Sure Roofing - Roofing - 118 Sagamore St, Oceanview, San Francisco, CA

Sure Roofing  - Roofing - 118 Sagamore St, Oceanview, San Francisco, CA

They did a fantastic job on my roof. We had a leak in our kitchen ceiling...roof needed to be re-coated as it hadn't been done in 10 years. Chris came out, provided us a detailed proposal the same day! They were booked out several weeks but did us a huge favor and fit us in to the calendar. Richard the owner came out the first day which my wife really liked. The office staff was very thorough and communicative from start to finish. Their pricing was not on the high end nor on the low end...right in the middle, just where I like it. We used the Diamond Certified directory to find them, read all the reviews...and our experience was easy and seamless from start to finish, with great customer service from the entire team at Sure Roofing. Thanks a lot for helping us out when we were in a bind!


Richard and another gentleman came out to complete a bid on my roof deck. Richard was pretty aloof and wouldn't really talk to me while I was showing them the deck/problem areas but the other gentleman was pleasant and seemed knowledgable. 2 months later still no bid and no contact whatsoever. Wouldn't recommend based on poor communication and professionalism.


Sure Roofing replaced my roof in October 2010.  My roof has a flat part and a pitched section in the front.  They replaced the flat area with torch down bitumen.  The pitched area has tiles but there is a small flat section in front of the tiles, which they also put torch down bitumen.  It is the front section that has been having problems.  It turns out Sure Roofing did not torch down all of the bitumen but just slipped a section of the bitumen under the first row of tiles (Another roofer pointed out the problem to me).  This has allowed moisture to become trapped between the bitumen and the roof causing mildew to appear in my living room ceiling.  I contacted the company and they sent out one of their men, David.  At first, David tried to disclaim responsibility for the problem but when I pointed out they did not seal the bitumen under the tiles, he took photos and said he would talk to his boss and they would call me.  Three days pass and not a word from them so I call the office.  The receptionist tells me David didn't say anything and she would confer with him and get back to me.  Needless to say no phone call from them.  The following week, I call again and she tells me she hasn't spoken to the owner but once she does, she will call me.  Since then I've called two more times with the same excuses.  After reading some of the yelp reviews, I now realize this company is not going to respond unless I take them to court.  My contract states I have a 5 year labor warranty.  It is unfortunate the company does not stand behind their work.  For them to rectify this situation would cost them less than $2,000.  I would tell anyone who is thinking of using them to BEWARE.  If you have any problems after the work is done, you will have to call out another roofing company to deal with it.  I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, as well as the California License Bureau.  And, I will be taking them to small claims court.  Dealing with them has been disappointing and frustrating.


I did my homework-got 6 estimates-between Tar & Gravel and Torch Down roofs. We had SURE replace our gutters with copper ones last year and replace a top to our flower box overhang with a stainless steel top. They did a great job with that, so we had him submit a roof estimate next. He was the best bang for the buck and would do all the extras for us-new Facia board, copper downspout, venting in stainless or copper where needed. We gave a deposit a week before, and he wanted to schedule right away, but we had some conflicts, as well as a death in the family, which took precedence. I texted him with two dates and both were great for him. Asked him to pull the permit and schedule the inspector as well. He complied, let me know the crew would be out at 8am and they were right on time! Brought their own "Port-a-Potty", which I liked and found courteous and professional! Not fond of workmen traipsing around my home using the facilities unless absolutely necessary! We work from home, so it can disturb us, but we never refuse if it has to be that way. The crew wasted NO time tearing off the old tar and gravel roof. The lead man, immediately let us know the underpayment was "Perfect" and would not need replacement, albeit they had the material if it needed to be with them. You always always have an "unknown" until exposed. They worked until the roof was off completely and then took a lunch break-only about 30 minutes too!  They used redwood for the Facia all around the front so it matched-it was needed -and did a great job lining it up, trimming, gluing and nailing. It is VERY secure! They finished the whole thing by the end of the day, and at the right stage, they inspector signed off on it all with his "approval" and we were given the original document at that time. So the City of Daly City said we are "kosher" now! At the end of the day the owner, Richard Choy, came by and we gave him 1/2 of the remaining amount of the job, only because the copper downspout needs to be installed and the front edge of the new Facia board needs the metal edging sealed over, but I have to have our painter prime it before they can finish it, then they get the balance of what is owed. So far, all has gone smoothly and I would hire or refer them again! Richard made some suggestions along the way since doing the work for us last year and he's been spot on so far! I anticipate this roof lasting for quite awhile with no issues.You must always remember when doing a Torch Down Roof,  someone NEEDS to be on the roof at all times with a fire extinguisher as it CAN start a fire, so you really want experienced folks doing your work. Several of the companies we interviewed were most professional and pleasant, but they were WAY more expensive! It IS good to compare apples to apples, drive and see other places they've done their work and even talk with an owner to see if they've had any "problems" with the roof since installation. We did this and heard no bad references. So, in the long run, I would recommend SURE for your roof. I have learned to "micromanage" most vendors. "Assume Nothing"!  CALL them the day before to make sure they are coming at the time planned, have the permit, scheduled the inspection. Much is lost in communication when one "assumes" anything these days!


Don't waste your time calling these guys like we did. We asked if they did work in Concord. They said yes, and made an appointment to come and meet us for an estimate. They even suggested the date and time..... The day comes... and we wait... and we wait... and we wait.... we call them... no answer... an hour and a half after their suggested meeting time... we give up... three hours after the appointment time, Richard calls us, and immediately starts complaining about how far our house is, that it is going to take him an hour to get to us, and an hour for him to get home, and since it's so far the bid is going to be really high anyways... and he hangs up..... wow... really unprofessional.... don't waste your time


Customer service is the definition of sure roofing systems.  Quality work beyond your expectations. If you are looking for an honest roofing company, sure Roofing is your best bet. I had Hired them to come out and give me a new roof 20 years ago in now I have just had them come back in do a new roof. The price is the best you will find in the Bay Area. Make no mistake, I am very finicky about who is going to make sure that I am safe in my three story building as well as my tenants. I only wish there was a way to give 10 stars instead of 5. Three days after my job was done I get a thank you note with a Gift Card as a bonus from sure roofing! Who does that anymore? Only those who know what customer service means. Thank you Richard, Anna and staff. Lydia B


I was interested in installing copper shingles on the front of our house. I first got in touch with Chris Testa of the Metal Roof Net. Chris was very helpful and got me started in the right direction. He referred me to Richard Choy of Sure Roofing for the job. Once the copper was obtained and the job started it took a little over 3 days. The work crew was fantastic. Very efficient and professional. Richard was very pleasant and very supportive. The end result was a fantastic very tastefully done job that had people stopping in the streets in admiration. Thank you Richard and Chris!

10/1/2013 Updated review

6 months later and I am still glad that we went with Sure Roofing.  Everyone is impressed with our skylight.  Did I say that it was made out of copper? It also has vents which I can open and close.

7/10/2013 Previous review I did a lot of research before deciding to go with Sure Roofing.  I checked out a lot of roofers… I did a lot of research before deciding to go with Sure Roofing.  I checked out a lot of roofers that were Diamond Certified and got estimates from at least ten.  Richard Choy came and suggested Davlin coatings as a way to extend the life of our roof for many more years.  The Davlin Co makes the coatings that are used on the Golden Gate Bridge.  They are cutting edge.  This saved us money and allowed us to think about replacing a skylight which no longer let in much light.  It was a custom skylight and ended up being a work of art that added much more to the value of our house than the cost of the whole roofing job incl. the skylight.       They do simpler skylights also.  I did a lot of research on skylights and know that we saved a lot of money by going with Sure Roofing.  They have their own shop and can fabricate what you need.     Working with Richard Choy was a pleasure.  He truly made our interests his own.  The team that did the work was conscientious and professional.  I couldn't have asked for more. Read more 10/2/2011

scheduling was a bit of a pain but once Stephen came with his crew they did a great job: on time, on budget, clean and well done.I would definitely recommend them based on the quality of their work. I would also like to see them become more customer-friendly though.


really good!  i don't know much about roofing, but i do know you must get multiple estimates.  inspection was informative and professional.  work was completed faster than promised.  they weren't the cheapest but they weren't trying to rip me a new one either.  compared to other companies, they were very reasonable.  all in all, i had a great experience.  i recommend you get an estimate if you need any work done.


I am really satisfied. Sure roofing is not the cheapest but I am really satisfied with workmanship and follow up.  There crew is really top notch and the foreman and owner come by a number of times per day to follow up.  I had to pay for some additional repair work but this cost was well worth the dollars spent.  So far this rainy season has no leaks.  I have worked with roofers before who don't follow up and have poor workmanship.  Good experience overall.

6/20/2012 Updated review

When we started noticing a leak this winter after Sure roofing redid our roof, they came right now to take a look, and itentified the source of the leak (it was definitely not the roof) and patched it for us for no additional cost!   Then they advised us on other work that we needed to do on our place to insulate it from water.  Thanks Sure Roofing!

10/28/2011 Previous review Sure Roofing redid our roof this summer. They did an excellent job and cleaned up the roof nicely at… Sure Roofing redid our roof this summer. They did an excellent job and cleaned up the roof nicely at the end. They replaced all the exhaust pipes with brand new ones and even threw in some shingling for part of the roof we hadn't contracted for. Part of our roof had decking over it - they removed the old decking and replaced it with brand new redwood. We payed extra for this as we didn't negotiate it up front. But now we have nice new roof decks and the cost was very fair. The only part of the process that wasn't as smooth as it could have been was scheduling the start date. We played a little phone tag (partially my fault) but eventually connected and got the date scheduled. They showed up right on time on the start date and completed within the estimated time. Good stuff! Thanks Sure Roofing! Read more 7/17/2012

Stephen and his crew did an awesome job! Replace our roof and installed three new skylight. They replaced some wood that were bad and they didn't charge us for it.I would recommend Sure Roofing to everyone I know.


I am not a customer of this company yet.  On Monday, April 15, 2013 - there were strong winds and it appears two of the tiles on my terra cotta clay tile roof blew off and crashed the ground.  My neighbor on that side of the property was worried and told me to have the roof checked out as it is personal liability if someone gets hurt in the future.  I called Sure Roofing Systems describing the situation and my homeowners insurance company said I needed the roofing contractor to provide in writing what they found so I would not be held for negligence if the roof is still okay.  Sure Roofing Systems came out on April 18, 2013 except I had not seen anyone other than the owner Mr. Richard O. Choy calling me on the telephone telling me everything is fine and to replace the missing tiles will cost me a $ amount but even without  fixing the missing tiles, the roof is still secure.  However, they would not put it in writing other than how much it costs to fix the missing tiles.  As I will be rennovating the house with a vertical and horizontal addition in the near future, I would like to if possible, to do the roof at that time instead.  The company appears to keep saying they cannot guarantee the work of others but that is not what I am asking, all they need to say is the roof's actual condition so that they can confirm what was said on the telephone in writing as even if I did fix the tiles, I would still be liable for negligence because I don't  have anything in writing that the existing roof is still okay and this is from a Diamond Certified company too.


Once these guys get the job started, there is no stopping them! While obtaining bids, these guys had the same product for substantially less money (nearly 40%). It took a while to schedule the work but once they got started they completed the job in less time than they said. Very detailed work, very efficient, and cleaned up extremely well.


I used Sure Roofing to put in a rather large skylight in my home.  When the estimator came out (operations director, initials S.L.) he was profesional at first, but not very personal.  After about 5 minutes of coming in, he was yapping on the phone the entire time, and didn't give me a good opportunity to ask detailed questions about the work.  After about a week, I got a detailed 'packet' in the mail about the company and a job order with what was to be done (nice touch). Cost of the project was very reasonable.  After signing the agreement, I never heard from Sure Roofing.  I had to hunt them down on everything from paying my deposit for the work, scheduling a time for them to come out...basically stuff they should have been doing for a potential customer.  When they finally did come, the foreman (again the Director, S.L.) left before the job was 100% complete.  When I had an issue with the work, the worker told me to call S.L.  He said he would take care of it in about a week.  1 week rolls by and nothing.  I called and leave 2 subsequent reply.  I never even received a receipt mailed to me!Overall, they did good work, but service stinks, and I would not recommend them based on their lack of customer service and overall professionalism.


Did the inspection two and half weeks ago, called and visited their shop a week later, but still haven't received the estimation as of today.   I gave up.


Never recieved estimate from this company.  Called and emailed with no responses.  The guy that came out to do the estimate and was late.  Then said he couldn't get on the roof because it was 3 stories and needed to have another person.  That was over 3 weeks ago.

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