The Monk’s Kettle - Bars - 3141 16th St, Mission, San Francisco, CA - Restaurant Reviews - Menu

The Monk’s Kettle   - Bars - 3141 16th St, Mission, San Francisco, CA - Restaurant Reviews - Menu

This place has been on my list for a few years...but parking in the Mission....forget it. We decided to stay at Beck's,  so The Monk's Kettle was just a short walk. They had Pliny on tap. Even though we had dinners plans, I had to order a poutine, yum.We will be back for more


This is one of my all-time favorite restaurants and I was definitely a regular here when I lived in SF. Their beer list cannot be beat. On top of that, the food is amazing. As a vegetarian, I'm always hesitant about gastropubs-- they tend to be pretty meat-heavy. But the Kettle is different. I love their mushroom risotto, and their spent grain and chickpea burger is the best veggie burger I have ever had. Not to mention their UNBELIEVABLE warm pretzel knots served with melted cheese and whole-grain mustard. I could eat those all day. And for dessert, don't miss the chocolate bread pudding, but you may have to share it because it's pretty rich.Yes, it's crowded here-- get used to it because they deserve the attention. Yes, it's expensive, but the food and beer are definitely worth it. I recommend showing up on the early side, putting your name down for a table, and then grabbing a seat at the bar and getting a beer and a pretzel knot. Or you could even order dinner at the bar-- not a bad option if there's only one or two of you. But don't let the crowds or prices deter you-- the Monk's Kettle is worth it. Also, I hear they just started serving brunch as soon as I moved away. MONK'S KETTLE, HOW DARE YOU?! The only flaw with this place when I lived in the Mission was that they didn't serve brunch, and of course as soon as I go to New York, they change that. Well, for all you San Franciscans, I bet their brunch is amazing. I bet it's the best in the city. How could it not be?


A place for the beer lover. This place has a huge selection of beer that does not disappoint any type of beer drinker. A hot place in the Mission as there is a pretty huge wait for a table inside on a weekday for an early dinner. Clearly they know what they're doing.We started with some meat and cheese which was honestly a bit of a let down. My expectations may be too high, but was not all that impressed with the meats or cheeses. I did very much like their apricot chutney and their mustard though.I very much like their burger. Big and tasty. Meat cooked perfectly to rare/medium rare with huge flavor. Delicious caramelized onions to bring the cheese and greens together. Served next to a large bed of fries which were standard.The flank steak. This was okay. The SAUCE was magical. A mushroom cream sauce with HUGE flavor. Unfortunately, the steak was too chewy. Lots of tendons and what not, a bit difficult to eat. Maybe should've ordered it a little less rare.In the end, the beer menu here is stellar and the vibe is just what you would expect. A large bar with a ton of beers on draft. Good food, good beer. That's all I ever really need in life.

The spread The spread The big juicy burger The big juicy burger 8/22/2016

Encyclopedic beer selection - literally - paired expertly with a well-executed menu. Even though the food offerings change from time to time, you can't go wrong with a selection of smaller plates to share - whether fried oysters, croquettes, or poutine - or some larger, more substantive entrees like a savory risotto. For beer lovers, the best part is how they take beer - and food pairings - seriously. And if you're in an adventurous mood and want to try different beers on your own, there's a gigantic set of offerings to choose from. Service is knowledgeable and authentic, although this place is so popular, given its small footprint, that waits can be pretty intense. Word to the wise: get there early.


If you're a beer nerd and a sour beer lover, then Monk's Kettle is unmissable. An unbelievably long list of craft beers by the bottle and on draft make this place one of the better beer bars in San Francisco. What's even cooler is that they cellar certain beers and release them many years later (like wine), and offer them to their patrons. I mean, that's dedication.  I happen to be a huge sour beer fan and it just so happens that The Monk's Kettle is serving up some summertime session sours. I stopped by last Saturday as I hadn't been in a while and when the sun is out, sour beers taste amazing! It's normally pretty packed on the weekends but, we were able to find a couple spots at the bar after being greeted by a really nice doorman. We ordered a couple different sours on draft from Russian River Brewing Company (Santa Rosa, CA). They were both aged in wine barrels, one from a Chardonnay and the other Pinot Noir. Did I mention they were amazing?! One thing I love about sour beers is how they are respected and treated. Monk's Kettle serves all of their beer in wine glasses so you can get the full effect of the beer's quality. Props to that. I've always wanted to eat here as the food coming out of the kitchen looks amazing. Guess I'll be back soon for some more sour beer and kitchen fare. :)

Temptation sour ale Temptation sour ale 7/18/2016

Wow - seriously, a ton of draft beers! This place is always packed in the evenings but came on a Sunday afternoon and was able to snag a table in the back. Food was pretty good:- Hand cut fries - $8, a bit expensive - but we were hungry- Mixed greens salad with chicken - not chicken breasts, but liked the balsamic-like dressing and the almonds- Pretzel knot - tasty home-made pretzel, though more like crunchy oily bread than super pretzel-like. Tasty for being what it is though!Service was super friendly, food came out quickly.

Mixed greens salad with chicken Mixed greens salad with chicken Basket of fries $8 Basket of fries $8 Pretzel with mustard Pretzel with mustard 7/10/2016

This place is insanely crowded so the ambiance is just not there. We literally had to push and shove just to get a sandwich on a Wednesday. However, the chickpea burger was pretty good and the fries are massive steak fries. Nom nom nom.3.5 stars


Wowowow this place is a little gem, particularly if you like craft beer! The beer menu is several pages long, and yes they do have some wine as well. What I really liked was at the end of the menu there is basically a beer dictionary, which helped me pick the right kind of beer for my taste out of the many choices. Food also did not disappoint! Pretzel knot was da and the burger mmmmm.. inside tables are packed just a little tight but I went early enough for it to not be too crowded.  Service was also really attentive and that is always appreciated.

Allagash Tripe Ale and maybe the oyster beer on the right (I forget what the boo ordered..) Allagash Tripe Ale and maybe the oyster beer on the right (I forget what the boo ordered..) 9/19/2016

$9.50 for a Pliny and $17 for a fatty dark meet over cooked chicken sandwich ... I think that's the last visit to this overrated spot


Super cool place.Good food (we had the special fish and chips and a flank steak), but the main attraction is the beer. The selections come out in a book. I didn't even need to flip back to the bottles section because they had an Allagash sour on tap. Thank you for that.Small but enjoyable patio. Kids welcome.The wait can be long: on a Saturday evening it was 2.5 hours for inside, 1 hour for outside. Fortunately, they will call or text when your table's ready and there's plenty to see in the neighborhood.


The Monk's Kettle pretty much ruined the Mission District bar crawl for me, simply because there's really no other place worth visiting in the Mission District after you've been (and have been promptly seated at) to the Monk's Kettle.Where to even begin. The food at Monk's Kettle is out of this world; I've never once been disappointed with their Monk's Daily Sandwich, and the charcuterie board is a home run if you're just stopping by for a few casual drinks late in the afternoon. If you end up staying for dinner, like I usually end up doing once I see the lines forming outside, their trout is a delightful combination of juicy and chewy (two adjectives I don't commonly associate together with fish), and I double dog dare anyone to NOT fall in love with their duck confit. It's impossible, I swear.The beers. By now everyone has that one friend who is absolutely bonkers about craft beer. When I say absolutely bonkers, I mean that this one friend is the one that drives four-five hours to a different state for bottle releases, will look his nose down at you for drinking an IPA out of a nonic pint glass, and publicly shame anyone who thinks Blue Moon is a "craft beer." Monk's Kettle is kind of like that annoying friend, except he has an ulterior motive to be nice to you in that he wants your money. So imagine that the one beard-toting, hop-sniffing, pot-belly-having, brewery t-shirt wearing friend suddenly had some sort of a lightning epiphany and decided he wanted to share all of his prized possessions with you (in exchange for money) and you pretty much have the Monk's Kettle.For those of you that speak beer, the Monk's Kettle is one of two places that I can count on to carry Russian River Brewing Company's Pliny the Elder on tap at any given day of the year. They also have around 25+ taps of beer, primarily from CA (Cellarmaker and Firestone Walker being the usual suspects) with some other choice curations from around the US and Europe. They also have an extensive, yet somehow rotating bottle list as well which includes a vintage ($$$) sour/stout selection; a very curious selection of hard-to-find (albeit grossly marked up) Belgian beers with the likes of De Dolle Brouwers, Brasserie De la Senne, and Oud Beersel; and for extra brownie points, they also serve the original Leipziger Gose here as well.If by some chance you're that one absolutely bonkers guy and are still sporting a resting meh face even after reading the above paragraph, Monk's Kettle is also a long-time participant of Pliny the Younger Day (February); on top of that they regularly have themed tap events, like hosting a vertical of all the years and variants of Deschutes' the Abyss, for example. My advice for any beer-oriented guy or gal looking for a good time in the Mission District would be to shut up and let Monk's Kettle take your money.

Pliny the Elder on tap. It's only overrated if you don't know where to find it ;) Pliny the Elder on tap. It's only overrated if you don't know where to find it ;) 5/23/2016

Holy s***!! Where the hell have I been?!I took it upon finding a great bar with delicious varietals of beer. Hence, I stumbled upon Monk's kettle. good, I came back here a few times with friends. One in particular, I came back a bit drunk beforehand, because I was on Bart to trek it to SF Pride that weekend. Fun times! Anyways, hands down, I've found a spot that serves good quality beer. No! I'm not talking about beer you would find at a Safeway store. They have a really good list of beers, one person can't pass this place up. Aside from the beer selection, they also serve food. Seating is a little cramp, but I suggest to come here on a nice sunny day, sit outside, take in the view, grab a bite, and sip on a nice cold beer. You'll thank me later.


Had walked past this place before, thinking to myself, "I ought to come back here." Boy, was I right! This place is the definition of a gastropub. Food is fantastic! Poutine has the most decadent pork gravy. The chicken sandwich we shared puts other fried chicken sandwiches to shame. It's not cheap. Beer and wine prices are on the high end, but it is San Fran. And I'd say it's worth the splurge.


Great beer selection! If you're in the mission and you want great craft beer, this is your place - it does get crowded at nights, so the best time to come is right after six. We had their Putin fries, and they were alright. I thought the gravy on top didn't go well with the ricotta, two soggy soft differently tasting textures just didn't go tighter.They don't have Mac & Cheese, which would have been great with my beer. I talked to the staff and they told me they had it at one point, so maybe they'll bring it back, fingers crossed!

Putin fries Putin fries 8/28/2016

Such a cute little restaurant! Came here on a Tuesday afternoon and ordered the daily sandwich, which had steak + arugula and a fried egg on top - it was a great combo (quality wasn't spectacular, but I enjoyed it). Their handcut fries were great! It's a bit pricey for the quality of the food (spent ~$22 on the meal alone.. generous portions though!), but I definitely loved the ambiance. I'd love to come back for drinks with friends instead of a meal.

Daily sandwich. Egg was done perfectly over easy, loved the steak + arugula combo but wasn't spectacular. Daily sandwich. Egg was done perfectly over easy, loved the steak + arugula combo but wasn't spectacular. 1/7/2016

Went here for dinner around 10:30pm. It was one of the few places that was still open within walking distance.We shared a poutine. It was pretty good, though not really the typical gravy-ful cheesy goodness you may expect. The best part about the poutine was definitely the pulled pork shoulder. It went well with the (slightly over salted but otherwise bland) fries. There wasn't much cheese curd in this poutine.I got a Kale salad, it wasn't a good choice. There wasn't enough dressing on it (other than oil) so it was pretty much just a plate full of raw Kale some bits of fruit.My friends got the fried chicken sandwich, which tasted pretty solid. They come with the previously mentioned blande fries.

Fried chicken sandwich Fried chicken sandwich Kale salad Kale salad Poutine Poutine 8/20/2016

Enjoyable, but not amazing. The charcuterie plate was ok, but by far not the best I've had. Had higher expectations for a place that's known for beer. The duck leg was really well cooked, and the lentils and sweet potato purée that went with it were great. The risotto was good, and the corn was clearly very fresh and sweet. With all the new places to eat in the mission, somehow managed to get a table on a Friday night without wait.


Great food and service. We had a plum cider that was Great. We split the sausage and cheese platter followed by splitting the Bratwurst. Just the right amount of food for 2. Would definitely come again!!!


I'm not sure why this place is so popular.Didn't like the service. They only let you have a table if you're having a meal. I didn't appreciate that kind of discrimination - if you're in a group of 3-4 a table would drastically improve the group's experience rather than everybody sitting side by side at the bar... I think they should prioritize the customer experience more. We planned to order apps to share instead of a full meal, and they still didn't let us have a table, and there was a free table for the first half hour we were there!None of us liked our beers that much, and my friends are definitely beer fans! Fries were good and very generous though!My favorite beer bar is still Hopwater Distribution in Nob Hill - amazing beers without any pretentiousness.


Located right in the heart of the Mission, this pub and restaurant is the perfect date spot conveniently between several noteworthy bars.Known for their huge selection of beer, Monk's Kettle seemed to have everything and more. The best part of the experience is taste testing, and I tried several, even if I ended up playing it safe with an IPA.We started with some butternut squash soup, which was a decadent, not-to-sweet blend garnished with fresh herbs. A must during El Niño!Next we split two entrees: the spent grain & chick pea burger, and the pan seared whole rainbow trout. Honestly, we couldn't have ordered better.The veg burger had so much texture and flavor, and was topped with tzatziki, roasted red pepper, and pickled shallot. Such an intricate blend, and a hearty portion. Certainly something you'd want to split, especially given all of the filling beer you need to consume.The trout was just as delicious, and a lighter dish that paired well with it's fennel puree-squash-apples-pecans-brown butter accompanying side. The ingredients felt wholesome and tasted delicious --- not something you always necessarily feel about your side side. It was warming, and the spicy and sweets aromas made for the perfect winter dish.I'd recommend getting here early, because it's always packed. Start at the bar, and work your way to a table for a meal you'll long for again, long after the fact.

Pan-seared Rainbow Trout, and Spent & Chickpea Burger. Pan-seared Rainbow Trout, and Spent & Chickpea Burger.
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