Scopo Divino - Wine Bars - 2800 California St, Pacific Heights, San Francisco, CA - Restaurant Reviews

Scopo Divino   - Wine Bars - 2800 California St, Pacific Heights, San Francisco, CA - Restaurant Reviews

Love this Pac Heights Oasis!I've been twice to this new neighborhood wine bar now, and both times were so enjoyable that I can't wait until my next visit. Looking at the deep wine selection, our expectations were high and we weren't disappointed.  There is a wide price range to appeal to any budget, and I specifically ordered some of the more affordable options to test and found them to be extraordinarily delicious (try the Torrontes!).  So there's nothing on this menu that is low-quality filler... chatting with the "Wine Therapists", each item has been selected with special care for addition to the list.  There is a good selection of beer and cider, too, and some very nice non-alcoholic options for the designated drivers in the group.  The food was amazing as well, kudos to Chef Mark Cina for the creative and delicious choices.  I especially liked the stuffed piquante peppers and the house-made cavatelli with lobster in pesto sauce.  Sooo good!  Every dish I saw looked incredible, so I'll just have to keep coming back to work my way through the whole list.There's traditional seating (with extra under-table hooks, thanks!) or super comfy lounge chairs... Scopo Divino has that rare perfect balance of living room comfort and high quality elegance that is so relaxing, either for a date or a group.  More impressive, when the place is so packed that there is a wait at the door, I watched as the staff moved furniture to make sure everyone inside felt welcome and comfortable.  Even at full capacity, the ambiance was lively, but not overcrowded, so their cut-off point still leaves a bit of breathing space, thankfully.Owner Tim and first mate Erik are attentive and available to all guests, taking time to greet new arrivals and visit tables which gives a welcoming feeling.  All the SD crew are very knowledgeable, super nice, and ready to make any occasion special by helping with selections, which made us feel more like friends than customers.I'm truly impressed, and Scopo Divino earned raves from all my group across the board.  We'll definitely be back!

Cavatelli with lobster... amazing! Cavatelli with lobster... amazing! Just half of the by-the-glass options! Just half of the by-the-glass options! Daily Oyster over ice with Carrot Ginger Mignonette & Shallot Red Wine Mignonette Daily Oyster over ice with Carrot Ginger Mignonette & Shallot Red Wine Mignonette See all photos from Suz D. for Scopo Divino 9/15/2016

3.5It's a good place to come on a date at the smaller table , but if you are with friends or a large group it will be hard to hear as it gets quite loud. The service is good not great- and the waitress seemed to not know the specials so she pointed them out as they were passed to other tables and read some items on a list but was lost on why the special was 'special.' The menu is good for cheese boards  and pork based meats. Nothing inventive/ standard charcuterie. Good to try if nearby but not commute to unless you are already in area.


This place just opened in my hood - and replaced another unforgettable place.I will say I LOVE the decor - the tin ceilings, beautiful tiled floors - they had a champagne bottle tile in the floor, which I loved.We ordered a beer and 2 glasses of rose. For food we got a steak (amazing hash brown cubes),  the roasted cauliflower, and a tomato salad with (very little) "house-made" ricotta. The portions for the price were just too small.My grips are as follows:1) The tables are a little tight, hard to move around once you are seated.2) there was one really nice/attentive female server and another female server who was a little gruff and confused, we got the gruff and confused one3) the food took forever to come out (I believe about 35-40 mins)4) the bill for 3 small plates, 2 glasses of wine and 1 beer was over $805) the tipping system is weird - they automatically ad 10% split between the back and front of house and you are supposed to tip on top of that - they did;t really explain it so I could understand it I didn't really know what was a good or bad tip then6) Epilog: I am cat-sitting for a friend in my building (and getting her mail) - and she got a postcard with a free wine-tasting from has been more than a week since she got hers, and I have not gotten the same postcard!They are new and working it out - I will give them another try.

Purse hooks at every table! Purse hooks at every table! I want this tiled floor in my kitchen I want this tiled floor in my kitchen 7/28/2016

REVIEWER # 18SCOPO DIVINO, IM CRUSHING ON YOU!!!I fell totally in love with this place. I don't even know where to start so I think the best way to show my love is give you all the reasons why you should come and try them out.A friend and I decided to go to Happy Hour to catch up on life. I am always searching for a great vibrant Happy Hour joint and since I didn't know of any in SF I trusted my friend to choose the place and I am so happy to trust in him because he sure chose the right place! Walking in for my first time I have to say this place is SO welcoming. We walked in around 5PM and were greeted by staff. The restaurant felt like a bar lounge to me (which is a good thing). They have couches, tables in the middle as well as a bar area. We chose the couch as they seemed more comfortable for us.Once we sat down we were greeted by the amazing Joel, great customer service and hospitality! I loved that he recommended places after I told him I was a white wine woman. Although he recently started he shared with me helpful information about the restaurant and the best food and wines to taste.Happy Hour here offers amazing deals! Before I begin, let me just say that it's a must that you must order their $1 Oysters! OMG, Let me tell you that I walked in and looked at my friend and said, "I don't eat oysters..." I had to take that back after I seen the oysters on other people's table! We decided to order 4 oysters (2 each) why not right? OH wee! By the time the platter came to the table I knew I was going to bite my words. Those oysters were so dang delicious! Huge, buttery, tasty oysters and the sauce that they give you to put on them made it even more delicious! By the time I had the two I swear I wanted to order about 20 more! (Yes, they were that good!)We also ordered:* Corn and smoked Chili Hush puppies, Crab & Charred Scallion Remoulade-10/10! I really enjoyed the taste of the chili! * Corn Griddle Cake 6\10 I was okay but wouldn't be my first choice.* Mushroom Stuffed Quail 10\10! I really enjoyed the mushroom sauce and the Gnocchi! OMG, definitely recommend! I feel we received a VERY good deal during the Happy Hour time! By the time we left I was full and satisfied! I give BIG props to ALL the staff working here! One thing that stuck out to me were how friendly the staff was! They weren't over polite but it was just right! I felt like I met all the staff during my visit here. Tim, the owner was there and mingled with all the customers! GREAT JOB! I had the pleasure of meeting Joel ( the bartender), the beautiful and amazing Patti who was the amazing server, also Ramona who had the most amazing welcoming smile and "the man" Mark who collaborates with Tim in making sure the restaurant is running smoothly! Everyone was just so amazing! Overall, I definitely recommend coming here! They also have a wonderful Wine club for only $15! Does this place get any better!?  Hurry and visit before the whole SF finds out about this place. I am sure once the word gets out this place will be SUPER busy! Until next time! REVIEW 95/196

The damage The damage How you pay! How you pay! See all photos from Porsche C. for Scopo Divino 7/25/2016

I hate to break the 5 star reviews.But, here I am. Breaking the 5 star reviews.I can understand why locals love this spot: it's a much much needed classy, cozy wine bar where you can un"wine" (ha!) at the end of the day. Let's face it, Pac Heights really isn't known for nice bars.Truth be told, I'm not much of a vino person these days since a lot of restaurants/bars tend to hike up the prices of spiked grape juice by at least 50%. However, Scopo's offerings are priced right for the neighborhood and I like that they offer a wine club, wherein you pay a membership fee (a reasonable monthly fee at that) and you get discounts every time you come in. FABULOUS idea. The wine list is curated well and is heavy on the Old World varietals and California ones, with a sprinkling of South American regions and New Zealand too. I can be persuaded to come in here more often, but service needs work. It took us awhile to get our drink order, since our server was having a hard time using the tablet to put our order in stating it was malfunctioning. We understand that and we patiently waited for her to come back but it killed our happy hour buzz because she could've just taken our order and figured it out after. Nevertheless, we enjoyed our glasses of Sophora Brut Rose: it's seriously good! slightly tart with bright ripe strawberry flavors which paired so well with our slow roasted stone fruits in a creamy almond vichyssoise. We suggested to chef Mark that he needs to serve this with a spoon because it won't be classy move to pick up the bowl and lick it clean!I'll let Scopo smooth things out a bit before I return again. And with b. patisserie across the street and core40 nearby, I can go workout, get my kouign amann before hitting up Scopo at 3pm for $1 oysters. Like I said, I could be persuaded ;-)

Sophora Brut Rose (New Zealand, $10 each) Sophora Brut Rose (New Zealand, $10 each) Stone fruits with a creamy almond vichyssoise Stone fruits with a creamy almond vichyssoise 7/18/2016

Scopo Divino, I can't stop thinking about you. I was invited to a couple soft openings throughout the week and let me tell you, SDV is nothing short of amazing. Tim and Erik have done a wonderful job not only with putting the space together (3 years in the making!) but in crafting every charming detail from the ceiling to the trim on the bar. Absolutely beautiful! The ambiance is so warm and inviting, almost feels as if you're in an extension of your home in a cozy living room with big plush comfy couches that will make you think twice (or ten times) about leaving. The space is lovely and intimate. I'd recommend you don't bring a massive group because they don't take reservations, you'll likely be waiting for a while, and it's nice to share with others, haha.  Now, on to the food- my favorite part. The salmon poached in olive oil is absolutely flakey and delicious, I could probably eat this all day. The lobster cavatelli bursts with flavor, and the handmade cavatelli is so toothy, you won't want to stop eating. The hushpuppies are fresh, and crisp. The salad has great contrast in flavors and textures, the quail is absolutely perfect (yes, the gnocchi too!), should I go on? The fried olives are briney and juicy, the roasted cauliflower and scallops are super tender and flavorful. Even the potatoes are so so so so good! Ok, i'll stop because all this raving needs to be experienced in person. Go!Chef Mark Cina is spectacular, quite the "Food Therapist". With restaurants like Saison, Bar Tartine, and Benu under his belt, you know you won't ever have a bad meal. It's apparent he puts his heart (not literally, of course) into every meal he makes. So delicious! Happy Hour starts at 3 with dollar oysters. Yes, DOLLAR oysters. Their wine list is extremely extensive and global. Everyone that works there is at least an L1 Sommeliers, which should tell you they know what they are doing. Ok, last but not least, GET A MEMBERSHIP. Such an amazing deal, great wines, good food, awesome perks, and you (and I both know) you'll be hooked so may as well :)At Scopo Divino, you'll get the best of the best of the best! Opening 7/20/16!!

See all photos from Shereen A. for Scopo Divino 7/12/2016

I was invited to the soft opening tonight which is the first night of 3 nights before they officially open. The decor was nice, I really liked the wine bottle lights above the bar but there just seems to be too much furniture, which makes it feel cramped. Not sure if they were just doing it for the soft opening but it just felt like a lot of the tables didn't belong. The sofa's were nice but some of the arm chairs were big too. Ok enough about the furniture...The food was fantastic. I was able to try the lobster cavatelli, fried olives with lemon ailoii (loved!),chicken, salad and cauliflower. Really great flavors in each dish. Wine. Great variety in wine list but also have beer on tap. They will have happy hour as well as $1 oysters from 3-4:30 daily. They plan on having a wine club with discounts on food and wine but also bottles. Great addition to this neighborhood!!

You must try the Rose from Argentina! You must try the Rose from Argentina! $1 oysters. Fried olives ( my fav) and a rose from Argentina $1 oysters. Fried olives ( my fav) and a rose from Argentina Wine bottle lights Wine bottle lights See all photos from Stephanie T. for Scopo Divino 9/18/2016

Such a lovely, cozy and thoughtful space. Comfy chairs and the nicest staff and owner (Tim!) we loved lounging there, and enjoying a delicious and affordable montepulciano. We will be back, perhaps often!


1000s. That's the exact scientific number of oysters I've eaten since moving to Cleanifreshornia. In other words, more than all y'all. #yeswejustwentthere4. That's how many Flapjack oysters I ate at Scyolopo Blanche Divinoreaux before deciding they're my new fave; I likes mine big milky & briny. #twss #nooystmo #ripseacowakahamahamaBut since we're on the #vice interview tip, I too shall rundown the #dopeaf employees we met (in order of appearance):Name : Job TitleJoel : Mr TV Check PleasePatty Labelle : HBICMark : Jaffe JofferTim : Owner #ripguru #yesfromgangstarrSteve : Of former Bevmo fameYater Yot : #iwish(!_!) Flapjack Oysters $1ea HH ( sauce mignonette! #suckit(^_^) Hushpuppies $7 ( smoked chilis x corn kernels doe.(^_^) Mushroom Stuffed Quail $16 ( #PorscheC I told you I'd rate it a smize.Meat could've been minutely softer. #nitpickingGnocchi could've been a tad crisp. #alsonitpicking(^_^) Decor $0 ( monster maps & cheetah chairs beezys?(-_^) Griddle Cake $4 ( tasty but plain compared to the rest.This place FILLS quickly after work. #twss Even though the atmos is #ashy2classy don't gasp when you see laptops and yoga mats abound. Oh and #dwaynewayne shades (only if I'm there #holla).Furbaby / humanbaby fyi: Limited outdoor 2-tops arfarf! wahwah!

See all photos from Homeydontplaydat C. for Scopo Divino 7/13/2016

Cute little wine bar! Great character. Beautiful interior, very friendly staff. Tim and Eric were both very gracious and kind. We had three appetizers, the peppers with jicama were fantastic! The salmon was also superb - it was in a delicious olive oil sauce, very moist and flavorful. Great ambiance, wonderful food, and a kind staff. We will certainly be back!

More cool maps More cool maps Beautiful artwork on the walls! Beautiful artwork on the walls! 9/20/2016

Had a pleasant night here with a girl friend. Nice interior, tasty food and good wine. The downsides were the bill coming in the form of an in-your-face iPad-like device, where you have to choose the tip right in front of your waiter. And the fact that I have met the owner guy, Tim, three times now and he doesn't recognize me. (Maybe I'm vain, but that didn't feel too neighborly, I have to say). Also the crowd is a bit too Marina (err-my-gerrrd-like-totally!!) for me. I may still try it again one night, but it might not be my thing.

Comment from Tim H. of Scopo Divino Business Owner 9/22/2016 We're glad you and your girl friend had a pleasant night, enjoyed our tasty food and good wine.… We're glad you and your girl friend had a pleasant night, enjoyed our tasty food and good wine.  Thank you for the nice words.If it helps on me not remembering your name, thus far in the less than two months we've been open we have enjoyed more than 1500 different customers (not counting those that paid in cash).  I'm not sure from your note if your name begins with G per your Amazing G profile on Yelp, but can say that of our customers 88 of them have last names beginning with G, another 40 or so with first names staring with G.  I am putting a concerted effort into learning the regulars, in particular those that have joined Club Divino (nearly 200 names and faces in that group alone).  It's a daunting task but I'm doing my best.Regardless my futile attempts at memorizing the entire neighborhood, you and your girl friend will always be welcome, we'll hope to see you back again soon. Read more 9/17/2016

Scopo Di Vino is an exceptional business. The company has built a brand that is sustainable and consistent, in a very short matter of time. I have been coming here for roughly a month, and the business had exceeded expectations every time. Each time I come to Scopo Di Vino, there is a new offering and experience. The restaurant/wine bar will be a staple in the SF community for years to come.


I was honored to be invited to the soft opening at Scopo Divino in mid-July. The owners Tim and Erik--who are really "wine therapists"--worked for nearly 3 years to bring their vision to life, and the result is beyond heaven. The craft poured into every detail, from the purple walls to the tin paneled ceiling to the handmade light fixtures made of halved wine bottles, is impeccable.The wine menu is just, well, divine. They have selections from Argentina to Australia, both well-known and unheard-of varietals (I didn't know there was such a thing as "orange wine," for example). And yet, amazingly, the selection is approachable and fascinating, and the staff are experts at recommending the perfect wine to match your mood and taste.The food is equally extraordinary, as SDV managed to snag the perfect chef. I experienced the salmon bites, miniature hushpuppies, shrimp a la plancha, roasted cauliflower with scallop, and the heirloom tomato salad. I will be returning, again and again, and I am so excited for the what the future holds. Wine bars may be a dime a dozen in this city, but Scopo Divino is nothing less than a treasure and San Francisco is lucky to have it.


I have a new favorite wine bar!  Ambiance, great wine and great food... this place has it all.  I love when wine bars have comfortable sofas, and Scopo Divino has plenty.  The wine list is fantastic (it will take me a long, long time to sample all the wines they have by the glass) and the food is outstanding.  I'm particularly in love with the Corn and Smoked Chili Hush Puppies (for bar bites) and the Olive Oil Poached Wild Salmon.  And, of great importance to me, it's not particularly loud, making conversation easy.  I cannot recommend this place highly enough.


I came into Scopo Divino for the soft opening and was thrilled from the second I entered the door. I was greeted warmly by their staff and was immediately sat down on really comfy couches. The wine list is extensive and very worldly. Why travel when you could taste wines from around the world sitting in the same spot! The food menu looks amazing and the few dishes I ordered were decadent and delicious. The decor is very charming and welcoming. It's like game of thrones meets your living room. I cannot wait to come back with all my friends and continue to try everything Scopo Divino has to offer!


This is not your average wine bar, just take a look at the tin paneled ceiling.  They have seats at the bar, tables inside and outside, as well as couches and armchairs.  We tried three wines recommended by Tim, who is clearly knowledgeable (a trained sommelier) and enthusiastic about wine and finding something that you will like.  The Pinot Noir from Willamette Valley he suggested I thought was a little subtle at first, but perhaps similar to some music or people, it really grew on me.  My wife loved the two Rosé's she tried, from Provence and Mendoza, Argentina.  Both wonderfully dry but not acidic, but surprisingly different.  Because of Happy Hour (3-6pm) our wine was 20% off.But the food was the real surprise - you don't expect a wine bar to have amazing food, but they do.  The $1 happy hour oysters were excellent - plump, firm, and delicious with the accompanying mignonette.  I started with three, but had to follow that with six more.  Next was the Fried Oyster & Tasso Ham Tartine - there are so many different elements to what looks like a simple mini-sandwich, from the totally genius oyster aioli to house made focaccia, and shaved scallions, and they all work wonderfully together with no single flavor dominating over the others.  Utterly amazing and unexpected.We also had the Lobster Cavatelli - tasty, with big chunks of lobster, corn, and a savory pea sauce.  The Wild Gulf Shrimp a La Plancha were big and juicy, with that undescribable flavor of shrimp that has been seared at high heat.  Ours had the bonus flavor of seared diver sea scallops which has to be a first for a $13 small plate, and it came with perfectly crispy haute cuisine hush puppies.The portions for the small plates are actually decent, which makes them a bargain - I would have been happy to be served any of the items we ordered in a fine restaurant.Service was great, there was always someone to help us when we wanted, and both Tim and Erik were friendly and happy to make recommendations or give informed answers to my questions about the food and wine.

$1 happy hour oysters $1 happy hour oysters Wild Gulf Shrimp a La Plancha Wild Gulf Shrimp a La Plancha Fried Oyster & Tasso Ham Tartine (1 of 2) Fried Oyster & Tasso Ham Tartine (1 of 2) 7/14/2016

Fabulous place!  Excellent wine selection from across the map including an impressive library list and a French rose that blew us away.  The food was delicious-- lobster cavatelli with charred corn, Roman salad and heirloomTomato salad with fresh ricotta were our favorites.  Tim and Joel were welcoming and extremely knowledgable.  Lovely soft lighting and cozy seat options.  Kudos!


Best with a group of two, I've been a couple times now and it usually gets a little crowded right after happy hours. The wines are nice, there's a large enough section and the staff seems knowledgeable if you're looking for a recommendation. I was pleasantly surprised that The food is tasty. I love the corn cake & a friend was raving about the oysters though I didn't have that. The lobster pasta is solid, probably needs a bit more thickness in the sauce but tasty.


My favorite wine bar in SF.  Comfortably elegant atmosphere, delicious food, and fantastic wines.  Stopped in on a Sunday for happy hour, had a delightful Sancerre, cheese and charcuterie plate, and hush puppies - all delicious!  Fantastic and knowledgeable staff.  I will be back!

The wine list! The wine list! Happy hour menu Happy hour menu Comfortably elegant ambiance Comfortably elegant ambiance 8/23/2016

Great new wine bar (with food!) in the neighborhood.  Happy hour is 20% off wine (and $1 oysters, but that does nothing for me) until 6pm. Good spot.

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