Sightglass Coffee Stand - Coffee & Tea - 1 Ferry Building Marketplace, Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA

Sightglass Coffee Stand   - Coffee & Tea - 1 Ferry Building Marketplace, Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA

Soo glad sightlgass has decided to open shop at the ferry building on Saturday mornings.  The coffee menu is pretty much the same as the shops located in mission and soma.  I had the vanilla iced cold brew, very nice vanilla flavor, it tasted just the same as at their store.  Prices are a little steep for coffee togo, but the cold brew and espresso drinks are way better than blue bottle.  Blue bottle is has too light of a roast and their cold brew tastes watery.  Cheers to sightglass!


The line for coffee at Blue Bottle was stupid long, so I was pleased to find Sightglass' Coffee Stand, nicely situated right outside the main doors of the Ferry Farmers Market Building.I asked for iced coffee. She asked what kind of milk. I asked for it black - no milk. She said, well it's concentrated so we don't serve it black. Girlfriend. I drink so much iced coffee/cold brew - I know it's concentrated (that's what ice & water or for - to dilute it). I didn't want to argue with the girl because that's not my style, so I asked for skim milk.  FYI - they only have whole & almond milk. Cool, I'll go with the whole milk.Was it delicious? Absolutely. I rarely drink coffee with milk, however this tasted like candy! No sugar was added - straight up cold brew concentrate and organic whole milk. I was pleasantly surprised and could have easily consumed another. If you're near the ferry building, stop by Sightglass. The staff isn't the warmest, but if you're into quality coffee and are looking for a "sweet" treat, try the iced coffee with milk, you won't be disappointed.

Coffee with Milk // they won't serve it to you black... I tried. Coffee with Milk // they won't serve it to you black... I tried. 9/18/2015

My conversation with the Cashier on Saturday, September 12th a little after 12 noon. (This is not verbatim, but you get the idea.)Me: Can I get a triple espresso?Cashier: We can't fit three shots in a cup.Me: Okay, what about me a double then?Cashier: Sure. That'll be $3.25.(Looking at the menu, I see an espresso is $3.25. Naturally, I'm a little confused.) Me: Is that the price of a double?Cashier: So you want two shots?Me: Yes.(I see the Cashier giving the baristas two tiny espresso cups.)Me: Can you put both shots in one big cup? I'm going to for a walk so I'd rather carry one cup versus two tiny cups.Cashier: Sure. That's $3.25.At this point, I just give up! Either I'll get one shot or two for the price of one. After getting my shot(s) in a larger coffee cup, I'm confused as to why they wouldn't give me a triple. I mean, I know their espresso is strong, but I needed caffeine! Did they think I didn't really want three espressos in one cup? On the bright side, I love super strong espresso, so I enjoyed the drink.Good coffee, but they need to work on their customer service. That was one of the weirdest exchanges I've had in a while.

Espresso ($3.25) Espresso ($3.25) 1/21/2016

Best espresso I have had in the US. I mean, seriously. This is great coffee. Located on the street side of the Ferry Building when they're having the Farmers Market.

Sightglass at the Ferry Building Sightglass at the Ferry Building Terrific espresso from Sightglass Terrific espresso from Sightglass 7/5/2015

One of several coffee options at the Farmers' Market on Saturdays at the Ferry Building.  In Los Angeles, I buy their beans at Blacktop Coffee.  But, they don't have a cafe out in LA so I was excited when I saw this stand.During a recent trip I concluded my morning run at the Ferry Building so I could check out the Farmers' Market.  First stop was coffee.  I saw Blue Bottle of course but did a loop all around before committing and that's when I spotted Sightglass.  I had a CAPPUCCINO and it was so smooth.  I was definitely tempted to order another but there was so much more to try!

Cappuccino Cappuccino 7/28/2015

The cups have intriguing designs. The cold cups have a sketch of large framed glasses.They roast their own coffee beans.They only offer whole milk and almond milk.They serve cold brew. But not JUST cold brew... vanilla iced cold brew....All the signs of hipster coffee, and as hipsters take their coffee very seriously, I was almost certain that Sightglass would have good coffee before even tasting it.I got the cappuccino ($4) and boo got the cold brew ($4), both with almond milk. Both the hot and cold drinks were excellent; the coffee is distinctive and blends nicely with the lightly sweetened almond milk. Pricey but worth it for the quality (especially since Starbucks prices keep creeping up).I've had Sightglass espresso before at Bitter+Sweet cafe in Cupertino, but my first time trying their coffee at one of their locations was their Ferry Building coffee stand during the elaborate weekend farmer's market with a waterfront view. Classic SF scene that seems perfectly normal, but makes tourists swoon and leave their heart in San Francisco.

Cappuccino, $4 with almond milk Cappuccino, $4 with almond milk 1/4/2016

Okay, this was my first cup of pour-over coffee from Sightglass Coffee at the 1 Ferry Building Marketplace in SF and I was not disappointed. It was a cold Saturday morning and the wait was short, which was not the case over at the Blue Bottle line so we chose to try this place instead. The coffee took a few minutes which is part of the ritual, watching the barista make my coffee.  It smelled wonderful and the cold air made me want to hold my cup as a hand warmer once I got my morning magic.  The service was very good and with a smile even though my server was obviously cold and shivering she had an excellent attitude.  We ended up really needing coffee this morning so I ended up going back later for a second round and same experience. I actually like this coffee just as well as Blue Bottle, although my wife does insist Blue Bottle is better. The price was $3.50 for a coffee which is fine for this type of coffee experience.I would go back to Sightglass Coffee for another coffee fix anytime!


I had been waiting to try Sightglass on my trip to the Bay Area, but I was all around disappointed, at least with the market location. The cold brew is pre-sweetened, which was unfortunate, and odd, but I tried it anyway. Maybe it's because I drink my coffee black, but it just wasn't very good. It had more of a sweetener taste than actual sugar. They offered to replace it with an iced americano, which was nice of them, but it also just fell flat.Blue Bottle is probably a comparable coffee stop, just around the corner, and it was just all around better and consistent the entire trip.Maybe the full store-front Sightglass locations are better, but this one just disappointed. YMMV.


Coffee in San Francisco on a Saturday morning! This place was an awesome place to grab a cup of coffee as you wander the farmers market! I had just a good ole cuppa joe with some half and half. Nothing fancy but it was delish! The flavor was really good-I could taste the slightest hint of berry in there. Weird but really tasty. Freshly pressed, made to order and at $3.50 a cup?! Now you're talkin! If you are in San Fran or visiting, make a stop here to get your morning started right!

Patently waiting. It smells so good! Patently waiting. It smells so good! 4/5/2015

This stand is open during the Farmer's Market and is located across from Mijita Cocina Mexicana, next to the Ferry Terminal.Menu 4/4/15Espresso: $3Macchiato: $3.25Cappuccino: $3.50Latte: $4Mocha: $5Pourover: $3.50Vanilla Iced Cold Brew: $3.50Assorted Whole Beans AvailableThe girl making my pourover didn't call out my name when it was ready (even though they asked for it). Luckily I was watching the process from the other side of the tent so I knew it was done. I guess pourover orders are apparently just left on the counter for you and you're supposed to know it's yours & when it's done? Other drinks are handed out at the other end of the tent where the sugar, napkins & lids are located. If they split where orders are picked up, they should provide a few lids by the pourovers so you don't have to fight the crowds to get a lid and worry about spilling.Coffee was ok but next time if I need coffee while at the Ferry Building, I'll stick to any one of the many coffee shops nearby because the customer service was definitely lacking. Except if you're one of their friends, of course, as I saw while waiting for my drink.

Pour Over w/ Soy Milk Pour Over w/ Soy Milk See all photos from Kitty K. for Sightglass Coffee Stand 9/27/2014

When I was leaving Munich, David the guy who owns one of my favourite coffee shops in town suggested I try this coffee. I must say I am glad I did. Although this is not one of their normal shops they do make fresh coffee here during market days. For $3.50 you get a great cappuccino with double shot and it is made and presented very well. The coffee had a really nice roast flavour and it tasted delicious :-) For the general quality of coffee in the USA this place deserves 5 stars. It was not exceptional enough for me to give it 5 stars. I would happily come here any day for a great cup of coffee. Must try some of the other stuff they have here this week and see what it is like. Great coffee, friendly service and reasonable prices :-) Thats my mornings sorted then ;-))


Getting my morning caffeine fix, I made it to both here and the Blue Bottle stand this morning during the Saturday Farmer's Market.  Both times I had the latte, my typical go to drink.  Coffee wise, I think I prefer Blue Bottle since their coffee had a more potent flavor compared to Sightglass which had a very smooth taste, but just didn't taste like there was much espresso present.  I could honestly drink either cup for days though as they're both fantastic coffee shops.  My biggest complaint here was the service, like another review had experienced, they didn't call me name out when my drink was ready.  My drink was sitting there for a good 5 minutes before I decided to ask because other people had been getting their coffee who had ordered after me.  The coffee here also seemed to take longer to prepare.  There wasn't much of a line for the cashier, but there were a lot of people waiting around for their orders.  Also when interacting with the cashier and baristas, I felt a greater level of care at Blue Bottle where the cashier was much more friendly (and sounded less stuck up).  You could also tell at Blue Bottle that they matched your face with your order as they really knew which drink was for which customer.  I wanted to try out Sightglass since I haven't been in a while, but I'll just stick to their brick and mortar location.


Being a Cali girl, I am all about that cold brew coffee for a subtle, sweet kick up to my weekend mornings. Being that this is at the Ferry Building, I cannot think of anything more perfect than their vanilla cold brew, served with regular or almond milk (for a little extra sweetness), made to order and enjoyed staring over the water. I will take me one of these over blue bottle any day, which I still don't quite understand what the hype is about.


Sightglass coffee is pretty sublime on its own, yes. But take a walkaround latte and pair it with the incomparable sights and smells of the Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market and the backdrop of the Bay Bridge - this combination elevates what could be just another shopping excursion to... well, something like the climax of a Hans Zimmer film score. You too can achieve your own private nirvana (headphones not required) by adding Sightglass coffee to your next Saturday morning excursion on the waterfront. Arrive early, beat the crowds, and enjoy all the visuals while slowly taking in life and a hot espresso drink. Definitely the best part of waking up, weekend edition!


In such a coffee-oriented city like San Francisco, it's hard to judge who has the best coffee: Blue Bottle, Ritual, Sightglass, newcomers like Reveille? While Ritual is my go-to favorite for caramel-y lattes, I've been on quite the cold brew kick lately and love the vanilla cold brew from the Sightglass kiosk. Located just next to Mijita during Saturday's farmers market, it's the perfect start to a weekend. Try it with some of their almond milk, you won't regret it!


Sightglass is now at the Farmers Market every Tuesday (Four Barrel is there on Thursdays) and I have visited the stand every day they've been there. It's become my favorite coffee run of the week. Smooth taste, strong, creamy. The barista's ALMOST have my name down (it's hard to remember, I don't blame them), they are warm and friendly, and unlike most other places in SF, I don'have yet to wait in line. I would definitely recommend this place!


Their iced cold brew vanilla coffee is absolutely the smoothest, most delicious coffee I've had in ages. It was really great with a splash of almond milk. Pricey ($3.50) but worth a small splurge!  Nice people at the register, too!


At the Ferry Building on a Saturday morning before renting bikes for the day, we needed a serious caffeine fix.  Like seriously we were getting cranky!  Stepped inside the Ferry and saw that the line at Blue Bottle was about 100 people long.  Rather than get on bikes and ride around uncaffeinated (and become even more cranky) we walked through the farmers' market happening right outside and chanced upon Sightglass.  They had a few people in line, but within minutes we were enjoying the deliciousness of espresso, pour-over coffee, and iced coffee.  It totally hit the spot and provided us much needed fuel! I'd definitely check them out again on a future visit.


Excellent coffee, but their indifferent service (as in the workers could care less whether you were there or not) knocks off a couple of stars. So while they have 5-star coffee, their staff could learn a thing or two from the folks at Blue Bottle on how to properly treat a paying customer.


Just okay. Didn't love the coffee. Line wasn't too long which was a plus. Will go elsewhere next time I'm at the farmers market.

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