Walgreens - Drugstores - 135 Powell St, Union Square, San Francisco, CA

Walgreens   - Drugstores - 135 Powell St, Union Square, San Francisco, CA

Very nice Walgreens with a large selection of products, food options, and fresh juice bar. Location is 2 minute walk from Union square. The place is well organized and clean for a busy touristic area as this one.

Two floors. Two floors. Fresh juice bar and food selection Fresh juice bar and food selection Larger location Larger location See all photos from Mike S. for Walgreens 8/26/2016

Walgreens here isn't the typical druggie/conveniece store. i.e. -sushi making station-smoothie/fruit juice station-froyo dispensing machines-high end liquor refrigerated and as is-many craft 6 packs available, no 22 ounces.-premade sammies.-tables for sit-down eating (30 minutes limit)drink: fresh squezzed orange juice (2.99)-ok except for the natural sugar content.-medicines/drug store is in the back.take outs:-clearly an alternative to Mcd, burger King, Chipotle nearby.seldom tried walgreens' food, someday i will.


This place is a Mega Walgreens fulfilling all of your grocery and toiletry needs while staying in the area. Renovated several years ago and stands as a two story behemoth. They have everything you'd find in your local Walgreens plus: -Sushi station -Frozen Yogurt station -An assortment of ethnic snacks and food items (Mostly Asian)-RedBox


Has to be the best Walgreens in the United States. Unlike others because of the products and fresh foods offered here. Store is open 24/7 and the location is spot on.


I am all about this Walgreens! It's right by the Union Square BART/MUNI line so if you are a tourist staying in a hotel near here this place rocks. No overpriced items from your hotel - head to Walgreens! They have fresh fruit, sandwiches, cupcakes and other stuff in a deli area, souvenirs, and standard pharmacy items. It's open 24-7, brightly lit, and has a security guard at night so it's a safe place.

Check out this display of gummies :p Check out this display of gummies :p 6/11/2016

Never thought I'd review a Walgreens, but this one was amazing. On top of its great location in Union Square, the store itself is huge and very well organized, stocked, and laid out. It's really a lovely shopping experience. Downstairs, you will find food and groceries, including sushi! What?! I have never seen a Walgreens sell sushi. I did not purchase any, but it actually looked very fresh and the prices were similar to Whole Foods sushi (which is so good). Upstairs, you will find your standard drug store items like toiletries, cosmetics, vitamins, household items, etc. They should have more of these fancy Walgreens around!


This is easily the most unique Walgreens I've ever been to (and ever expect to be to).  Unlike most Walgreens, the average customer age here isn't "senior citizen".Not that I frequent Walgreens much, so I could be totally wrong here, but I don't think most Walgreens have any of the following things I saw that I can remember: froyo, wine, udon, smoothies, cut fresh fruit, mochi.  There were plenty more oddities but I can't remember them.We didn't go upstairs but I'll assume that's where the normal Walgreens stuff is.  It'll be a fun 10-15 minute detour to walk through here if you've never been, just for the novelty.


Why don't they have Walgreens like this around the country?!! The store is in Union Square and has everything you need from food, drinks, snacks, a yogurt stand, bakery, medicine, toiletries, and more! They have fresh sushi and food they will heat up for you (burritos, sandwiches, entrees)! The prices are reasonable and they always have sales. Everything is so overpriced in San Francisco. Best of all, they are open 24/7. Why go anywhere else?


Perhaps the most interesting Walgreen's ever.This place has great service, ample selection of snacks, and food--in a wonderful layout. This place is a head turner, and a must visit spot in downtown San Francisco.


Oooh this a fancy two story walgreens. Wish we had one of these in the East Bay! Tons of food choices like a cafeteria and layout is easy to navigate but I did not know there was a second floor until I asked for a specific item. There are tons of workers so theres not lines on the weekends and for even being located in such a busy area.


Been here everyday. A great store with many choice. You can buy everyting, they have it all. There is a small kiosk in the middle of Walgreens. You can buy fresh fruit, sushi, sandwiches, bread. Just everything you will need for breakfast or lunch. Prices were ok. Not like a big supermarket but not expansive. Upstairs the elevator is the pharmacy.


This 2 story Walgreens that is open 24 hours will seriously BLOW YOUR MIND. 2 stories!! Hot damn, I hit the jack pot choosing to stay at a hotel just half a block away during my visit to SF. Intimidating security guards are on active duty right by the front entrance, so be on your best behavior!!Everything from a smoothie & espresso bar w/pastries to freshly packed fruit cups, deliciously packaged cuisines (sushi, soups, noodle bowls, salads, etc.), freshly prepared and packaged variety of sandwiches (I loved the ham & swiss, the chicken salad, & roast beef), assortment of snacks, souvenirs, a self serve frozen yogurt machine, on the shelves-pretty much everything you'd find in a typical grocery store, Ghiradelli Chocolate section complete with chocolate gift packages & etc. The 2nd floor is where you'll find cosmetics/make up, pharmaceutical items, OTC meds, infant/toddler necessities, & personal hygiene items.During my stay in Union Square for 3 days, I probably went to this Walgreens 3 times to 4 times per day. SUPER convenient!!


Stopped by to grab some toiletries we forgot to pack and this Walgreens is legit. They have your usual drug store items, but downstairs they have like a little deli counter. They were making sushi, and had lots of food items you could purchase and have heated ready to eat. We didn't eat since we already had dinner plans, but this looks like a nice little quick grab and go option.


Shee Shee Walgreen's?!!!!!Seriously amusing store...well, for a Walgreen's anyway. Entertainment includes:-Classy security guards (huh?) These are huge guys all dressed up....definitely not your average security guard.-2nd floor with ginormous make up section staffed with really helpful workers...I'll bet you could get a makeover here if you really wanted....-Wall 'O Chapstick. I guess tourists need Chapstick. A LOT of Chapstick.-A cafe. Yup...a cafe complete with espresso drinks, food and surly cafe workers.-Walls featuring SF neighborhoods sorta like TJ's ( ok, that was entertainingly lame, actually. Noe Valley really popped off the walls, and the Castro sort of faded into the background. Don't be dissing my 'hood, Walgreen's!)OK, HERE IS THE REALLY GOOD PART....brace yourself....-Alteratives to Axe body spray for the Discerning Man. This was the absolute BEST thing ever. There's a huge collection of weird scents for men. Wow!! I NEED a body spray named 'FUNERAL HOME.'  Yes really. And there are test bottles so you can check out cannabis, funeral home, leather, riding crop ( yeah, a little 50 Shades going on) dirt, and new baby! See for yourself if new baby smells like poopy diaper and funeral home smells like formaldehyde. Hours of fun!!!!5 stars because it's open for round the clock entertainment (24 hours.)

Yummy! I love dirt! Yummy! I love dirt! New Baby smells like alcohol....wha? New Baby smells like alcohol....wha? Another amazing body fragrance choice available here! Another amazing body fragrance choice available here! See all photos from El B. for Walgreens 7/18/2015

OMG it is the mythical giant Walgreens with froyo and all. Maybe we should rename it All-greens because although it doesn't have all greens as in a salad place, nor does it have everything, the selection of items here is absolutely expansive.-Self-serve froyo - No way, fill up a container with as much yogurt and toppings as you want for a set price. I wish there were sample cups!-Ghiradelli section-Sushi section-Fruit-Non-perishable food items-Frozen food-Coca-cola drink machine (the one where you can choose from 100's of options with touchscreen)It also looks so shiny and new! Ooh la la. It was like finding a mythical fairy that you had only heard rumors of.


Nicest Walgreens I've ever been to.Conveniently located just steps away from Union Square hotels, this Walgreens has a ton of products and food. You can grab everything from shaving cream to an acai based smoothie. Definitely a little pricier than other Walgreens I've been to, but the cleanliness and convenient location make up for it.


They have ice cream machines and a sweet case with brownies and donuts and patisseries dang!The case: I think they have the moistest tiramisu in the city. I believe cheaper than Union Square's cafes and makes em how I like it.Recommended: 'deLISH' veg wraps damn! Too bad everything else has the same meat in it.Employees there are eh. They must be a bit spoiled. This is the fanciest location I know. Walgreens is expensive.Yogurt machines are often broken, from what I know with all their money they could do better.


Walgreens could do so much to revitalize the drug store, so much that they create their own Target-like experience or their own mini-mall. Well, it's a good thing they didn't completely overdo this concept. I have been on Powell to stop by Urban Outfitters and Uniqlo many times, but today I just noticed this Walgreens. I have seen the one in the basement of Westfield and the ones on Market...but this...this is a truly new Walgreens experience. The sushi...the cafe...there's so much! I got a lemonade cherry slurpee and it was like $1.49. I came back later and went upstairs to check that out..it's stocked for the traveler. I got 2 packs of earplugs for going to music venues. I liked the experience and will come back. Usually going to Walgreens is so banal, trite, everyday, boring, but this...this was amazing.


This Walgreens deserves a review. It's the nicest one I've ever been to with 2 stories built-in to accommodate your shopping needs. The 1st floor is unbelievable and spacious with a lot of offerings that a typical Walgreens store do not have! You'd think that you somehow entered a completely different world upon stepping in here. It can get busy and crowded but multiple cashiers are there, so long lines move fairly quick. The center section of the store has fresh foods for you to grab as to-go for lunch/dinner. Can you believe this?..... There's even a Froyo yogurt station, coffee bar, sushi to-go, hot foods bar station, etc available! Going upstairs to 2nd floor is where you'll find the pharmacy, drugstore products, and beauty section. Nicely done, Walgreens of San Francisco.


This Walgreens was surprisingly really clean and organized despite the heavy foot traffic.Never thought I'd get a smoothie from Walgreens, but the Alcatraz Acai hit the spot since it was blazing hot outside. To be honest I thought the smoothie was better than ones you'd get at Jamba Juice. I also bought a bunch of toiletries I forgot to pack. This Walgreens has a really good selection of brands but I couldn't find anything travel/sample sized in the beauty section. Considering 95% of shoppers are tourists/ travelers I think this location should stock more travel sized items.

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