Site for Sore Eyes - Optometrists - 1833 Fillmore St, Lower Pacific Heights, San Francisco, CA

Site for Sore Eyes   - Optometrists - 1833 Fillmore St, Lower Pacific Heights, San Francisco, CA

Calvin and Richard are the BEST! Super helpful and always friendly, they truly go out of their way for their customers. I thought my glasses were beyond repair and they fixed them in a matter of minutes. Highly, highly recommend these guys and this store. (Plus, they always have great deals like buy one get one and discounts for checking in on Yelp.)


I stopped in here to see if they could adjust my glasses, even though i didnt purchase them here. I got nothing but 1st class service. Thank u Calvin, they fit perfectly.


Richard and Calvin are actually miracle workers. Several repair shops said my glasses were unfixable and these guys did it with ease. And they wouldn't let me pay them!!! These guys know how to run a business and are second to none in regards to customer service. You two are doing God's work. One love!


Had a few pairs of sunnies that were broken as a result of inadvertent sitting butts and general coconuttery. I took these shades to the boys over at Site for Sore Eyes, they put their wizardry to work, and within 10 minutes, I was out the door with all my shades intact and like-new.In other words, eye highly recommend them..


Boyfriend was looking for a place to fix some issues with his two glasses & I found this place on Yelp that was nearby Japantown since we were going to head there for dinner the other night. It was Saturday night and we found a parking spot directly across from the place. Upon arriving we waited for probably about 15mins I believe. There was two people working both with client currently at the time. The place definitely seemed pretty trendy looking. The representative that helped us was Calvin, and he was super helpful & professional. He resolved most of the issues with both glasses. When my boyfriend was about to wipe the lens with his hoodie, Calvin made a disapproving noise & grabbed a lens cloth to help clean the lens for boyfriend instead. Haha that was funny, and it shows how caring/professional Calvin is.


The eye doctor was amazing, she made me feel very comfortable. The guys who work in the front where patient with me and helped me to stay within my budget for my glasses and contacts. They obviously like what they do and want the clients to leave happy- perfect experience. Thanks guys!


Do You Want a Great Customer Service? go To The Location On Fillmore. The Two Guys That Work there are Absolutely Helpful. I needed to get my eye glasses frame re-adjusted & they were kind enough to do it for me. They do warn you that if your frame breaks in the process of adjusting it, then they don't take the risk. They Were Careful Enough & I Was Lucky Enough To Get It Fixed. Thank You Very Much.


They have the best people working there!!! I went in there on multiple occasions to get things fixed and the results are great! Their service is professional, efficient and the staff are incredibly helpful. I have gotten the loose hinges on my glasses tightened there a few times free of charge, they even clean the lenses for you! Recently, I went there to get my aviators fixed - one of the shades popped out of the frame and not only was Calvin (the technician) quick to help, he fixed it in 2 minutes and again didn't charge me for his service!! It's just the kind of shop everyone would hope to have in their neighborhood. :)


Went in to get new lenses put in my glasses, they were really fas--they were ready the next day! Everyone working there is really nice and helpful.


The people at this location are so friendly! Kelly went out of her way to make me feel welcome and she helped my pick out some amazing Tom Ford sunglasses. I always thought I looked best in square shaped sunglasses but Kelly showed me some semi cat eye shaped ones that are so great! Thanks Kelly!


Expressed my thanks to the Lord for the excellent service received today from Karen, Calvin & Richard. Good counsel about my eyes and available eyewear for my needs & budget. Transparency insists I mention the 30 minute wait after my appointment time but good things did come to me who waited patiently, perusing the vast selection of optical options!! I hope your business much success & I'll see you again when I pick up my specs & cool shades!!

Me!! Me!! 1/23/2016

I went to four "rush to order" places to get my glasses done fast; however, I couldn't find a style that I liked. This place had great selection and a wonderful Optometrist who took extra measures to get my prescription right. Thanks to the team members at Site for Sore Eyes.


MOST AMAZING EXPERIENCE E V E R!!!  My son was new to contact lenses and they took all the time he needed (2 sessions of 2 hours) to ensure he felt confident and happy with his new lenses.  WHAT patience.  Next my wife needed an emergency pair of lenses and again, they delivered with a smile!  This team is not only incredibly professional and great doctors, but the staff is simply the best I've ever experienced in any customer engagement.  WOW SERVICE is what they do EVERY TIME!!!  Thank you so very much!!!

3/2/2015 Updated review

Just an update that it is now Mar 2nd, 2015 another 2 weeks since we were promised that we would get the glasses and this site has messed up the order again.  This is the order that was suppose to fix their first screw up and we've spoken to the owner directly about this.  I could go on about how this is the worst service I've ever experienced but I think that this follow up to my initial review speaks for itself.   The great reviews are clearly paid for on here.   There is no way that no one else has not experienced some form of these problems unless they were lucky enough that the company finally got it right the second time and they were also offered "free" glasses.   We did some research and found there is over a 500% markup on their glasses.  We googled the frames we were getting and found them for cheaper at multiple sites.     They say they are giving us the frames for free but if you are using insurance with your purchase,    this company is still making money off the reimbursement they get from the insurance company.   This is an incredibly shady company to do business with and I question the optometrist's professional licensing as well as the business owner's.

2/23/2015 Previous review I am suspicious of all these great reviews because we have experienced nothing but problems.   The… I am suspicious of all these great reviews because we have experienced nothing but problems.   The people are nice but incompetent to the point that we are fed up and cancelled the contacts and glasses we ordered to take our business elsewhere.    When we came in my fiance's glasses were broken so we needed a replacement fast.  Because of his prescription that wasn't possible.   Fair enough.  We came in on Mon and we're told they should be in by that Fri.   Then we were told the next Mon, then Tues.  On Tues we were told the company that makes the lenses made them wrong so they had to redo them.   We finally get the glasses on Thurs, a week and half later and the optometrist that took the measurements took the measurements wrong.   So here we are, no glasses and we have to wait another week for them to come in.     I will say that they did admit to the terrible quality of service and refunded the charges and are going to give us the glasses for free.   That is the honorable thing to do and while its appreciated, I think it's important to be aware of the problems you might encounter here. Read more Comment from Kevin C. of Site for Sore Eyes Business Owner 2/23/2015 Dear Deena:My name is Kevin Cambra and I am the owner of the Site for Sore Eyes store that you… Dear Deena:My name is Kevin Cambra and I am the owner of the Site for Sore Eyes store that you visited and reviewed on Yelp.  I want to personally apologize for the poor service that you experienced.  Unfortunately, as you experienced, mistakes happen.  When we make a mistake, we take full responsibility and do our very best to correct it.  In your case, I have refunded the full amount of your fiance's purchase and I'm still going to give him the glasses at no charge.  I hope that this will compensate both you and your fiance for the undo inconvenience that we have caused you both.  Please know that I do take customer service very seriously and I greatly appreciate your feedback.  I have already taken steps to prevent similar issues from happening in the future.  I would sincerely like an opportunity to try and keep your business.  If you would give me an opportunity in the future, I promise I will personally help you and make it well worth your time.  If you would like to speak with me directly, please call me at 510-301-8317.  Again, I thank you for your time and feedback.Sincerely,Kevin CambraFranchise Owner & Operator Read more 8/18/2015

Im normally too lazy to write reviews but I'm compelled to do so for my experience with Calvin today. I came in desperate to have my eyeglass frame repaired. Calvin was a true professional. The repair took all of 5 mins. Best part about it was he did it free of charge. I haven't come across such a friendly, helpful establishment in a long time... especially in a big city. I am most definitely a happy customer.


Richard and Calvin were both amazing. It was time for a new prescription and i happen to stroll into Site. They had a great selection of frames - and a killer deal - 2 pairs of prescritpion glasses for $260. Richard was the sales guys i worked with the most, he was patient, friendly and super helpful as i made my decisions. There was no pressure at all and he even held the frames for me for a few days while I shopped around bit more at other places. Ultimately i decide to go with Site. Richard was out the day I picked up my glass, so I had a chance to meet Calvin who was equally wonderful. I am SO happy i found these guys - i LOVE my new glasses and the experience was so enjoyable. I HIGHLY recommend this place to everyone.


I came in to fix my eyeglasses and it was done in less than 5 minutes!!!! The staff is super nice!I am so sorry that my dog peed on their ground. Their staff is so nice about it, I offered to pay and clean it up but they said it's fine. 5 stars service! Recommend everyone to go there if they need help with their eyeglasses!


The sales people, Calvin and Richard, were very helpful! They were honest about what looked good and what wasn't quite right. They even checked to see if they had the lenses in shop and I was able to walk away that day with my brand new adorable glasses.


I never write reviews though I've received exceptional service from many places on yelp, however what I experienced at Site for Sore Eyes Fillmore branch was truly exceptional service. I had 2 pairs of semi rimless glasses Oakley and Polo, one of which I got the lenses at the Oakland location, both with a lense popped out. I call them up they said to bring them in. Once I got there the friendly staff quickly assured me they could fix them, took my name and number and told me they'd call me once their fixed. It took a few hours but once I went in to pick them up I expected to pay between 20 and 40 dollars, I was happily surprised to be told it was free. I asked if I could leave a tip and was shut down. Site for Sore eyes takes care of their customers, and I will for sure be coming here next time I purchase glasses.


I traveled from New York City for the weekend to visit San Francisco with friends. After getting to San Fran I realized that I forgot my contacts at home, so I stopped into this shop to see if they could help me by providing me with lenses a for the duration of my trip. All they needed was to talk to my eye dr back in NYC to dispense my lenses. Calvin was extremely accommodating and after a quick call with my doctor, I was out in a flash with my lenses. Thank you SOOO much for being so accommodating! Totally recommend this store.

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