The Natural Mattress Store - Mattresses - 816 4th St, San Rafael, CA

The Natural Mattress Store   - Mattresses - 816 4th St, San Rafael, CA

Near the end of last year I purchased an all latex mattress from another store.  First they sent me the wrong mattress.  Then after receiving the correct one it was killing my back and causing so much pain it felt like I had been in a car accident.  It was so uncomfortable that one of my cats would not sleep on it!  Both of my cats always sleep on the bed with me but she would not spend 2 minutes on the bed.  I would call and try to entice her but she would just walk out of the room looking over her shoulder with a dirty look on her face and went to sleep on the couch..The mattress was expensive and I almost was not able to to return it. And I lost a chunk of change on the return.Then I went to The Natural Mattress Store and spent some time with Steve.  Laying on mattresses asking lot's of questions. I tired out the mattresses for a very long time.  Steve was very patient and answered all of my questions.  I really liked the Meditation mattress.  But after my first experience above I held off and then tried all of the mattresses at every store in the east bay area.  None of them were as comfortable.  Personally I like the natural mattresses with springs.  And the Meditation fit that bill.  After I returned the mattress that was killing my back I was sleeping on an air mattress.  I went back to the store, paid for the Meditation mattress and it was delivered within a few days.  The very first night my cat was happily back on the bed where she sleeps again every night.  I did utilize one comfort exchange and it was super easy.  This mattress is ultra comfortable!  The only bad thins about this mattress is that it is so incredibly comfortable that you won't want to get out of bed in the morning!  So it's a good thing that I'm retired. would have posted a picture of the cats on the new GREAT mattress but you can't add pictures.Thank you Steve!  I my new Meditation mattress!

Comment from Steve S. of The Natural Mattress Store Business Owner 4/17/2016 Hi Nancy,Thanks for the terrific comments. You will have many years of wonderful sleep on your… Hi Nancy,Thanks for the terrific comments. You will have many years of wonderful sleep on your Meditation. Let's call this a five meow review.Steve Read more 7/27/2016

Absolutely, undeniably the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. I love that the mattress was made locally and the materials are just supreme. Nice shopping experience.


Will was extremely helpful. My partner and I have a mattress from this store. It was getting to soft. Will carefully explained our options. No pressure just a lot of helpful information


Love our bed and had a great experience choosing our mattress.  I appreciate that there was no push whatsoever to pick the most expensive - as I've experienced at other bed stores- but the father/son team just wanted to pick the right mattress for our needs.  We had a small issue with delivery but Steve fixed it and made sure we got our bed on time.  Thanks!! Would definitely recommend!


I went to the Natural Mattress store only after I had purchased- and been deeply disappointed in- a Stearns and Foster mattress set from Macy's. Boy did THAT sucker stink of chemicals!! It genuinely made me sick! I was desperate for a mattress that was wholesome and untainted...even though I was NOT desperate to drop a ton of dough. Despite the cost, I could not be happier with my new mattress set. The customer service was seriously Out Of This World! Thank you soooo much Andrew and Steve!! Love it!


I've slept on the latex/spring mattress for 8 months before reviewing. The mattress is comfy, however, there are irregularities that I'm not sure should be there. One side is firmer than the other! The sides bow out. Other than the looks and firmness difference the sleep is very comfortable. This mattress does not sleep hot. I use a slatted platform as recommended.


My new latex mattress was just delivered, and my wife and I took a 90 minute nap and slept deeper than we have ever slept in our lives.  I can't tell you how many thousands of $ we have spent over the last 10 years trying to find a mattress that supports our backs, but is soft enough for my damaged shoulder.  We finally did it!!!!!  It is expensive, but this may be the best investment I have ever made.Steve and his son made this entire experience "head and shoulders" above any mattress buying experience we have ever had.  I give them my HIGHEST recommendation.


What I did not like: no prices and no model names posted on beds on display in showroom. I was quoted different prices for the same bed and different model names for the same bed. I have had a past experience of buying one bed and having another model delivered.  This made me feel less trusting of them in spite of good reviews. It just seems to be good practice to post prices on beds and model names. The model name I  was told I was purchasing is different than  the model name on my receipt. What did I really get??Also, I would like to see a model number and name on the bed that was delivered. At, I think, Mattress Discounters in Dublin all of showroom model beds had the model number, name of model and price on each bed. Also attached to the beds were tickets with the model number of the bed.

Comment from Steve S. of The Natural Mattress Store Business Owner 9/6/2014 Dear Pamela,In our stores we post bedframe prices above each bedframe and mattress prices in a clear… Dear Pamela,In our stores we post bedframe prices above each bedframe and mattress prices in a clear plastic stand next to a corresponding mattress. Each mattress has a law label attached at the headboard end of the mattress. You will find the names of all of our mattresses there with an inked in square next to the name of your mattress. If you are unclear about which mattress you have after looking at the law label, please call me and I will make sure that you have the mattress you ordered.Best wishes,Steve Read more 12/1/2013

I have been looking for a natural mattress for the past few months. My current mattress is fine, but I am looking for a healthier alternative. My search started at The Natural Mattress store in Walnut Creek. I received friendly, no pressure help, and grabbed a quote while I was there. A month later I went to their San Rafael location and purchased a mattress, but canceled my order 24 hours later. Why? I needed more time in store to choose. I have 90% settled on buying from The Natural Mattress Store, but I wasn't sold on which model was best for me.Now the reason for this review- when I called Steve, the owner, to cancel he was polite and gave me no sales pitch. $3000 for a mattress is a big chunk of change, and I truly appreciate the respect I received as a customer. I will continue to visit their Walnut Creek store until I find the one that fits. Call me Goldilocks, but a mattress should be just right.


This is a very low key, low pressure store.  I was tired of buying expensive name brand mattresses elsewhere only to have them sag after a few months despite turning the ones which need turning.  I wanted a product that would last.  I am writing this 3+ years after I purchased my mattress and am still 100% happy.  No sagging and it sleeps just like when I got it.  The natural rubber just does not seem to break down like petroleum based products in other mattresses.  Oh, it's very heavy, natural rubber is.  I have springs in my specific style and I'd never know they were there but for the feel.


Steve knows his stuff- the best products sold by someone who is very knowlegable, patient & a good communicator.An investment for sure but we've paid more and got less.


What could be better than a great sleep every night? This store makes healthy, sustainable, local bedding products. We have 4 mattresses and will purchase another 4 soon.  Tried them all. These folks know their business and will continue to fine tune the mattress after you take it home to make it perfect.  Great value on top of everything else!  Will and Steve make a difference...


I am baffled by the wide range of reviews over this store, their mattresses and their staff.    I waffled for years over whether to buy from this store.   Why?  Because their mattresses are expensive.    I could have spent the same money and gotten a "luxury level"  Beauty-rest El Supremo silk wool top in a Cal King for the price of my queen Eco Cloud.I dropped in over several years trying the mattresses out and always left thinking 'in a few months'.  I never was given a hard sell.    They always answered my questions.   Very polite, very erudite knowledge of mattresses and the mattress business.And that is what leaves me baffled.   The Mattress Business.   My experience of dealing with other 'mattress stores' is likened to that of buying a used car.    Sleazy salesmen.   Impossible to compare mattresses from different manufacturers - they are each uniquely private labeled for the chains.    Lots of cutaways of springs.    I have a degree in engineering and I couldn't tell you whether individually wrapped coils is better than other varieties.    Returns, 'well maybe...'   In an age of bedbugs you expect to return a mattress - or you expect me to sleep on your returned mattress?And you think the NMS is ripping you off?I like my Eco Cloud mattress.   I don't want to get out of bed in the morning.   I can sleep in if I want.They say they will adjust the firmness 'a bit' after two months if I like.   Well if I do and they turn out to be not so wonderful, I'll let you know.In the meantime I agree with my friends who have the misfortune of working in retail in Marin.   Marin-ites are self entitled nuts.

Comment from Steve S. of The Natural Mattress Store Business Owner 5/15/2012 Dear Roger,Thank you for taking your time to review your purchase with us. We are happy to know you… Dear Roger,Thank you for taking your time to review your purchase with us. We are happy to know you are sleeping well and enjoying your Eco-Cloud organic mattress. Rest assured that we stand behind our brand and if you need a comfort exchange we will be happy to do it for you. I cannot comment on Marin-ites as I am one of them... Best wishes,Steve Read more 9/15/2011

Don't be fooled by the name! I bought a bed here and the more I look at it the more I see how flawed and how bad the craftsmanship are. The bed is heavy and akward to move, the latex is torn and stained in spots and the springs pop when you rollover.I am very disappointed in the quality of this mattress and I urge you to save your money! The product is not worth the price!Also the guys that run this place are rude.

Comment from Steve S. of The Natural Mattress Store Business Owner 10/24/2012 We regret your dissatisfaction with your mattress. We have thousands of extremely happy customers… We regret your dissatisfaction with your mattress. We have thousands of extremely happy customers and would like you to be one of them. Your mattress has a zipper cover and that makes it easy for us to change any materials inside the mattress. We sent you a message asking you to contact us so that we can help with any issues you may have. Since you have not responded, we cannot help but wonder why. Read more 1/8/2013

My wife and I visited The Natural Mattress Store, initially to purchase a natural mattress for a guest-room bed.  Had we looked for our own bed, we would likely have purchased a natural mattress.  But since that guest-bed was rarely used, we ended up cancelling our order and purchasing  a more conventional, less expensive mattress.Steve and the other staff were totally gracious about cancelling the order.  During that initial visit, I noticed they had an unusual, and extremely comfortable, chair called the Swing Chair.  Being an author who sits for long hours each day, I was intrigued.  I had purchased innumerable chairs of every type, including the Aeron chair, the Freedom chair, kneeling chairs, etc.  After going back on several occasions to try out the chair, just to be sure, I purchased it.  After three months using it, I find the Swing Chair the most comfortable, intelligent, back-friendly chair I've ever owned, and the last type of chair I'll ever buy.  The staff, if anything, understated its benefits.  Probably because you've just got to try it out.  Highly recommended.  I like the store, the low-key sales staff, and their products.


This review is way over due. I bought my bed 2 years ago and worked with Steve. I absolutely love my bed. I have pre-mature arthritis and bad shoulders. Every morning when I wake up my bed is so cushy that all of my aches and pains have disappeared overnight.  Whenever I travel now, sleeping on a hotel bed practically feels like concrete.As stellar as my bed is, the service here is even better. I'm usually a very decisive person but for some reason making a decision about a bed has been very challenging for me. I started with the Eco-Cloud soft, but then worried it was too soft so I asked if I could switch to a medium firmness. No problem, at least for them. I, on the other hand, now felt stupid because I decided I wanted the soft after all. Steve made it easy to switch again and I don't even think he charged me for the second delivery.Fast forward to the present. I love my bed but now I want new bedroom furniture and the platform bed I originally purchased wasn't what I wanted. (back then I just bought the least expensive one they had) I went back into the natural mattress store and couldn't make up my mind. I ended up getting just a foundation and metal frame that I could use with a bedroom set from any furniture store.  Oh no, the bed now feels harder. I'm not happy. I feel embarrassed again but I have to go back to a platform bed. I call the store and explain the situation and the person I spoke with told me I need to speak with Steve and it's his day off. He'll call you. I thought, he's never going to call me. The phone rings on Friday morning and it's Steve calling to let me know he will give me a credit for the frame and foundation and come on in to pick out another platform bed. Amazing service. I'm a very satisfied customer!


Curiosity brought me in as I pass by this place often.  The idea of all organic material in your bed is great.  The practice is probably great too, if you have the funds.  We're talking about $3,000 when you get a mattress with the frame and a couple pillows.   So, I just bought a wool pillow for $90.  Holy Cow! you might say.  But no, Holy Lamb! is more like it.


After several visits to the Natural Mattress Store in San Rafael my husband and I bought an Ecocloud Tranquility. We love it. I broke my back in February, and had a bad back to begin with, and we were looking for a new mattress that wasn't full of toxic fire-retardant chemicals and wouldn't off-gas. I also wanted something that didn't have the pressure points so many mattresses do.  Steve, the owner, was helpful but low-key - he answered our questions and let us try everything without a heavy sales pitch. He is an East-coaster and his demeanor reflects that - it is not "rude," it's that he is straight-forward - not ingratiating or pretending to be his customers' BFF. They offer 12 months' interest-free financing (instant approval) through Wells Fargo - so we took that so we will be able to pay it off in a year.The Tranquility is a low-profile all natural latex foam mattress with an organic cotton cover. You can get different firmness on each side but not in CA King. We got Standard King, which fits in our room better anyway. Our Tranquility is medium firmness on my side and extra firm on my husband's. I have to admit I was concerned he wasn't going to like sleeping on a foam mattress with no springs or box spring for the first time in his life, but he says he sleeps really well, as do I. My side has a little more give and is the most comfortable I have ever slept in. We have had it for almost three months now. It stays cooler than our previous overly-fluffy Posturpedic. There is a definite center "seam" where the two sides meet - so if you are a couple that likes to cuddle all night with one of you in the middle of the bed the dual-firmness option might not work for you.The mattress was delivered within two weeks - the guys were on-time and set up the new mattress and carried away the old (fee.) They gave us a loaner frame as we were upsizing from Queen and we also had ordered a new Vermont-made bed from the store. It was about a week later than anticipated but it's gorgeous - clean modern lines like something from Crate and Barrel but is made in the US.Going from a traditional mattress set to this was a bit of an adjustment due to its height being so much lower. But it looks great with an all-white flat cotton coverlet.  You just don't need deep sheets. And yes, it was "expensive." Mattresses are expensive to begin with and I am happy to pay a bit more for something that won't kill me with chemicals. (BTW - you want expensive -try King-size sheets...ouch!)

11/12/2013 Updated review

Update: 5 years on and we are still loving our mattress.  I ended-up back at the store asking for help as over the past year or so I'd been getting some back pain and the bed seemed different. Steve took the time to come by my house on his day off to see what was going on. Over the course of about 30 minutes we took the bed apart and found that the problem was with the frame (not something they sold us.) Steve told me that yes, he could sell me a $600 fix, but I should instead spend $30 at the hardware store and fix it myself.  Long story short, back pain gone, bed as comfortable as the day we brought it home, and years after the sale they are still providing patient and frugal costumer service.Best bed ever.

3/5/2008 Previous review Great product, great friendly service.  They returned phone calls, showed up on time for delivery,… Great product, great friendly service.  They returned phone calls, showed up on time for delivery, and knew their products and the industry inside and out.  Even better, I have never in my life slept as well as I am on my new mattress. Read more 8/13/2009

My husband and I were in the market for a new mattress for a few years before we found Keetsa and were sold on the price point and quality as soon as we tried one out. It's not organic but it is natural latex and comes rolled up inside a box about the size of a tall bar fridge. It fit into our mid size hatch-back and off we went! It was pretty painless. The Keetsa tea leaf mattress unrolled and filed with air immediately but it took a while to gas off. The manufacturer said it would take a few days but really the first two weeks were pretty stinky. I had to keep washing the bedding to get rid of the smell. It still smells now (four weeks later) but I got a mattress cover and that seems to have done the trick. Would I suggest this mattress? Absolutely, it's very comfortable but it might be best to let it air out completely before sleeping on it.

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