Russo Music - Musical Instruments & Teachers - 4072 24th St, Noe Valley, San Francisco, CA

Russo Music   - Musical Instruments & Teachers - 4072 24th St, Noe Valley, San Francisco, CA

Russo Music has been a wonderful place for my 8 year old daughter.  She has been studying violin with Chloe Allen for one year.  Under Chloe's guidance, my daughter's knowledge of music and love for playing the violin has blossomed.  Chloe is a talented musician and a patient and encouraging instructor.  She shares her passion for violin in a way that is approachable and contagious.  We are grateful to have such an incredible resource in our neighborhood.   Thanks Chloe and thanks Russo!


Me and my family went in yesterday after a nice lunch in Noe Valley.  The sign on the door still said closed.  The 2 young people behind the desk couldn't seem to be bothered to even say hi.  I picked up a guitar and started to check it out.  My son has playing with the piano in the main room.  The blonde girl behind the desk screeched "you guys should go in the other room as we are trying to deal with emails and stuff"This sort of thing happened once when I was checking out ukuleles a few months ago...and I was relegated to a lesson room.  No help.  No nothing.So after i hung up their overpriced off brand guitar we left.  This is the last time I will even set foot in their crappy store.  Music stores are about customer service.  I feel I would probably be treated better at Guitar Center.....and I hate that place.


My son has been taking guitar lessons from Phil at Russo Music for a few months now.  It has been a terrific experience. Both of my children take piano lessons from Nicole Russo and have for about 3 years now, and my older son wanted to add on guitar - and he is SO HAPPY.Phil has an easy going personality and teaching style, and provides a good mix of contemporary and the "classics".

8/30/2015 Updated review

I would not recommend Russo Music.  It started out fine, but our experience quickly went down hill.  Our son's instructor was good, but the management of the shop was not.

10/10/2012 Previous review Renzo is a great guitar teacher for kids.  Highly recommend! 9/16/2013

Take Rita away from Russo, and what remains is an empty ZERO.I took a guitar to Russo Music to sell on consignment 4 months ago. Not having ever heard back from there, I went in to get the scoop. This led me to one of the most miserable service experiences with the most pathetic store representative-let me introduce you to "Becks". The woman without a smile and an inaptitude for customer service. After explaining I had been there 4 months ago, she lazily looked around, didn't see the guitar, and said it was sold already. Well thanks for the call, can I have my check? She didn't have one for me, and wasn't really bothered that it had been so long with no communication. After insisting she needed to provide me more information, she hesitantly made a call, and then said she still didn't know how much it sold for. I was pretty irked by the fact that there had been no attempt to inform me of the sale, and that the horrible attendant was making no effort to help. She took my number and said the owner would call me. A week later and still no call.Today I followed-up and spoke to Rita. I mentioned the whole situation, and Rita was on it! She called me back in a few hours and said I had a check waiting for me. When I went to pick it up, I thought of buying a ukelele from her but unfortunately it wasn't Rita's area of expertise so she asked Becks for her help. Becks walked over recommended a package deal that they offer and walked away, just like that. No concern if it worked for me, if I wanted other recommendations... Rita still made an effort to smooth things over, but at this point I had no incentive to spend any money there.I certainly do not want to seem like some negative dude that uses yelp to shaft businesses, so I want to share some statistics with you...I have written 200+ reviews, and only about 5% of those reviews have been awarded a star. Oh and on a final note, the check that I got was precisely the lowest amount that I had specified in my range (to the penny). If I had not followed up with them, I am reasonably confident that they would have just pocketed the money. That's my opinion; you too probably see how I could rationally come to that conclusion.I do have Rita to thank however for a job nicely done!


Yeah.This makes sense.I travel constantly.Because of the travel, it's hard for me to:- Do basic chores- Workout consistently- Eat healthy- Watch my GiantsA simple solution would be to cut back on activities so that when I am home I can concentrate on the basics.  Nah...let's take on the Cello.Lucky for me Russo rents so I can play without a huge financial leap.  Super friendly staff who even hooked me up with lessons.  Why the Cello you ask?  Why not?Strings.


If I could add another star, I would! I started piano lesson at  Russo Music in December 2013. My teacher is Rita and I wish she would have been my teacher when I was 12. I probably would have never stopped and now I'm 50. She  really brings back music into my heart.  Rita is so positive, engaged and encouraging, practicing on my own at home has become so enjoyable and I feel I'm learning more in 3 month than I did in 2 years when I was 12. Russo music was recommended by my friend who's daughter is taking piano lesson with Dominic and she loves it. I find everybody working there very friendly and I look forward to my next lesson on Monday. Thank You Rita !!


So, this is really just a place to take lessons, don't be fooled.  There are some instruments and some sheet music but for someone like myself, who's played self taught guitar for over 20 years, there's little here to be had (though I hear you can also rent sound proof booths for recording, which is pretty cool).  It's not that I'm against having a shop for lessons, but the instruments in here are all super basic and entry level.  I asked questions about the Ukuleles they had hanging on the wall...they couldn't answer them.  Simple questions like "What kind of wood is this top made out of?" or "Is it laminate?"  Eventually, someone had to go pull out their supplier's catalog and look it up.  From what I hear, the lessons are really good here.  But if you need a guitar, hit up Noe Valley Music up the street.  If you want a Ukulele, go to Aloha Warehose in Japantown.  I guess if you need a clarinet or a violin, this might be a place to go get one, but, I'm doubtful, any shop selling instruments that can't answer questions makes me wonder.


I live in the neighborhood and Russo Music is top notch! They have a great selection of instruments, and they are so helpful! The owners are a joy to talk to, and Rita is always so helpful. I know people who take lessons here and always have positive things to say. Stop by if youre in the neighborhood!


My 13YO son has been playing Saxophone for three years  He started lessons at Russo just a few months ago.  Nicole has been amazing.  After just two sessions she recommended a new "more advanced" mouthpiece and a change of reeds.  This upgraded his control and sound immensely.  His school Band teacher has noticed with positive comments.  But the story gets better:  Recently my son had a chance for a scholarship to a summer music program/camp.  He/we needed to submit an audition recording.  To show his range and ability Nicole helped select the appropriate music.  She then coached and encouraged my son.  And now ... this is where Russo Music went above and beyond:  Nicole and one of her staff Oscar; spent 2.5 hours to record, edit and burn a 12 minute DVD for his submission.  Their patience, assistance and professionalism has exceeded all expectations.


Russo Music is a delightful place with great service. My two children have been taking lessons here for about a year and a half and are already making such a great progress. The environment is lovely and the staff are wonderful. Nicole and Dominic are the friendliest people you could ever meet and their new employee is really polite and helpful. I couldn't recommend anywhere else.


I was greeted by an incredibly enthusiastic fellow who was nothing but helpful the whole time I was at the shop. The guitar picks are at a great price.


What an amazing music school! Brilliant teachers! Wonderful staff! Unlimited resources! This is THE place for music education!


I ordered a book from Russo in early December, and it never came.  When I called after about a month, they said it was "back-ordered" due to the holidays.  Finally in mid-February I called another music store and they had the same book. They sent it to me and it arrived the following day!  Bad job, Russo!


Russo Music is a great place for music lessons. The teachers here are passionate about what they do and the store always has the books, and other items students need.


Affordable monthly rental.Pleasant staff.


Russo Music is a great place for music lessons and rentals. The staff are friendly, helpful and talented.  My family has been taking lessons from the owners Nicole and Dominic for almost three years. They have encouraged my kids to learn and enjoy their instruments. It is fantastic to have a neighborhood music studio that offers lessons for so many instruments and has a staff that is committed and fun to learn from.


I was interested in violin lessons in Noe Valley and was so excited when Russo Music opened up, right down the block from my house! It's a super cozy store and the staff are so nice. The first time I stopped by, I ended up singing pop songs with one for the owners -- just for the heck of it! Later, I met their violin teacher Suzanne Schwind and I can't say enough about her! She's really fun and just an all around great teacher. She teaches kids and adults, and I got to hear her play too, which was amazing.I'm so happy there's finally a place like this in Noe Valley!


This review is for Nicole Russo, not the store. I wrote to her to ask if my child and I could meet her and see if my child is ready for music lessons. She arrived late, no apology and charged me for a full lesson ($60) although there were no prior agreement/information regarding payment.   And we weren't there for a full hour because a. She was late took less than 30 mins to determine that my child was too young and therefore wasn't ready. If she had mentioned the cost in one of our many email exchanges, I would have been happy to pay the "fee". Anyway, the whole experience left such a bad taste in my mouth that I will not go back in the future. Nor will I recommend Nicole to anyone.


I can't say enough great things about Russo Music. Our 7 1/2 year old son has been taking lessons there for over 2 years and is an amazing drummer. We have gotten to know the owners, Dominic and Nicole,  and they are like family friends to us. Manny is also great, he's really friendly and is very helpful with our musical exploration in the store. When I have more time I'm planning to take some lessons myself! Highly recommend you try Russo's.

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