The Walt Disney Family Museum - Museums - 104 Montgomery St, Presidio, San Francisco, CA

The Walt Disney Family Museum   - Museums - 104 Montgomery St, Presidio, San Francisco, CA

A big fan of Disney, this museum sounds intriguing. Being from city California and going to Disneyland since I was born, it did not disappoint. And going over all of the cartoons in depth, specially Pinocchio, was interesting. The Pinocchio exhibit was a separate charge, but I'm glad I paid for it. Some people thought it wasn't worth it -- was boring --but not the case.There was a fair amount of Disney family history there as well. I loved seeing and hearing  how walt came up with the idea for Disneyland as well. A few hours well spent.I also highly recommend the café. I had a grilled peach salad that was quite yummy!


This is a pretty unusual museum among SF museums. It seems the most "private" and big-money. It seems a whole breed apart from the standard SF museums, like Cal Academy and the SFMOMA. I'm actually rather fond of the whole Disney vibe. It's just not that trendy or pretentious. It doesn't have the pseudo-intellectual geek chic vibe of the Exploratorium or the scientist pretentions of Cal Academy. I don't think this museum is trying to be much. Like the film showed, it's just a place for the uber-wealthy Disney clan to house all their paraphernalia. You'll learn a lot about pop culture as you go through in this museum. Disney is, like, synonymous with pop culture over the decades. One of the most interesting parts of the museum was about the union strike that went on in Walt Disney's day. You think of Disney as so apolitical - like beyond politics. It's like they've always been trying to create a fantasy instead. That works for me. This museum doesn't have any newer stuff, like Frozen and all the rest. It seems to only have retro Disney films. Are the newer stuff off-limits because of some copyrights or Pixar collaboration or something?The gift shop has some interesting stuff, like postcards of stills(?) from Snow White or Cinderella. The whole museum feels very conservative, classic, and old money. Staff could be little more polite and courteous. For all its wealth, maybe it could offer more free days, at least to SF residents, like the other museums. Overall, the museum feels a bit sterile. Maybe it just doesn't get enough visitors for a more lived-in feel. Maybe it's just too far off the beaten path, deep in the Presidio. It's worth a visit, maybe, but it's not like you're going to have the time of your life.


Disney is life!! I've been a huge Disney fan for as long as I can remember and this museum has been on my radar for quite a few years and I was surprised and taken here. *FYI the way to my heart is Disney oh and food lol* The Walt Disney Family Museum is located in the lovely and historical Presidio area of San Francisco and features the history and legacy of Walt Disney along with tons of artifacts and interactive features. The museum itself features about 10 or so galleries and then they have special exhibits that are separate from the museum, the one they have now is Wish Upon A Star: The Art Of Pinocchio.Once you walk into the museum you are just overcome with so much joy and so many emotions, it was like that for me throughout the entire visit. You are met with a life size cardboard cutout of a young dapper looking Walt Disney and then after you pass the ticket counter there are a few cases showcasing Walt Disney's accomplishments. For example all of his 22 Academy Awards that he won are on display and it's just nice to see all of his accomplishments. Now we all are familiar with Walt Disney for making all of these amazing movies that we know and love and of course for building the "Happiest Place On Earth" Disneyland (sorry but this is the only Disney park I acknowledge since he didn't build the others) but here we get a glimpse into his life and how he became the amazing man that he was and the man that has brought joy and happiness to all of our lives in one way or another.You get to see and experience so many amazing things here. It's a journey through his life from beginning to end, all the trials and tribulations and how Walt Disney Studios or Disneyland almost never happened. There are the first original drawings of Mickey and Minnie Mouse on display, many of the drawings of his most famous movies like Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Snow White and so on. You get to see the process it took to make certain movies, original artwork, various cameras used to film said movies and various excerpts and history. There are random telephones scattered throughout each exhibit where you can listen to Walt to about Disneyland, making films, talking to his brother Roy about the business and you just get to hear his take on things. I really enjoyed that because I just love to hear his voice and hear how passionate he was about his craft and his business, he wanted nothing more than to make people happy and smile.One of the last exhibits and my absolute favorite was the Disneyland exhibit, I got all giddy and child like when stepping foot in there. There are many posters of current and past rides from the park, history of particular rides and the most amazing aerial view replica of Disneyland. I was told that this replica was from when Walt built it and how he saw it, so from the late 60's before many of the rides we love were built. It's amazing how one mans vision could create such an amazing place. Aside from the replica they had one of the Autopia cars on display, it was a bit small so I'm guessing it was from the Midget Autopia, they also had one of the audio-animatronic birds from The Enchanted Tiki Room on display. It explained what his vision was for this show, how it came about and you were able to control the bird to talk or sing. This museum is simply amazing and while I've read books about Walt and watched various documentaries about him I didn't know a lot of the stuff that I learned here. It really truly opened my eyes about how amazing he was and how much he has been a part of my life since a child. While I was a ball of emotions throughout the entire museum I really got sad at the end which talked about Walt's final years, makes you wonder if he lived longer how the Disneyland might have changed or what movies he would've made. Just a lot of what ifs! In conclusion if you are a Disney fan or if you are looking for a great museum I highly recommend coming here and give yourself about 1 1/2-2 hours to see and explore everything.

Old Mickey Mouse Memorabilia Old Mickey Mouse Memorabilia Walt's Final Days :-( Walt's Final Days :-( Mary Poppins (My fav movie) Mary Poppins (My fav movie) See all photos from Tiffany D. for The Walt Disney Family Museum 6/17/2016

I love this museum! It is located in the beautiful Presidio. Great views all around. About half way through the museum, there is a wall of windows overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. You can even sit on Walt's bench while looking at the view. The whole place is filled with interesting information on Walt's family and his career. There are some cool audio files that you can listen to of Walt telling his story. I love Disney! I was excited to see how they made the cartoons and learn about the history of the Disney classic movies. Every time I come here and see the mini Disneyland it just makes me want to go and visit the real park. There is street parking right in front of the museum and all around the Presidio lawn. The pricing is reasonable. Plus, they have discounts for students.

The view The view See all photos from Nicole S. for The Walt Disney Family Museum 6/1/2016

I was finally able to knock this off my bucket list. What a great exhibit place with all things dedicated to Walt Disney himself. All Disney fanatics, this is a MUST! You will fall in love. My boyfriend, who's not a big of a fan as I am, even enjoyed this place. He was very impressed with how much details this museum was able to get on Walt. He thought it was really well done and very interesting. There are two levels for this museum. $20 for adults. There was a small café where you can buy sandwiches, salads, pastries, drinks and coffee drinks in case you get hungry. Most people aren't aware that Walt Disney isn't just known for only creating Disneyland. His passion for artwork and cartoons and his perseverance to "make it" is what I commend him for. He came to California with only a few bucks under his name. He was fearless. When the bankers doubted him for his loans, he proved people wrong. He wasn't vengeful...he was a down to earth hard working man. The classic films he made like Dumbo, Pinocchio and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs are still popular to this day.The most popular and favorite room is the Disneyland room. Pictures, short video clips, and text inserts with all things DISNEYLAND. It was freakin amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I especially love seeing vintage Disneyland photos. Such a beautiful, happy place Walt built.I have to warn you about the last room though. It was about Walt's death. I knew this was coming and I read above it on Yelp before hand. I got choked up. My throat felt tight and I had to hold back my tears. If I wasn't wear lash extensions, I would have let those tears run. The cartoons artists drew photos and cartoons about this solemn news and it was just so heart breaking. I could only imagine the day of when the entire world heard about the news. Walt Disney, you were such an incredible man. Every time I stepped through the gates of Disneyland and I see that light glowing in your apartment above the fire station, I stop and thank you for creating such a magical place. So glad I finally got to check this out. Give yourself about 2 hours to fully experience this museum. There's quite a few inserts you can read and multiple short videos to look at.

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes See all photos from Cynthia L. for The Walt Disney Family Museum 8/2/2016

This was a great experience for a first timer like me. This was our final stop after taking a long coast line Highway 1 drive from the Fresno Area. My sig other surprised me with this museum because  he knows the big Disney fanatic I am. It was a nice little venture coming here and seeing the history of how it all began. My favorite part was the miniature figurines and the miniature Disneyland layout as well as the first drawings of some of my favorite cartoon movies.Side note: Not a place for kids. This is a museum not an amusement park. Eat before, they only have a coffee shop and parking may be difficult depending on the time of day.Overall, I had a great time learning, ooo-ing and ahh-ing at all the very cool things to see here. Will definitely bring my older kids in the near future!

Very vintage and very very cool. Very vintage and very very cool. His favorite character His favorite character See all photos from Lorraine C. for The Walt Disney Family Museum 8/8/2016

Hands down one of the best museums I have been to. I am a big Disney fan and I loved visiting this place back in April! You learn the history of Walt Disney and what he went through to get to be the man we all love. We went 2 hours before it closed and it was enough time to walk through the exhibits and read everything that was on the walls or watch short clips of history. The only downfall would be the kids running around. It's more of a adult attraction that anything. I would definitely recommend this place to Disney lovers and fans!

Layout of Disneyland Layout of Disneyland Artwork from others when Walt died Artwork from others when Walt died See all photos from Christina L. for The Walt Disney Family Museum 3/20/2016

The Walt Disney Family Museum is by far one of the true masterpieces of this city. If you're a big fan of Disney, there's zero doubt in my mind that this should be on your bucket list. From the moment I saw the first gallery, you could say I went on a "feel trip". Man, it was so bittersweet to see all the history about these amazing films that consumed my entire childhood. The way they were made, the process that Walt Disney went through, etc. it's easy to think that these were simple films to make. Think again. Walt was constantly being challenged to basically beat time itself. He revolutionized animation in a way we will never truly understand. Every gallery that I entered went deeper and deeper into his career and the love and passion that he put into this work up until that day that he died. Look at Disney today, it's a constant reminder of what Walt has brought to every new generation. Just an incredible experience.I highly suggest allowing yourself at least 1 hour for the museum, though if you want to truly see (and hear) everything, I would recommend planning for 2 hours. You also don't want to miss out on the gift shop! I mean, that is unless you are tight on your budget, then I highly suggest steering In a different direction (as you may spend 2-3 times the actual ticket price on awesome Disney stuff).Warning: the final gallery that displays Walt Disney's death is an absolute heart breaker. So sad, yet a very proper way to end what is an amazing presentation. Final verdict: Walt Disney Family Museum is a must visit, a bucket list item for any true Disney fan, an adventure, a learning experience, a fun filled hour that truly let's you immerse yourself in the world that Walt Disney helped us build today.

His legacy will always live on. His legacy will always live on. Amazing view from the second floor. Amazing view from the second floor. See all photos from Alex B. for The Walt Disney Family Museum 9/21/2016

Simply a wonderful place to visit; you can spend hours looking at all of the Walt Disney history. We took a free Presidio shuttle from the Hyatt at the Embarcadero, and back. the museum accepted auto club and senior discounts.  Everything was presented so well, and was so interesting and enjoyable.  A real treasure!


A insane place to visit. Honestly I was going to SF and wasn't planning on visiting the Museum. But I kinda felt like checking it out. It was worth it. When I went they had a whole entire Pinocchio exhibit, it was a highlight of my tour for sure. I had to pay a little extra to see it but It was worth to see. The pinocchio exhibit is really quiet and dim and there for a special time. It really opened my eyes on the movie and the work behind it. They had some insane collectibles that are pure priceless. Ahem now aside from bringing myself here, I would not suggest bringing kids here at all. It's really long and there's a lot of walking. A lot of reading and things kids just wouldn't understand. Just don't bring them. Okay moving on.Now in the main museum I was shocked by how it just seemed to just keep going room after room, it was a very long walk. 3 hours at least to check it all out. Now some of the stuff here is insane and crazy I even got to see with my human eyes. Tons of cameras, drafts, sketches, war collectibles, and TONS of information on Walt and his company. It's like a in person documentary, but you get to see real stuff, is it better than that? A lot of this I didn't even know existed and or how, OH that's how that happened thing. The museum has connected many dots for me on the history and it's really well floor planned. The only problem I have with the entire exhibit is it's really hard to find a place to sit. My grandpa needed to break for a little from all the walking and standing. The first seat we saw was on the second floor around a hour through. We ended up taking a long break at least 20 minutes to relax. The room dedicated to Walt was really cool, and to my extent the technology seemed to improve over the length of the museum. Really blowing me away (you'll know I mean when you walk in okay) Anyways It was worth every penny to check this place out. A really good thing about the place is the people that work here are really nice. I mean I would hope so since a very select few would even apply to work here anyways. But the exhibits had security and lots of camera's to prevent stealing. It would be impossible I swear. Anyways in the main exhibit you can take pictures but with no flash of course which is nice. In the pinocchio one you can't even take pictures at all.  Overall great place to visit and relax after you're done. I ended up having a coffee and sitting outside enjoying the cooler weather and bridge before returning to my hot home. This place is a must see in my opinion.


If you are a huge Disney geek like I am, this place is for you. Uncle Walt was a true inspiration for me. It was a real treat to visit on our trip to San Francisco. It's not only about Disneyland and Mickey Mouse, it's about the man himself, Walt Disney. The museum goes through the timeline of his life. It starts with his grandparents story and it moves on to his childhood and the rest is history.You will find the coolest stuff here, animation cells, Walt's personal belongings, and whatnot. I like how the museum does not sugar coat things either. They tell us about Walt's struggles and how he overcame them. We did the Pinocchio exhibit. It was an extra $10 or so, but I am glad we did it. There was so much to see and do. The Disneyland room was breathtaking. I look forward to returning next time I am in Nor Cal.


If you're a fan of anything really in the topic of Disney, you would like to visit this museum. It helps to encourage in understanding and learning more about Disney from the beginning with his career and family to the later years of his life and Disneyland. I only did the main admission to the exhibits and it took about 3 hours to finish since I like to read most of the text and appreciate the items and pictures on display.General admission $20Student admission $15It even has a cool display of Disneyland itself. If you're in San Francisco, it's a great place to go, but not very kid friendly with all the reading involved they might get bored.I still wonder why the Walt Disney family museum is in San Francisco though?


Ever since this opened, being the Disneyaholic that I am, I have wanted to go. I had read a lot on Walt's life already but I was excited to see a lot of items from his life in person and whatever else the museum had. I was pleasantly surprised by how large it was (17 galleries I believe?). I was picturing maybe 3 big rooms. The museum has a nice flow to it. The first floor is his childhood and life before Disney and then you hop on the adorable elevator themed like a train car and ride up to the second floor where you enter Hollywood. The little details of this place are what make it as magical as the man himself, even down to the light hearted Disney sound track that plays throughout. Even having read books on his life, I still learned things I'd never known about him. The highlight for me was the grand model of Walt's dream of Disneyland, but there are a lot of other interactive areas that I wasn't expecting and loved like the animatronic tiki room bird you can learn how to animate.I think kids might find this museum a bit heavy on the reading and old timey pictures, but teens and adults who love Disney should enjoy this place. We went in the morning on a rainy Friday and I was shocked that there was a good amount of people in there so it seems to still be a happening place. Parking was very easy and plentiful right outside the museum but you will have to pay. I would say we were in and out of the museum in little over an hour with just having scanned over everything they have.

Animating the Tiki Room Bird! Animating the Tiki Room Bird! 6/21/2016

I should mention something first: iwould not suggest this museum for families with small children! Just because it's Disney, doesn't mean it's Disneyland. It's a museum. As such, small kids will probably be bored out of their minds without the patience to take the time to go through it. Now, onto my review: Not a bad tour. For only like $15 for student pricing, the price is good. It's packed full of Walt memorabilia. The museum is about 75% based on Walt's life and career, with about 25% extra about his family history, character history, and Disney parks. I'm a big Disneyland nerd, but I learned a lot here about Walt's humble beginnings. There was so much memorabilia and so much to read, so my only critique is that each room didn't have a defined "flow..." even though room to room went chronologically, going around each room, the chronology wasn't clear; do you start going clockwise around the room? Or counter-clockwise? Only one small other critique: many of the rooms had audio exhibits, but the audio from the exhibits mambos over itself, so it wasn't very easy to focus and listen to any one thing in particular.Anyway. All of the drawings, the telegrams, the cartoon notes, the movie cels.... all of that was really neat. Even getting towards the end of the museum and seeing Walt's collections of miniatures and stuff like that, that was cool. I loved the Disneyland diorama. It was so detailed! It would be really cool to see more Disneyland memorabilia in the museum. Walt Disney was truly inspirational, and he imagined so many wonderful things during his career. I loved the way the museum presented his career path and the growth of his ideas. You really see from start to end, where he started with caricatures and drawings in his school papers, to the animated films, the live- action films, and then to the creation of audioaimatronics. Every step of the way, Walt was bringing what was in his imagination to life. Really fun!


I was in San Francisco for a 24-hour period from Orlando, and still managed to make time to visit the Disney Museum - PRIORITIES!I've heard about this place in the past, and always thought it would be so cool to see it in-person. I'm an enormous Disney Lover. A mouskateer, if you will. I ubered up the windy SF streets to the gorgeous location in Presidio Park with stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge to this suburban-ish street with a building that looked like a family home. I walked inside to the front desk and presented my student ID (they give discounts, $15 instead of $20) and paid for my entry. I didn't book ahead of time because after doing my research it didn't seem necessary. However, if you're traveling at a busy time of year, I would suggest it. You wouldn't want to miss out!The entry room consists of a lot of mementos from Walt's childhood, as well as his extremely impressive case of Oscar trophies. My personal favorite being the time he won an Oscar for Snow White and they presented him with one regular trophy along with 7 mini ones :)The museum basically walks you through his life in chronological order. You start with learning about Walt's father's life, and then Walt's childhood, followed by his series of successes and failures before he became the man we know and love today. The museum is very modern and media heavy. Lots of screens showing you different videos and the animation process. There is also a hands-on aspect in some of the rooms where you can interact with various things. The coolest rooms in my opinion are at the end. There is a giant active replica of the Disneyland park that Walt knew. There are also some animations you can interact with such as the tiki room bird.Bring tissues, If you are as big of a Walt fan as I am, the last room will tug at your heart strings. It's full of artwork that was published when his death rocked the globe, and personal commentaries from close friends on how they felt when they heard the sad news.If you are a Disney fan, this is a must see!

Disneyland replica Disneyland replica 9/4/2016

It's a privilege to have a chance to see  and explore this wonderful museum,we have been to Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea,Aulani in Hawaii and "D" museum compliments those places,to know more about the men and women who worked for "D" genius man,museum is very clean ,interactive.Behind the building is the Golden gate bridge so we took so much pictures inside and outside D museum.Entrance to the museum is free if you have a military ID including your dependents,show your ID,the exhibit in the other building Pinochio is $10 per person ,pet are not allowed.Gift shop is small  and they have a small cafeteria.Parking is $8.50 for the whole day but if you get lucky ,some people who are leaving early will pass their parking ticket to you.Spending at least 2-3 hours here is sooo worth it.Thanks to the men and women who put their best effort to D museum.

See all photos from Margie L. for The Walt Disney Family Museum 1/19/2016

My boyfriend brought me here for the 3 day weekend. I never been to a museum ( I know such an amateur) so he brought me to a fun Disney one since we are going to Disneyland soon! :)Super cute museum, I never knew the Disney museum was located here. There are different rooms inside like a timeline of how Disney started. It pretty interesting to see the history of how everything was created and some interesting history also! Definitely worth a trip, its a good 2-3 hours of discovery there. They have this whole 3-D module of Disneyland, it was super cool and the Oscars were cool to see up close!The location of this museum is beautiful, up at presidio and you can see the gold gate bridge and bay!

See all photos from Natalie L. for The Walt Disney Family Museum 1/31/2016

This museum is tucked in the back of the Presidio among the red brick buildings. There's a simple sign out front and it's easy to miss, but once inside, you've arrived at a wonderful interactive look into the life of Walt Disney. Even if you're not a huge Disney fan, this museum is great for anyone interested in history or technology as it covers not only Walt's life story, but gives you a glimpse into the modernization of the motion picture industry. You travel decade by decade through his life and gain an appreciation for all the work that went into making movies in the first half of the 20th century. There are photos and artifacts from his life as well as Disney memorabilia. Lots of interactive exhibits allow you to hear Walt's stories through his own words. You can end your day in the gift shop or cafe.

Pins in the gift shop Pins in the gift shop See all photos from Suzanne Q. for The Walt Disney Family Museum 5/19/2016

Jessica Rosario you made this our favorite part of our San Francisco trip!This museum is a must visit for all Disney fans. It was so neat being able to listen to conversations from Walt and his staff and just reading about the passion and work involved. I learned so much from such a short visit and Michael B. was really into it as well, which I was not expecting.I think the clip art was his favorite part and of course I loved it as well because honestly...I just loved everything. Even the elevator ride was an experience in itself.The location is great and has a beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge at one point and you can take pictures while sitting on the bench that Walt frequented.Head on over and learn some history about the Happiest Man On Earth?


Great museum of Walt Disney. I learned a lot of his family history and the life he led.  We went during the special event of the making of Pinnochio.  Surprisingly that exhibit was presented well and good. I at first didn't want to go, but caved in.The museum itself will take about 2 hours to go through, if you include the special exhibit.  The best highlight of the museum is the multi-lense camera.  It is huge.  They used to to film Pinnochio and other animated stories.This is a great family place to visit as they have a lot of interactive props for everyone.  Good show Disney.

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