SBC Pizza - Delis - SoMa - San Francisco, CA - Menu

SBC Pizza  - Delis - SoMa - San Francisco, CA - Menu

This place is still new to me and I wish I would've discovered it sooner! Great food at great prices and it's located half a block from the Baseball Stadium. Very friendly staff. I've noticed that a couple times my pizza lacked the flavour from the sauce but they make up for it in other ways. It's a shame that I will be leaving the Bay Area soon because I really like going here on my lunch break from AT&T Park.

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$15 dollars for 32oz of beer AND a slice of pizza? What a steal! A great alternative if you don't want to pay for overpriced food & beer at the ballpark. It's a small establishment but it gets the job done, and clean bathrooms! It's literally across the street from the ballpark.Just like pizza my heart, pick your slice(s) and they'll heat it up for you. I got the mushroom sausage and besides it being a little oily (nothing a napkin couldn't fix), it was good! Disclaimer: I did also had 32 oz of beer so don't hold me accountable if you disagree about your slice of pizza


This pizza shop is AMAZING! I didn't catch the name of the woman helping us, but my guess is that she is the owner. Either way, she's SUPER FRIENDLY, generous, and helpful!I came in with a class of 29 5th graders on a field trip throughout the city. I called only about 1 hour ahead, and they welcomed our large group, letting us sit all over the floor. They quickly made the pizzas (which were definitely tasty - I was a fan of the SPC/combo pizza), helping in many ways. Can't say enough about this great place!


I was super bummed out when I saw this place was closed.  The BEST deal for beer and pizza for some pre-game festivities.  The lady that worked there remembered my name too ... back to parking lot pimping before Giants games now!


I enjoy SBC Pizza, this place has good old fashioned pizza that you would hope to get from a smaller pizza place. Their stuff isn't fancy and I doubt that anything is organic, but the pizza is tasty. This is a favorite place of mine to go when we come down to the city and we've been drinking all night. The location is super convenient to where we stay and it is a great place to grab a slice after a Giants game.


I actually went here for a burrito over lunch one day--NOT pizza--so my review is for that. It was definitely tasty for $6.75 (but beware they have a $10 minimum for credit cards, so I ended up buying two Gatorades and spending $10 and change in the end since I wasn't carrying cash. Rookie SF mistake).They give you some decent chips and two salsas with the burritos for no extra charge, and service was quick and friendly.


This place is just around the corner from my work so I decided to give it a shot. I paid $7.50 for 2 slices - one pepperoni pineapple and one BBQ chicken. Good thing is they have lots of different pizzas. That and I don't think I usually see pepperoni pineapple anywhere. Woo hoo!! The pizza itself was just OK though. Wasn't very hot even though they did heat it up for us and the BBQ chicken felt like it'd been sitting there for awhile. I may go back for a slice when I'm craving pizza since it's close by but not sure I'd frequent the place.Oh - they do have quite an interesting menu though. Complete with calzones, salads, burritos, you name it!


Definitely a grab and go kind of place. The slices are premade, and they go to heat them up a bit before handing it over. I got the sausage and mushroom, which was tasty, but not the most delicious place I've ever been. If I remember correctly, my slice was around $3. SBC is the kind of place that you go to because it's convenient and you need to head back to work soon. Tasty pizza, but I wouldn't come out of my way for a slice.


To me this was the pizza place I was looking for. As someone who grew up eating New York styled pizza, the offerings and selection of pizza with a medium plain crust with a hard crunch and soft texture was something I was craving for. Looking around for many pizza places I happened to stumble across this restaurant just scoping out the whole area. While I admit the place was pretty horrible with a very dank toilet and dark ish atmosphere towards the place, what it lacked in appearance it made up in pizza. If you are around, I recommend you mainly focus on getting a pizza rather than a taco, pasta or anything else. The pizza is what I expected, its got that nice crunch with barely any flavors on the crust, the cheese and sauce is robust enough that it doesn't over power the neutral crust but rather complements it, like dipping a bit of bread into the sauce, this balance is also seen in the cheese to sauce ratio as the sauce  and cheese are not placed in equal amounts, this makes it so you don't have to taste a heavy tomato sauce (like what pizza hut does). The pizza is oily from the melting of the cheese showing that there is alot of cheese in the slice.Overall I give this a 4 star because I like to keep the integrity of 5 stars for the limited times where that restaurant changed my perception of food.


I really liked the simplicity of this place. Our group (7 people on a Friday night) were about to go to Amici's across the street, but decided we wanted something cheaper and more casual. SBC was perfect. Hot slices for $3 and change, and they were delicious. Crispy crusts, great bread, and fresh toppings (I tried the veggie combo, the Hawaiian, and the Cheese - all were fantastic). They must have high turnover because I was expecting pretty gross quality for a slice that had been sitting for awhile (they reheat it for you). The store was decently clean, too. Also has a full menu for those looking beyond the pizza wheel (hot pastas, cold sandwiches, etc.). Guy at the front counter was incredibly nice, and dealt with one guy in our party who was severely past his limit. Next time, it's totally kosher for you guys to ignore people like this. Hot pepper flakes and parmesan on the ready - I'll be back to this place in a heartbeat.


Pizza is a little expensive. Wide variety of food.Now that I've eaten it, I can say the pizza is very good. Garlic bread was also very tasty.There was a mixup in getting exactly what we ordered, but that was our fault for having a complicated order and I am pretty sure that english was not the first language of the cashier. Bonus points for them because the woman gave us free sodas to enjoy while we sat and waited for our pizza.


With the Giants headed to the World Series, I keep hearing: Where shall we meet? Where can we watch the game? Where can you get cheap beer around the Ball Park? I'm constantly updating my I love the Giants lists and had to add this one to the group. SBC is a small little deli and pizzeria around the corner. The pizza is okay, I've had better, but for the price and convenience - decent. What's great is that you can get a pitcher of Sierra Nevada for $15.00 which is pretty cheap compared to about $9.75 a glass at the Ballpark. It's a pretty good deal. They have a couple TV's, but the place is small and more of an "in and out" place - than one to watch the game at. GO GIANTS!!!


Never deliver!!!!!! I just want my money back! They didn't return my money! Don't buy from them!


Came in today around 3:45 - and grabbed a cheese slice of pizza and a soda for $5. Overall, the slice was about average - filling, however, it wasn't anything out of this world. I have always meant to try it before a Giants Game, however, I never have with the crowds.Worth visiting if in the neighborhood, however, I wouldn't make a special trip for it.


This review is especially directed to the woman that works here. I'm sorry I don't know her name but she is always so friendly. I go here often since I work nearby. I left my wallet in the store and freaked out when I realised I left it. She recognized me as soon as I came in the next day and handed me my wallet. I tried to thank her with cash because I'm so grateful for someone so honest and good but she refused to take it. So I wanted to thank her again here so everyone knows the kind of good people who run this place.Thanks again!!


Zach, when you're on the case near the AT&T Stadium and need a quick bite, SBC Pizza makes for a decent option, doesn't it?  This establishment aims to serve mid-thickness slices of all kinds, and offers other options such as Tacos and Pasta.  It is as simple as it sounds Zach, and though it isn't the best pizza out there, it gets the job done.It's not quite Chicago, and not quite New York.  The slices are decently sized and will give you your fill with ease, right Zach?  We prefer long, thin slices, so if that is your style, this isn't the place to go.  That being said, Zach, this is decent pizza.  Tuesday is a good time to stop by, for at the time of this review, 2 slices nets you a free drink.We have yet to try other things on the menu, but we will certainly return.


Ballpark slice.Were they Pac Bell pizza before the name changing follies began?AT&T Pizza & Slice would win them bonus points for multiple ampersands in the name.SBC keeps things stuck between vintage and modern.What was I saying again?Right. The food. Not as interesting as the speculation on their naming history.Cheese slice was less than three bucks and gone in less than three minutes. French roll is the way to go for the grilled chicken sandwich. Small salad on the side affirms the third star. Suspect marinara sauce (rather oily) almost lost it.Service was not suspect. It was friendly and swift.Call it whatever you want. I'm calling it A-OK.


Holy Schnap! Not even the sterilizing power of the alcohol from my Hefeweizen could neutralize SBC's super low grade cheese, cardboard dry, stale pepperoni and sausage pizza from doing a number on my stomach!!Please believe that my stomach usually handles all sorts of weird 'ish like pig's ears, cow stomach, fish heads, etc. so it's not me, it's the pizza!Should've went to Mac D's instead for some pregame grub before the Giants game! Caveat Emptor.


The slcies here are well worth the price. Its a nice little palce where i can sit down, enjoy a beer, orde a slice or maybe a burger with some fries. They also have these delicious tacos that are top notch! Defintely i would say its my favorite spot for Pizza in San francisco!!!!!

Carne asada tacos Carne asada tacos 5/11/2011

Stopped in because a friend and I was hungry before a Giants game and didn't wanna pay a gazillion dollars for food in AT&T Park. Don't get me wrong, the selection and price is great, but the quality is not what I expected... I understand it's a small joint, probably mom&pop owned, but my first experience here wasn't exactly impressive. Upon first entering, people are standing and eating/drinking everywhere and you can't distinguish who's in line to order or not. There were tons of trash all over the 2 counter tops where customers eat...almost looked like a frat party aftermath! There was also a stench near the cashier counter that almost could be dismissed as parmesan cheese but way more funk to it! I ordered two different slices of pizza, that were nicely displayed in a semi-enclosed glass fixture, and I expected it to be hot since she just put it on a plate and handed it over. Sadly, I was mistaken. The pizzas are served as is, not even being kept warm while it sits. I happen to love cold pizza, from refrigerators, but this was more like SF open air cold. Still tastes good, but could have been better!Normally I would rate the place lower but I'm taking into account that a Sharks game was currently on and a Giants game was just starting. Only 2 cooks and a cashier were working and there was a decent crowd. Plus I thought they had a nice menu selection, so I'll definitely return to try more things, preferably fresh n hot next time!Peace & Poi =)

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