Shabu House - Japanese - 354 Clement St, Inner Richmond, San Francisco, CA - Restaurant Reviews - Menu

Shabu House   - Japanese - 354 Clement St, Inner Richmond, San Francisco, CA - Restaurant Reviews - Menu

On the hottest day EVAR, jk but its been awhile since we had nice weather in SF, we have this genius idea to eat shabu.  Like F yeah, let's cool down with meat and hot steam blowing in our face.AYCE is the ONLY way to go when shabuing.  Spicy Miso was not spicy at all.  Beef plates all day.  Fresh veggies, fiber up.  Half way through our meal, I received a text from a random asking if I can accompany him to a wedding on our first date.  Was I overwhelmed with joy?  Butterflies?  Excitement?  Nah, just gas.  Sometimes you gotta let it out to let more in.Friendly staff.  Nice location; you'll always see someone you know when dining here.


The food is fine to good - though honestly all the meats kinda taste the same - but the service is so. slow. I think they're severely understaffed.One thing they do have going for them is that they have a lot of space; definitely easier to fit a group in here than at the Shabu Club a few blocks away.I came at 7pm on a Sunday night in a group of 10. We had reservations, but you could probably walk in without much of a wait (maybe not with a party of 10, but in general); it was lively but not crowded.We all did the meat AYCE meal. I tried all three meats (beef, lamb, and pork), the veggies, and both broths. And it's all good. However, service was crazy slow - especially considering it's not even cooked! That was really frustrating. They also didn't have very many food options, which probably wouldn't have bothered me if service had been better, but as it stands I likely won't be back.


The food is great -- good meat, veggies, and broth.My beef (no pun intended) is with the service. The servers didn't smile once; they were disinterested and utterly inattentive. Our empty plates sat for, no joke, a half hour before being cleared.I think this has everything to do with the fact that tip is automatically included. This provides zero incentive to give good service, since they know they're getting 15% no matter what.


My shabu addiction is real, thanks to Shabu House! I'm honestly surprised that the staff don't recognize my boyfriend and I by now, considering we come at least once every 3-4 weeks. To be quite honest,  I wasn't a huge fan of shabu before coming here. I grew up eating Taiwanese hotpot all day every day (not actually), so I was used to tons of veggies, fish balls, noodles and most importantly, SAUCES! Once I starting coming here with my boyfriend and my friends, however, I got hooked on the meat. The meat quality stays pretty consistent and the giant plates of veggies they continue to refill for me really satisfies the cravings. Another plus is their option for AYCD. The sake is usually pretty good and it's honestly so worth it, even if you only drink one sake and one beer IMO. If you're craving something warm and soupy on a cold day, and also looking for an opportunity to get turnt with your friends.. shabu house is the place to go!


Expensive and bad service.Came in for a reservation at 8:30 for a table of 10. Rest of the party didn't show up until 9, which was our fault, but the waitress didn't need to be rude and give attitude to the late comers. $33 for AYCE, but not drink is a bit pricey, but the quality of meat was nice and the plate of veggies and noodles was pretty large. Probably would give one more star if it was a little cheaper for the AYCE, but not drink.


Shabu House sounded like a great idea on a rainy day in SF. However, it turned out to be the longest 3+ hour AYCE dinner for 2 people. Everything from:water refills, soup refills, getting the bill, paying for the bill took longer than necessary on a Monday night. At first, I thought the lack of service was due to the restaurant being understaffed, since they had 2 servers working the entire restaurant. But once I finally received the bill, I realized that the servers just simply didn't really care about their jobs. Who can blame them, 15% is automatically added to all tables of 1-4, and 18% is added for 5+ people. Essentially, the servers don't have to do anything to earn their tips. I mean, one of the servers was eating spring rolls behind the bar and watching the Warriors game. Seriously? I guess I don't blame her, as it was a pretty good game against the Minnesota Timberwolves. But next time, please eat in the kitchen, or at least pretend to see me when I'm trying to get your attention.Damage: $32/person for AYCE. $40 after tax and gratuity. Not the best cuts of meats, as some of the meats were sliced too thick, making it tough to chew.Alas, my first time here will be my last. My favorite place for shabu is still Mums - the original home of shabu shabu in SF!

AYCE every day AYCE every day 4/1/2016

SHABU SHABU! My love for shabu is real. It is my #1 to go when we don't have anything to eat at home. I literally eat shabu shabu at least 2-3 times each month, despite what season we're in.There is Happy Hour 5-6pm 15% off your entire order! The choices of soup base: traditional water, spicy miso, or ginger chicken broth. While the meat options are: American style Kobe beef, lamb, combo of the two + pork. And have no fear, there is also vegetarian shabu shabu! Each comes with assorted vegetables, udon, and rice. I normally order: Spicy Miso with American Style Kobe Beef. The sauces they have are amazing too! I use the ponzu (black color) to dip my veggies and the sesame paste (brown color) for the meat. I literally drink the sauces - they are that good. You can also ask for more veggies if you need! To top things off, you also get complementary ice cream! Can dinner get any better?! I recommend trying Shabu House, rain or shine! :)

Spicy Miso and American Style Kobe Beef Spicy Miso and American Style Kobe Beef 4/26/2016

Consistent and reliable restaurant for good shabu.Pros:Moderately priced for quality foodTasty, flavorful soupsFilling meal for a valueSpacious and cleanCons:Tip is included in the billRecommendations:Spicy Miso (not too spicy)Ginger chicken (flavor without the spice)"Kobe" Beef (getting all beef next time)Lamb (disappointed though)Tip:This place will teach you to always check your bill. I repeat, this place will teach you to always check your bill!Shabu House produces quality food at a reasonable price. I didn't notice the stink faces that so many mention...guess I got lucky!

04.21.2016 * Lamb and Beef, large 04.21.2016 * Lamb and Beef, large 7/15/2016

A bit on the pricier side at $33 for all you can eat, Shabu House offers you a selection of American style Kobe beef (aka fancy name but not really fancy because not from Japan), lamb and pork. Included with the meal was a side plate with all your hotpot essentials (Napa cabbage, spinach, tofu, udon noodles, enoki mushroom, carrots). The quality of the food was as expected for the price. Nothing really knocked my socks off to be completely honest. The American Kobe beef was tender but if you're gonna put Kobe in front of the beef, it better be ballin' know what I mean. The lamb didn't have that strong lamb flavor, which i think personally is a good thing, and the pork was soft and juicy as well. Service was average, the waiters/waitresses didn't go out of their way to do anything, nor did they ignore us. As an establishment, the place is pretty dim, which kind of bothered me because it was hard to see what was in my broth sometimes, but it wasn't really a major hindrance on my overall experience. I'd definitely come back here but not often. That $33 is too stronk.

The side plate and an order of the Kobe beef The side plate and an order of the Kobe beef 6/17/2016

Not a place to bring kids. The AYCE for children is $20 (my daughter is 6). I asked if they had a smaller portion of the entrees and the answer to that? No. Hmmm what if a family dines and they have a younger child that doesn't eat hot pot? I guess, don't come here? Cause it's for sure not on my places to come back to for a family dinner.

This chicken teriyaki bowl $17! The layer of chicken u see is it. The rest was a big bowl filled w rice. This chicken teriyaki bowl $17! The layer of chicken u see is it. The rest was a big bowl filled w rice. Shabu time! Shabu time! 5/2/2016

Easy to get a reservation on Yelp, about 5 days in advance (I didn't try for any earlier, so I'm not sure if it's harder after that). I learned happy hour-- 15% off the bill-- was from 5-6, so we went for a 5:30 table for 4. I confirmed via text/SeatMe, but the restaurant also called-- it being election season, I ignored the call, but all was fine when we arrived. Our companions were the experts here, so they told us what to get-- we each had a regular sized plate of our meat of choice (beef, lamb, pork or combo of two). We also chose the spicy miso broth and rice. Each table setting came with a bowl of shoyu (a sweet soy) and a sesame paste that our friends referred to as "crack" more than once throughout the evening. I'm not a shabu aficionado by any means, but this was all pretty delicious. I followed our friends' advice in adding green onions and garlic paste to my shoyu, and dipped my freshly swished meat into both shoyu and sesame paste. Lots of veggies came with it, too-- I had a hard time finishing everything (and ultimately gave up). I'm a medium-portioned eater and pushed myself to almost-finish a regular, but if my dining partner and I had agreed on a meat we could've shared a large and been fine.Our meal also came with our choice of red bean or green tea ice cream. Tasty!


Pros:- 15% off your bill from 5-6pm everyday, even weekends!- Quality of meat is always well above average and tasty- Larger than the Geary and Ocean locations so it's much quicker to get seated, especially if you're a party of 2. - You really can't go wrong with the ponzu sauce and the spicy miso broth.- Plenty of flat screens make it a nice place to simultaneously eat and cheer on your Bay Area teams. GO DUBS!Cons:- We were told an extra plate of meat would be in the neighborhood of $14 so we opted to share that when we finished our own plates and were still hungry. When the bill came, we saw that we were charged $17.49 for that plate. I didn't think our waitress was shady, but it definitely came across like she isn't familiar with the restaurant's pricing. - This location gives noticeably less meat than the SH on OceanNeutral:- A 15% gratuity is automatically applied for parties with fewer than 6 people. I typically tip 20% for dinner, so no complaints from me!


Shabu House on Geary will always be my first love, but I really only go to the Clement locations now because the wait is always shorter (for a party of 2, it's like 15 minutes on a Friday or Saturday night) and the location is huge. The servers here are also super attentive and nice -- Katie is my favorite!Like I said, this location is pretty good for parties of 2 as they have a ton of 2-seaters (which I think they can covert to 4-seaters with an extension thing). They also recently opened a tapioca place inside the restaurant, and you can order that to go with your meal if you'd like. I've yet to try the tapioca but have heard good things about it. There are plenty of TVs inside, so you can watch the game and enjoy your meal.My go-to order is: spicy miso soup (you HAVE to get this) and a regular order of beef. The beef is always "fresh," nicely marbled, and sliced super thin. If I'm feeling extra hungry, I'll go for the large. The lamb is also really good here -- it's never too gamey and the texture is never grainy. I've never had the pork, but my friends like it. If you like kabocha squash/pumpkin, you can ask for it! It doesn't come with the veggie plate though );All in all, this is where I go when I'm craving some shabu on a cold SF night. Parking in Richmond is always going to suck, but Shabu House is worth it.


Came here for my first time on a Friday right around 6pm and surprisingly there was no wait. My friend rushed in to ask if we could still apply the Happy Hour deal of 15% off your entire bill (between 5-6pm) since it was literally a few minutes before 6pm and we weren't seated yet. They let my friend order first and then set up a table. Meanwhile, I was driving around looking for parking and parking around this area is the WORST THING EVER (Be warned if you ever decide to come here during peak dinner hours).I was a little disappointed at first when I heard that there were only two types of broth besides water: spicy miso and ginger chicken. I don't eat spicy stuff and ginger isn't the most appealing thing to me. Regardless, my friend ordered half and half since there's only two broth options. Both the soups were actually really tasty and delicious!Now onto the meat... I got a large plate of the Kobe beef and my friend got a large plate of the lamb. The Kobe beef was so good!!! You could taste the quality of the meat and a large plate made me pretty full (along with the veggie plate). My friend said the lamb was really good as well.The dipping sauces here are bomb!! The peanut sauce tasted better than any shabu place I've ever been to. The ponzu sauce here is good too but it's a little on the tangier side and doesn't have any hint of sweetness like other places. Always add the green onions and minced garlic into your ponzu sauce! It'll make it taste much better.* They give you a scoop of free ice cream at the end! Red bean all the way :)I'll definitely be coming back here again but hopefully I'll get luckier with parking next time.

Half spicy miso, half ginger chicken Half spicy miso, half ginger chicken Kobe beef! Kobe beef! Plate of veggies Plate of veggies 2/21/2016

Food (3.5/5): I ordered the regular lamb, and my friend ordered the veggie shabu shabu entree. Veggies (napa cabbage, spinach, enoki, baby carrot, tofu, shiitake) were really fresh, and the lamb was sliced to a good thinness. I think the veggie shabu came with a few extra veggies, including kabocha. We did half ginger chicken broth and half spicy miso. Not as flavorful as I would've liked, especially the ginger chicken. Normally if a broth is really good I don't need any sauces, but I definitely made use of the sesame and ponzu sauces that came with the meal.Service (3/5): The waitstaff were all nice, but I disagree with a few of their policies. First of all, even if you request water, they won't come by to refill it unless you ask. I kinda feel like if I asked for water in the first place and I'm chugging it, then I'd want a refill, or at least for them to offer first haha. They also didn't do a good job of noticing when our broth was running really low. I do like that they refill the broth with the actual broth, instead of just hot water though. I'm pretty sure our meal also came with rice, but neither of us got any. Not sure if we have to ask for that too. We did get ice cream at the end, though!As other Yelpers have noted, 15% tip is already included in the check. I'm not a fan of this policy at all - I should be able to tip based on the quality of the service.Value (3.5/5): Veggie shabu shabu is $16, regular lamb shabu shabu is $19. Pretty pricey but I feel like that's common in SF. I think AYCE would've been more worth haha, especially if you're going to add on items - I added on kabocha for around $3.50 and I got a few tiny pieces.


Larger space than the other location, but service is worse and amount of food is less (and possibly less fresh?). I remember my vegetable plate at the Geary location was piled high whereas the plate here looked sort of sad. Some of the spinach looked a bit wilted and they BARELY gave any udon. The meat was comparable and still delicious. Quantity was also generous, so that made up for the disappointing veggies. Overall if the other location was too packed, I'd come back. That said, I would really recommend they replace some of the current servers. They were noticeably less enthusiastic and friendly than the ones at the Geary location. Given that they auto charge 15% gratuity, I think it leaves a bitter taste in one's mouth for having to pay for solemn & inattentive service.


The best hot pot in SF. The spicy broth is delicious and not overly spicy, the meat is cut thin and is beautifully marbled, the veggies are abundant, and the complimentary ice cream at the end is just enough to cleanse your pallet. All you can eat & drink for $44- there is no better deal than that! (oh, except for the fact that you get 15% off your bill during happy hour. Amazing).


Terrible service. We didn't have enough food to eat. And it's an all you can eat Shabu Shabu. We ask for more, none were given. They served you once and they stop serving you.  They just ignored you. Definitely won't come back here anymore. Felt like got robbed. And the food is not extraordinary. Normal stuff.


Love this location because it's never as busy as their original Geary location for some reason and the service and food are consistently good. I always order the regular kobe beef with spicy miso broth for $17.95, but they also offer lamb or pork and chicken ginger broth or hot water. The meals come with veggies, udon, rice, and green tea or red bean ice cream too! They also have an AYCE+D option for $34.99 if I remember correctly. Shabu House is still my favorite place for shabu. The meat and veggies are always fresh and the broth is always flavorful. I just wish they had dividers at all the tables and not just separate pots at the counter!

Regular Kobe beef with spicy miso broth Regular Kobe beef with spicy miso broth 5/16/2016

Food (as always 4.5 stars)Sitting at the bar and having the Shabu House employees eat Edaname in front of you? 0 Stars.That's just tacky. I don't mind employees eating at the kitchen or hiding elsewhere, but just plain site while I'm sitting at the bar is a No No.I'd recommend the staff take the snacks elsewhere. Anywhere but in front of me, while I'm paying for my food.Thanks!

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