Sushi Q - Japanese - 8325 Elk Grove Florin Rd, Sacramento, CA - Restaurant Reviews

Sushi Q   - Japanese - 8325 Elk Grove Florin Rd, Sacramento, CA - Restaurant Reviews

Wow this spot amazed my wife and i.  Rolls are a bit pricey however they are packed with flavor.  Each roll looks clean and well put together.  Nothing falls apart and theres so many options.This spot is one of the top sushi spots now in EG.  Hope they last a long time :)


Best sushi in Sacramento!!!Always fresh, everything is goodAsk about desert - sometimes they have a secret desert not on the menu!!


I've been searching for a sushi restaurant that's a bit westernized yet still be a bit authentic and I found it in Sushi Q.  I've been here twice and honestly my first time being here-- I didn't have that great of an experience. No one greeted us so we sat ourselves. After almost 10 minutes a waitress swung by and apologized and gave us menus to look at. Anyway, that was 4 months ago! I, however, believe in second chances... So I convinced my bf to go with me again! This time the service was great! Food came out quick! Everything was on point.They have such unique imported cuts here like: wagyu beef, imported japanese uni, foie gras, etc. If your really into sushi (the traditional way) you will love this place. But if your more into cooked modernized sushi-- inexpensive sushi, try sushi hook! They're BOMB.COM as well. I love that place! The Environment: modernized/ earthy feel. The place is really SMALL, but cozy at the same time. The Price: reasonable, expect to pay almost the same price as mikuni sushi rolls. $7-16 a roll.The Menu: good amount of choices ranging from sashimi to nigri to cooked sushi. It would be awesome to get in some photos in the future.P.S. An extra plus... All the Sushi Chefs are very very handsome! Hahahaaaaaaaaa...

Chef's Choice Nigri $19.00 Chef's Choice Nigri $19.00 Small Oysters $3.25 for 1. Comes dressed! Must get!!$! Small Oysters $3.25 for 1. Comes dressed! Must get!!$! 9/6/2016

I came for a Friday night dinner and was pleasantly surprised by the excellent quality and ambiance!We ordered some hot tea, the chirashi, chicken teriyaki (don't judge!), and an order of the Uni nigiri. The chirashi (~$20) had three slices each of six kinds of fish including white, blue and regular tuna, salmon, hamachi, and maybe tilapia (these are my best guesses since they were not described to me and I did not ask). I was not a fan of the furakake on the rice since it took away from my tasting of the fish. The wasabi mixture included in the bowl was very refreshing, however. The uni was from Santa Barbara that night and tasted like the fresh uni I had out of the shell by the beach in Santa Barbara this summer! Very reasonable at ~$11. The chicken teriyaki large plate (~$11) literally came with a large plate of just chicken teriyaki grilled and seasoned to perfection! The miso soup was rather salty but the salad accompaniment was great. Great value, service and food overall. I will definitely be back when I am in the area and have a hankering for sushi!

Chicken teriyaki Chicken teriyaki Chirashi Chirashi Fresh Santa Barbara uni Fresh Santa Barbara uni 9/7/2016 Updated review

Always a great time when I eat here whether it's togo or in. Had my first taste of wagyu and toro and I really loved the toro. It was a really busy night so we had to wait longer than usual for our food but the sushi chef included an additional piece on our toro and wagyu order, how nice!Can't wait to try the other specials on the menu.

large sashimi togo large sashimi togo wagyu wagyu large sashimi toro wagyu large sashimi toro wagyu See all photos from Jenny L. for Sushi Q 4/27/2016 Previous review Came back with some friends and ordered the chirashi again! Not sure which chef made it, but I… Came back with some friends and ordered the chirashi again! Not sure which chef made it, but I totally preferred this one over the first one I got when I initially visited Sushi Q! Chirashi: 5/5 - Although there was a tad bit too much furikake on my rice (super salty) it was still good! Next time I'll ask for no furikake.Bombdotcom: 2/5 - I only say this because it's so freaking hot that I couldn't taste the flavors. I wouldn't get this if your spicy tolerance isn't like SUPER HIGH. Sushi Q: 4/5 - this one is really good!Uncle J: 5/5 - My fav roll so far!! Read more sashimi large sashimi large bombdotcom on top and sushi q on bottom bombdotcom on top and sushi q on bottom chirashi chirashi 3/30/2016 Previous review Came here for my parents birthday and I was super impressed. My parents kept comparing it to… Came here for my parents birthday and I was super impressed. My parents kept comparing it to Mikuni's since Mikuni's is a chain here in the Sacramento area and they much rather prefer a big space, blah blah, critical Asian parents. However, I loved it! Although the restaurant is on the smaller side, the food makes up for what they lack. The atmosphere is relaxing, chill unlike that of Mikuni's where it's fast-paced and much louder. The food we ordered:Sashimi (large): 5/5 - You get around 25 pieces for like $30 ish dollars which I thought was a great deal! The fish was SUPER fresh, more fresh than Mikuni's. They had some wasabi mixture that I was a big fan of. Chirashi: 5/5 - 18 pieces of fish for only $22!! The sushi rice was so good, but since I'm cutting for a powerlifting meet, I couldn't eat much of it :( We ordered two rolls that were also pretty good (Sushi Q and I forgot the other one). My brother ordered ramen and he thought it was ok!Service was pretty good. They always came back and checked up on us and had no problem getting items we needed even if they weren't on the menu. Read more Chirashi $22 Chirashi $22 See all photos from Jenny L. for Sushi Q 8/11/2016

I've been here probably 4 times now and I still haven't written a review? Man I'm slacking!!!I came here most recently last Friday right after work, with my oldest son and some of my co-workers. By the time I arrived several of my co-workers were already there and had already put us down for a table, I think the host/hostess was waiting for more of our party to show up before seating our group since there was going to be 6 total and before I arrived there was just 3 there. So when I arrived I arrived if they could put two of the smaller tables together, and our waiter happily obliged and we were seated in the booth area by the window.We all talked and looked over the menu as we waited on the last person for our party. My go to roll is the Overdose roll, and the Big Papi. I'd been here with two of my co-workers that were also with me this night. And I let them try some of the Big Papi (LOL sounds funny when I saw it...sorry) last time, and they like it and wanted to know what the name was; so I told her. I went ahead and got the Overdose roll again, and once it came out. One of those same co-workers wished they'd gotten it this time! Everyone ordered various rolls besides my son, at 12 he's not into Sushi yet, so he just got the Teriyaki meal.Most of the meals came out at the same time, the only people that had to wait a few more minutes was my son and myself. But I'd also ordered some edamame for a starter, so him and I snacked on that until our food came out. Everyone seemed to really like they rolls, and were pretty full afterwards. My friend Jessica and I still had room for more, so she also ordered the calamari. I usually am good with just the roll, but I had an obstacle course race to run early the next morning. So I wanted to carb up for Saturday. The calamari here is served a little different than I'm used to. Usually the calamari is more Italian style and is pared with a marinara sauce, when as here the breading was a little little in color and came with a sweet sauce. Similar to that in which you'd did Lumpia in. But it was still good, so I'm not complaining.OVERALL: Really good rolls, nice selection, nice atmosphere, good prices!

Elk Grove, Spider-Man & Tastes Like Chicken rolls Elk Grove, Spider-Man & Tastes Like Chicken rolls Elk Grove Roll Elk Grove Roll Overdose roll! Overdose roll! 9/17/2016

Quickly became one of my fav sushi spots in the area. Everyone there was extremely friendly. I love their variety of sushi roll choices. I seen many people order ramen so I have yet to come back and try that. We ordered sushi q, Elk Grove, Sacramento, and torch roll. My ultimate favorites were the Elk Grove and Sacramento rolls. The bacon bits on the sacramento roll totally won me over. I've never had bacon bits on a roll before so it was definitely a pleasant, different experience. I wasn't a fan of the sushi q roll because of the overwhelming lemon taste but that's just me... we didn't have to wait very long to receive our food either which will benefit those that are coming in hangry

Top to bottom: sushi q, Elk Grove, Sacramento, and torch Top to bottom: sushi q, Elk Grove, Sacramento, and torch 9/14/2016

This was my first trip to Sacramento and I kept hearing about this place.  We gave it a try for dinner and I was blown away!The customer service was great by the manager, the servers and the chefs.  Everyone there seems to really know the food and they will give you suggestions while describing all of the different dishes.  The food was simply incredible!  My wife and I wanted to try a variety of things so we ordered a lot of food.  Even when we were full, we couldn't stop eating.  The different flavors and the use of non typical sushi ingredients (BACON!!!) were so refreshing and interesting.  We tried (and loved) the scallop special, multiple rolls (Kimmie, Uncle J, Calvine and the Big Papa) and the seared tuna sashimi.  There are so many different sauces that they make in house that really make these dishes pop.  My wife also had uni, which I don't eat but she loved it.There were a few things we tried that I feel are more rare and of the highest quality.  We tried the wagyu beef, the foie gras and 3 differnt types of oysters.  Apparently good oysters are pretty rare in Sacramento but these came dressed and were delicous!  This was my first experience with wagyu beef and foie gras.  They were both BURSTING with flavor and are my 2 new favorite things.  My wife told me they are delicacies and I shouldn't get use to having them lol.This may seem like a lot of food for 2 people to have for dinner and you're right,  it is.  This was a combination of 2 meals because we came back for lunch the next day.  We can't wait for our next trip to Sacramento so we can continue to explore this menu.I really can't say enough great things about this place.  Hope this is helpful for anyone out there looking for some amazing quality sushi.


My boyfriend kept seeing pictures of sushi from Sushi Q on Instagram, so we decided to see what the hype was. It's located in a really random part of town between Elk Grove and Florin. Definitely a drive for us. If you can't find it - it's by Little Cesar's pizza. When we walked in it was a lot smaller than expected. It would work for a boba shop, but for a restaurant it's definitely a tight fit.  They can only fit 28 people at tables and 13 at their sushi bar.I wasn't a fan of their menu layout. All the rolls are described in one line so it's just a solid block of text. Without photos it's kinda hard to imagine what the roll is like so I ended up looking at Yelp photos lol. We ordered the Elk Grove, Ziggy, and Panda. The Elk Grove is one of their most popular rolls. It has big pieces of bbq albacore on the sliced roll. Very cool. I believe it was $15 - but it's kinda like having an appetizer and a roll, so pretty worth it. Ziggy was also mentioned by our waiter as one of their popular rolls. It's chopped up soft shell crab mixed in avocado in a soy wrap. Eh it was decent but I wouldn't order it again. It was $12. Panda was $9 and seemed pretty worth it. The spicy tuna was spicier than other restaurants. Overall it was nice to try a new sushi place. I probably wouldn't drive out here just for this, but it'd be a fine choice if I was in the area. Waiter was very friendly and good with the water refills, bringing the check timely, etc. I suggest they have pictures of their rolls and have some sort of happy hour promotion. I'd rate it a 3.5. Their rolls were creative. They have roasted garlic and fried onions on some of their rolls - something I've never seen before.

Elk Grove Elk Grove Ziggy and Panda Ziggy and Panda See all photos from Allison L. for Sushi Q 6/2/2016

Now this sushi place was pretty good.We ordered the spicy edamame and though it wasn't as spicy as I would have liked, it was very tasty and garlicky too. Wasn't too salty so I'm excited to not have water retention tomorrow.As for the rolls, we got the Elk Grove roll. The main roll was wrapped in seaweed, and topped with a big chunk of battered sashimi on top. Quite tasty and very large pieces of fish might I say... It was topped with some spicy mayo and eel sauce I believe... Very tasty!! I, unfortunately, did not purchase this meal so I'm unsure of the pricing (I believe the Elk Grove was around $15). Would come again though!!

Elk Grove roll! Yummy (: Elk Grove roll! Yummy (: Spicy edamame Spicy edamame Elk Grove roll! Yummy (: Elk Grove roll! Yummy (: 7/18/2016

I am glad I waited to right this review.  You'll see why.Here was our experience:We went there based on Yelp reviews and the location.  Space:  They are rather tiny but busy.  The chairs are outdoor patio chairs definitely not comfortable.  Probably to hurry you out the door.  They do  have an accent wall that is very pretty.  Waitress was nice and attentive.Food:  I was happy that the tea was loose tea not bagged.  I ordered vegetable tempura which contained 2 onions (my pet peeve because I didn't order onion rings), a small zucchini, one asparagus and a pepper - yes a pepper that was not to my liking.  The tempura dip was seriously only 2 tablespoons.  I expected much better for the money.  My husband ordered two rolls which I forgot.  They were ok but I will say when I ate one of them (which I remembered) I started to feel a little uneasy.  He didn't finish the either of the rolls because he to was feeling icky (but didn't tell me).  We took the left overs not knowing that each other was feeling ill.  I love fish and the smell doesn't bother me at all but these  5 pieces stunk the car up.  When we got home I got sick and then my husband.  Right away the sushi went in the outdoor trash.


I've visited Sushi Q on a few different occasions now. Here is your discretionary warning. If you are looking for the usual cheap "50% off sushi rolls" stuff, this is NOT the place! They have normal prices and pretty good quality as far as I can tell, not that I am an expert by any means. Anyway. Its a cute small spot, cool sushi bar ambiance, and the customer service is excellent. The best part is, of course, the food. Sushi is super fresh between everything I've tried so far, and they have a lot of unique rolls. I highly recommend trying the baby calamari as well! Delicious food, & great service!


Soooo good! Definitely will go back!!!! The place is a real gem for being a neighborhood resturants. Started off with the spicy edaname and sea steak sashimi. Both dishes were really delish. The example was not oily. The sea steak melts in ur mouth. Raw oysters were such a delight. I got half a dozen mix oysters. And they were to die for. Flavor, juice and the special wasabi sauce were the perfect combination. I also order two rolls, the bomdotcom and the lobster roll. Let me start with the bomdotcom roll. This roll was on fire. I probably died everytime I ate a piece. There's a reason why they put 5 Chili Peppers next to this one on the menu. It's really delicious but it's a creeper. You'll feel it hit after you finish eating it. You'll probably feel it in the morning too. Haha!Lastly, the lobster roll. I can probably order this again and again. Each piece had a huge chunk of lobster and wrap in soy wrap. I probably become a regular to this place. It's super close to home and delicious. Presentation for each dish were very photogenic. Perfect for taking pictures and posting on yelp.

Bomdotcom Bomdotcom Raw oyster Raw oyster Lobster Lobster See all photos from Helen S. for Sushi Q 9/8/2016

Great Sushi at a reasonable price. I ordered a few of the rolls (Sacramento and Sushi Q - both delicious) with some friends, it was worth the wait (25 min). If I had one complaint it was that it did take some time to get our order. However, we didn't really notice because we were having a good time. Looking forward to coming back again.


I adore sushi.  It's one of those meals that makes me super happy and doesn't leave me feeling like I am going to die when I am done.  I am happy to say that this is by far some of the best sushi I have ever had!The set up is exactly what I like in a sushi place - small, intimate and laid back.  Modern decor with lots of Hawaiian flavor and reggae music playing.  Totally chill and low key.And the FOOD!  The food was INCREDIBLE!  We tried the spicy edamame (huge portion of warm, garlicy goodness), the oysters (the tiny, sweet ones - we had to do two rounds!), the large sashimi platter (incredible cuts of fish with creative chutneys and sauces on the side), the Elk Grove roll (BBQ albacore on top) and the Sushi Q roll.  I have to say, me and my bestie liked the Sushi Q roll the best.  Unlike a lot of other places, the delicate flavors of the roll are experienced in layers, instead of one main ingredient (usually the sauce) overtaking the rest of the roll.I cannot say it enough - this place has excellent sushi.  It is a little on the pricey side (no 50% off rolls here) but you are paying for real quality ingredients which shows in their final product.  Hooray for Sushi Q!

Small sashimi platter Small sashimi platter Large oysters (the meatier ones) Large oysters (the meatier ones) Tiny sweet NOT pass these up! Tiny sweet NOT pass these up! See all photos from Alicia R. for Sushi Q 9/17/2016

Avoided the new local Sushi place long enough, most local non-chain restaurants I've tried around here have been pretty bad (check my review of the Barn Cafe) , this place is great! I ordered the Chefs choice sushi/sashimi, lots of food, reasonably priced, good choice of beer, nice atmosphere, rare around he

Waiting on the sushi... Waiting on the sushi... 3/16/2016 Updated review

Food- Pork Ramen and small sashimi dish. The ramen was very flavorful and delicious. Sashimi dish has 2 more sauce/dipping, both was very good; usually I would dip it in wasabi and soy sauce; these sauces are different. Service- it was great! As we walked in, we were greeted immediately. The waitress asked if we prefer table or bar, we requested for table. As the table becomes available, they seated us in about 5 mins. Throughout my dinner, the waitress came and check on us a few times to make sure we're good and refill our water.Overall, I would definitely come back again!

Large sashimi, delicious Large sashimi, delicious Potstickers Potstickers See all photos from Kathy H. for Sushi Q 11/24/2015 Previous review My friend and I came here for dinner, we wanted to see what the hype is all about. We came a little… My friend and I came here for dinner, we wanted to see what the hype is all about. We came a little after 6pm, we were seated right away. The waitress came and greeted us right away and see what we wanted to drink, at the same time we were ready to order. We ordered Spicy Tan Tan Ramen, BBQ Albacore, and Kimmie roll! The Spicy Tan Tan ramen was very flavorful! I love it! I can smell the bamboo shoots, I wish they give us some more tangible meat vs ground meat and some veggies. The BBQ albacore was good, we ordered 3 pieces vs 6 pieces. The Kimmie roll was different, it had bacon bits on top which was good! The place is a bit small, I can hear everything that's going on at the front door. They charge for hot tea-- $2.50 I would definitely come back for the Spicy Tan Tan Ramen and the Kimmie roll. I will also try other dishes on the menu! Read more 3 pieces BBQ Albacore 3 pieces BBQ Albacore Kimmie Roll Kimmie Roll See all photos from Kathy H. for Sushi Q 3/25/2016

I'm in love. Why? I'll break it down for ya...Atmosphere? Clean. Chill. Intimate. Fantastic pandora station. Customer Service? Nailed it! We were greeted immediately by one person, checked in on about 30 seconds later by another person, updated on our wait status by ANOTHER person, and then seated a couple seconds later. Sushi: Let me answer your inquiry with an inquiry... Is it possible for sushi to melt in your mouth? Because yes, my friend, it can. This sushi did. The Pepperfin will rock your socks right off. Try it. Their most popular is the Sushi Q. Also try that guy. Their Rei sake is light, crisp, dry-- yet sweet-- and pairs very well with ANYTHING you order. Period. Ever. At any time. Nick McCarty was our sushi Miyagi (Karate Kid ref for the homies) for the evening. Oh yeah, the sushi was THAT GOOD.You're lucky I'm willing to share this place with you. Now come check it out so you can say the same thing to someone else.

Do YOURSELF a favor and order the Pepperfin. Do YOURSELF a favor and order the Pepperfin. 3/14/2016

I'm finally getting over my "I don't eat raw fish" phase, and I must say this place delivers great quality, fresh fish. I'm pleasantly surprised in what this small restuarant had to offer. The nephew had the pepper fin; I ordered the sushi Q roll and the shrimpin roll to share. The sushi Q roll was SO comfort-mutha-lovin- good. My mouth salivates just thinking about it. The nephew and I almost went into chopstick war for the final piece of the Sushi Q roll. Presentation, quality, texture, form... it definitely hits the spot. If you're in EG and you're tired of the same sushi spots, give this place a go. I could see myself a regular but the drive is a bit far.

Baby calamari. I can pass on this next time. Baby calamari. I can pass on this next time. See all photos from Linda S. for Sushi Q 3/13/2016

Soy wrap was my favorite sushi roll! It's super refreshing and is out the of the ordinary from the usual seaweed rice rolls. Sea steak was super fresh and the oil complemented it well. Price is on the high side but you expect that out of a sushi place in EG. Worth it though! Will be back.

OYSTERS. gotta love em OYSTERS. gotta love em Sea steak with spicy oil and crunch onion Sea steak with spicy oil and crunch onion Soy wrap is bomb and refreshing Soy wrap is bomb and refreshing
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