See’s Candies - Candy Stores - 210 El Camino Real, South San Francisco, CA

See’s Candies   - Candy Stores - 210 El Camino Real, South San Francisco, CA

#69 Can't go wrong with a box of chocolates for your loved ones during the holidays. It will cost you about $20 for a pound if you chose your own chocolate. If you have a gift certificate, they base it off of quantity. Basically they fill it up as much as possible. If not, the price is based off the weight of the pieces. My favorites: - Scotchmallow (only comes in dark chocolate)- Caramel- Key lime truffle - Cafe latte lollipop  - Milk molasses chips- Toffeette - Cashew brittle - California brittle - Peanut brittle - Anything brittle :)- Banana nut chocolate (new flavor) - tastes like the Ben 'n Jerry's ice cream!Props to the hard working ladies here. Their systems were down today but they were still friendly and tried to make everyone happy by passing out samples of their choice. I even forgot to use my coupon so the lady gladly returned my purchase so that I can use it. Even though it was busy, she still took the time to do that and she wasn't bitter about it at all. Make sure you come early because they do tend to run out of the wrapping paper/decorations during the holidays.

They ran out of the spring wrapping paper :( They ran out of the spring wrapping paper :( Mother's day tin Mother's day tin See all photos from Kirstie P. for See's Candies 1/18/2016

My wife loves See's Candies so we drop by this location every so often. Say what you want about the actual sweets themselves but it's endearing to come in and see the same ladies working here in their white uniforms happily offering free samples!Be warned though, lines can get long/slow.


See sees candies, we are so spoiled toLive so close. So you go into the shop you are instantly blasted with the smell of chocolate,. On the left our pre-packaged chocolates lights darks semi sweet chocolate Caramell's truffles by the pound or by 2 pound boxes. On the right as you pass the impulse item. Or you can go to the counter and choose to make your own one or 2 pound box at the end of the day or end of choosing the lovely ladies wearing the sees candy outfits weigh your box in charge appropriately. Don't forget they even give you samples, score!!!


Love the product.  However purchasing from out of state and unable to use your credit card is not possible. Very disappointed that they are not keeping up with the modern times. Can only use in store with a "swipe" of the card.  The shipping cost is ridiculous, as it is almost the cost of a 1lb box of candy($19),  shipping cost is $15.95.  I spoke to the Corp. Office, they say that's the way the company does business.No options, just got to love the candy enough to pay the price!!!!


I just love their caramel milk chocolate it's the best.  Their lollipops are my favorite I always get the caramel or toffee.  The employees are always nice and friendly.  It's nice that it's right next to the See's candy factory so that way you know it's made fresh daily.  The chocolate smell outside the factory is always refreshing.


I love Sees in all its forms and locations. This one is kinda cool because it's attracted to the actual Sees factory. The store and the entrance to the corporate offices feature neat, Art-deco touches. Look at the details and you'll see what I mean.


After so many visits here...for birthdays, holidays & special occasions or just because I was CRAVING some SEES CANDIES.Its pretty dangerous to be working just down the street from Sees. Have to have a lot of self control.I just love this store/factory. Its just so clean and the staff is so friendly and accommodating.For Christmas, Valentine's day & Easter just look up on the roof!I LOVE SEES CANDIES!!!!


My husband bought me 3 boxes of Chocolate from there, ( don't know why, I only like European gourmet chocolate ), I opened one box, tried to like it, but it was too sweet for me. There was a paper in the box, stated for any reason I don't like it, I can bring back to the store and return it. When I brought the other two unopened boxes and returned them, the staff's attitude was very rude, I explained to her it was too sweet for me, she was blunt and said "ALL CHOCOLATE ARE SWEET". It is not right, she must never have tried any French or Belgium gourmet chocolate.


I love going to Sees's Candies.  I feel so happy every time I visit this place.  It's definitely old fashion and very authentic.  I love the ladies there too.  They are so friendly and provide great service.  Even when there's a long line and I have to wait for my candies, the ladies give out free samples and it kept me happy.  I don't know of another chocolate shop that's like this.  I'm going to keep coming here until I die.  Then I'll die happy.   Hehehe


As I write this review, I'm snacking on some Kona mochas...yum :)Call me biased but See's is the best chocolate and this is the main factory so the candies are fresh. Growing up with See's everywhere I took it for granted and the convenience of this location. Driving by at the right time of the day and smelling sugar and chocolate in the air served as a reminder: "don't forget to get some chocolate!".  I always looked forward to the different holiday occasions because someone spent a lot of time putting up the decor on the top of the building. It's a cute little gesture that not many companies nowadays take the time to do, only resorting to window displays. The workers have always been friendly and almost always give you a coupon to come back. The shelves are neatly stacked and adequately stocked for your sugar fix..or gifts for others.


This is the See's Candies watering hole aka the factory store and also where the administrative offices are located.  They have all the chocolate your little heart desires at this location:  the gift boxes, lollypops, individual bags of candy and an extensive selection of chocolates to choose fromThe service here is pleasant and accommodating.  The best thing is being able to make your own 1lb. or 5 lb. box of candy by picking out individual pieces and quantities.  This can also be dangerous too if you know what I mean.  It can't be more of a threat than the location of this store is so close to home though!  May God bless me with some self control!

2/9/2011 Updated review

I love this place, I felt the I needed to update after a few more visits.I went in today to get a few bits for Valentines day (White Chocolate Truffles and Milk Chocolate Hearts). I had a look on the website beforehand so I went knowing exactly what I wanted. The items were really easy to find and bigger than I expected which was great.While waiting in the line to pay I was offered one of those wonderful free samples. I couldn't quite catch what it was but it was a lovely naughty afternoon treat. Service was again excellent and very friendly.I can understand why people love See's so much as they have a great selection and their staff are amazing. The Chocolate's are not the best I have ever had but they are some of the best I have had in California. What can I say? I'm from Europe where amazing Chocolate is everywhere.**Current special offer**Store's are currently giving away coupons with purchases - a free Tote bag with $15 purchase between 18 Feb - 20 March 2011.Coupons have also been given away via the Facebook fan page. Here are the links for them:$2 off purchase of $25 or more in…$4 off purchase of $40 or more vis the…

Spring time Truffles (Raspberry & Lemon) $5.65 for 1 box ( contains 5) Spring time Truffles (Raspberry & Lemon) $5.65 for 1 box ( contains 5) See all photos from Emmalouise B. for See's Candies 1/1/2011 Previous review My husband and I have only visited this store once so far but I do love the chocolate!We first… My husband and I have only visited this store once so far but I do love the chocolate!We first visited San Bruno in March this year and I spotted the huge building and that when we moved here we HAD to go visit.As part of hubby's works do he won a voucher for a 1lb box of See's in a raffle so we went and choose our own custom box. We got 22 chocolates which doesn't seem like a lot seeing as they normally charge $19 for it but it was free so yay!I loved the Cocoanut Buttercream and Milk Chocolate Mint patty. Only thing I was disappointed with was I requested a Mint White Chocolate in the box and I when I bit into it I found it was Lemon... or Lime. Maybe it was down to our British accent the lady didn't understand but that's ok - all the more reason to go back.The lady server was very friendly and just as we were about to walk out the door she called us back.. thinking there may be a problem. But were pleasantly surprised that she apologised for not offering us a free sample! Excellent. I opted for the Egg Nog Truffle (not having tried Egg Nog before) It was ok, but nothing special. Read more 8/25/2013

They Do Not Offer Tours!we had hoped that we could sign up for a tour but they do not do that here :(I only gave them 3 stars because customer service was horrible. Two ladies to help a huge drove of people caused us to wait almost 30 minutes to get some chocolate goodness. I like the summer variety but they did not have a box and the lady could not make me one up ( because she was lazy , not because they did not have the chocolate )and for gosh sakes....please shave that mustache girl!!! Talking to you , it was all I could focus on.During our wait, many people tried to cut in line to " just quickly buy something " if the people in line did not want to do the same????????What are people thinking!!!??


Best chocolate around but this place is no secret and always crowded even at 10am on a Tuesday! That being said it is torture waiting for your sample. haha. Overall had some nice ladies assist me & a couple of pushy, loud ones but all just trying to get the line moving so that I can appreciate. And the treats are very fresh since the factory is right there! I live too close to here for comfort - hope the scale doesn't creep up on me.


I just had the best experience at See's today. After giving up sugar for a week (trying to be good for my glucose test), I was spoiled silly by the best customer service ever. I was assisted by Karen who made me feel a super star. I originally came in to reward myself with some Double Caramels, but to my dismay - they were sold out! Karen refused to let me go home sad, so she pointed out everything that was close to it, and let me sample each to make sure I even liked it. We talked about the whole seasonal thing, so she showed me all the other ones so I know to take advantage of them before they pull a Double Caramel on me. I truly just appreciated her genuine kindness and enthusiasm. Of course I'll be returning for my chocolate, but I'll also be returning for her. Thanks, Karen!


My Ratings:Quantity: 4 - Lots of choicesQuality: 5 - Yummy1Price: 4 - AffordableLocation: 5 - Smells good and cleanParking: 4 - Plenty of parking spacesService: 4 - Really friendly and attentiveOverall:  Cool spot, lots of choices, nice & friendly staff.My Opinion/Story:We had a gift certificate and was in the area. We were also craving for sweets.. this place is nice, open, big, friendly staff and smells good.  What's not to love about chocolates and See's is one of the yummiest out there..


Every December since I started yelping, I draft a review for See's--a constant from my childhood, thanks to my chocoholic mother, and the reason I gain 5 lbs every single Christmas--but I never seem to finish my review. In the spirit of resolutions, my first resolve is to finally post this!It's not artisanal or gourmet or hand-crafted (buzz words to justify high prices.) It's amusing to me that a snooty Godiva worker once told me, "You know they put wax in their chocolate, right?!" And I'm well aware that I'm inflicting cruel & unusual punishment to my arteries/stomach by consuming these goodies in half pound increments. Despite all that noise, I still munch away with reckless abandon.So if anyone would like to gift me a box, my perfect mix would be heavy on butterscotch squares & divinity puffs, & would include: coconut bon bons, milk bordeaux, milk buttercream, milk chocolate cherry, mayfair, scotchmallows, & scotch kisses. Cheap at about $16-$17/pound; even cheaper when you pick up gift certificates from costco, bringing the price down to $13-$14/pound. Happy holidays & happy eating!


First time at this place, the one with the factory, finally. (Too bad they do NOT offer tours!)Super friendly people.  Great showroom.Summer Time chocolates for the WIN! (Limited edition, so go get some!!!!!!)


There is not much to say about this See's candy, except for the fact that it kick's ass. If I'm not mistaken, one of the main kitchens to make the candies is in this building. Another perk of course are the samples that you can get-- and when you shop around for your candies you can sample what they taste like first. My personal favorite is Milk Bordeux and Butterscotch. It's a cute building in the middle of elco, and the folks that work here are dressed in the classic white dress and black cardigan. I actually applied here once (but my friend's the one who got lucky!). Anyways, they have tons of ready to go packed items like peanut brittle, pre-wrapped packs of the one pounds, luxury gold packs, and small packs like the toffettes and raisinette things. I like asking for a half pound box and making my own selection and having them wrap it in beautiful paper just for the heck of it. PS: When you drive by this place before a major holiday--- look at the roof!


Wish they did factory tours.  If they did, I'd give them 5 stars!  They have a factory next door to this retail shop.  About 50% of See's candies are made at this factory.  The other 50% are made down in L.A.My favorite See's candies are just about anything with nuts.  The dark almond, dark peanut, milk chocolate almond, and milk chocolate peanut candies are the fabulous!  I never get tired of them!The staff here is really friendly and helpful!  Definitely stop on in for your chocolate fix!

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