Victory Burger - Burgers - 1099 Alcatraz Ave, North Oakland, Oakland, CA - Restaurant Reviews - Menu

Victory Burger   - Burgers - 1099 Alcatraz Ave, North Oakland, Oakland, CA - Restaurant Reviews - Menu

Was in the area and decided to try even though there was mixed Yelp reviews...Ordered Victory Burger which comes with sauteed onions, lettuce, tomatoes with a side of pickled veggies (bell, cauliflower, carrots) with option of fries or, garlic fries with parmesan please!  Place has changed so no table service which is fine by me as the place is small where you can just order at the counter, get a number and they drop off. Burger came out a perfect medium rare and juicy and the fries were the best garlic-parmesan fries ever (and thats not because i tried McD's epic fail version!)...crunchy on the outside, creamy inside with perfect amount of parsley-garlic and some shaved parmesan...wish it had more parmesan...soooo addictive as i must be in potato heaven!Would i come back....sure! $11 for a gourmet burger with "parm-pars-garlic-etty" fries is pretty reasonable nowadays! They have mac and cheese, wings, salads and specialty burgers I'll have to try next time!Located on the corner of San Pablo/Alcatraz behind Actual Cafe...parking can be a challenge but on Alcatraz as there's a school there so better luck on San Pablo.

outdoor seating outdoor seating Victory burger with garlic-parmesan fries Victory burger with garlic-parmesan fries 7/21/2016

Three stars for locally sourcing all the ingredients. Everything here is of high quality so I understand the food prices.Strange service. The cashier was maybe stoned or hungover so he was nice but said "shit" often and was just slow overall.I ordered a victory burger and it just tried too hard. 1) the Acme bun is too hard. The filling squished out when I tried to halve the burger with a knife. It's also wider than the burger patty. 2) grilled onions were cut in wedges and oily. 3) I asked for medium rare. It was cooked too much. 4) Fries tasted like old oil. They're just not good fries.Good: smoked ketchup and outdoor seating.


I went here for lunch one day since it was pretty close to where I work and I was in a rush. I ordered the victory burger, thinking a normal burger would be quick and good. However, Victory Burger disproved that thought entirely. After waking a couple minutes back to work after getting my food to go, I sank my teeth into a hard top bun. It was extremely disappointing to find that the bread was hardened as if it was a day old. On top of that, the burger itself was super pink in the middle, to the point that you can see the ground beef that was hardly cooked at all. I expected medium but not medium rare. The other part of my meal, the fries, was even more upsetting. When they were hot they tasted fine, but soon after cooling down a bit, they simply tasted like crispy oil sticks. The cooks left the fries in the fryer for way too long and it came out as a greasy, crispy mess. I'm not a picky eater and usually enjoy food, even when it's not done at its best, but this is some of the most disappointing food I've had since moving to the bay area. I didn't finish the fries and most of my hard bun was in the to go container when I finished. Tough waste of money. Verdict: I'd advise no-one to go back here until they cook better, or lower the prices. If you want a cheap but satisfying burger just go to Moxy's. Side note, the prices were steep in my opinion with it costing $10.15 for the normal burger and fries, but it also costs to add almost anything else to the burger.


We went here after a quick Google search for organic burgers.  After being told to go the other side we ended up in actual cafe did not know they were linked. The guy behind the register was super friendly but kept being more interested in his co worker. After waiting 15 minutes I went and asked if we could have our beer before our burgers came out. He the guy who had taken our order asked me what beer?  It wasn't THAT long ago.Ok he gave me our beers and then the burgers finally came out. They looked great. Sadly the dry hockey pucks on the heavy bun were not that tasty. We had also asked for our fries to be crispy but they arrived kind of wet and heavy.   So we would not go back again for burger and fries. But is a great place for coffee!!


Holy awful customer service, Batman. This reflects upon both Victory Burger and the neighboring Actual Café. I first walked into Victory, hoping for some fries. There was a sign up that read "this register is closed, but the next one is open" (or something similar; I'm paraphrasing), so I wandered to the other side of the shop, hoping to order quickly and be on my way. Finally, as I reached for a menu (since no one offered me one), a woman glanced at me, asking me if I wanted to order food. I acknowledged that yes, I was hungry. She told me to go to "the other side". Now, I had no idea at this point that Victory Burger and Actual Cafe were actually linked, so I was really quite confused by this. As such, I asked to explain what she meant by "the other side". In response she rolled her eyes, sighed deeply, and said "you know. The other side".I was rather irked at this point, so I asked her if she meant the Actual Cafe, and she rolled her eyes once again and said "yeah" while turning away from me. I walked next door and walked in. I walked up to the counter, and the young lady there didn't greet me in any way, shape, or form aside from asking me "are you ordering to go?", which I'd understand if the place had been in any way busy, but as there were literally only two other customers in there (both of whom had already been served), was quite disheartening, as was the fact that she never made eye contact with me.To summarize, the employees seem to consist of people who think they're better than you and the job they're doing, and go out of their way to make you feel their bitterness. Both my onion rings and my milkshake were okay, though nothing really to write home about. They desperately need to work on their customer service skills.


One of the better veggie burgers I've had in the bay, I loved the seasoning of the pattie, the side salad was packed with veggies, and ultimately the service here was excellent, the cashier was super helpful and kind. Also major plus for outdoor seating - this is a fantastic spot to stop by on a sunny day for lunch, it wasn't crowded when we came and it's off the main street so its somewhat peaceful.


Nice decor, but not a fan of their sauces and pickled veggies with the arepa plate. Salad had way too much balsamic- couldn't eat it.

Chicken salad Chicken salad Plantains Plantains 8/20/2016

I've been here before and loved it. So I decided to go back. The burger was great this time and so were the fries... Well until I found a hair. I know it wasn't mine, I'm a brunette and this hair was very light blonde. Now I know that that happens a lot, but as someone who works in he industry I know that hair restraints are mandatory. (Not saying that whoever was in the kitchen didn't have the proper hair restraints.) And when I called and the led the girl who answered the phone about it, she didn't seem too interested in my complaint. I don't think I will be coming back here any time soon.


Oh dear!  Started off by walking into VB and being told to enter on the other side. . .huh, what other side, oh, the other restaurant? Yes! Okay, walked out and entered the Actual Cafe, who knew? Ordered food, asked for a hamburger with American cheese, big mistake. . .they only have Swiss and cheddar, I get it but you didn't need to scoff at me. There were only two other people in the place and our food came in a reasonable amount of time. Unfortunately, the burger was over cooked and the fries were soggy and had a strange oily taste.  There are plenty of great burger joints in the area, places where they care about customer service, cleanliness, and quality. I always wanted to try this place, big mistake, you should never walk away feeling taken but that's exactly what happened today.


The short version: Glad I tried it, but won't be back again any time soon...for this price the experience has to be 5 stars and it just wasn't.The long version:In theory, I fully support and embrace restaurants that respect good high quality ingredients. This is no less true in pursuit of a better burger.In practice, I just paid $17.44 for a burger, a small salad, and a cup of tap water. Yes really. No cheese, no bacon, no avocado, no fries, no fancy soda or $4 agua fresca...not including gratuity: $17.44.It was a very good burger, but not so good as to justify that price.Meanwhile, the salad of the week was just not good. It was soggily over-dressed, and to make maters worse they put too much sugar in the too much dressing. The salad had apples and beets which are plenty sweet on their own, drowning the greens in a cloyingly sweet dressing was a bad choice.Lastly, for this price, I shouldn't have to use napkins and water to clean the table of sticky leftover sauce and spilled food before I sit down.If I do come back (and that's a big if), I'd like to try an arepa, my colleague had one and was quite pleased with it.

Community table, waiting for food. Community table, waiting for food. Indoor dining space has 2 small tables. Indoor dining space has 2 small tables. Menu and kitchen Menu and kitchen See all photos from Aaron M. for Victory Burger 8/24/2015

Healthy burgers and some damn amazing fries. Space is quite small, so to-go orders are usually a good idea.Good or bad, these tasty burgers are destined to fall apart. This leaves you in a difficult position - does one resort back to knife and fork or caveman-style curbed palm technique? I tend to gravitate towards the latter technique as it allows for a much more satisfying bite, but only in the comfort of my own home.What keeps it from getting full marks is the prices. Sadly an order of fries and a daily special burger will put you back around $18, moneys that could be spent in much more logical places than a burger. But alas, still a very chill spot, if anything worth it just to give them perfected fries a try.


I wanted to like this place but its a complete scam in my book. These are not burger joint prices. And if they are going for that gourmet burger angle then they need to step up on many areas to justify the pricing.Cons1. Not a dining experience to mention; so its basically a street food setting; which lead us to get it for carry out.2. Abusively overpriced. 1 chicken sandwhich, 1 burger, 1 fries, and a shake $40. Sorry that is restaurant dining prices, not burger joint.3. They add too many condiments to the burger they do not tell you about. Like this tomato sauce that masks the flavor of the beef and soaks into the bun.Pros1. Decent hand cut fries2. Great concept of vegan shakes3. Decent tasting burger and they disclose where they get their beef. Nothing to call home about, however.4. Mary's chicken, however, their snadwhich is not memorable nor cravable.NeutralClever branding and marketing because it gets people to spend this kind of money on casual bar food.


Absolutely appalled. Ordered a brisket for $14.50, and what I got was 2 pieces of beef jerky. The portion was so small it was embarrassing. Everything was burnt, including the cornbread. It is disappointing to be unable to patronize a small business, especially one that I drive by every day. Never coming again. A sad waste of time and money.

A sad excuse for a brisket. A sad excuse for a brisket. 6/13/2016

Ordered the karaage burger. Only came with a few pieces of chicken. Bland flavor. Servers were also not very friendly. Huge disappointment since I thought this could be my goto burger joint.


Been here many times. So wanna like this place, but have a bad experience every time. Today I ordered my first choice beer which they were out of, moved on to my second choice which they were apparently also out of and took it upon themselves to select a third choice for me without even telling me. I know my beer, so I went to the cafe to ask what was up and told them how off their victory menu was...told me they'd be up to check it out. Didn't for the 1:30 hrs I was there...Also gave me greens instead of the fries I ordered. Food was excellent as always, but the front end really needs work.


I went to Victory Burger for an early lunch today, but they were not open yet.  No worries - they said we could sit there and eat something from Actual Cafe.  They weren't open yet either, for lunch, so we got some good breakfast foods.  Very congenial.I've eaten at VB twice before and have had very good experiences both times.  Service and Food both worth fighting for.


SERIVICE IS EVERYTHING!The initial wait for order to be taken was too long. The mail waiter was unattentive and a little abrupt. I had to get my own water because once agsin the waiter was unattentive.At this point I wanted to get up and leave, but I decided to give the "burger" a chance.... I ordered the Victory Burger which was 9.50 and only came with red onions shredded lettuce and smoky ketchup. Whatever happen to a burger with everthing?You have to pay EXTRA for a true "Gourmet" burger.Needless to say it took too long and I left.

I'm still searching for the Perfect Burger in Oakland, CA. I'm still searching for the Perfect Burger in Oakland, CA. 6/27/2016

Super disappointed that this place didn't live up to the hype. I ordered the fresh squeezed lemonade, but I basically got lemon water. There was no tartness or sugar in my drink, but I sucked it up and drank it anyway. My fiancé ordered the Caribbean veggie arepa, and the corn cake was bland and had no flavor at all. I ordered the zesty wings, which were not zesty at all. In fact, the skin just tasted like fried oil. Before I could tell our waitress what sauce I wanted with my wings, she was gone. And as soon as she dropped our food off, we didn't see her again until she asked us if we wanted our bill (after we sat there for 15 minutes when we were done eating). And we were the only  customers in there. My fiancé had to hunt someone down for some ranch just so I could eat the wings. We always leave a 20% tip no matter the quality of food or service wherever we eat, but this was just ridiculous. It's a shame too, because it's a cool little spot.


Victory Burger makes the most creative, delicious hamburgers using seasonal ingredients that push the flavor envelope. On my last visit I suffered through a locally sourced beef burger with onion jam and bacon on an Acme kaiser roll. I then tortured myself with tempura fried pickled vegetables and parmesan fries loaded with fresh garlic. Because that wasn't enough, I subjected myself to a thick milk shakes (drunk with a straw of course).I'd go to Victory Burger just for the shakes actually. The McLaughlin Coffee shake uses an Emeryville coffee roaster's coffee and is the "real" antidote to a Frappucino. The honey roasted peanut butter shake is the perfect substitute for a fakey protein shake, in my mind anyway. You can eat on the Actual Cafe side of the place where you can get beer (not a place to hang out with a laptop though). I love that the menu has mac and cheese and a range of vegetarian and omnivore dishes. It's all crave-worthy food...especially the burgers! Awesome music.THE PRICES: Because of Oakland's new minimum wage and the cost of sustainable farming going up, the prices are on the high end. I'm not sure if the place has stopped with tips as some restaurants have but you might check, which if so could make the prices more palatable. This is a great indi business that is trying to balance really good food and competition from lower prices chains get.

Where the food magic happens Where the food magic happens Victory Burger salad Victory Burger salad 4/29/2015

Three stars for food. Minus one star for filthy.I just spent $11.50 on a cheeseburger and 10 fries. No drink, added nothing but the cheese. $11.50.Sat down at a table and was greeted by grossness oozing from every crack. I see the armpits of an employee. Some dude in flip flops and his laptop occupying one of three indoor tables. Dogs licking toes at outside tables.The burger was fine. Shredduce (shredded lettuce) made it horribly messy. Crumbs and grease dripping off burgers incorporating itself into the cracks in the table that have never been cleaned.The bun was really good, though.

More grossness oozing from every crack. More grossness oozing from every crack. Grossness oozing from every crack. Grossness oozing from every crack.
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