Rasoi Restaurant - Indian - 1425 Burlingame Ave - Burlingame, CA - Menu

Rasoi Restaurant  - Indian - 1425 Burlingame Ave - Burlingame, CA - Menu

I went in at 5pm on Wednesday for dinner before choir practice. The place was basically empty.To summarize: Excellent service, cool interior, great food. Some people have complained about the price but it's very reasonable considering the location...I recommend:- Rasoi's Chai- Onion Kulcha- Chicken Tikka Masala- Samosas- NaanHoping to try doordashing some food from here soon. We'll see how that turns out.


While waiting for our table at Pizzeria Delfina, we walked across the street.  I recognized Rasoi from reading local YELP reviews.We were very happy we tried Rasoi.  The location has seen many weak restaurants through the 20+ years we've lived in the Burlingame area.  This looks like a keeper.  There are many customers who look Indian or Pakistani and seemed to enjoy the food.We followed the advice of YELP reviewers and had the tandoori chicken which was excellent.  Great flavor, tender and not dry like some other Indian restaurants.  A reviewer recommended the murgh masala, but we thought it was ok--nothing we want to have again.  He aslo recommended the lamb biriyani, which was good, not great.  Our favorite, that we order at almost all Indian restaurants was the chicken korma.  Really nice flavor and creaminess.  We rounded out our meal with basmati rice and nan.I thought the seasonings were excellent.  Well blended and subtle so we will be back.

Garlic naan and plain nan Garlic naan and plain nan Tandoori chicken Tandoori chicken Dash paneer Dash paneer See all photos from Joanna S. for Rasoi Restaurant & Lounge 8/3/2016

4 1/2 stars to be exact.  Moving to the Peninsula - I've been in search for a BOMB halal Pakistani/Indian restaurant and I found it in Rasoi.  Their food is pretty authentic, flavorful, fresh and service is great too.  The only reason why I took 1/2 a star off is because the prices are pretty high.  I'm from the East Bay where good halal indo/paki food comes a dime a dozen and is very affordable.  Also, they are closed during lunch hours which is also a bummer.  Either way I still love this place!My favorites:Chicken Tikka MasalaMix Tandoori GrillNaan

Mixed grilled Mixed grilled Comment from Asif A. of Rasoi Restaurant & Lounge Business Owner 8/3/2016 Greetings Miss. Farhana,We like to thank you for dining at Rasoi. I'm so glad you enjoy our… Greetings Miss. Farhana,We like to thank you for dining at Rasoi. I'm so glad you enjoy our restaurant but like to apologize about the prices we charge. I don't want to throw any excuses at you but Burlingame is a bit pricey when it comes to rent and also the shopping is done by me 4-5 times a week so we get the highest quality meat and produce. I wish I can bring down the prices but everything is going so high. Everytime you do dine in please come visit me in the back and I would happily throw in a discount for you guys. Again extremely sorry for the pricing part. Thank you again for dining at Rasoi Kindest Regards,Asif Aslam Read more 9/24/2016

Yummm! Came in for dinner, 1st impression "oh cool, modern place in Burlingame...dont see many of those". Waited about 5 minutes before we were acknowledged and seated 5 mins later. We ordered assorted appetizer, chicken biryani, tikka masala and prawn tandoori. The food was very tasty but the shrimp was exceptional!!!! Although customer service is not their strong suit, the food is pretty good.


The decor here is trendy and modern and they have ample seating for large groups. The flavors here were really good and the chicken tikka was super juicy. Service was good as well.samosas- two crisp vegetable puffs filled with potatoes, peas, and spiceschicken tikka- boneless chicken breast cubes marinated in ginger, garlic, herbs, and spiceschicken tikka masala- tandoori boneless chicken sautéed with herbs, spices, tomatoes, and creamdal-assorted lentils delicately spiced and sautéed with ginger and garlicgarlic and basil naan


The only Indian food I go to! Great atmosphere and service every time I go. Indian food used to always be a roll of the dice few hours after I eat.....Never had an issue here and the chef makes great food. Our favorite dishes:Chicken Tikka MasalaLamb chopTandoori ChickenShrimp curryMango Lassi is delicious as well.


Very good food, but be careful with the automatic 20% gratuity. I almost double tipped and service was average at best. The auto tip tainted an otherwise excellent meal.Edit: the owner quickly reached out to me to correct the error and kindly refund the automatic gratuity.


I am so confused with my fellow yelpers sometimes. This place is overall 4.5 stars!!!! Compared to the several other Indian restaurants I've tried in my life, this place has to be amongst the worse. Walk in after work on a Thursday (around 6pm). Party of 1-- plenty of seating.Service: Friendly and nice. I had no problems with the extremely young girls bussing the tables. Ambiance: looks modern with the blue lights accenting the place. I also appreciate the authentic pictures on the walls and the giant glass to show the kitchen in the back of the restaurant. Food: I had the chicken tikka masala with garlic naan. A very nice man (maybe the cook?) brought out my food. The first taste I had, I was thoroughly DISAPPOINTED. With 4.5 stars, I expected complex aromatic flavors and spices, but it fell FLAT entirely. I wanted MORE out of this dish, but it didn't deliver. It's quite frustrating if you ask me. It was just MISSING something!! And it made me sad as I was eating it. I was chasing the flavors with every bite. That is why I say that it is amongst the worse Indian restaurants I've ever had.The garlic naan was good, but I only tasted bursts of garlic flavor every few bites, NOT every single bite... So even that was super annoying.I'm sorry, but I just can't bring myself to come back to this place. The food simply fails in every aspect I look at.

Garlic naan $3 Garlic naan $3 Chicken tikka masala level 4 spicy Chicken tikka masala level 4 spicy Chicken tikka masala, level 4 Chicken tikka masala, level 4 7/31/2016

Ordered takeout and it took 45 minutes when they promised 25.Didn't provide any plastic forks, raita (for biryani & tikka) and the food was extremely spicy. I've ordered spicy food at many indian restaurants but this was off the charts. Biryani was meh.On the plus side the ambiance is nice and the keema was tasty.


We were greeted with friendly smiles from the hostess and bartender.  They both were very nice and told us we could sit anywhere.  Unfortunately, today was a very warm day and their air conditioning was not working, so we opted to sit at the bar so we could be near the open entrance.  Rachel, our bartender, was very attentive to our needs and Sonia provided great suggestions on the food.  We ordered Aloo Gobi, Chicken Jalfrezi, Machchi Makhani, Naan, and Papadam.  All of it was very good.  Loads of flavor at many levels.  The spice level was just right, a 3 out of 5 (5 being HOT!).  We also enjoyed a Mumbai Mule, an Indian take on the Moscow Mule.  We will definitely come back again to check out their lounge area.  It has a cool fire place!

20% discount via Yelp...food only 20% discount via Yelp...food only Naan Naan Chicken tikka masala Chicken tikka masala See all photos from Nancy C. for Rasoi Restaurant & Lounge 11/4/2015

Sigh. The hype. After Yelping for almost a decade, I still fall prey to hype. The food here was just ok. The portions were small, needed more salt and spice and the entrees weren't made with organic or range free anything that I read on the menu to justify the price. The service was annoyingly inconsistent. One person charms me, the other acts like I am bothering them. Hot/cold...not my thing. It was average. I can get average for less money and better service anywhere else in the Bay Area without an Open Table reservation. I will not return, nor recommend. I wish them well.


Definitely deserves a 5-star review!  From the ambiance to the quality of food to the courteous service, I am more than impressed!!  The price point is reasonable and not on the pricey side, no wonder this place is always packed. Both of our visits occurred on a Friday night. Corkage fee is $15 should you decide to bring your own bottle.  We've visited a couple of times already, and would definitely be back again and again!!  My personal favorites are Chicken Tikka Masala and Lamb Korma, the sauce is so divine, as well as the Chai Tea.  I can eat so much Garlic Naan when dipping the sauce.  The staff also makes great recommendations.  We are very happy with Rasoi and hence the stellar review!!  :D


Really love the flavors here. Great Tandoori, the lamb is KILLER! Veggies dishes are so flavorful - you won't miss the meat! And the Naan! Full bar - drinks are great. Wine list is light. Sometimes service is better than others. I'm adding this to my "places I love to go" list.


I didn't think that I would enjoy this type of food only because I hadn't been exposed to Pakistani/Indian food. When I finally went in for dinner I was amazed! The food here is incredible. So much flavor and everything was fresh. I've been back several times and recommended it to a few friends. Perfect for any night in Burlingame. Bring your family and bring your appetite!


Everything was wonderful.  The prawns in hot spicy sauce were amazing - just know that 3 on a scale of 5 is still pretty zippy!The staff was very accommodating, and welcoming.


I came here after arriving at SFO 2 hours late, originally I was supposed to arrive SFO at 6:39 PM but due to a chain reaction of delayed flights prior to mine, my flight ended up arriving around 9:10 PM instead. My friend Yelp'd this restaurant as it was in the way from SFO to where I was staying in Belmont and open until midnight. We ordered the prawn madras - prawns cooked in a spicy coconut sauce with golden raisin, keema naan - naan stuffed with minced lamb; and aloo paragha - unleavened whole wheat bread stuffed with potatoes and peas. So first off the prawn madras was amazing! The sauce was so good it was sweet, savory and herbaceous and perfectly spiced with a nice note of roasted coconut throughout, I believe they use prawn stock in it. It was so good that I we ended up needing to order rice with it and the sauce was so good on its own already, and the prawns were perfectly cooked, not rubbery and overlooked. The only downside is that they forgot to put in the golden raisins because my friend and I were not able to taste any of it. The keema naan was like a quesadilla, 2 thin pieces of crispy naan filled with well seasoned minced lamb in between... Very delicious on its own. Lastly, a dish I order at every Indian restaurant is the aloo parantha, because who doesn't like carbs on carbs, especially if it's spiced mashed potatoes in between thin, flaky whole wheat bread? And we only had 2 pieces leftover to take home because this was a pretty filling dish. Great late night Indian meal, very spacious and the staff were great. I'd come back.

Keema naan, prawn madras, aloo parantha Keema naan, prawn madras, aloo parantha 6/20/2016

I've been to this location several times, and each time I am NEVER disappointed! The staff is kind, courteous and fast. The food is even better! I loooooove their chicken tikka masala! It's definitely something I recommend, along with the garlic naan and rice, especially if it's your first time. The chef is awesome! I've seen him come out and talk to customers on several occasions once the kitchen closes. It's something I appreciate. This place is a must try!


Came here for dinner with a friend and was pretty disappointed with our meal. We ordered the standard chicken tikka masala with naan and rice, and the tikka masala was super watered down and barely had any chicken in it at all. The garlic naan was good, but I feel like that's pretty hard to mess up. Wouldn't recommend coming here as there are a lot of other Indian restaurants in the area with cheaper prices and better food.

Chicken Tikka Masala w/ rice and garlic naan. Chicken Tikka Masala w/ rice and garlic naan. 8/12/2016

Everything was perfect again. Perfect service. Food is amazing. The ambiance is great. Everyone is so friendly. This is my favorite restaurant on Burlingame Avenue.   I love everything I order.


Amazing food. Brought my family here for dinner.They loved the Tandoori Tilapia fish and Prawns Biryani. The food had authentic Indian flavors. Must visit for Indian food lovers.

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