Ulta Beauty - Cosmetics & Beauty Supply - 15 Mystic View Rd, Everett, MA

Ulta Beauty   - Cosmetics & Beauty Supply - 15 Mystic View Rd, Everett, MA

This is where I buy all of my hair and make up products. I am also a reward member so I get awesome deals, gifts and coupons! The staff really knows about cosmetics and genuinely cares about you. Great place!


OMG this store is dangerous for me... Girl at work had on a lotion & I loved it so I needed to go buy it RIGHT AWAY... so I went to Ulta that afternoon, Hempz Lotion.. Best thing EVAWalked around the store & they literally have EVERYTHING Health & Beauty, Makeup, Lotions, Perfumes, EVERYTHING... I could spend HOURS in this store... Prices are reasonable and I joined a Rewards Club when there, lets see how that works out. But def a store I could spend too much money & time in...


If you have been to an Ulta before then you know what you can expect-wide selection of makeup, hair products, and the like. This Ulta location is the most convenient to me-as it is near a Target and a Costco. However, I need to stop coming here and stick with Sephora. The times that I have visited something has always gone wrong or has been sour. More specifically, the employees at this location are people you want to avoid. On one occasion they charged me twice for the same shampoo and conditioner, but I did not realize this until I got home. Because I do not live in the vicinity, I returned to the store about 25 days later to get my money back and to pick up a few other things. The manager gave me a hard time about the receipt and said "why didn't you come sooner?" I notified her that I had called the store the same night to notify them of THEIR mistake, and I was told to keep my receipt for a refund. The manager reluctantly (and with major attitude) told me that she would be back and left me at the counter. She returned half an hour later. She notified me that she had to review the security tapes to see what happened on that day. She then stated that because I had asked the sales person about a product during the transaction, I threw her off-which must have caused her to ring up the items twice. I laughed my ass off. Terrible excuse and unprofessional service. On another occasion, Ulta sold me a bad CHI Deep Waver. It was on the Sale rack-but the sales associate stated that they had never been used-they were just making room for new merchandise. When I got home, the inside product was missing. In addition the machine stopped working 62 days after I purchased it. I took the product back in the box to exchange the product. I have an Ulta beauty card-but the employees stated that there was no record of me buying the product because the beauty history erases every 60 days. How stupid. Also, the employee kept suggesting to me that I had not purchased the product recently because she "hadn't seen those in a while." Uhhh, then you must not know your merchandise well. I pulled up my bank statement to show the employees that I had made a purchase, but even then they stated that they could not use that information to help me return the product. Thankfully, CHI is an awesome company and exchanged my product for a small $15 shipping fee. This has been a bad relationship. Bye, Ulta in Everett.


Well today is my birthday so I remembered that every year I go into Ulta and receive a nice gift with or without a purchase, Its always with a purchase because everyone knows it's impossible to walk in there and not buy anything. That store is my addiction that's why I'am part of the platinum membership. So I was excited to receive my birthday gift, when I went up to the counter the employee looked me up and saw it was my birthday and told me I need to wait till I receive an E-mail from them WHAT?!?? That's ridiculous she saw it was my b-day today what kind of think is that especially when I don't get out that way often!! She lost a huge sale because when I found out I couldn't get my gift until I received my E-mail I walked out!!Come on ULTA that's the dumbest thing I ever heard of, What if someone does not have email what happens then?!?!?!

4/10/2015 Updated review

I needed to update my review solely for Dede that took awesome care of me.I came in looking for some heavy duty concealer and primer during one Saturday when they were having a store event.Dede tested Philosophy primer and CK concealer on me which work like a charm and lasts for hours. I also purchased Philosophy serum to help correct a few dark spots as well. All were great products. However the rest of staff are still not too friendly and don't greet you or ask if you need any assistance. On the day I came in at least 3 staff members looked me in the face as they walked past me and turned their head. I didn't need their help, but they at least can say "hi". Anyways, thanks Dede if you're reading this! I love my products.

Calvin Klein concealer. Awesome Calvin Klein concealer. Awesome Serum & face primer. Both are amazing. Serum & face primer. Both are amazing. 7/3/2013 Previous review So I'm seeing a lot of new faces since I last wrote this review & I'm happy. The employees here now… So I'm seeing a lot of new faces since I last wrote this review & I'm happy. The employees here now are very pleasant and ask if you need any assistance with anything. I love how Ulta is a combo of a CVS/Walgreens cosmetic section & Sephora. I can pick up my favorite Covergirl Exact lash mascara (best in the world) and some Versace perfume. They house ALL of the OPI & Essie colors of the rainbow, which I'm a sucker for & they have the cutest, trendiest headbands that are great for use at the gym. This location never seems over populated and all products are easy to find with shelves of clearence. I'm not sure is the sales associates can help with applying makeup to those women who are a novice (every women should wear at least a tad bit of makeup) but I'm someone in there can if not a customer like myself...hehe. Read more 1/6/2012 Previous review I do love Ulta. The only thing lacking is the customer service. The little Barbie doll associates… I do love Ulta. The only thing lacking is the customer service. The little Barbie doll associates don't offer any assistance nor does the manager. No one says "hello" either. I obviously will continue to shop here because I love this place, but I also want to feel welcomed while shopping. Read more Hair salon Hair salon 7/29/2016

I went in today knowing what I wanted.  However, when I walked in...a saleswomen clearly saw me looking and didn't acknowledge me!  Rather walked by me to someone who had a bag filled and was carrying a designer handbag and sat her down to do her makeup and help her!! I normally would have walked out, however, came for specific travel size items that only they carry in a hurry and I had made the trek out there!!I then decided to purchase the makeup that I went for...knowing that I am going away soon and was already there!! I approached the register asking for assistance and I was helped by someone who did not know the brands at all and was so uninterested in helping me!  Instead of her suggesting brands of mascara, I had to ask her about specific ones and not have her guide me at all...despite me telling her what I was looking for!Then,  when I asked her to clean the brushes because of germs, she did so reluctantly!!   After selling me one product that I was looking for, I told her I was trying to save money on the other products...so she guided me to the Ulta line and disappeared! She then sold me a blush/cream stick that is way too orange for my skin!  I will from now on stick to Sephora or another Ulta location for makeup guidance and come here if it is the only option!


This is the Ulta location closest to where I live, so I tend to visit it a few times a month when I need some new beauty essentials. I have received a few salon services here, and I was never too crazy about the hair dressers. My most recent appointment was a week ago, and I rushed from my job to make my 7 p.m. appointment in time. I arrived about six minutes early, only to find that my stylist had just finished shampooing another client. She told me to "come back in 15 minutes" and so I returned around 7:15 p.m. and ended up having to wait until after 7:50 p.m., and this was even after another stylist offered to shampoo my hair. Since I had an appointment in place for weeks and had to wait close to an hour for my service, I wasn't pleased. My blow-out did last for a few days, so the style itself wasn't bad. I will still return here to get new products, but I don't think I will get anymore salon services here. My other salon services in the past were not pleasant either, since I ended up waiting for a while too, or they messed up my hair. Overall, I prefer visiting Sephora for a more professional experience.


Went in this location today for a return on products that I bought 2 weeks ago and unfortunately lost my receipt... As I approached the register to do the return is when I was told by the store manager that I was going to get a "store credit because I had no receipt". Now, I have an ulta Beaty card she looked up the transaction she was there the day I bought it. NOT ONCE HAVE I ENTERED AN ULTA BEAUTY STORE TO BE TOLD IT WOULD GO ON A mercandise CREDIT. Upon going home I googled their policy for returns and it clearly states that after 60 DAYS of return I would get merchandise credit. I will be calling the store to hopefully get my money back tomorrow because if I don't I will be calling corporate to complain on how a MANAGER would create their own store policies. Will never shop here again.


Dont get the 14 week straightenig treatment here. I paid $200 and it didnt last past 10days.


I've been here a few times. I mainly come because they have a good selection of NYX make-up that I don't see elsewhere, including the high-voltage lipsticks. As for the higher end stuff, I tend to purchase those at Sephora. (Better overall deal) The staff seems nice enough, they don't seem as attentive as Sephora but luckily I don't need much help finding what I need.


This location is great! I go in a lot. Friendly atmosphere! Like talking with gf's! These ladies are real and on trend! Store is always neat and clean! Alda cuts my hair. Nicolina has helped me in the past and she is the best! I love this ulta and have recommended it to all my friends!


I've never tried the salon @ ulta before, so I booked an appointment to get my hair and makeup done for my senior year photos. Unfortunately the location isn't within walking distance of a T/bus stop (15 - 20 min) which accounts for 1 lost star. There is ample free parking in the plaza though. MAKEOVER: I was particularly pleased with Jack, she handled herself as a professional makeup artist should and she led me through every step of what she was doing. She was easy to talk to as well, big plus! She asked thorough questions re: my typical makeup style and what colors I was comfortable with which was excellent. I made my appointment for 10am and Karen wasn't in until 11am to do my hair, and Jack kindly offered to wash and condition my hair so we wouldn't get off track for me to leave @ 12pm. HAIR: Karen rolled in and started on my hair around 11:20. Her technique was a little rough, but she left my hair beautiful, bouncy, and voluminous. The end result was exactly what I wanted, and she was also friendly. NEGATIVES: the store is just waking up around 10am so we didn't get started with services until nearly 10:20 - 10:30am. Jack had to come and go answering phones etc because the weren't enough associates, I think. The atmosphere is a little cold (retail associates are a little aloof/withdrawn, with accounts for the 2nd lost star), although my services were fine. VERDICT: due to distance I'm not sure about the likelihood of me coming again, but I wish this Ulta was closer to Boston because I would definitely come again. The cost of both services including 20% tip totaled $77, mid-range for hair + makeup. If you have a rewards membership with Ulta, even better! Services count towards your points :)


One star is for my last hair salon experience. I went in with a Bob and asked for a trim and walked out with chopped up hair. I had no choice but to go to a professional salon, high end, to fix the mess she did. I had to get a Kriss Jenner haircut because the Bob was ruined!! Her name was Britney. When I complained, which I never have before but I was so pissed off, I had to call and go in person. The manager offered to fix it, she was very nice but I just don't feel comfortable going back, even though it was going to be free. They excused Britney saying she had a bad day... Then she shouldn't be cutting hair on her bad days!!! Her blow dry was the lousiest blow dry ever!! The whole experience was bad, she was nice in the beginning but once I saw how she butchered my hair, I didn't care how nice she was!!  I love buying products there and I give that 5 stars!!! But hair... Only one star!

9/4/2015 Updated review

Wow. Fuck Ulta so hard. I was talking to an employee with my service dog lying beside me on the floor when another customer came up behind me and said excuse as she walked by and simultaneously stepped over/almost on my dog. I said "it would have been nice if you'd given me a second to move her". I'm not sure exactly what was said next. I think I said something like 'you wouldn't shove past a wheelchair like that' and she got extremely aggressive and verbally abusive and said "bitch you need to calm down". I was calm. I was simply asking that my and my service dog's space be respected. The employee then continued to talk to me about the product as if nothing happened. I told her that I felt unsafe and that I'd like her to call the police. I went up to the desk and she was talking to the manager and I asked the manager to ask the customer to leave because I felt unsafe due to her extremely aggressive behavior and interference with my service dog. I ended up calling the police myself but because the staff had pulled my leg about what they'd do, the customer had left by then and the employees also lied and said nobody saw that when an employee had witnessed it but she was in the salon doing a service and they simply didn't want to interrupt her to tell what had happened to the cops. Now I'm in tears and am really triggered. I have PTSD and Ulta shouldn't allow customers who are verbally abusive and aggressive to the point of making other customers feel unsafe stay at their store. This is the second time they've shown no regard for me having a service dog. And had their aisle not been so narrow and likely inaccessible for anyone in a wheelchair, I wouldn't have had that problem to begin with. I feel that I've been denied access to goods and services due to the setup of their store and their failure to act upon the situation when I very directly stated my needs related to my disability which basically when it comes down to it was a reasonable accommodation request. The manager also then told me I was banned from the store.

5/14/2015 Previous review Gave me dirty looks about my service dog then smirked at me and were generally unprofessional when I… Gave me dirty looks about my service dog then smirked at me and were generally unprofessional when I tried to make a return of a gift without a receipt. I'll be taking my business to Sephora permanently. Nasty, rude sales people that look down on you for having a disability? No thank you! Read more 4/2/2015

I just had to add my review on top of all the others that say great store but awful employees. I spent almost $300 yesterday and no one said boo to me and no I didn't look like a hobo or anything. They all stood in the middle of the store loudly chatting to each other. They don't even greet anyone when you walk in. What is the deal? This place needs a real store manager stat.


This review is about one of the salon services I had yesterday. I started my day by going to a place called mega hair elite where I left in tears because she completely fried my hair with bleach and cut chunks out without brushing it. My hair was literally falling out! As I was heading home to sulk in my sorrows I passed this ulta and decided to take my chances. I went in and spoke with a woman named Alda. She explained that my hair was servely damaged and brittle. Basically by the end of the service I went from hair falling out of my hair like burnt straw to luscious healthy caramel locks. She emotionally made me feel like my hair was going to be ok and she saved my long locks that took me 3 years to grow out! She's was nice, knowledgeable, and highly spoken of by the other clients and staff that was present. I would definitely recommend her!


Let me start by saying if it were possible to give negative stars i would. I am an amateur with make-up. I've had good skin all my life& never wore heavy make-up,  just eyeliner and mascara. However, i just turned 25 and wanted a little change so i decided to go to the make-up store . Unfortunately for me i choose ulta instead of Sephora like many ppl had suggested to me. As my first experience in a "high end" beauty store it left me with a bad taste in my mouth, to say the customer service was terrible would be an understatement. I was extremely disappointed, frustrated, and most of all i felt discrimination perhaps even racism. I entered the store, and despite there being 3 employees standing around i received no salutation or greeting.  I then looked in the faces of the three employees, their apparent  attitudes did not present a warm, welcoming environment. I still decided to look around  hoping  there is atleast one good apple in the bunch who would be more than willing to help guide my purchase. As i walked aimlessly up and down the aisles probably with the most confused look on my face i began to become more irritated as the minutes went on and help was no where in sight even though there were actually plenty of associates  standing doing absolutely nothing. So i decided to ask the nearest associate for help selecting a shade appropriate for my skin tone and she in no certain terms said she doesn't know what makeup looks good on black people. Basically dismissed me totally by walking off after finishing her spiel. So now I'm back stuck alone walking thru the aisles reading and rereading product labels, sale signs and i suddenly here "hello beautiful, you've got great skin". As i turn and look up i see finally the only brown skin associate in the store. She not only greeted me but complimented me, with a smile and cheery tone might i add. Unfortunately for me she was already helping another customer but atleast she took the time to greet me unlike some of her co-workers who weren't even busy. Needless to say after about an hour of browsing i ended up purchasing a few Shea moisture products just cause it was a great deal plus i had a coupon. While checking out i asked how long the deal lasted and the cashier said until the end of the month. Well she lied or is just not well informed or didn't pay attention. I went back the following day to purchase more shea moisture products despite the terrible customer service because a good deal plus coupon is hard to pass on but, when i got to the cash wrap this time the employee said the deal had ended the previous day which is the same day the young lady cashier told me it goes until the end of the month. He didn't apologize for her error basically berated me and told me i should've looked at the sign. Safe to say i won't be going back and i will be calling corporate.


I love this place. I come here a lot for my make ups. No  cheap but no expensive. I recommend it


I came to Ulta Beauty looking for specific Physician's Formula products, as I have sensitive skin in need of redness relief. I had to hunt down someone to help me with skin care products and was not helped. She only talked about what she uses herself and I should try (lets say it wasn't cheap) so I thanked her for her help and said I'll browse. She didn't even answer my question. It's a large store with great variety so I was able to eventually find quality, not expensive, lotions and cleansers. Be careful, you can be tempted to pick up extra goods! I need to watch my budget next time...


Aaaaaand I'm officially done shopping here. Good products and some nice employees but unfortunately a few bad eggs have ruined the bunch. Have to chase employees down if you're not carrying a Vuitton bag, most are super rude and won't deign to look at you when talking. Have gone in about 6 or so times now and am always made to feel unworthy of their products and services.Have tried to call to see if certain products I need are in stock and the phone usually rings for a full 3-5 minutes before someone picks up. I even timed it last time because it was so surreal. Management needs to hire people that don't just know how to wear make up but how to interact with customers as well.

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