Taqueria El Burrito - Mexican - 223 F St - Davis, CA

Taqueria El Burrito - Mexican - 223 F St - Davis, CA

I've eaten here dozens of times.My favorite things about this place are:- Quesadillas, NAK Burrito, and Al Pastor Tacos-Free chips and salsa from a salsa bar.-Good homemade salsas.-Cheap.-Fast.-Consistent.If you are in the area (even if you aren't) and want to try some really good Mexican food, give this place a shot and you wont be disappointed.


I find El Burrito to be pretty mediocre me most of the time, but they are open late. I've had friends rave to me about their asada fries, but I didn't find them interesting. I enjoy the burritos here, and it's what I consistently get.Conclusion: El Burrito is a mediocre place that's open late, and has decent burritos.


Yes, I'll be back for more.  Love the chips and salsa bar. Tacos are the real deal. I'm always on a quest for a great al carbon. Wish these guys were open when I was in school there.


One of my favorite Mexican places in Davis, hands down. Conveniently located in downtown and open late to suit the typical college student schedule. Every time my family comes to visit they always ask me to bring them here. Ever since I've introduced to them to Taqueria El Burrito they definitely have been visiting me more often. My El Burrito go-to's are the Super Torta and the Enchiladas Suizas. The Super Torta is my ultimate favorite though. I cannot even describe why I love it so much. From the thick layer of cheese, the delicious carne Asada, the crunchy lettuce, you'll just have to try it yourself. My mouth is currently watering. I need a Super Torta ASAP. I have yet to find a dish here that I dislike. So far, my least favorite is the Carne Asada fries, and even that dish isn't so bad. It's just that the potatoes are a little heavy for my liking. (Beware, you probably won't be able to finish your food! Taqueria El Burrito gives *Donald Trump voice* HUUUUGE portions)!Every meal that you order comes with complimentary chips and salsa that you serve yourself. Unfortunately the chips are stale 80% of the time and the salsas are watered down, but it's not that big of a deal. Pair your food with a delicious Traditional Mexican drink like Horchata or Jamaica. The Horchata is a little powdery in my opinion but the Jamaica is nice and refreshing. The service can be a little lacking sometimes, mainly because of the girl usually manning the cashier. Her eyes are always wandering about while you're ordering from her and sometimes she'll get distracted and you'll have to repeat your order to her multiple times. Recently I ate here on the 4th of July and the usual cashier girl wasn't there however the girl that did take my order was very welcoming and I hope I'll see her around a lot more often. With that said, service can be a hit or miss. Overall, great place, extensive menu, and satisfactory service. Super Torta, I'm coming for you!

Clockwise staring from top right: (1) Combo Plate #1 - One Enchilada & One Taco, (2) Super Torta, (3) Enchiladas Suizas, (4) Carnitas Plate Clockwise staring from top right: (1) Combo Plate #1 - One Enchilada & One Taco, (2) Super Torta, (3) Enchiladas Suizas, (4) Carnitas Plate Carne Asada Super Torta - thebomb.com Carne Asada Super Torta - thebomb.com 6/14/2016

Let me start by saying there isn't really great Mexican food in Davis but this place isn't bad. Most days the tortilla chips are fresh and crispy. I like the medium and spicy salsas a lot. I usually order the asada tacos. I like the way the beef is prepared which has nice caramelization without being overdone. The rice is pretty good as are the beans. I don't order much else so can't comment.The place is clean and can accommodate a group. The service is friendly and fast. Definitely my go to place for tacos.

Tres tacos plate. Tres tacos plate. 8/8/2016

I've been here several times already, but this is my first review.I really like that El Burrito is open late when many other restaurants downtown are already near closing. Happy hour deals here are also amazing! I think it was around $5 or $6 for a huge portion of carne asada fries. They have a self-serve salsa bar, but the tortilla chips are often a bit stale. The food isn't the best Mexican food I've had, but it's reliable and inexpensive. In terms of service, sometimes the person at the register isn't very welcoming or friendly. The last time I went there, the lady seemed really impatient when I asked a question about one of the menu items.


TL;DR: Carne asada fries? YAAAASSS. I lived in Davis during my undergrad years, and having eaten my mother's Mexican food throughout my youth I was NOT impressed with the Mexican food options in the area. This was an exception, though I do have to admit my review consists solely of one item on their menu... haven't guessed it yet?THEIR CARNE ASADA FRIES. If you haven't ordered them, please do so next time you're in the area. You'll reach for a cheesy fry or two and be surprised by the guac, beans, meat, and salsa that come along with them. Probably the best carne asada fries I've had because they don't skimp on the toppings. I always eat it there and have never ordered it to go, but I don't think it would keep too well in a to-go container. They also have a salsa bar! I know, I know. I'm going to a place to order carne asada fries and I'm getting salsa and chips in addition to that. Not all places have salsa bars, so it's nice to visit one that has various options. I always mean to order something new when I visit, but there usually isn't room for it after I get the fries. Seriously get the fries. They are perfect after drinking or after not drinking or any time of day any day of the week, really.

You know what these are You know what these are 8/31/2016

This is probably one of my favorite places to grab a burrito in Davis. They have a chips and salsa bar that has my favorite salsas in Davis so that's always a plus. They are always quick when you order and the food is always good. I recently had their breakfast burrito, which I never would have thought to get from them. It was one of the best breakfast burritos I've had. If you're craving a breakfast burrito then I definitely recommend this place! I had the chile verde breakfast burrito and it was honestly the best of both worlds. A chile verde and breakfast burrito all in one! My boyfriend had the breakfast burrito 2 with bacon and claimed it was one of the better ones he had, and he is all about his breakfast burritos. It has the perfect amount of meat and eggs as well as beans and potatoes, not like other places where they overstuff a burrito with potatoes and you're basically left with a dry burrito. The burritos were fairly large as well definitely would suffice for both breakfast and lunch. The other food here is great too! The carve asada fries are always a go to! Definitely recommend loading up on the salsas!

Chile Verde Breakfast Burrito Chile Verde Breakfast Burrito 10/2/2016

Overall, Good authentic Mexican food. Gotta love the chips and salsa bar! The location is prime and the service is exceptionally well.


I love this place and it's my favorite even in Natomas. please try the enchilada suiza. comes with green sauce, superb flavor, fresh and just enough heat. comes with rice beans and their amazing guacamole.

nice decor nice decor 9/29/2016

Taqueria El Burrito is one of the cheap eats in downtown Davis~ they don't have the best food, but it's pretty decent. I like how the restaurant is huge, so it can accommodate lots of people. I usually come here after club meetings with JASS. My favorite things to get here are the carne asada fries and shrimp taco salad. Carne asada fries ($9.25) are so unhealthy, but soo good. They are topped with carne asada, guac, sour cream, and salsa. The portion size is quite large, I basically get two meals out of it. Shrimp taco salad ($9.50) is in a crispy taco shell with lots of shrimp, guacamole, lettuce, cheese, and salsa. It's definately filling since I can't finish the taco shell. Service is generally pretty quick, but it sometimes can be slow. Staff is friendly and store is clean. I wish the chip was crispier, they are stale whenever I get them. They're salsa bar is pretty decent. Overall an affordable eatery for us poor college students.

Shrimp taco salad Shrimp taco salad 9/29/2016

Very good food here.  Not the best in the world but it's hard to find good Mexican food in the Sacramento area.  This is probably one of the better spots to go.  I've ordered a bunch of different things on the menu and have not been disappointed!


Love the NAK burrito, carne asada fries in a burrito is delicious, and the horchata there was very refreshing.


Before La Pinata, this was my go to Mexican place in Davis. I decided to revisit this place and I'm regretting it. This place is just not good in comparison to La Pinata and not good in general. Maybe I'm being a bit harsh. The food is decent but it's just so salty and boring! The chips are salty, the salsa was flavorless, and the tacos I had were really dry and salty. The service is alright, the people I've interacted with are friendly when I order and pay but that's it. Prices are your average prices. Nothing overly expensive but not cheap. Their food is not that bad, very average. I've tried their burritos, tacos, and carne asada fries but nothing stands out to me. Only good thing was their beans and rice. But how hard is it to mess that up? Sorry El Burrito, I don't think I'll be back.


Happy Hour!Basically what I like to eat from here is on their Happy Hour special so nowadays, that's the only time I come. My girlfriend loves their carne asada fries and I usually like their lengua (beef tongue) meat. On this visit, we ordered the carne asada fries and a lengua torta. Both where of pretty good size. Everything else is self served - waters, chips, sauces, etc. The torta was pretty good and was covered in cheese. The bun was toasted and was crispy. There wasn't that much lengua inside the torta but it was still decent. My girlfriend and I ended up becoming somewhat full from this. We then started to eat the carne asada fries. Did I mention it was huge? It came with lots of fries, cheese, and a good amount of meat. It also comes with a strip of guac, crema and pico de gallo. It was good and that's what we usually get.We also like their green sauce and white sauce. I don't know what they're called but it's good and we like it. They replaced their pico de gallo with salsa. I enjoyed it more when it was pico de gallo out in the sauce bar as I'm not a big of their salsa.

Torta Torta Carne Asada fries Carne Asada fries 11/23/2015

My friends and I came in the night after a football game at Davis to get some good ol' Mexican food: there were SO many people! In lines to order food, outside lines to wait for food, and filling all the tables were SO MANY PEOPLE! When we finally got the the front of the line and finished ordering, the wait was very short and due to my eagle like vision (when I wear my glasses), we managed to snag a table to sit down at.I got myself a taco salad while my friends got the pollo chilli verde and other goodies. Taco exterior on the taco salad was hearty, not too oily (I know that stuff is fried!), and went really well with what was on the inside. It worked in filling me up! BUT, if its your first time here... and you can handle spices that build up... you HAVE. to get the Chili. Verde. It was SO DELICIOUS! I would have definitely eaten more if my tongue was much more spicy-tolerant, alas- nature is unfair, and I am a spice wimp.Since a soccer match was on, the vibes of this place was so lively and rambunctious! I loved it! But it did startle me sometimes mid-bite from the sudden yelling of many of the customers.

Veggie taco salad! Veggie taco salad! 9/26/2016

I love El Burrito. Good Mexican food. Carne Asada fries always great. Service is great. NAK Burrito is a bonus! Recommend checking it at least once always clutch.


Any place that serves breakfast all day is already a winner in my book. Then, to find they make huge, delicious breakfast burritos is just icing on the cake. I will definitely be coming back to try their regular burritos and margaritas!

2/25/2016 Updated review

I used to be a regular at this place but after my most recent experience I'll never come back. Ordered a veggie burrito over the phone. When I got there, it was a wet burrito. I told the server that wasn't what I wanted. She insisted that she had read the order back to me and I confirmed its what I wanted. I felt intimidated and I thought she was going to make me take the burrito I didn't want. I'm hard of hearing so it's very hard when people are aggressive towards me because I misheard something. She ended up making the burrito again and I felt like I had to apologize. After I walked out and bit in, I realized I had gotten a carne asada burrito, not a veggie burrito. It was a terrible, humiliating experience and I won't ever come back.

7/28/2014 Previous review I would give this place 3.5 stars if yelp would let me. They have all the classic Mexican dishes… I would give this place 3.5 stars if yelp would let me. They have all the classic Mexican dishes here, and everything is good, just not up to the standards most people have for Mexican food. If you're from so cal, get ready for disappointment. It's not as rich and flavorful as the food down south.  I usually get a burrito here-- seems obvious right? If you want refried beans, make sure you ask. The default is whole pinto. Their meats are good, not dynamite flavor like Mexican can be, though. I usually order a burrito with rice, refried beans, and avocado to keep it veggie and light here. When you buy an entree, you get unlimited chips, salsa Roja, salsa verde, avocado salsa, white salsa, pickled items, jalapeños, and limes.  If you just want chips and salsa, it's $2.50 for a side order. One reason this place is only 3 stars is the state of the shrimp. I have gotten shrimp dishes here a few times. Shrimp are usually amazing in Mexican food, but here they often seem under seasoned and fishy. I don't know if it's quality or preparation that's lacking, but either way it's just not worth ordering at all. They're open till 3 some nights, that's the biggest plus. Forget Taco Bell, come here late night. Read more 10/28/2015

I used to frequent this spot as a UC Davis student and have made a couple of stops here after graduating (on picnic day and while visiting friends). While I've only really tried the nachos (the portion size is huge so I recommend sharing this with a couple of other people), I find it to be really yummy. I've had friends try the burrito and quesadilla, and they really enjoyed those as well. I did have a margarita during picnic day (which was huge, I'm used to smaller margaritas). However, this could be a good thing for some people.

Grilled Chicken Nachos Grilled Chicken Nachos
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