Treasure Island Flea - Flea Markets - Ave of the Palms, San Francisco, CA

Treasure Island Flea   - Flea Markets - Ave of the Palms, San Francisco, CA

This is the most fun flea market ever. Beautiful view, free parking, $3.00 admission.Great deals, always find something there. I love the succulent lady wholesale prices.go to the right one 3 huge tables.


Fun times in sf. I've never been to treasure island and when you get on there, you have a nice view of the city and bridges. Obvs I got the groupon for $11 which includes entrance and drinks for two. Unless you want to drink, I don't think it is worth it cuz entrance is just threw a person. For drinks, you can get a sangria and this mock alcoholic drink. I didn't like them but they were $15 together otherwise. This place is open from 10-4pm and there is free parking. There is a plethora of food trucks so pick and choose. People usually sit on the grass or grab a bench seat. I bet you could bring your own food and do picnic since they don't check bags but I would refrain. Now to get to the flea. There are a few long rows and if you go and look at each booth thoroughly, I think you need a good 2-3 hours. It has regular flea market items like knick knacks and old vintage stuff but they also have vendors selling their goods. Lots of dog treats haha. Overall it is a nice place for you to spend the day. The day we went it was a little windy then got a bit hot so it can vary. I recommend you bringing sunglasses doe.

View from island View from island I was gonna get funny. $20 I was gonna get funny. $20 Gilly tile haha Gilly tile haha See all photos from Amy H. for Treasure Island Flea 8/5/2016

Came here at the end of July for their Hawaiian themed flea market. I love anything Hawaiian themed and had to pay homage to my home state. I was kind of disappointed because nothing was actually Hawaiian except the fact that they lei'd the first 500 attendees and there were people in Hawaiian shirts. Admission was $3 with free parking. There are always groupon and yelp deals for admission + drinks so check before coming. I was, however, impressed that there were a plethora of food trucks and some nice seating on the lawn. If you're planning to eat here, bring a designated picnic blanket to sit on. The lawn is littered with goose poop. If you forget, I suppose you can always buy a blanket for cheap since you're at the...ya know... flea market and all. The flea market itself is huge! I don't think I've actually ever been to a flea market. It's like a big open thrift store - lots of sorting through stuff and bargaining. I would say less than 1/2 the vendors were traditional flea market vendors. The majority of vendors were selling homemade goods, food, and novelty items. I've been to a lot of street fairs where vendors sell their homemade goods, and I've got to say, I am impressed with the vendors here. There seemed to be so many goods I've never seen before, so I loved that aspect of this flea market. For example, a DIY terrarium station. That was cool. Plus, I have been looking for a unique ring and if there was any place to get one, it was here. There was a young couple selling handmade rings for $4, but for some reason I didn't buy one so now I'm kicking myself. Moral of the story: check everything out and give everything a chance. Weather: it's really windy, so do not wear a skirt or dress. I repeat: DO NOT WEAR A SKIRT OR DRESS! Also, bundle up - it gets chilly.


Went here for the first time yesterday -- Hawaii-July theme, so first 500 people got lei'd. Though not really. It was more like, grab a lei from the bucket and put it on yourself. Whatevs. Plenty of free parking. $3 entry at the door (two people=$6) ... but if you ordered online -- which of course we did -- $11 + online service charge for two people, included two admission tickets AND two sangria drinks at 50% off. Also, if you tweet about the event -- which of course we did -- you get a bonus discount. So I paid $11.75 for two tickets and two cocktails. Not bad. It was also Happy Hour on their Mai Tai cocktails priced at $11, buy one get one free.Their cocktails are... ok. A little watered down, and they really should call them something else. Sangria is traditionally made with red wine, and a classic mai tai should be more orange-y in flavor and color. The Sangria they served tasted more like grapefruit and wine, and the Mai Tai was like a spiked pineapple juice. 2/5 on price and taste, 4/5 on getting the buzz done.Food trucks, hoorah! There were tons to choose from! Maybe too many. I wandered up and down mumbling, "What do I want, what do I want..." Too many choices. :)The shops were cool. Not too many "Hawaiian" themed goods, but some cool vintage and modern pieces. Prices were reasonable. Our friends made a DIY terrarium which came out super cute. I ended up purchasing some air plants and containers at another shop.Pokéstops & Gyms? Yes! I caught Staryu and haven't seen one anywhere near my home, so yay!Also, I got a majorly bad sunburn. It was 64° and "partly cloudy" on Treasure Island, and about 97° and "super crazy sunny" back in the East Bay where I'm from. I didn't think sunblock would be necessary. OH IT SO WAS. I am now trying to soothe myself with aloe vera gel and had to pick up some build-a-tan lotion on the way home to attempt to blend in my tan lines. So, tip: bring sunblock, bring a hat, and bring a small blanket to sprawl out on the lawn when you're eating/chillin'/drinking.All in all a good day, minus the extremely bad sunburn and running out of phone battery while playing Pokémon Go. (Oops!) Would I come back? Yes, and this time I'll be more prepared.

Mai Tai cocktails, more like spiked pineapple juice Mai Tai cocktails, more like spiked pineapple juice Sangria ... I guess Sangria ... I guess Bar menu Bar menu See all photos from Shar M. for Treasure Island Flea 7/30/2016

Very cool monthly fair with craft / art booths, music, food trucks and kids games. Also many bars with a monthly theme to keep it interesting. Really great idea and fun location out in the middle of the bay. Good fun for the kids with an inflatable slide, bumper balls, and a nerf gun battle zone.Where this place falls apart is unless you're super early the crowds overwhelm the nice aspects of the fair and you wind up with massive lines at food trucks, not enough bathrooms, no seating, parking challenges and unruly people.We fought through over an hour of 101 traffic to get here and basically stood for 30 minutes at a kids game because nothing else was accessible. Got the finger in the parking lot for waiting for a space, spent 15 minutes waiting for a bathroom and generally fought crowds until we had to leave.If you get here at 10, it may be amazing, but after noon it's a disaster.

Needed a wider angle to get all the line. Ridiculous. Needed a wider angle to get all the line. Ridiculous. Fun kid area Fun kid area 8/28/2016

Flea market was legit! It had many cool and trendy things with decent prices. You can always bargain ;) A couple of new objects that I've never seen before were at the flea market. Food trucks were pricey but I was excited to try new trucks. Make sure you look up the schedule for the flea market before heading out.

See all photos from Noor S. for Treasure Island Flea 5/28/2016

This is my first time at a flea market. Treasure Island Flea opens every last weekend of the month, excluding December. Admission was $3, free parking. There are a lot of vendors : jewelry, antique, succulents, clothes.... most of them are pretty overpriced considering its quality. Drinks at the bar were $8-10, small serving and tasted just ok.On the side of the flea is my favorite part: food trucks!!!! There were around 20 booths, serving a great variety of food. Again, overpriced. Kokio Republic: * Kokio fried chicken platter ($17.50) - 15 pieces, mixed wings & breast. 3 flavors in order of preference (hot and sweet, plain with honey mustard, soy garlic)* Kimchi fried ball ($6) - kimchi fried rice balls with bacon, topped with parmesan cheese, creamy sriracha, sour cream, and parsley flake.* garlic cheese fries ($4)Curry up now:* Naughty naan wwith chicken tikka masala ($10) * Kathi rolls with beef ($8) - mughlai parantha (pan fried egg washed flat bread), sliced onions & chutneyOverall, it was a cool experience, but I probably will not come back.

Food truck: Curry up now Food truck: Curry up now Curry up now: Naughty naan with chicken tikka masala ($10) Curry up now: Naughty naan with chicken tikka masala ($10) lemonade from bar ($3) lemonade from bar ($3) See all photos from Victoria L. for Treasure Island Flea 9/21/2016

This is my end of the month happy place. Love all the diy stuff, the food and the people! Great deals for quality stuff. Always friend great gift too! Can't wait to see new location.


Hawai'i July? We expected "Hawai'i" there were only 3-4-5 Venus of "Hawai'i" I was really excited to get some Hawaiian food. There were NO Hawaiian food trucks. They had leis, yay! But, you would have to lei yourself. Wack! However, we did purchase some ecosystem of Hawai'i miniature red shrimps, phone cases, air plants (the owner was nice enough to give use a free little plant), free sangria and got a free solar charger for signing up for east bay newspaper. If I would've known it was going to be like this, I wouldn't have gone it this event.  Maybe, that's why I didn't see any Saturday  pics on Yelp, Instagram or FB.

The view of the city, breathtaking. The view of the city, breathtaking. Food trucks. Nothing Hawaiian. Food trucks. Nothing Hawaiian. The only place we ate at. The only place we ate at. See all photos from Krystal C. for Treasure Island Flea 7/5/2016

Thanks to Groupon I discovered this and ordered 2 tickets in June.  Granted I didn't realized I picked the same day as the pride parade.  Had to split up my day.  We took the bus from downtown SF to Treasure Island.  Walked over to the gate and picked up our free drinks.  So many awesome perks to this market, for one the view of the SF pretty!!!!  Great booths of things you wouldn't normally find at other flea markets.  There were around 10 or less food trucks.My husband picked up some books.  I purchased an air plant.  Oh and I finally got a pair of cute workout pants from a girl who is from LA.  My friends had a great time buying jewelry, clothes and more.Parking is free, but hey you need to get onto the Bay Bridge.  A few port-a-potties placed throughout if you need to GO.  This is a functional flea market.  Check it out at least once if you can.


I was introduced to the Treasure Island Flea Market by my good friend 2 years ago and have since gone back 3 more times with family and friends. It only happens on the last weekend of every month and I've had a great experience every time. I recommend buying tickets ahead of time for 50% off with free drinks online. $11 with free sangria for 2!Parking is FREE and plentiful. One thing I always forget is how breezy/cold it is so make sure to bring a jacket or shawl and bundle up your little ones. 10+ food trucks are lined up for your enjoyment and so are the cleanest porta-potties I've ever had the pleasure of sitting on. Well, I get there early and leave early so the porta-potties are clean in my opinion.There are always bouncy castles or something to that effect for children and many fun things to purchase and goggle over in terms of trade. I will most definitely be going back next month.


Artisan home decor, clothing, pet treats, antiques, ALL GOOD STUFF for the artsy types.  Love this place, and always spend too much because we FIND so much cool stuff here!!!


This was my first time attending and it was a great experience. There was great variety; a decent amount of jewelry vendors, but yet all were a little different so it didn't seem incredibly repetitive. Lots of great art and some amazing custom furniture suppliers. I found some of vendors super cheap, and willing to negotiate and others over priced and firm on price, but that just does not seem the flee market way. I was surprised it wasn't busier to start first thing in the morning, but it did get decently busy around lunch time. The food truck lines got pretty long, but not so much so that you just gave up and left. They had 2 awesome sized bars and a happy hour for drinks. Parking wasn't bad either if you get there early. I would totally come again. Worth a little gas and $3 to get in if you're looking for something different to do on the weekend.


Love love love this flea market! I've been 3 times and always left happy carrying at least one thing home with me. It's kind of like Etsy in real life and I love Etsy.Admission is only $3 and parking is free. "Inside", you'll find a plethora of awesome vendors selling everything from antiques, furniture, jewelry, succulents, candles, art, honey, soap, clothing, etc., etc. At least 5 items decorating my room right now are from here. There are also food trucks and an open grassy area for eating and hanging out, a bar (and bartender walking around with a cart), music, and a gorgeous view of SF as always. This place is also dog friendly - always a plus to have dogs around. :)Forgot to mention: the flea market occurs on the last weekend of every month!

Purchases from one of my visits Purchases from one of my visits 2/26/2016

This might be the only food truck gathering with an entry fee, but it's not a food truck gathering. It's a flea market that includes food trucks to satisfy your hunger. A lot of local businesses and artists sell their creative odds and ends from homemade soap to handcrafted leather, handcrafted jewelry, antique furniture and so on. There are a few picnic tables so you can enjoy food and drinks while enjoying the view. It's a good idea to get there early to get a parking spot, a seat at a table, and a discounted drink. You may want to bring a towel to sit on the grass while listening to some live music. It can get crowded in the afternoons because it's a family-friendly event and it can turn into stroller town.It takes place during the last weekend of every month.Admission: $3, free for kids under 12Drinks at the Flea Bar are ~$8Happy hour: 10AM - 12 PM -Buy 1 get 1 drinkThere are often deals for discounted admission + drinks on Groupon as well as on their website (…). The usual food trucks (The Chairman, Curry Up Now, An the Go, Frozen Kuhsterd) are usually there along with some other ones that I'd never heard of before (Harvey's Gourmet Donuts, Cheese Gone Wild, Country Grill).It's the best on warm, sunny, clear days when you can get a good look at the SF skyline.

See all photos from Joy W. for Treasure Island Flea 2/22/2016

The Treasure Island flea is a treasure chest. If I had the funds and the time, I'd spend both days it's open at the end of each month, just wandering around, buying knick knacks and vintage furniture and clothing and memorabilia, then when I'm finished, I'll stuff my face at several of the available food trucks, drinking Moscow Mules and shots of fireball until I can move anymore. You'll find a variety of vendors, from clothing to furniture, from jewelry to shoes, from burritos to Korean food, from ice cream to booze! I've managed to wander the aisles over and over, only  to leave with treasures galore. Once, I spent over an hour buying pins from a Jonah Hill lookalike, and another hour trying on cut off shorts at a vendor I like to call "The Coachella Shop" (hundreds and hundreds of pairs of cut off denim and flannel shirts... Need I say more?). You'll find anything and everything you might need here (and plenty things you don't need but totally want), all for a pretty reasonable price. It's a flea market, after all, but don't forget it's still San Francisco, so some of the things they offer are a bit pricey. Regardless, I love the Treasure Island flea!Tip- check groupon or living social for some dope deals on entrance + drinks. If you know you're gonna have a few beers or cocktails, this will help save you a few bucks that you'll eventually spend on a cactus, or a lucky bamboo!

The view The view More pins and buttons More pins and buttons Pins and buttons! Pins and buttons! 6/5/2016

I just discovered this flea Market thanks to the Groupon.             I started off in the huge warehouse garage sale In the area I parked in . Ventured to the numerous wine  tasting places on the island within walking distance then the Flea Market. The parking here is great, I think the parking guys kinda mess with you a lil but there was a lot of areas for parking which surprised me whew. This Flea Market really makes you feel at home. The drinks are really good too, I was getting tipsy off Sangria and Mules. I love the prices, not bad!They have a lot of artwork here.  I bought some books. I bought some sick soaps, ha yes sick soaps. If you haven't heard about Sick Soaps you gotta definitely look up that vendor , she's awesome and awesomely talented. I liked the brain soap, ha she's got soap for everyone tho. Some that may shock you and some that may awe you.SHe's gets my mad respect and props.They have a great ice cream booth here called  twin brothers. All the way at the end they have roller derby shows going on all day which I really enjoyed.I loved the food booths, which also makes me wanna mention how great the porto pottys are.The whole area is like art, the nice views to the run down buildings around you.


What a cool flea market! I was in the market for some wooden shelves I saw someone post on IG. I got those and also some really cute earrings and M got a little herb plant. I like that most of the vendors have handmade items. M was expecting a typical flea market (think San Jose Flea Market on Berryessa) where the stuff is mostly junk people would try to sell at a yard sale. He was surprised at how many cool things there were. I bought my tickets online and got admission for 2, and 2 vouchers for Sangria for $11.75 with the Twitter discount. I would never pay the full price ($11) for the Sangria since M said it was mostly soda water. Come early as the parking lots closer to the entrance get full and the line to enter the area moves slow. There are two lanes and technically the right lane is the only one that allows you to go straight but there are jerks who use the left turn lane and cut in.


I had a good time both times I've been here! My only beef about this is the majority of vendors stayed the same. Which is not a terrible thing, but of course I want to see more stuff!We bought tickets online because they are $11 for 2 entries and 2 drinks. The Sangria that comes with the tickets are the bomb. They're really great for being basically free! I also bought tickets off Living Social for a discount at less than $10.So anyways, come here with a picnic blanket and chill out for the day. Look around for some sweet stuff, furniture, and decor. Everything here was pretty nice and not ratty junk.This last week they hosted a roller derby with a bunch of teams which was pretty cool. And the food trucks seemed to be in even greater numbers than last month, so you will have plenty of food options.The parking is easy and everyone is pretty nice, I highly recommend checking it out!


Came here on a beautiful day in May and there was hardly a line to get in around 11:45 (but we did pay our dues in traffic on the bridge). Admission is $3 and parking is not only plentiful but also free. There's a grassy area by the food trucks with only a few tables so bring a picnic blanket. There are also activities for kids, as well as a live band.The flea market itself is quite large with a variety of vendors. There's vintage clothing (Hawaiian shirts galore), handmade clothing and jewelry, vintage/antique furniture and decor, tons of succulents, used books, and other artisan crafts.  If you're into DIYs like I am, it's a great place to get inspiration and materials.

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