Table 10 - American (New) - 3327 Las Vegas Blvd S, The Strip, Las Vegas, NV - Restaurant Reviews - Menu

Table 10   - American (New) - 3327 Las Vegas Blvd S, The Strip, Las Vegas, NV - Restaurant Reviews - Menu

My husband and I came here after being disappointed at the buffet at Caesars Palace.It was wonderful! The wait staff were kind attentive and fast. The food was excellent!My husband had the Filet Mignon and I had the Mushroom Pasta. Delicious. For dessert I had the Banana Cream Pie, it was tall and full of rip bananas. The ambiance and atmosphere were cozy and perfect. I would recommend this place to anyone visiting Las Vegas.


Outstanding service, outstanding food, super ambience, and the atmosphere was just right.The candied bacon is incredible. Have some.Shocked that they have Hakusu Scotch. Rare, and fine.Filet minon-superb.WHITE CHOCOLATE MALASSADAS are decadent and incredibly light/fluffy.Looking forward to returning.


This restaurant was highly recommended to me and being from Louisiana, we know Cajun cooking.  My wife and I weren't sure what to decide on with so many excellent looking menu items.  Luckily, there is a "Taste of Table 10" option which is a 4 course meal which offers 20+ options of what you can try. So, between my wife and I we were able to try many items including the truffle Mac N cheese that I ordered extra.  Without getting into details of every item I will say that everything we tried was excellent including several wine selections by the glass.  Nothing average here.  However, the Filet steak was incredible.  If you read my reviews you will find I have eaten (often) at many of the top steak houses in the country and I can't recall a better tasting steak, ever.  This steak was so full of flavor, cooked exactly to order and tender it was remarkable.  The service was super from start to finish and at no time was my water glass much less than 1/2 full and we were checked on frequently despite the restaurant being very busy.  I should also note that our appetizer came out within 3 or 4 minutes of ordering and the second course was just minutes after we finished the first course.  Perfect timing.  If you want a great dining experience in Vegas, stop in at Table 10.  Whether you are going for a lunch, a special anniversary dinner or to impress a customer to close a major deal, you won't be disappointed.  Enjoy!


Ok - Table 10 was recommended by a friend who had a great meal here...  So I chose this as one of spots my friends and I would hit on our visit.  (PS - if you think having a celebrity chef name would make the food somehow taste better... Think twice on whether you want good tasting or just subpar food because of the brand...) Make A Reservation - I can't emphasize this enough because I saw lots of families with small children waiting for table(s)... Probably passing their dinner time!)We were a party of 6 and only 2 dishes were memorable... Amongst multiple starters/6 entrees/side veggies...  That says a lot about ones eating experience.Our server recommended a "seafood stew pasta" dish for me.. It was terrible... Overly seasoned with salt & pepper, very heavy sauce and nothing special about this "creole" style dish.  Others had a variation of fish/chicken/porkchop/risotto dish...  The pork chop was probably the only edible dish, thick cut and moist.  I think the risotto was the other decent dish... But I was so disappointed with the seafood stew that basically left me thirsting for gulps of water... To tame the acid eroding my palate that I couldn't bother sampling it... Thankfully I had a bite of the pork chop before diving on mine.  The calamari salad, as a starter was the best... (Watch out for the chili peppers!)Service was excellent, attentive at a good pace, not rushed.  Drinks were good (we sat at the bar first and had wine before being seated at our table).  Overall a "meh, we've had better meals especially in Vegas, no shortage of fine dining... "  experience.  Happy hunting & good luck Yelpers!

Calamari salad, this was very good! Calamari salad, this was very good! Seafood stew over fresh pasta... - it's a "meh".... Seafood stew over fresh pasta... - it's a "meh".... Thick cut pork chops... Decent! Thick cut pork chops... Decent! 8/18/2016

Located at the Palazzo on the second floor of the canal shops.   Just take the escalator in the Palazzo casino.  We had the tasting menu since there were so many choices that sounded delicious and this was the best way to try more dishes.  It was a four course meal for $48/person which was a good price for a tasting menu.  Since we had a party of two, we both got different dishes and just shared everything so we got to eat 8 things on the menu.   Started with the bbq shrimp and tuna tartare, both were good but bbq shrimp is definitely the winner.  Next we had the candied bacon and the gumbo.  Wow to both!!!  I can just order this and be satisfied.   For the main entree we got the scallops and the braised short ribs, braised short ribs are the way to go, no knife needed just a quick movement of the fork and the meat just shreds apart and the sauce just the right amount of sweetness.  We were stuffed by dessert but ordered the banana cream pie and the white chocolate malassadas.   Not sure if I was just too full or it was just alright.  Great service, awesome food and the mojito was excellent.

White chocolate malassadas White chocolate malassadas Banana cream pie Banana cream pie Scallops Scallops See all photos from Katherine P. for Table 10 7/3/2016

Went here on 06/27/16 for our  anniversary dinner with Brian P. Right off of the bat, I was annoyed that we were seated where it was quite loud because we were next to widows that opened up to the mall & people with noisy kids. I wish that they would have asked us if the table was okay because I would have requested a different spot.Clintele is an odd mix - oldins dressed in tube socks, shorts and New Balances, or people dressed up for a nice night out. I guess that's Vegas for you.Service is good, but it felt like it took forever to get someone to take our order. It wasn't until I quipped, "I wish someone would ask if we had any questions or something so that we could order" did someone pop out of nowhere to take our order.We came here for the 4 course meal for $48 pp. In addition to the multi course meal, we ordered a cheese platter as an appitizer - my favorite part of the meal.My first course was 3 bbq shrimp with a biscuit. The shrimp were fine but the biscuit was dry and tasteless - which I didn't finish. Brian had salad for his first course.My second course was mushroom pasta. I ate all the murshrooms and left the pasta. Unfortunately it was angel hair pasta which I loathe. The dish would have been better with a hearty pasta like penne. Brian had a gumbo, which was pretty tasty.Our third course was braised shortribs. They were okay, not my favorite. It was fall off the bone tender, but tasted dry at the same time.My fourth course was white chocolate malasadas. These were too sweet so I let Brian finish them. He chose the banana cream pie which wasn't too sweet and very toothsome. It was unique and very good but I was too full to finish it with Brian.Overall it was cool to try, but it was too noisy and just okay for certain courses. While I might try happy hour, I doubt I'd  make a repeat visit for dinner.

Dessert menu 6/27/16 Dessert menu 6/27/16 10/21/2016

This is our second time coming here. We love their food! Both times we came in before the dinner rush so it wasn't busy at all. Service was great! A few different people came by every 10 minutes or so asking if we needed anything. Our server was very helpful when it came to choosing the right side dishes he recommended. The filet mignon is so delicious and cooked to perfection! We look forward to coming back very soon!

Mushrooms, yum! Mushrooms, yum! Chicken with Brussels sprouts... Chicken with Brussels sprouts... Filet mignon with mashed potatoes... Filet mignon with mashed potatoes... 6/14/2016

When checking out the menus for Restaurant Week 2016 the lunch menu here really stuck out as a good option. Table 10 was offering a three course lunch for $20 which is a great deal.The restaurant is located in The Grand Canal Shop area near some of the higher end stores like Kate Spade and Michael Kors. The restaurant seating is partly inside and part is in front of the restaurant where the halls are for the shops. The seating in front would be a good option for those that enjoy people watching since Vegas has plenty of gems to see.Before we ordered we were served warm yeast rolls that were very good. I love fresh made bread. I started with the Beet Salad which was the best part of my meal. It had fresh roasted beets, goat cheese, and a pistachio butter. The pistachio butter was so good and definitely added something to the salad. My husband had the Chicken & Andouille Gumbo which he said was good, but not the best he's ever had.For the second course we both had the New Orleans Shrimp Po Boy. The shrimp inside was nicely seasoned and there was a nice amount of shrimp. The sandwich was more than enough food for one. Overall, the sandwich was pretty good. I really liked the crispy, thick fries served with the po boy.Dessert was a win for both of us. My husband had the Banana Cream Pie which he loved and the slice was a very generous slice. I had the White Chocolate Malasadas. I decided to order them even though I had no idea what malasadas are, but it was a good choice because they were so yummy. The malasadas are delicious and light fried dough with white chocolate in the middle and sugar on the outside. I loved this dessert and thought it was unique to the dessert options I see at other restaurants.The service was not horrible, but could have been better. Our waitress was friendly and checked in on us, but we went long periods without seeing anyone. Our lunch was almost two hours long for a pre-fixe menu. We started out okay with bread and starters coming out without much wait, but then everything went to snail pace after that. Our po boys took a long time to arrive at the table. Dessert wasn't a long wait, but then we had to wait a long time to get the check. I actually started to wonder if the waitress had left for the day because she wasn't even walking around and nobody else was even passing by to ask for our waitress. Eventually she came back, but the slow service kind of soured the experience.The dinner menu looks interesting and I liked the feel of the restaurant so I would consider coming here again. Our lunch was pretty good and hopefully the slow service was a one off.

Banana Cream Pie Banana Cream Pie White Chocolate Malasadas White Chocolate Malasadas New Orleans Shrimp Po Boy New Orleans Shrimp Po Boy See all photos from Lauren C. for Table 10 9/20/2016

This place was actually quite amazing.  Our server Frankie really made the 4 star food and atmosphere a 5 star experience.  He was on top of everything and even sent someone out to buy a rice cripsy treat to give to my buddy as his birthday cake.  The bone-in filet is delectable.I will visit again when I am in Vegas.  The price was reasonable for the service and quality of the food we received.


All I can say about this place is, get the BBQ Shrimp!  They are so good, just like in NewOrleans.  The crawfish in the soup etc. we're way too small.  The cocktails were solid, but over priced.  Would  go back for the BBQ Shrimp!


come here at Happy hour, which starts at 3:00pm, try their Riesling and lemon drop, both are great to go with the calamari and oyster we ordered..both are fresh and tasty... service are great...highly recommended...

oyster on half shell... by Frank W oyster on half shell... by Frank W calamari... by Frank W calamari... by Frank W Riesling Riesling See all photos from Frank W. for Table 10 10/11/2016

Haven't been to a Lagasse restaurant in over 10 years. Had time to grab some lunch today before work, and decided to take a look at the menu, haven't had a GOOD Gyro in awhile, it caught my eye and decided to give it a try.Matt took care of me, Great Service.Started with the cheese platter, nice.Then came the "Chef's Colorado Lamb Gyro", the Garlic Herb Fries looked like they sat it in the oil before being placed on the plate, as did the pita bread, with the edges being undercooked. I let that pass, and grabbed it together and took a big bite, all I could taste was the feta cheese and cold ingredients (shaved lettuce, red onion, tomatoes, kalamata olives, cucumber and tzatziki sauce), finally getting to the Lamb, which was room temperature, with some slices being cold.I opened up the gyro and attempted to dig out the lamb and eat it, finally giving up because of it being cold.The ratios were off, too much of the cold elements, as well as a under pita bread.I signaled Matt over, the server, and apologized but simply couldn't finish the dish, in which is promptly apologized and removed it from the bill.Disappointed.


It seems hard to believe, but the service was even better than the food, which was perfect. My dining partner is dairy and gluten free and the server made it clear that they would make the menu item of her choice work for her. And so they did. We both went with the four course meal. The spinach salad was gorgeous and the corn soup was above and beyond. By the time we got to the main course I was pretty full but it was also cooked to perfection. Two more words. Bananas Foster. Do it. Our server was from Denver, just like us, which clearly explains his top notch service.


Another overrated "celeb" restaurant, at least in my opinion. I was enticed by the crawfish etouffee on the menu. I'm thinking Emeril's going to create a wonderful dish since his background is New Orleans. Unfortunately, this was not the case. The roux really lack any real crawfish flavor. It was kind of like a bland red sauce and the roux itself was close to becoming paste. And those of you who understand the nature of roux know that it should be somewhat of a medium to thick gravy, but not a paste. His was perilously close to paste. We have a food truck here that does southern, and for $10 I get a great crawfish etouffee, and I don't have to leave a tip. I think for those of use who really enjoy New Orleans style cuisine, do your research if you go to Table 10. I think you might even ask to get a taste of the roux before you order the main entree.By the way, there were freshly cut pieces of tomatoes dropped in the roux. NO, NO, NO! You cook the tomatoes along with the trinity in the roux. I can't recommend the etouffee. 2.5 stars for the etouffee, a half more for the restaurant's ambiance.

Looks better than it tasted Looks better than it tasted 9/17/2016

The service here is very good, which saves this place from getting one star. The food is simply not good. We started with calamari, which was overcooked and dry. The sauce added no flavor. The onion rings were also flavorless and very greasy. For mains we shared a shrimp po'boy and the etouffee. Both were totally flavorless. There are so many great places to get a meal in Las Vegas. This is not one of them!


Always consistent quality.  3 courses for $20 can't be beat. Monitors amazing. Banana cream Pie classic Emeril. Solid service.  Great lunch or brunch stop

Lamb Gyro Lamb Gyro Bone Marrow Bone Marrow Maladsadas Maladsadas 6/25/2016 Updated review

Lunch:   Gyro with fries, beet salad with pistachio butter and picketed beets with added chicken breast, herb/truffle popcorn and a cheese plate.Gyro was a very strong showing.   The fries were perfection.   The beet salad had a great sweet and savory thing going on that my wife gave two thumbs up for.   As always the popcorn is devastatingly delicious.   Hats off to Table 10 for another great one.

5/28/2016 Previous review We did a chef's tasting menu and as we have been in a few times the chef tried out a few of the menu… We did a chef's tasting menu and as we have been in a few times the chef tried out a few of the menu items they are considering adding to the menu...  More Amazingness arriving soon at the Table 10!The night started with a sashimi crudo served on a brick sized piece of Himalayan salt from the Jurassic period.   Ok...   I guess that is one way to come out of the starting blocks...   You know, with Guns Blazing and at 10,000 rpms... When they cleared our plates the table literally clapped.   WOW.   I say again with great eloquence - WOW.  Holy €*#%, Batman!  The salt rubbed off on the raw seafood and no soy was needed.   Wonderful.  Amazing presentation.  I am in love with this dish.  Bring this to the menu...  Please!   Wonderful and unexpected - very innovative and perfectly executed.Second course - a cod in a dashi broth with vegetables.   Very light and well prepared fish - amazingly clean flavors - tasted good and healthy (a rare combo) with fragrant aromas and a lot of umami!  Flavors were very clean and individually pronounced.Lobster shiitake risotto with Yuzu highlights.   Ok let's think of some of the best words in the English language...   Lobster...   Shiitake...   Risotto.   Very rich flavors and earthy subtext.   My palette wept with joy.  The Pinot that was selected was PERFECTLY paired.   I mean perfectly!   All the wine pairing were amazing during the night but this was something other worldly the way the flavors worked together and created a resonance in complementing each other with overlapping but different flavors - particularly on the earth tones.And for the Main Event!!!   Pork and beef.   Pork chop off the bone with orange glaze on peas potatoes and bacon...   Pig 2 ways!!   Nice - balanced flavors and a mix of sweet and savory - loved it.The beef was the chef's signature frozen ribeye - blowtorch prepared so the fat infuses into the meat as it cooks.    Have loved this in the past and tonight was no different!   This course of pork and beef was paired with Hope Family's Treana's special red blend - cab / Syrah.   This is a Paso Robles producer. I am not usually a fan of the Paso wines - I don't like the quasi adobe flavor profile of the terroir.  This tasted like a 85-120 dollar Napa meritage - and while 2012 - so a new release had soft but definitely there tannins that were wrapped in a silk glove of dense dark fruit.   Wow on that wine.  Going to have to go buy me some of that wine!Desert was amazing - as always the banana cream was the tops - many before me have said that mere mortals are not worthy of that dish.   The hidden star of the night was the blueberry raspberry pistachio Almond crumble with blood orange sorbet.   Perhaps the most decadent and amazing crumble I have ever had.   Ever.   The cinnamon doughnut holes were hidden gems and the cream sauce drizzle made them outstanding.Egads I am stuffed.   Dinner was so good we made our next reservation before leaving.    Can't wait to come back. Read more 1/9/2016 Previous review One of Merriam-Webster's definition of sublime is "to elevate or exalt especially in dignity or… One of Merriam-Webster's definition of sublime is "to elevate or exalt especially in dignity or honor (2) :  to render finer (as in purity or excellence)".  That pretty much summed up our gourmet 5 course tasting feast Thursday night....  The food and service definitely made us feel like honored guests that had been fortunate enough to arrive at this altar of fine gastronomy.   Emeril has put together something very special here, for sure, and I heard he was in house in Vegas this week.  Chef James wowed the entire table of 5.  If I could throw a Michelin star in a Yelp review, I would.   We left stuffed, happy and frankly blown away by the great food, wine pairings and service we received.   It ranked up with any other dinner with we have had around the world.  The atmosphere is not too hectic or overdone, well heeled guests dining in understated elegance.Organic pink lady Apple salad, with avocado and baby radishes and balsamic dressing with mint oil.   King crab black and white truffle vermicelli.   Venison chops with elderberry, pomegranate and asparagus spears.   Prime ny strip topped with foie gras,  and a bevy of desserts.   The banana cream pie, carrot cakes, and white chocolate malasadas were the outstanding / most notable of the group, also some wonderful berries and what reminded me of a Sacher Torte. When the table of 5 each names a different course as their favorite of 5 courses, you know that the chef and staff have fired perfectly on all cylinders.  That was the case Thursday night.I can't put high enough praise on the quality of this meal.   The wine pairings were well thought out and the manager / somm is very astute.  This team consistently comes up with innovative pairings and new twists on classical dishes that are better than the decade old originals.  The noodle dish was so epically amazing that I went back the next day for lunch and had some more.   Yes, glutton for punishment!  Was also quite impressed with the pumpkin soup at lunch.  We will be back, and it won't be soon enough for me and my wife!!!!! Read more 11/25/2015 Previous review Outstanding...   OUTSTANDING!   Wonderful dinner at the chef's table last night.   Prosciutto… Outstanding...   OUTSTANDING!   Wonderful dinner at the chef's table last night.   Prosciutto wrapped Maine lobster, "frozen" ribeye, fatty duck and squash risotto with duck confit bits, sweet crab in ripe avocados with beet purée.   Great service as well.   Second dinner here in 3 weeks and already made another reservation for early January as we can't wait to go back!!!   Regular menu (we did on our prior visit) also has a tasting menu that is an outstanding value with great food and service.  We had a table of 4 that time and everyone loved their app, entree and dessert.  We also tried the foie gras that was great. Read more Dessert trio (smoothie, poached pear in Riesling sauce and apple strudel) Dessert trio (smoothie, poached pear in Riesling sauce and apple strudel) Crab / avocado with beet purée Crab / avocado with beet purée Prosciutto wrapped lobster Prosciutto wrapped lobster See all photos from Mr. R. for Table 10 9/16/2016

We can't say enough about this place. Excellent food and service.  Our server for the evening was Rafael. Everything that we ordered was  delicious. We arrived about 30 minutes before happy hour ended. I highly recommend the Island Dancer. Very refreshing. Rafael was very knowledgable about the different dishes on the menu and how they were prepared. Needless to say we will be back again!

The island dancer The island dancer See all photos from Rodney H. for Table 10 10/17/2015

Bam! We were last minute in making reservations for some of the nicer restaurants in town and while wandering around the Venetian, we found Table 10. Table 10, an Emril Lagasse restaurant, was fairly empty and so seating was simple. This restaurant has pretty nice décor with dark grain woods but a bit dim where we were seated.The cuisine here is American with a Cajun flare. We all opted for a four course dinner for $48 that comes with a soup or salad, appetizer, entrée, and dessert.  Our dinner started it some cocktails which were pretty good and strong. For our soup/salad option, we all chose the chicken andouille gumbo which was very tasty. For appetizers, we share the candied maple bacon, New Orleans bbq shrimp, and mushroom puffs. The bacon was utterly delicious as so was the bbq shrimp that came with Cajun bbq glaze and rosemary biscuit. Mushroom puff was just okay. For or entrée, we all chose the 6oz filet migon in a red wine sauce. Pretty good but wished I ordered the pork chop. Our last options included dessert which is the most important part of dinner. We chose the infamous banana cream pie, spiced carrot cake, and milk chocolate mousse smores. The banana cream pie was good. I've had it before so it didn't wow me. Came with caramel sauce, chocolate shavings, and whipped cream. The milk chocolate mousse smores was a bit too sweet for me. Spiced carrot cake with candied pecans and orange bourbon sauce was my favorite. One of the better carrot cakes I've had in the longest time. Service was great here and very attentive making sure our table was clean after each course. Food was good, not great but a bargain. We left full so we were content. Oink!!


The Prix Fix dinner at $48 for four courses was the best meal we had during our stay. What a value. Everything was awesome. My Scottish salmon, hubby's short ribs, fantastic smoked mushroom pasta, BBQ shrimp, gumbo, and the best banana cream pie everrrrrrrrr! We should have eaten here every night. Waiter Josh was terrific. Thanks, Table 10!!!

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