Presidio Picnic - Street Vendors - Presidio, San Francisco, CA

Presidio Picnic   - Street Vendors - Presidio, San Francisco, CA

We've been regulars at Off the Grid in Haight for several years now, but last weekend was the first time we've made it out to this event. We're definitely going to start working this into our weekend routine!Everything was basically perfect this past Sunday, with a big assist from mother nature who obliged with a "hot" day (scare quotes included b/c it was SF hot, not really hot).Despite the crowd, there was ample space for lounging on the luxurious Presidio grass. The view is, of course, ridiculous. And, this being OTG, there was tons of great food to choose from. Lines got a little crazy, but that's to be expected at an event this size, and overall they did a pretty good job of moving people through.Kudos to the drink stand as well. I was expecting nothing but beers, but they were also putting out some pretty solid mixed drinks (including a very yummy bloody mary). The music was a nice touch, and I liked the fact that it wasn't turned up to an obnoxious level (something that occasionally happens at the Haight OTG, depending on who's manning the music tent). Don't know if it was related to this event or not, but there was also a little Shakespeare in the park production going on nearby. We stopped in there for a while, but the toddlers we had in tow quickly lost the finer points of Shakespearean dialogue and strenuously suggested we move on.

Comment from Presidio T. of Presidio Picnic Business Owner 9/21/2016 Glad you enjoyed Picnic and a bit of Shakespeare! Check out our kid-friendly performance of… Glad you enjoyed Picnic and a bit of Shakespeare! Check out our kid-friendly performance of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night in Oct: Read more 7/15/2016

Thursday evenings are the best! It almost feels like the weekend when you get to have dinner here on Thursday night. Get there right at 5pm. Score a great parking spot but don't forget you need to pay until 6pm. We love all the trucks but here are some of my favs: - wine and beer, large selection and reasonably priced. The wine pour is nice and hefty! - Deaf pizza truck, perfect sized, fire roasted pizzas. Don't be that guy, read the letters and learn the sign before you get to the window. It's easy! - The Sweet Truck, cookies! Easy to eat on the go and baked perfectly. My daughter finishes the peanut butter ones before I'm done paying. What to bring: - WARM clothes (summer in SF is no joke)- Blankets to sit on and for your lap - BYOB if that's your thing - Frisbee or fun lawn game that doesn't take up too much space - Cute and friendly dog if you happen to own one- Cute and friendly kid if you happen to own one


A fun outing on a Sunday! Arrived at around 11:15-11:30 and there was still plenty of parking. I parked by the Presidio Bowling club north of the lawn and paid at the machine for parking, which was $1.50 per hour or $8 all day. Great for groups, lots of families and dogs. Lots of people but did not feel over crowded as we sat south of all the food.


Perfect way to spend a nice Sunday afternoon. Bring a blanket and sunscreen then roam around to consider your different food options. When we went, I think there were at least 20 different food vendors. I really enjoyed the skewers truck and the grilled cheese stand! We got there just after noon and there was plenty of sitting space on the grass.


Although it's been months since I've been back, Off The Grid: Fort Mason is one of my favorite ways to spend a Friday night.  It's a chill and low-key activity after a long week at work, there are lots of vendors and tasty treats to check out, and, perhaps most awesomely, it's great for dates!  Sure, it can get chilly, but who cares?  Just another reason to get cozy with your (potential) cuddle buddy.  ;)Along those same lines, much like how OTG: FM is a great way to end the work week, OTG: Presidio Picnic is a terrific way to start the end of the weekend (that is, as terrific as "starting the end of the weekend" can be).  Occurring every Sunday during the summer and fall, Presidio Picnic may not be as large as OTG's signature event, but it's just as popular.If you're familiar with any of OTG's pods/events, the list of vendors and food trucks might look somewhat familiar.  OTG staples like Curry Up Now and The Chairman may be absent, but the list of eateries is still extensive and varied - Grilled Cheez Guy, Del Popolo (pizza), Little Green Cyclo (Vietnamese), Crème Brulee Cart, El Porteno (empanadas), Nopalito (Mexican), The Whole Beast (BBQ), Reveille Coffee, Sam's Chowder Mobile, La Marcha (Spanish), and Slightly Skewed.  And those are just the ones I can remember!While the food is obviously the biggest draw, what really makes this particular OTG event so awesome is its location.  Posted up on the grassy lawn at the Presidio's Main Post, there's really no other food truck meetup that can compare.  On a warm, sunny day, it's the perfect spot to lay out a blanket, soak up the sun, and take in that gorgeous view of the bay in the distance.  Toss in some delicious eats and drinks and you just might start hearing Maroon 5's "Sunday Morning" playing in the background.As picturesque as the setting may be though, sadly, Presidio Picnic isn't perfect.  Yeah, it sucks having to pay for parking, but there's always Uber/Lyft/MUNI.  Rather, the real knock is the lack of line control.  Maybe it was just the combination of the gorgeous weather and it being the first Presidio Picnic of the year, but the lines got ridiculously long as the day went on.  Already bad on its own, yet even worse when they started to snake between people's picnic spots, making it tough on everyone (maybe create a buffer zone?).All in all, FOUR AND A HALF STARS is about right, but I rounded down (sorry!).  Still, lines aside, Presidio Picnic is an awesome (and free!) way to start your Sunday Funday.  Good food, good times, and plenty of good vibes to go around.  Plus, with the handful of alcohol stands dotting the picnic area, you can get an early start on the drinking to forget that you probably have that deadline for work on Monday!CHEERS!


I LOVE Off The Grid events.  I sincerely believe that it's happenings like this that truly make the Bay Area so special! Last weekend I had several out of town visitors that opted out of the Pride Weekend festivities because they didn't feel like being in large crowds.  I suggested Picnic At the Presidio as something different to show our guests.  It was a huge hit!The food trucks and stands are incredible.  There's a wide selection that is sure to please everyone.  For example, while I was waiting for wood-fired pizza I stepped over to the Vietnamese food truck for spring rolls.  When I came back to our picnic area my friend had ordered Indian comfort food for us all.  Remember to bring a blanket, sunscreen, and BYOB.  There's a picnic bar area for specialty cocktails, wine, and beer.   There isn't much shade, so an umbrella or tent is also encouraged.  Dogs are very welcome, but make sure to keep Fido on a leash.


Wonderful idea but too cold during the twilight Thursday off the grids. That can't be helped. Wearing a sweater and jacket over it AND a scarf will stil not be enough, and I thought I was prepared!Sunday off the grid is lovely with music, more people, but you will have to spend more time looking for parking ..which will be father.. And then scramble to look for a seat to sit at. Unless you don't mind the grass. Bring a blanket to sit on!

See all photos from Van N. for Presidio Picnic 7/9/2016

This was a really great place to spend our Sunday afternoon during the 4th of July weekend. It was nice and sunny until later in the afternoon, and there's a huge grassy, overall flat open space for people to sit and have a nice relaxing picnic.There was a decent range of food trucks and different types of food, including desserts, Asian food, fried chicken, paella, and Vietnamese food. However, unsurprisingly most of these seemed slightly overpriced and the more popular trucks weren't there. I ended up ordering from the Asian Skewers food truck and I was very satisfied with the food! I got the skewer combo, which comes with 1 chicken skewer, 1 marinated beef, and grilled veggies. The beef was pretty undercooked so it looked like medium rare steak, but I ate all of it and didn't feel any discomfort. The chicken and beef were both super tender, juicy, and well-flavored. Also, dogs! They were everywhere at the picnic and I loved that. Overall a laid-back, fun way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon and get some noms in!


Technically an out-of-tower review...Cause Sacramento is so not the City, but in proximity, it's pretty damn close. I've been drooling over Off the Grid SF Instagram for a long time, but getting to the Presidio on a Sunday just hasn't been in the cards......until this past weekend. Luckily, we had brunch and diddle daddle around the City...then got hungry right in the middle of the PP. Thank goodness Yelp has this is a location, so I could get us there properly.The parking wasn't awful, but we did find street parking fairly easy. But it looked full everywhere. We had to pay where we parked, but I did see some free parking.The thing is, I wasn't amazing by the actually truck/restaurant offerings they had. But I was in awe of the set-up, they had a variety of type of food to try, but it was really the nice, fresh green grass to hang out on that made me happy. Also, their ability to have booze stations was pretty cool (even though we brought our own, tisk tisk)!There's a pretty view if you walk a little more towards the water. At the back, you don't quite get the good bay view. Overall, the whole vibe and set-up is pretty cool. Even the restrooms were nice, well the larger one with three stalls. Inside it was clean and almost resembled a normal bathroom, which was much appreciated on my behalf. I will say be careful on getting there, an entitled jerk in a Porsche might almost run you over and then try to yell at you! But hey, just saying that may or may not happen ;)Keepin' SF chill, one Sunday at a time...


Enjoyed coming here on a rare sunny 75+ degree day in SF. All my favorite food trucks and tents were there and the atmosphere was great! Definitely very crowded and lots of kids/dogs. This is like the grad school of parks and Dolo is sort of like undergrad. We had zeppoles from Girl Friday that were TO DIE FOR! Seriously good! Get the dozen half n half and get the harissa dipping sauce and earl grey chocolate ganache. Nopalito tacos were a solid choice but way too expensive for two tacos.Del popolo pizzas were delicious and worth every penny. One of the best items at the picnic! La Marcha patatas bravas were surprisingly my favorite bite of the day. I only got in their line because it was short and I was hungry but I was pleasantly surprised! We had Luciano's ice cream for dessert which was just okay (too sweet). Will try the shave ice at powder next time.Overall, this is where I plan to be on any given (sunny) Sunday all summer long. Bring your appetite and a picnic blanket. I also brought a bottle of wine on an ice pack because the drinks are really expensive (though they are strong).

Nopalito tacos Nopalito tacos Girl Friday zeppoles Girl Friday zeppoles Beautiful views Beautiful views See all photos from Semuteh F. for Presidio Picnic 4/24/2016

Best food truck event ever! Today was my first time attending this event. My bf and I took the free PresidiGo shuttle from Embarcadero Transit Station straight to the event. Despite the mass of people and doggies, the lines were surprising not very long and went by extremely quickly. The food selection was huge and varied, the DJ played catchy music, and the entire lawn was filled with families who were either in tents, sprawled out on blankets, or running around playing games. It's very family-friendly, lively, and relaxing, with a beautiful view overlooking the entire Bay Area.The premise kept clean throughout, with event workers educating and helping people sort their trash. Even the porta potties were beyond clean and quite fancy, where each stall was equipped with its own sink and napkin dispenser with a lot of room left to move around in. There were also ones equipped with up to 5 stalls in each trailer. Overall, the event was very well-planned and well-executed. But most importantly, the food was to die for. My favorite trucks were The Whole Beast (smoked corn on the cob), Fine and Rare (oyster po boy), and Girl Friday Zeppole (zeppole with vanilla bean creme fraiche dipping sauce). The prices weren't outrageous and the food was definitely gourmet, or at least with unexpected but delicious twists. For people looking to get a little tipsy, there is a alcoholic beverage station in the middle of the lawn. Like I said, this place is family-friendly, good for kids, adults, and pets.  Note: bring blankets and jackets because the grass might be a little wet and the wind tends to pick up at times and temperature tends to drop, since it's by the water. Also bring cash, because some places are cash only (and trust me, you don't want to miss out on any food).I will definitely be back to try even more foods.


Great food truck event offering a variety of eats from pizza to sushi, ice cream vegetarian to bacon options for the carnivore foodies. Excellent for the entire family, day time shindig, groups, girls day out, couples quality time...whatever your vice.It's free, open to the public and has the best view in town right off the marina. Seated in the heart of the Presidio where the grass is healthy & green, the skies are beautifully blue and sun shines in abundance. Bring a blanket to lay out, grab a tent for shade or tote your portable folding chair to enjoy the festivities, adult libations & awesome live entertainment in comfort. Can't beat the grid.~Christy

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You already know! What a great and chill time. The food can get $$$$$$ but it's San Francisco. I do like sitting on the ground eating noodles though. Not a lot of places to sit in the grass eating noodles or whatever else surrounded by all sorts of chill people without a care in the world. Good views, too.


Turning this underutilized grassy space into a food truck gathering is genius. There's lots of space to lounge on the grass, so bring a towel. Grab some food, get a drink, have a seat, and enjoy the view! Mr. Joy and I just happened to discover Presidio Picnic by chance. We also happened to have blankets at the time, so we checked it out. Unfortunately, it was close to closing time, so there wasn't much we could try. 4PM on a Sunday seems rather early, in my opinion. There were a lot of trucks, so there was a big selection. All the usual names were there, but we just got a few bites from Chotto & Tout Sweet Patisserie, which were okay. I'd return on a warm day, but I'll have to remind myself to arrive earlier.

4/4/2016 Updated review

While I LOVE Presidio Picnic and I think it's the best OTG out there, I think they really need to make some organizational improvements. Judging by the Facebook event and other promotions they did ahead of the first event of the season this past Sunday, I was shocked to see how unprepared they were for the amount of people who attended. Now I know lines and crowds are a given, but literally everything had almost a 45 minute wait. Since the main attraction is the food, I didn't mind the wait there as much, but these lines also carried over to the bathrooms. They had a little trailer with a total of 2 men's single stall bathrooms, 1 women's single stall, and a women's 3 stall. There was also a handicap private restroom, however, that one was quickly put out of commission. That means there were a total of 5 bathrooms for a crowd which probably reached at least 1,000 people, if not more. Everyone in line, including myself, nearly had an accident as we waited about 45 minutes to finally get to the front of the line. Not only is that ridiculous, but it is clearly a health and safety concern. I asked around to see if there were any other bathroom stations, and was told that these were the only ones. Very poor planning in my opinion. I'm not sure what sort of restrictions they put on this space, but I really hope they do something throughout the Presidio Picnic season to resolve these issues. If there's a way to spread things out over the entire lawn so the crowds do not all congregate in one tiny area, or at the very least if they can arrange for more restrooms, that would be a great start.

10/13/2015 Previous review Came here on the Sunday during Fleet Week and had a great time! This is one of my favorite OTGs I've… Came here on the Sunday during Fleet Week and had a great time! This is one of my favorite OTGs I've been to, and it's perfect for the warm weather we've been having lately. Love that they have a full bar on hand where you can get cocktails, beer, wines by the bottle, and even shots if you're making it that kind of an outing.I will say there was a limited selection of trucks - only about 10 or so. Not sure if it's because there were a lot of other OTGs around the city specifically for Fleet Week, but I was surprised there wasn't more considering the amount of people that were there. I will say they had a great selection of restaurant stands, and I was able to get food from Rosamunde. So good!I'm definitely planning on trying to make it back again before it ends on November 1st! Read more Andouille sausage with aioli, sauerkraut and sweet peppers on top from Rosamunde! Also came with potato salad and a pickle - $9 Andouille sausage with aioli, sauerkraut and sweet peppers on top from Rosamunde! Also came with potato salad and a pickle - $9 8/31/2015

Off the grid is a gathering of food trucks and stalls every Sunday at the Presidio from 11-4. Alcohol is available, but everyone was courteous (and if you choose to drink, be considerate of the families around!).The vibe's like a very large backyard barbecue. Lots of kids, lots of dogs, a giant stereo playing top 40 and, of course, lots of food. Of course, it's seasoned with San Francisco: there's an outdoor yoga class from 11-12 (with a very friendly instructor) and I was approached by 3 (super sweet!) guys passing out fliers for their startups. And, like anywhere else in SF, parking sucks. Be prepared to muni or walk about a mile for any street parking.Food is good though! I wasn't impressed by the stalls on the right (which I think are mostly cash only), but I liked the selection of food trucks on the left. I think they change every week, but prices ranged from $9-12 (not bad for SF) and the trucks all took card. Great view of the bay! I can see a fun afternoon grabbing lunch before or after biking across the Golden Gate.

Skylite Snowballs, a snowcone food truck Skylite Snowballs, a snowcone food truck Mango Lime and Peach snowcone from Skylite Snowballs Mango Lime and Peach snowcone from Skylite Snowballs Chicken Shawarma Chicken Shawarma See all photos from Varsha S. for Presidio Picnic 8/18/2015 Updated review

First, let me take a moment to give a shout out to the OTG people that make this awesomeness happen.Thank you very much OTG peeps!Every Sunday from April to October, this magic happens.  It looks daunting.  I mean, it can't be easy to execute all of this without a hitch, right?  But somehow you manage to get this party started & rolling smoothly.  What a sleek operation!  Fabulous food trucks all gathered together at the beautiful presidio, complete w a DJ & drinks like Mint Juleps & Singapore Slings...How great is this?!I've never actually met an OTG production I didn't like, but the Picnic at the Presidio holds a special spot in my heart.  Maybe it's the view of the GG Bridge & the bay?Maybe it's being surrounded by all the sheer presidioness?Maybe it's the combination of the sunshine & the manicured lawns?And the view?I dunno really.I just know that it's awesome.Dogs & kids galore.  Great food.  There's even coffee for chrisakes.On my last visit, here are the goods I made out with...Zucchini Bread.  GF & organic!?Zeppole.  The savory ones.  Bacon, herbs, parmesan.  With the sriracha dipping sauce.  DELICIOUS!Fried chicken from Wing Wings.  SO SO GOOD!  Except for the fact that I think it could have used some salt, I must say this fried chicken is pretty stellar.  My man totally monopolized it.  We got the cole slaw to go w it.  It was fresh & light, w a bit of a spicy kick.  He loved it, but I'm just meh about coleslaw in general.An Arnold Palmer to wash it all down with.See that?  We got breakfast, lunch, & dinner.What a great addition to summers in San Francisco.I heart you Picnic at the Presidio.5 stars all the way.

Fried chicken from Wing Wings. It's just about perfect. Fried chicken from Wing Wings. It's just about perfect. The bacon zeppole. Holy moly good. The bacon zeppole. Holy moly good. 8/3/2015 Previous review Timing is everything.OTG Twilight at the Presidio is a perfect example of this.It's a truly great… Timing is everything.OTG Twilight at the Presidio is a perfect example of this.It's a truly great concept...The presidio, for twilight, w the best food trucks in SF...with cabanas & fire pits to ward off the music for your listening/viewing/dancing pleasure...and don't forget the fabulous surroundings & view.But...If you haven't secured said cabana & fire pit, it's gonna get chilly & it's gonna get windy.It's THE PRESIDIO.And then, you're gonna be struggling to nosh on that awesome Bacon Bacon/Fins on the Hoof/KoJa Kitchen/Mozzeria/Southern Comfort Kitchen/The Taco Guys grub...while you're covered in goosebumps,shivering,& it won't be pretty.Here's the sitch:Every Thursday during spring & summer from 5:00 to 9:00.You gotta get there early or forget about it.  Otherwise, you'll just be setting yourself up for long lines, everything (that you want) being sold out, all the cabanas & fire-pits being taken, & freezing your arse off.I know I know.  This is SF.  You're supposed to layer.  The thing is, having to wear full North Face gear to a picnic is not really my idea of a picnic.  Thankfully, we do live in a city that you can actually wear cashmere all year round.  But when the SF chill hits, that's just not enough. That's when I have to commandeer my man's jacket.  And then the poor bastard that never did anything but just love me is left in the cold.  And now I feel bad because he's cold, just because he loves me.How am I supposed to enjoy my Bacon Bacon fries now, for chrisake?!This year, you can reserve a cabana &/or a fire pit, but it will cost you.$100.00 for a cabana for 4 peeps.$150.00 for a fire pit for 8 peeps.$225.00 for both.So...Go early!  This could be a fantastic night.  Or not.Just remember, timing is everything.Unless of course you go the reserve route, forking over 200 bucks to ensure prime seats.Then I guess you won't need to care what time it is.There's also OTG Picnic At The Presidio on Sundays.  Daytime.  11:00 to 4:00.  This twilight thing?5 stars in theory.3 stars in reality. Read more 9/4/2016

I use to love this: Sunday afternoon, food truck, drinks, sun..I went today and paid $12 for a small mimosa in a plastic cup. Not worth it anymore for the drinks, just bring your own and enjoy the sun!


Unlike other Off the Grid locations, this is not on cement but a lush lawn of beautiful green and ample parking throughout the Presidio. Would be good to do your homework before you head over as to which places you want to try as there are many food trucks and long lines. Alternatively, the group can separate and each tackle a line with multiple vendors. There is music available via a DJ, but the quality can vary depending on which day you visit. You can bring your own drinks and food, and it is strongly recommended that you bring blankets and chairs.


This review is for Presidio's Off the Grid Twilight edition on Thursdays.  My kids and I went to our first Off the Grid picnic and got there around 7:30pm, there were lots of Food Trucks to choose from but not as much as I thought, maybe 8 total.  We weren't able to sit at a campfire or have a cabana since we arrived kind of late, I guess you have to get there early for that, they start at 4pm-9pm.  The band that played was good.  The food was good, I had the Shrimp Po Boy and my kids had burger sliders, veggie burger and fries.  Not a lot of options for the vegans like StreatFood Park has.  Veggie burger was good, my daughter said though.  The day we went was a nice light evening since the Warriors were playing their Finals.  Nice place for kids to run around and play catch, listen to music, eat some grub, drink beer and wine, and enjoy the beautiful view of the Bay.

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