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I had done some construction work for Dr. Beall years ago and when I was in an accident last year I was referred to Dr. Beall for chiropractic help.  He is an amazing chiropractor and I would recommend him to anyone. His whole office staff is great to work with.  My injury pain is gone and I feel fantastic! Thank you Rise!


Shoutout to Dr. Joshua Silver for helping me get through a painful couple of months after a bad car accident. My neck was in serious pain and after seeing Dr. Silver for a few sessions I was feeling a 100 times better. He uses active release techniques to warm up and loosen muscles before adjustments which I appreciate since not all DC's do this. I am a total supporter of chiropractic work, simply from the lasting results I've felt after receiving treatment from Dr. Silver. Super easy going, nice guy and is good at what he does. Would recommend to anyone. Thanks again, Josh!


I'm so happy I found these guys!  Years of doing physical work standing at a work bench has left my upper body really beat up.  I've had surgeries years ago for shoulder and wrist issues (as a result of repetitive stress injuries), muscle atrophy from poor physical therapy after the surgeries, and just general beating up my body at work over 15 years.  It finally got to the point where my day to day life wasn't really all that fun (shoulder, neck, back issues).  Basically...rehab sucks and I put it off as long as I could and my body informed me that it was time to get off my butt and start working on it!  I did a search and discovered Dr. Beall, and was really intriged by ART.  Dr. Beall is amazing!  He knows his craft well, and the physical results I feel every time I go speak volumes!  I really love his mix of therapy, ART, and chiropractic.  Each time I'm in, he asks how I'm doing, the symptoms, etc, and adjusts his methods accordingly.  I've seen a handful of therapists and chiropractors over the years, and they always seemed to go through the same set of motions...no wonder I never really got better.  On top of his skill, Dr. Beall is a super nice & personable guy, which is a comfort as you're lying on the chiro bench getting the smack-down put on ya!  Seriously.  Working out years of muscle trauma, scar tissue, and nerve impingements is no walk in the park.  It's nice to have some conversation and jokes going as you're wincing in pain!  With his care and advice, I finally feel like I have a plan for "rehabbing" my body & getting back to feeling healthy and strong again.I also asked him about their massage therapists, and he recommended me to Daryll.  Dang, if it isn't the best massage I've ever had!  Every time I would find a massage therapist around the bay, I would feel great right after, but then feel all stiff again by the next day.  They weren't really addressing the muscle "trauma" that gets built up in the body.  Not so with Daryll.  I'm not super knowledgeable about different styles, but she really gets in there and works the scar tissue, trauma, and knots out.  Each time I leave, my body feels SO much better and relaxed.  Now if I could just stop beating it up!    It's also worth mentioning how awesome the staff is as well!  Kelley is a pleasure to deal with each time I'm there.  Both Kelley and Leticia are always super friendly and helpful.  Another great sign of an awesome business!And the doggies!  Can't for get them!  Brave little Sue tirelessly guarding the front door!I'm definitely planning on working with a trainer here, and taking some of the classes to continue kicking my butt back into shape!  So, yeah...I'm super stoked to have found Dr. Beall and his crew.  You owe it to your body to check these guys out.  I'll definitely be recommending them to everyone I know!


This is a long overdue review since I have been going to Rise for the past 4 years and everything has always been amazing. Dr Beall is a very talented chiropractor and is also very good at diagnosing pain. I have frequent headaches and Dr Beall always does a great neck adjustment which immediately relieves my pain. When I was having knee pain due to a workout injury, I followed Dr Beall's recommendations and therapy plan and the knee pain resolved within a few weeks.I have also been getting massages at Rise for the past 4 years. These are deep tissue massages, and there are varying levels of intensity. The staff at Rise is always very forthcoming about the massage therapists and the intensity of the massage you will receive. Aleta is my massage therapist and she is amazing.Love the Pilates Reformer classes at Rise too! Chris and all of the pilates instructors at Rise are excellent and the workouts are always fun and challenging.Prenatal services. These guys have always been there for me, especially during pregnancy. I got amazing prenatal massages, had prenatal adjustments and did prenatal pilates. Everything was safe and effective, and it helped ease my pregnancy discomforts. I was still doing pilates classes until about 38 weeks pregnant!Bottom line, Rise is a truly amazing part of the Alameda community. Dr Beall has created an amazing fitness and wellness facility with a small town family feel. It's obvious that he and the rest of the staff truly care about helping you feel the best you can.


Extremely long overdue, but I have never had an exercise routine that I have loved and looked forward to more than Pilates at Rise. Every teacher is amazing and uplifting, every class is rewarding both mentally and physically. I no longer need to see my chiropractor regularly and I love setting my weekly schedule online and being held accountable for showing up to class. I know have switched over to the prenatal classes with Molly and LOVE the extra support and guidance as my body goes through some crazy changes. I can't speak higher of RISE and everyone that works there!


I was in serious pain following a case of slipped rib - I couldn't sleep, couldn't rotate my upper body, couldn't breathe without pain - in short, I was desperate and terrified. I had already seen my regular chiropractor for adjustments to alleviate the pain (twice a week for 2 weeks and RICE-d constantly) but nothing I did ever seemed to make it better.A friend who saw how miserable I was told me to visit an ART-certified chiropractor and that's how I found John. Boy am I glad I did!  Making an appointment at Rise was a breeze and the clinic itself was wonderful and clean. John briefly talked to me about my condition, to understand what happened. He is personable, and instantly made me feel comfortable. He then proceeded to massage my shoulder and back WHICH HURT LIKE A MOFO. It was honestly, some of the most terrible minutes of my life, but once he was done, I could feel all the tension seeping out of my body and the pain easing. John was really detailed, patient and thorough. I have never had such a good chiro appointment. He spent every minute of our session adjusting, fixing and working my body, instead of just wasting time on meaningless small talk. The 30 minutes of my adjustment felt like forever (in a good way), and by the end of it I felt like I had a whole different body. You can just tell he's a chiropractor that really cares and is incredibly good at what he does. John was also super knowledgeable and really inspired confidence - which I was severely lacking after my numerous failed adjustments at my chiropractor. He noted that a lot of my pain was probably due to the difference in lengths of my leg, he even provided me with a free massage ball and insole heel so I could treat myself at home. The best thing was that unlike other chiropractors who would push for unnecessary treatments, John told me I was pretty much fine, but that I could call him again if I felt like I needed an additional treatment. None of that "sign up for a package" or pressure selling bullshit.all in all, I have to say, John is a chiropractor who is really knowledgeable, caring and kind. He really is there to take care of you and your body! So if you are in doubt about which chiropractor to visit, John is definitely an awesome option!One thing I will say though is that his office is slightly informal - there were dogs barking and running around which might bother some people. I didn't find it distracting at all but its just a heads up for people who may not like dogs.


I have never posted a negative review before but feel I must after the terrible experience I had a RISE. I was visiting my son in Alameda and suffering from psiatica. So I used YELP to find a highly recommended chiropractor. RISE had an opening same day. The chiropractic exam was OK but fairly minimal compared to what I am accustomed to. I made an appointment the next day for a recommended "therapeutic" massage with KiKo. It was an excruciating experience (I have had hundreds of massages and never experienced such pain). I awoke the next morning with pain in my neck and skull on the opposite side of my body. It got worse. So much so I could hardly turn my head, had splitting headaches and it hurt to hold my head up. That was 5 weeks ago and I still have pain. I called after the massage and was told that a doctor would call me back that day but that did not happen for 10 days, until after I left a second message on voicemail. In addition, they were disingenuous about insurance. I have always had chiropractic covered but was told four days after my visit that insurance was defined because I was  "out of network." I knew that couldn't be true so I called my insurance. RISE had called but informed my secondary that they don't take Medicare. Why wasn't I told this when I handed them my medical cards on the day of service? All in all, a very sad and unprofessional experience.

Comment from John B. of Rise Bodyworks Business Owner 9/15/2016 Joan,Thank you for your visit to Rise Bodyworks. We are sorry to hear that your visit was not up to… Joan,Thank you for your visit to Rise Bodyworks. We are sorry to hear that your visit was not up to the high standards we set for ourselves here at Rise. Thank you as well for taking the time to write this review. All feedback allows us the opportunity to listen to our customers and learn how to be better in the future. We take pride in offering some of the best therapists and doctors with the highest qualifications and I'm sorry you felt this was not the case with your visit. For insurance, we take down your information at this office and then send this to our billing company who takes care of the verification process. The offsite billing company determines what your insurance coverage is at our offices and lets us know within a few days of receiving your information. For this reason, we won't be able to communicate your coverage to you at your first visit unless you had sent your information over to our offices a few days in advance of your appointment. This is our standard policy on insurance and we communicate this to our new clients at Rise. We apologize this wasn't clearly communicated at your visit. Thanks again for your feedback! Read more 8/31/2016

helped me with foot pain quickly and teaches self care


This is for Dr. Beall, for running-specific ART and diagnosis--I'm a serious distance runner, and had growing knee pain to the point where I'd been cross-training for several weeks and it still wasn't improving. The Boston Marathon was in six weeks so I had to get help quick! Thanks to a recommendation from an Impalas teammate of my wife, I went to see Dr. Beall, who immediately diagnosed me as having uneven leg lengths! He recommended a lift in my other shoe (which I've been wearing ever since), gave me several intensely uncomfortable ART sessions, and used the ultrasound/electrotherapy machine on me. He also recommended I ice 2x/day and continue rolling (lacrosse ball and foam roller). Thanks to these treatments, my pain gradually subsided, I was able to do my final pre-marathon long run a few weeks later, and run a pain-free PR at Boston! I will recommend Dr. B to any other injured endurance athlete friends, and definitely keep him in mind for the future.


Dr. John is hands down the best Chiro/ART specialist I have ever seen. As an Olympic hopeful in Rowing, I have seen many trainers and PT specialists. Due to the nature of the sport, Rowing puts a lot of strain on your back. I have suffered from back pain from most of my career. Other masseuses or chiropractors would help to some degree, but no one could make real, long term changes.  That is, until I saw John. He found some issues that no other PT ever noticed and was able to work it out. He has helped me to improve my Rowing performance as well as speed up my recovery time and improve my quality of life (with little or no back pain).


Dr. Beall was the first person to introduce me to muscle tension release therapy, and it turned out to be exactly what I needed at the time. I was having serious issues with the muscles in my back after squatting heavy weight with improper form, and my movements as a result were very limited due to the pain and tension I felt. He was able to identify all the troubled knotted up areas and work out the tension from them over the course of a few weeks. I saw myself progressively improve with each session I had with him until the problems with my back ceased to exist and I could move like old self again! The best bodywork professional I've ever had work on me hands down. Thanks John!


This one is for our trainer Kiko. My significant other and I train with Kiko twice a week and we absolutely love it. His workouts are always different ranging from TRX, to cross fit, to Pilates, to floor exercises etc. What I like the most is that all of the workouts are built to not only make our bodies stronger but to preserve them as well.  And they are always FUN! Kiko, you are truly amazing. Rise also offers a variety of classes one of which is Pilates Reformer...a workout like no other! Highly recommended.

5/20/2016 Updated review

It's been three years since my first review of RISE, and I am still a very active member.  As a woman almost 60 years old (!), I attend 3 strength/cardio classes plus 2 mobility/stretching classes per week, two of which are back-to-back (strength/cardio followed by mobility/stretching), an extremely healthful combination.  At the beginning of my membership over 4 years ago I started as a couch potato and attended 2 classes/week for 3 months to carefully gain back a healthy heart and physique.I still stand behind my first review--the philosophy, the above average trainers, the small classes and truly personal treatment.  It comes from the top, Dr. John Beal.  He wasn't awarded Best Chiropractor in Alameda for nothing.The Pilates classes are especially plentiful, round the clock schedule so it's very convenient.  The group training classes are pretty well scheduled, too; however, it's more about quality than quantity.  I would rather have this quality 2-3 times per week than less quality 4-5 times per week.  The focus on form and correct muscle activation is key.I also had a bout with Plantar fasciitis earlier this year, which is almost completely healed with Darryl's, one of their master masseuses', specific attention. What could have been a 2 year+ ordeal turned out to be just a few months.I know people are very busy and time is precious.  If you are a beginner, haven't worked out for years, or have been going elsewhere but don't know why you're not progressing or in a rut, this is the place.And ladies, as we get older, it is imperative we keep up the mobility and strength.  Don't you want to stand straight, be able to carry yourself with ease throughout your world? Look around you, observe how other people your age look and move.  Is that what you want?  Fitness is the  answer to aging.

1/30/2013 Previous review As a former certified fitness trainer I recognize an excellent facility when I experience one. Their… As a former certified fitness trainer I recognize an excellent facility when I experience one. Their philosophy, trainers and classes are a cut above.  The facility is small, with very small class sizes (bootcamp, TRX, yoga, Pilates). Sometimes classes are so small you feel you're getting a personal training session. The trainers respond to the students' needs as the class goes on.  All you have to do is show up and give a good effort! And all classes are 60 minutes--not the 50-55 minute hour other places have. Another thing I appreciate is that classes start on time.RISE is the opposite of places like 24 Hr and the new place at South Shore--cattle call classes, inexperienced teachers that don't get to know you personally. At RISE you can actually LEARN how to improve your fitness through attention to form.  Remember, the term "class" connotes LEARNING; it's not just a series of calisthenics or a sweaty workout.Those of you who like Pilates, the classes at RISE are taught by truly experienced people.  It's too easy to get newly-minted instructors just out of school, who tell you the motion and call the count.  At RISE you are continually, gently, taught the correct form, and with Pilates it's ALL ABOUT the form, otherwise you're just waving your arms and legs around. If you're not focusing your mind on the correct movement, on the specific muscle, chances are you're not getting the benefit.I tell my friends, what's the difference between paying $24 a month to a place you never attend, and $99 a month to a place where you go 3-4 times a week?  What is your time worth?BTW the category this gym should be under is "gym" and "fitness", not just PT, Pilates and Chiropractic. Read more 5/24/2016

I saw Melissa for an ART session and I had the best experience. My neck, shoulder and upper back pain was greatly relieved with one session.  My range of motion was greatly improved as well. She was friendly, kind and understanding of my needs and allergies. I will definitely be back!


Dr. Beall is awesome!Went here for multiple pain points from long years of computer "hunch" as I'm a software guy and am amazed at how quickly this is helping.  I have always had a problem with chiros that just do the adjustment and nothing else as it has always seemed to me that without some way to get the muscles to stop spazzing you will be back out of alignment about 5 mins after you leave.This is NOT what John does.  The ART technique seems to really help relax the messed up structures that were causing the issue in the 1st place.  This is like getting an EXPERT deep tissue massage and a chiropractic adjustment at the same time which does hurt like crazy for a short time while it's happening but really works well.I'm a fan!  Thanks John!


I loooooove everything about their reformer pilates classes. They will transform your body, especially your core, but it never feels like an intense workout. And, the best part is that you leave feeling relaxed and refreshed from the stretching.Great instructors.Worth every penny.


I purchased a Groupon and attended 6 classes while I was home in Alameda over the holidays. I took the pilates & jumpboard classes with Kiko and TRX and body conditioning with Diane and Camille. I love the intstructors. All of them have positive energy and very encouraging. Not as intense as the classes that I am used to in Santa Monica, but probably the best that you can find in Alameda. It was easy to book classes a week in advance.I will return for classes when I am in town. I am not a fan of jumpboard, not enough cardio or strength, but I really enjoyed the pilates and the TRX and body conditioning classes were very well rounded and worked on all parts of the body including the addition of a little cardio.


I had a horrible fall snowboarding and was in agonizing pain for two weeks that would not subside. I couldn't bend, walk up stairs, or sit without pain. Dr Beall fixed me in one chiropractic visit. I was blown away at how immediately the pain was gone. I have never been a true believer in the benefits of chiropractic adjustments -- until now. I Highly recommend Dr Beall!


Dr. Beale was recommended to me by a fellow paddler last year when we were training for the Queen's Outrigger Race on Kona.  We were all putting in 4-5 days of water time for the weeks leading up to the race and the repetitive stress was starting to take it's toll.  Dr. Beale made me sweat and cry b/c his active release technique was so painful.  I was both excited and dreaded our appointments.  But it worked ... a lot of the pain I was having in my elbows - mostly from sitting at a computer 50 hours a week - (which would result in elbow pain for the first 45 minutes of practice) went away.  That is worth 5 minutes of sweat and pain.In order for my husband to understand the pain / soreness I would be in after my appointments, i made my husband also visit Dr. Beal.  He cried too.


The best gym! I honestly don't think I have ever been so loyal to a gym but its so unique.  Great teachers, interesting and small classes, great chiropractors.  I've done TRX, Pilates, Body Conditioning and weight lifting.  18 months strong- literally.  Highly recommend.

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