Three Seasons - Sandwiches - 2600 Mission Bell Dr, San Pablo, CA - Restaurant Reviews

Three Seasons   - Sandwiches - 2600 Mission Bell Dr, San Pablo, CA - Restaurant Reviews

Premanently Closed Three Seasons RestaurantNow has become ... Aqua Terra Grill at Contra Costa CollegeNew Construction, New Location ... same goal provide bargain-gourmet food prepared and served by Culinary Arts Students at Contra Costa College


Very good for service...Very good for food...Fresh chicken kiev burger with Russian slaw I love this place...

Sweet Sweet Chocolate cake Chocolate cake FISH & CHIPS FISH & CHIPS See all photos from Nusala A. for Three Seasons 12/9/2015

I am currently a student here and I would've never knew about this gem on campus if it wasn't for one of my classmate. I've ate at this restaurant a total of 3 times and in all 3 visits, it was great. I'd rather support this restaurant than subway down the hill. I stumbled on a day the restaurant is having a buffet. $10 for unlimited food and desserts?!? Yes!!! Can't be the prices here either, esp for a college student. Thanks for having this restaurant on campus CCC!!

$10 buffet?!?! YES!! $10 buffet?!?! YES!! 6/3/2015

Extremely solid food option in the area.  Have been here several times for lunch and it never disappoints.  Great food, great service, and great pricing.  Food has always been cooked perfectly and each time the menu has been full of new items to try. The biggest downside is location and parking! Keep up the good work work students!


Great food and serviceThis place is a culinary school soThe menu changes every 3 weeks.Wonderful place for lunchTues - Thursday 11-2 pmThings change for update check their Facebook page


Three Seasons offers great breakfast and lunch food for students of Contra Costa College.  The restaurant can be a little difficult to find, but is quite worth the walk across campus.  The restaurant is the work of the Culinary Department and is ran by the culinary students, who can work and perfect their cooking skills.  The restaurant serves a full breakfast menu including coffee , breakfast burritos, pancakes, French toast, and pastries.  The lunch menu varies on a daily basis, but Thursday's are BBQ, with your choice of a Hot Link, Burger, or Grilled Chicken.  I finally had the opportunity to try BBQ Thursday and I went ahead with the grilled chicken, pasta salad and green beans all for $5!  You get four large pieces of chicken, which were nicely grilled and marinated with their tangy BBQ sauce.  The pasta salad was surprisingly delicious, and the green beans were nicely grilled.  The chicken was nicely tender and had that real BBQ taste.  The portions are quite generous for $5 and will more than likely fill you up.  If you find yourself hungry and on-campus, do yourself a favor and try the Three Seasons cafe.

BBQ Thursday: Grilled chicken, pasta salad, green beans BBQ Thursday: Grilled chicken, pasta salad, green beans 3/15/2012

This place is a ridiculously tremendously wonderful bargain. I finally sat down at the full restaurant today, after having takeout a couple of times.I had broccoli potato soup for $2!!! A big bowl....not a small cup...for $2! Hey - did I mention it was $2!!!! Then I had the seared scallops which were $4...with a lovely salad composed in the middle of the plate. Both dishes were flavorful and delightful.A couple of weeks ago I ordered the eggplant lasagne from their takeout counter - $2.50 - and it was also delicious. Plus they had horchata that day. The girl behind the counter really had no idea what she was selling, but a student came along and asked what the drink was today and she said "hor...uh...hor - and I'm all "HORCHATA???" (shouting like that) and she's all "yeah" and I'm all "serve me up some of the sweet rice nectar." Okay - that part is completely made up, but I thought it. And I ordered it. And I paid either $1 or $1.50 for it. And it's officially the best horchata for the flavor/value proposition in the bay area. I've been meaning to start a horchata list of that nature...think I'm gonna do it now...Anywhoo - yes, it's a funky location for most people but if you know San Pablo even a little bit, it's actually easy to find - and the building it's in on CCC is pretty close to free street parking too. If you're in the neighborhood and want a fancy meal for $6 - $8, stop in and give it a shot!


I am writing this review from Chevron Richmond Refinery as we have used the CCC Culinary Department a several times now with local events in the community. They have always been a pleasure to work with our catering needs. Their team of students/faculty are timely, professional and offer a wide variety of menu choices including custom dishes if needed. Nader Sharkes, Department Chair and Chef Instructor, and Angel Chau, Culinary Assistant are amazing! Aside from amazing food, catering and service, it is really cool to see how Contra Costa College has integrated this restaurant as a learning space for students, creating local educational support and economic development in West Contra Costa County. Chevron is glad to suppor this program and we hope others in the community will support them!Keep up the good work, amazing food and great service!


This place is great and I look forward to returning. I had Cucumber soup shooter, chickpea bisque, cornbreat bruschetta, pork belly with nappa cabbage and red pepper slaw, and a nutella and strawberry tartlet!I paid 15$ after tipping.COME ON. Everything was perfectly seasoned, well presented, and fresh.Service was *very* attentive. Maybe too attentive sometimes. But we had 2 toddlers, and they brought a ton of napkins. They had only 1 booster seat and no highchairs, so thats why 4 stars and not 5. They only take cash or checks, no cards. Park on Mills and walk. I will totally be back.


Nice cafe with food made from the culinary arts program at Contra Costa College. Good tasting, inexpensive food in a full service cafe.

9/12/2012 Updated review

I came back today and the food was better than ever.  They had potato croquettes on a salad that had every flavor you can imagine.  Their fresh broccoli soup was only two dollars.  My seared scallop dish had fresh corn cut from a corn cob, lots of asparagus, shaved potatoes,  Shitake mushrooms, and large juicy scallops.  I can't believe that I paid only six dollars for this dish.  If you are nearby, definitely bring cash or check (they don't accept credit cards) and enjoy a meal worth four times what you pay.  What a remarkable value!

2/18/2011 Previous review Three seasons is run by culinary students at Costa College.  It is on the second floor of the AA… Three seasons is run by culinary students at Costa College.  It is on the second floor of the AA building on campus (you can find it easily as it is not a big place) .  During the school semester, the restaurant is open three days a week (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays during the hours of 11:00 to 1:15PM).It is a dining experience complete with white tablecloth, silverware and porcelain. The students (there are many) are dressed as if they work at a four star restaurant and try their best to please the patrons.  The food itself isn't what you will get at a four star restaurant but the appearance of the food will look similar (professionally plated).  The quality of the food is well thought out and can compete with local places like La Strada.  Steak with fries here is 6.50.  Some fancier dishes are seafood plates like the pan seared tilapia fish in orange-saffron butter which is also 6.50.  Desserts are all under two dollars.  They serve Peets drinks.It's a nice change of pace in the area for cuisine because you can spend very little and feel like you spent alot more.   They also have an express order to go and the lunches are all 3.00 dollars.   It's a real steal if you can take time out during the workday for lunch.  They tend to be slow.  Reserve an hour and bring a co-worker along.  No reservations are necessary but call ahead to make sure they are open for the semester. Read more 5/2/2013

I always forget about this place. Today I was on my way to Tina's when my daughter remembered the Three Seasons was open...yay. The food is good with GREAT prices. It's part of Contra Costa Community College culinary arts program.This visit we had: zucchini fritters ($3) - crispy on outside, juicy & tender insideKorean style burger ($4) - only thing that made it Korean was kimchee on the side - cooked well done - tasty, not dryFried chicken burger ($5)- tasty but a bit dry - interesting to have greens in a bun2 desserts whose names I don't remember - apple with some sort of vanilla mousse & spun sugar and a strawberry rhubarb mousse... both very YUMMYI've been here a couple more times in April - chicken breast stuffed with spinach & feta was tasty- chicken was moist and tendershrimp pad thai - didn't really taste like the Pad Thai I'm use to but nonetheless, it was good - just a hint of heat, nice peanut sauce..good texture (used wide noodles)grilled watermelon salad with feta and red onions - yuzu dressing - very good flavor and mix of textureFriend who have had their beef dishes say they are always good.Service can sometimes be sketchy... especially at the beginning of the semester. It's been great times I've been there this year. But it's a learning experience for everyone. They have take out as well as dine in. There's a 'fast food' counter outside the restaurant where you can get quick sandwiches, drinks, etc. at a reasonable price. I saw a panini for $2.Oh yes... no tipping. You can donate money to the scholarship fund if you want (box near the cashier). CASH ONLY. If you park in the college lot or one of the college designated parking spaces (on the street) you need to buy a parking ticket OR print out a parking pass from the Three Seasons website (you might get a citation if you don't.).


Why are they hiding this restaurant. They need to close that subway down and give that area on Contra Costa Colleges campus to the restaurant. This food was great. I had a burger and fries for only $3.00 and it was worth $10.00. No really, I just found out this existed. Great service. Great atmosphere. Great Food. Why is there a subway even on campus?


I am surprised there isn't as many reviews for this place. Where else to enjoy a "fine dining" lunch for less than $10? Gotta go with Three Seasons at Contra Costa college. The place may be hard to find so just call for directions. Only opens for short time period on Tuesday, Wed and Thursday for lunch so make sure to look up the time. It's a culinary program so the students are the cooks and servers. Their menu change monthly so check it out often. I've been there often, they use quality ingredients and super fresh produce. The best part of it is the price, you can really get a 3 course lunch for like $10-$12 (no tax or tip since it's a culinary program!). I've had lamb, steak, swordfish, shortribs, chicken,.... I usually go with a group and then try out a bit of everything. Deserts are really good too, creme brulee, napolean, cheesecake, they bring out a desert tray and you pick from it - order it at the beginning so it is ready by the time you finish your entree. Sometimes, it's better to go during the 2nd week of their new menu so they had time to finesse the dishes. Service is okay, the students get really nervous when serving. The dishes can be hit or miss but I'm still giving it 5 stars cause at that price, I don't think you can get that anywhere else for such quality and fresh ingredients. Getting hungry now just thinking about it.


Excellent lunch!  Amazing.  Excellent food at a very very affordable cost.  The students do great work.

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