver to! Our driver is always super nice (I'm sorry I don't have the name in front of me :( ) and punctual. Of the 3 or 4 times we've ordered super picky pizzas they've only forgotten a topping once but we had sriracha and BBQ sauce here anyway so it wasn't too bad to fix, haha.


Happy day it was this past Monday.  My neice graduated from high school & the task of dinner was my pleasure.  I have no clue WHY!!!, but regretfully I chose this god forsaken hole in the wall.  I should have known the level of idiot when I walked in[do not get me started!].  Anyhow, I spend approx 30mins on my RetailMeNot app attempting to finish my order, wasnt working.  When I was SITTING there trying to do the RetailMeNot thing, the girl behind the counter kept staring at me as if to say, hurry up.  She then asks if theres anything she can do for me, she must have thought I was a transient with a Vera Wang dress, Jimmy Choo shoes & my Michael Kors purse (I like to mitch-match sometimes).  I should have told her, "Yes, fix this app so you can make my order & I can dip tf out of here".    Oh yeah, I had my little bitty neice w/ me who was becoming anxious & it was nearing her bedtime.  So it being crunch time, I went ahead & ordered straight thru them.  It was a large chicken, bacon, arti hearts & spinach.  So I pay w/ a $100 bill & suprisingly, they have no change.  The girl cooking says she doesnt have it, but after the girl at the register finds the key to open it, the girl cooking stopped what she was doing to tell me again, she dont have it.  Ok Amandeep, who I told to start my order now & I will return[ya know....I wont lie, if I didnt have my neice & it wasnt my big neices graduation, I most def would have forgot, all of a sudden].  I went to McDonalds who was sympathetic to my deliemna & gladly made change.  So I head back & pay these geniuses, but when I got home & opened the looked like a salad, instead of a pizza.  I had to move some of the WHOLE SPINACH LEAVES to actually see the pizza.  Unfortunately I thought I lost my receipt, until today I found it,  which understandably isnt the next day, but being as though I am a cash paid customer & I expect a little respect & consideration.  So I just got off the phone with the head honcho, Charles.  He is supposedly the bigwig who likes talking over customers & honestly, I dont think he possesses the skills to be a so-called"shift manager" [more like the Shit Man] or whatever.  So I explained  to him that I just found my receipt & How I felt about the pizza: that it was as if the girl forgot to add the spinach when it came out off the oven.  The whole dam thing is that they cooked the pizza without spinach, then afterwards put a shitload of spinach on top of it.  It was the most depressing & disappointing thing ever.  Not only did I return with a salad-pizza, but         everyone just ate the wings & I was so upset/embarrassed.  And when I called about it, Charles offered no courtesy, nothing.  He basically demanded I get over it.  Yet he wouldnt let me finish & he was talking whole sentences over me talking.  Unbeleiveable.  Something a high school dropout does.  No manners & NO hometraining.  So not only has their ingredients went downhill, the customer service went along for the ride.  this was my first visit & not to mention    , the very last.  Everyone there, including the roach I seen under the chair across from me has had it with little nook & cranny joints like this one.  they fail to realize they need all the business they can salvage & if they continue to treat customers this way, like Charles did, the hefty shift super,                                               I beleive the quality in portions & in the food will make a more dramatic change for the worse.  They need to make a disclaimer on something stating that they refuse to cook spinach on they pizzas (which by the way wasnt even good, at all.  Wings, blah.  Had better ones from Caesar.)I placed an order online before with Dominoes, they cooked spinach.  I mean, whats the big deal.  Now if I said, "FRESH spinach", I would have never made the call & would continue to be Shit-Supervisor, real talk.  My advice, go elsewhere.  Its just because I was strapped for time, folks were starving at the house & it was past the pups bedtime, as to why I went here.  Take the time to find a more cleaner, a more customer service oriented pizza place.  However, should you choose a roach-infested, rude & all around shitty place, then this is your 1-stop shop place.  Give the roach(es) my regards.


Pizza was soggy, bread sticks burnt worse pizza ive ever ate made my whole family sick


Ordered a pizza a couple of weeks ago, the pizza arrived an hour & a half after I had ordered & was room temperature & smushed against the left side of the box. I called to complain & was told they'd remake the pizza as long as I did not eat any more than the 2 pieces I had already eaten. There was no way I was going to wait another hour & a half, when I was that hungry, for another pizza. The manager told me he'd credit us $10 on the next purchase for the inconvenience. I unhappily accepted this, & was told I just had to use the same phone number when ordering & had to order through their store, then the credit would automatically be applied.I did not even want to waste my life ordering here again but figured there would be another time I did not want to venture into the cold for food. That night was tonight. I paid full price (surprise) even though I did everything I was told by the manager when I called previously, but to no avail. I tried to go to the site that asks for feedback to let pizza hut know how terribly this store is operating & that I absolutely will never be ordering from pizza hut again, but low & behold we have no receipt & therefore none of the information needed to access said website.Never. Again.Order from Domino's or a local pizza place (Liberty Pizza is very very good too, especially the cheesey bread) & Domino's has the notification bar that tells you who is making your food & where exactly your pizza is in the process. The only thing Pizza Hut has worth while is the stuffed crust but it's not even worth it with their lack of customer service.Yelp should have negative stars, I don't even want to give them one.


If I could give 0 stars I would but they've gotten the bare minimums from me... I called last night 7/3 @ 10:12Pm and was on the phone for 4mins 23seconds with a young Lady in which SUPPOSEDLY took my order. She had given me a total and a pick up estimation time. When went to pick up the order IT WASN'T IN THE SYSTEM AND THEY DIDN'T MAKE THE PIZZA. so after a long back and forth with Fernando(I'm quite sure was his name) he apologized and at that time placed the order(10:50pm). 15mins later pizza was ready,YET IT WASN'T WHAT I ORDERED. So instead of remaking the pizza as it should've been done, the young man just added sausage to the pizza(is what it seemed like). By the time the pizza got home, it was cold as heck,dry, and plain out greasy and disgusting AND the sausage was just all over the box not even melted into the pizza or on the pizza. This by far was the most horrible experience I've yet to have with this company. It should never take 1hr and 13mins for a pickup order to be completed and home.! Hopefully management will now change some things and do better training.


for reals this place is legit. My friend was skeptical about ordering from this one but I told her to shut up. Pizza was bomb af and it arrived early too. Stop hatinnnnnnn


Pizza Hut USED TO BE sooooooo delicious. I haven't eaten here since I was about 13 now I'm 20 eating a Hawaiian pizza and it tastes so cheap. The cheese is all different and the crust too.


Pizza Hut has changed a lot since I was a kid. Gone are the days of delicious ooey gooey cheese pizzas. The pizza they make is super greasy. Sad. This place is run down and their service leaves much to be desired.

11/6/2015 Updated review

So after continuous orders from this location I can honestly say I saw the gradual decline in quality. I totally appreciate the quickness of the orders but skimpy toppings = sadness.

4/30/2015 Previous review I'm so surprised about the reviews here, I've ordered online twice so far and have had nothing but… I'm so surprised about the reviews here, I've ordered online twice so far and have had nothing but great customer serivice and my order always came early. Thumbs up pizza hut!!! Read more 1/23/2015

I don't know what all the bad reviews are about... Maybe people with bad karma ?I placed an order online tonight at 9:29 the ETA was 10:14 - I got it 5 min early Everything was correct AND fresh.The delivery guy, Kevin, was soooo nice & even told me he hoped I felt better ! How cool is that.Then when I called to get his name so I could leave this review the girl who answered the phone was even nicer ! I really really like this place and I'm even happier with the service because it was a Friday night


After 2 years of living in this area never being able to get them to answer the phone. I decided to try an online order. Went great until the part where I was told it would take 45 minutes to be delivered. Not the usual 30 minutes you figure for pizza place is not that far. Ok so 45 minutes.  I called to find out if maybe something happened with the order. I was slammed on hold immediately and then when she finally came back to the phone told me oh well it'll be there in a few minutes. At an hour and 15  minutes from the time that I placed the order my order finally shows up.  Wow. I'm thinking that I'm going to stop eating out and cook more at home.  You would think that with all the places that you have to choose from to spend your money that people be more concerned with good customer service.


Worst Fucking Pizza Hut ever. I Ordered a pizza at 8:55pm then they never showed up They were sopposed to be at my house by 9:50 pm. I called them at 10:20 pm and they said their driver went to my house but NOOOOO THE DRIVER NEVER SHOWED UP TO MY HOUSE..... So i drove to pizza hut to explain to the manager what was going on and he just argues with me calling me the lier when his delivery driver is the fucking lier.... So The manager Straight kicks me out of pizza hut because im not satisfied and he didn't want to give me any discount or nothing Shit he didnt even offer me my pizza then he was trying to call me out like he was going to fight wtf? Fuck That Fat Ass Manager FIRE THAT PIECE OF SHIT AND GET BETTER MANAGEMENT!!!!!!!


I had my niece and nephew's flying in after a really long flight and wanted to order them pizza cause' I knew they would be hungry.. I order two large pizzas with everything on it, garlic bread and a Dr. Pepper.. They get to my house and the total is almost $40, in which I tipped as well. I received two large pizzas with nothing but cheese and a Pepsi... really pissed off... ended up having to take everyone out to eat instead after spending almost $50 on pizza with nothing on it.


first of all what up with No gluten free pizza all the other store are on board....  We are waiting .....second  why do you have  a special instructions box on online order if you aren't going to read them or do them.


We just placed a order for delivery at 8:15 p.m. and called in an hour and a half later to see where our pizza was, and the rude lady who answered the phone, yelled at me because she claimed that I sounded rude and upset. Yes I was upset, but all the yelling came from the pizza hut ide of the phone call and ended quickly after she stated that "w don't like serving you this late anyway." dial tone___________We wont be giving any money to pizza hut anymore I those are the type of clowns that are running that establishment in the evening.


What's the point of giving a time when you order through the app or online and when you come in its never done. Always give me the same excuse that no one updated the clock or a lot of orders just came in. Even though I watch the guy find my receipt in a pile that no one was paying attention to. Get your act together.


My brother got his free pizza here from school and staff was friendly and pizza was amazing I love pizza Hut yummo


This Pizza Hut is horrible. I waited over two hours to receive my pizza because they messed up on my conformation. I recommended not to order delivery online because most likely they will mess it up.


It seems like a lot of the reviewers giving low stars are having a problem with the delivery of the pizza or online ordering. Pizza Hut is by far not one of my favorite pizzas, but I tried their new hand tossed crust and it was very good. Now keep in mind I called and ordered it over the phone and also picked it up myself so there were no timing issues or messing up the order. If I could rate this place based on just the hand tossed pizza I would probably give it more stars, but unfortunately ive had their other pizza and dont care much for them at all. I would recommend trying the hand tossed specialty pizzas, and did I mention you can get any pizza for only $10! You cant beat that!


TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND POOR MANAGEMENT!!! How can you mess up a simple order online of 2 items. Buffalo Wings & (Let me guess) Pizza. 45 minutes later....the delivery guy shows up with a single box of Pizza hold the Buffalo Wings and no attached apology with a bill sum of $38.24 waiting to be signed....Um No......i don't think so.....To Be Continue...60 seconds later......I spoke to the unconcerned female manager and she told me that i can no longer received their delivery services no more. Was it my fault they messed my order up?

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