Vinyl Room - Lounges - 221 Park Rd, Burlingame, CA

Vinyl Room   - Lounges - 221 Park Rd, Burlingame, CA

I took a group of 30 peeps last night. We had a fantastic time! We danced for two hours. The DJ played a perfect mix of 70s, 80s, hip hop, club mix, and Reggaeton. He's the best DJ I've heard in a long time--The dance floor was packed, and there was great energy. My only wish is that they could open some doors or turn on the air conditioner, but otherwise we all had a great time and will be back again soon.


For a club in the Peninsula, Vinyl Room is not too shabby. Ideally it's perfect for those who are in their mid 30s to maybe early 50s who still want to get down (but still have a curfew). The crowd is much older and the music and vibe reflects it. The lounge itself is brightly illuminated with vinyl cases mounted on their walls. For those who party in the Mission, this bar is aesthetically similar to cross between Double Dutch and Brunos. The dance floor is spacious with technicolor lights. There's plenty of room for dancing.I had gone on a Friday night and it didn't get too busy until around 10:30pm. The DJ for that night was playing classic Bay Area hits (E-40), radio hits (Lady Gaga), Top 40 ("Work" by Fifth Harmony) and more ("Don't Stop Believin'" by Journeys). To say the least he provided a variety, but transitioning from Drake to Village People that's where I lost it.The drinks are priced fairly cheap. $5-$8 for Draft and Tap Beers. $10 for their craft cocktails. I personally liked their Old Fashion as they use Four Roses Bourbon, but other cocktails like the Cucumber Gimlet was watered-down that it essentially tasted like cucumber water. Was I crazy about this place? No. Will I ever go back? Maybe...for karaoke Mondays.

What night is your favorite? What night is your favorite? Drink Menu Drink Menu 8/26/2016

This review goes for both bars - Barrel House and its sister bar, Vinyl. I was here last Friday with a small group of coworkers. We were told we had to finish our drinks and be out by 7pm due to a private party. Fine, I get that. To compensate, the bartender gave us some "drink tokens" to use at their sister bar, Vinyl Room. When we clarified what these tokens were for, they told us any drink at Vinyl. 7pm rolls around and some of us wanted to grab another drink. We figured why not since we have some tokens! We walked over to Vinyl and ordered a Stella beer. The bartender gave me the price $7 and I proceeded to pay with my token. She rudely tells me that the token was only for "Bud Light" and happy hour drinks. I looked at the token and nowhere was there any language or stipulations as to what I can order. When I told her this, she states "sorry!". I proceeded to pay with my credit card and once again, she rudely tells me I need a $20 minimum. Being that I was only having one drink, I was not going to keep my card open. Unfortunately I also didn't have cash. She rolled her eyes. I had enough and walked out, leaving my full beer. Long story short, I'm fine with Barrel House kicking us out at 7pm and it's attempt to compensate with free drink tokens (but not not ok wattitude). In the future, be specific and have better communication with your sister bartenders. Oh, and maybe a conversation around politeness would also be helpful...Barell House 3/5 starsVinyl Room 1/5 stars

Comment from Juan L. of Vinyl Room Business Owner 9/5/2016 JM! I want to extend my sincere apologies on behalf of both bars on the confusion and complications… JM! I want to extend my sincere apologies on behalf of both bars on the confusion and complications you encountered while visiting. It was our first day rolling with the dink token idea, and we failed to properly communicate with our staff on how to honor its value. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will work on making sure all staff is knowledgeable on the proper procedures for honoring drink tokens, as well as ensuring all staff gives the best service possible. Shoot me a private message! I'd love to send you a $25 gift certificate you can use at Barrelhouse! Read more 5/15/2016

Small bar in the boogie town of Burlingame. It gets crackin' around 10pm, with older Caucasian folks (maybe it was the night I went). The bartenders were attentive and fast. There's this one girl bartender that was full of herself but if you get hit on frequently, I get why you need to dodge people with an attitude for some to get a hint. The music is right up my alley. DJ played some throwback 2000s. Nothing was very memorable about this place. I wouldn't mind coming here again to have a few drinks to kill time, but it definitely wouldn't be my #1 night out spot.


I would give this place a 5 star if the karaoke night dj wasn't so awful. the whole point is to play the songs people want to sing along to, not to play whatever it is that you like. other than him (who sadly DJs every night apparently) the service was good but the drinks are below average and over priced. I would come back if it weren't for the awful DJ thought.


I don't know what it is about this place, but I was just not feeling it. Maybe I'm used to places in San Francisco, and I guess this is an alright spot for a bar in Burlingame... but I just could not do the music. The DJ could not get it together. The music was terrible, maybe it's just me and I like to places that play Top 40's Hip Hop, but this guy could not get the crowd dancing. Overall, the bartenders seemed nice and friendly. They seemed very well accommodating for the people who had bottle service. The venue is small, but it's Burlingame so you can't really expect there to be a lot of people coming in anyways. I would just say this place is alright, if they fix the DJ and get a DJ who knows what they're doing and wont play some bad music, then maybe this place would be more fun. Sorry I seriously can't stand to be listening to Spice Girls and the theme song for E-Harmony all night long, and then switch to some Taylor Swift...Or maybe Burlingame is too upper class to be playing some hip hop trap music haha!


Karaoke was fun. Drinks were okay. They let people get quite rowdy that night. It'd be a lot cooler if bar tenders didn't flirt with other people's partners though. Kinda bad representation.


This place is turning into another home town hero experience 40 mins for a drink with 3 bartender and the slowest crowd I've ever seen at this place except for Sunday's and it's on a Saturday night


Alright music dj sucks didn't have a good mix it's a Saturday night I asked if he can play Bay Area music he automatically said no at least have good mix Waco two thumbs down


Fuck this place! Our party was having a good time until these 2 fucks decided to ruin it. The "so called" bouncers,lost control of the situation real quick and we're almost not about to let my brother come back in and close his tab. I've never seen grown men scrabble that hard and not diffuse a situation.Fuck this place. This place used to be legit, but Ima make sure the people I know don't ever step foot in that place again. What a fuckin joke. Fuckin clowns.


Jimmy descended upon the establishment like an angel (in a v neck) escaped from an impossible heaven. He hand-crafted my drink with an air of perfection, grace, and effervescence. He spritzed Jay's soda with the masterful handiwork of a practiced professional. 10/10 would come to this island of pure Mecca again.


So much fun! Small but they have great bartenders, great music, and a great crowd.Perfect for a local night in the Peninsula, and to hang around some young people.


Came here for Halloween and they were very festive.  Great service by Jimmy Sal and Angie!!!

Jimmy and Angie are amazing, fuck yes. I love karaoke night, let's get fucked up! Jimmy and Angie are amazing, fuck yes. I love karaoke night, let's get fucked up! 2/15/2015

Firstly, Vinyl Room has the only quality dance floor on the peninsula. They have a DJ booth and a great sound system. The bar is long with plenty of space to grab a drink, accompanied by a lounge area with more comfortable seating to get your drink on. Secondly, the draft and bottled beer selections are great in variety, something for everyone. The booze selection is even larger and even more various. Also great selections from well spirits to top shelf vodkas, whiskeys, tequilas, gins, scotches and rums etc. Thirdly, the staff are always well trained and can pretty much make anything you'd like. Great place for a private party, surprise birthdays, anniversaries, themed parties or even work parties. They allow you to have food brought in or catered which is awesome. Chuy Gomez even had his birthday party there. It was SO much fun. Highly recommend for the local scene!2 big screen TVs for games.

Dance floor lighting Dance floor lighting View from the DJ booth View from the DJ booth 1/11/2016

The bartender is awesome!!!!! So funny and handsome. Drinks are good too! Fully recommended!!!!


It's so much fun here. Drinks are great and crowd is fun without being annoying. Nothing is more of a buzz kill than a you get crowd that just screams shots shots shots all night


Nice ambiance, very friendly bar tender! Her name is Angie, very nice, very accommodating. You feel right at home on how she welcomes guests. I haven't tried dancing in this place because we just stayed at the bar and my girl friends and I chatted. Angie catches right away when your drinks' almost gone. I love her lemon drop!! One thing tho, if you're drinking, make sure you're not driving! Be smart!


great place for dancing.  I got hella hip and hops when I was here and I boogie woogied to the hippity hop hop.Great place for parties.  Hell I definitely jump jump and jumped around .I got out of my invisible seat and jumped around.The bathroom is very clean.The dance floor isn't too big but its all you need.Parking is great in area, actually last time I was here I parked right in front.The bouncers here are really cool too.I"ve never had any problems here.Its been good times an my friend had a great time too, well except for the one creepy guy I don't really wanna admit I know who was just standing around all creepy like.

Comment from Jamie B. of Vinyl Room Business Manager 1/8/2015 Thanks for hopping right in.  Hope to see you in here soon! 2/26/2016

Outstanding customer service. Wide variety of adult bevrages, great feel good music...Jimmy the bartender took great care of our needs


Randomly decided to come here on a Saturday night and my friends and I had a great time. The dj was playing good music and the crowd was really enjoying themselves. We got there around 11:30 and it was pretty busy but the bartenders did a good job of not making us wait too long for our drinks. We love Brenda cuz she is so energetic and she'll through in a booty pop or shimmy in between drinks! We'll definitely be coming back soon!

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