Whipple Taqueria - Mexican - 1790 Whipple Rd, Union City, CA - Restaurant Reviews

Whipple Taqueria   - Mexican - 1790 Whipple Rd, Union City, CA - Restaurant Reviews

$1 tacos! Food has good flavor and there is a salsa bar. Chips are fresh and made in house. Not the best for big crowds and a little dirty at times. Great place for a quick bite.Don't worry if there is a long line. Moves pretty quickly.


The yelp stars are what brought me to this establishment. I am really surprised to see how many stars this place has. I ordered 1 ($1) taco de carne asada. I got mine plain (I add lime). My honey got 4 (2 chicken, 2 carne asada). The tacos are dry (he got everything on his and he also thought so). The meat on them is not too plentiful either.We ordered nacho fries de carne asada. I initially got excited because they give you a whole plate full! But that was short-lived when I tried them. Unfortunately, they lack any type of flavor. I am absolutely NOT a person that uses salt on my food, but I actually used salt (& lime) a few times to try and add flavor. I think the flavor might be lacking as a result of both the meat and cheese used. Guava Jarrito for me. Can't go wrong there! Horchata for him. The lady informed me that it is homemade, and although it is sweet, it's watery in my opinion. So anyway, I was overall super disappointed. The customer service majorly lacks enthusiasm as well. With the star count/# of reviews, I expected way way better. Our bill came out to $17. Not bad pricing.


I rarely ever eat inside because it's dirty. But $1.00 tacos all day, everyday? I'll go in here daily for TO GO, LOL. Their carne asada is good, their portions are great, the al pastor needs work and sometimes for the nachos the chips are stale and it's like they just microwaved it. The drink sizes are too small for the price but their salsa bar is ON POINT. Don't think about the cleanliness at the salsa bar, just stock up on their salsa, it's promising. Cheap, convenient, tastes great. I'll do the taco dance every day if I could.


*Tacos are $1, everyday! Key take aways from my Taco Tuesday experience yesterday: 1) When deciding on which meat to get, proceed without hesitation for the carne asada, that issssh was yummy! Juicy, some fatty pieces, full of flavor! Taco comes with sprinkles of onion and cilantro, typical corn tortilla tacos. 2) For the take out orders/boxes, they don't fill it up completely. If you need a large order of Spanish rice go for the bigger styrofoam container, as they only fill the depth of the box, versus the entire vertical and horizontal part of the box (if that made absolutely no sense, order a side of rice then you'll know what I'm talking 'bout). *wink.3) The fluorescent orange "spiciest" salsa in NOT spicy, if anything it had more of a smokey taste (this one is not good). I preferred the green salsa, chunky red salsa and (my fav) the liquidy-red salsa over all the others. The liquidy-red salsa with more pepper seeds was seriously spicy and sour. Looks like this place is family owned and actually operated by all the family members, so for that I would consider returning for another round of tacos anytime/any day of the week!

Spanish Rice Spanish Rice Carne Asada Carne Asada Carnitas Carnitas See all photos from Lene N. for Whipple Taqueria 9/12/2016

Leaving this review because this place is my go to for cheap fast and fresh food. $1 Tacos on THE DAILY and a true believer of al pastor and lengua tacos. ALSO, I would like to say that whoever takes @Hazel E.'s tip complaining about the pineapples in the al pastor tacos - I just want to say that TRADITIONAL al pastor tacos are supposed to come with pineapples - @hazel you're lucky u get pineapples on yours cause I rarely do. If you got a problem with the pineapples then take ur ass to Taco Bell, tf?


I finally got to try Whipple Taqueria, sign outside just says Taqueria so don't look for Whipple Taqueria, it's on Whipple so someone must have just named it that or they didn't want to pay for another sign?  I don't know.Tacos are only $1ea, but these are the tiny ones so I need 4 tacos to fill up!  We both got lengua and al pastor.  Lengua is the better of the 2.  Lengua is soft and tender.  Al pastor just dry!  FREE chips if you spend $5 or more.  Hubby ate them, I didn't try.  FREE salsa bar, the bright orange sauce is the Spicest one, but not that tasty.  They don't have the pico de gallo sauce that I like.The chicken soup is Huge, we shared it.  Soup is good, chicken dry.  Comes with a side of rice, cilantro, raw white onions and corn of flour tortillas, we asked for corn.  That helped me make more rice tacos w/ some dry chicken and lots of salsa on top.I will be back for more $1 tacos and to try the Enchilada plate.  I saw Indian men eating Enchilada plates probably cheese.  Looked good and only $8 I think.One unisex bathroom.  You gotta throw the toilet paper in the trash can here, they don't want it down the toilet.  Probably would clog it up I guess.Hrs:M-Sat 9am-8pmSun 10am-3pm!  No dinner on Sundays!

Look Look Lengua enchilada plate $8+ - special order I wanted, yippee! Lengua enchilada plate $8+ - special order I wanted, yippee! Comes w/ chicken soup Comes w/ chicken soup See all photos from Ann L. for Whipple Taqueria 3/17/2016

I found the best Mexican food in Union City/Hayward/Fremont. Although the place doesn't appear to be an aesthetically pleasing restaurant, the food is absolutely as good as Mexican gets..in my opinion. I order the tripas(gut) burrito, it's a 1.50 more for the tripas because it's just is. $8.49 -I got the super burrito which comes with (choice of meat, cilantro, cheese, onion, sour cream, rice and guac) -the tripas was crispy and had that char like taste, very pleasant. The rest of the burrito worked perfectly, nothing over powered anything and I was just pleased with what I just consumed. *i saw that they serve California burritos here (fries, asada, sour cream, salsa) which came as a surprise because I haven't seen a legit California burrito in the Bay Area, only SoCal. I was absolutely pleased with the food here, I'm hella juiced to come back here again.

Everyday dollar tacos Everyday dollar tacos Cali burrito 8/10 Cali burrito 8/10 Tripas burrito. *picture doesn't do it justice of how delicious it is 9/10. Tripas burrito. *picture doesn't do it justice of how delicious it is 9/10. 1/24/2016

If they combined the California burrito with the Vegetarian burrito, they'd have a supreme burrito!California burrito ($6.99) = meat, fries, melted cheeseVegetarian burrito ($4.99) = rice, sour cream, shredded cheese, guac, tomatoes, cilantro, onions Cheap prices for a really hefty portion. Both those came out to a little over $12.

Vegetarian burrito Vegetarian burrito California burrito California burrito 9/8/2016

Whenever my boyfriend and I are craving tacos, this place is the place to go. They are always consistent with their meat portions! We always get carne asada or spicy pork. Their lingua and tripa meat is good as well if you're into that type of stuff! And did I mention that tacos are $1 EVERYDAY?! What's a "taco tuesday" anyway? Cheap prices and good food, can't go wrong with that.

Carne asada & spicy pork Carne asada & spicy pork 8/7/2016

Super cheap prices, but meats aren't very good. I got 4 tacos: asada, carnitas, pollo, pastor. Meats weren't juicy and were actually somewhat dry, and I thought they could have been a lot more flavorful. $4.40 including tax for the 4 tacos ($1.10 post-tax per taco), and their burritos are cheap too. Salsas were pretty average, pretty watery and not very chunky though. Just an okay shop.


$1 Tacos everyday, you say? You had me at $1. Now we can have Taco Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday!Whipple Taqueria carne asada tacos are where its at and if you haven't tried this little hole in the wall, you're missing out. I ordered 4 with a side of guacamole (.50 cents...I was hoping we'd get a larger portion for maybe $2 but I guess they don't do that?) and a bag of chips comes with purchases over $5. I downed all of this lovely food with an iced horchata and it was just what was needed on a hot day!

Asada Asada 6/14/2016

Just a heads up, tacos are now $1.50 each. So you can either cough up a few extra dollars and eat $1.50 tacos here on any day of the week, or wait till Tuesday and go to Tacos Uruapan or some other taqueria to eat $1.00-1.25 tacos.Despite that price hike, I really like the tacos. They are very generous with stacking their tortillas with lots of meat, onions, and cilantro, and the meat isn't dry at all. You also get free chips when you spend $5 or more which probably a majority of people do anyways. Only thing I don't really like about this place is that whenever I go here, there's a handful of tables that haven't been cleaned off. Somebody needs to go around regularly and clean up! This place is still definitely a hidden gem to union city though.


Dollar tacos everyday!!! How can I complain? This is a little hidden restaurant in a secluded plaza of Whipple.I ordered 4 tacos as they only offer spicy chicken, steak, lengua and chorizo. For a dollar, the portions are pretty decent and tasty. Some meat are under seasoned and rough. My best choice from here is spicy chicken. But, for 4 dollars it sure filled up my belly with an addition of a Coca Cola.I also see they serve other types of food such as soup. Perhaps, I will return to try another day as a dollar taco is a deal that's too real

Taco taco! Taco taco! 7/21/2016

Good food for the price my go 2 spot during the week. My favorite item is the Chicken Tostada.

Bomb!!! Bomb!!! Tostada anyone?!?!? Tostada anyone?!?!? 1/8/2016

Great quality tacos AND FOR A DOLLAR?! Can't beat that. Tacos are a dollar all day everyday, not just on taco Tuesdays. I love this taqueria. I usually get 4-5 tacos whenever I go. I've tried the carne asada, al pastor, carnitas, and the chicken and they're all really great tasting and they always give lots of meat along with the onions and cilantro. Chips are free with a purchase of at least $5. They also have a salsa bar with various options, I usually go with the green salsa and load my tacos with a lot of lime juice. I grew up going to Tacos Uruapan down the street, but they started raising their prices and giving less meat; since I've discovered this place I find it to be more worth it even though it's a little further from where I am. Great taqueria for quality tacos, I can't wait to try other options on their menu.

Carnitas tacos (top) and carne asada tacos (bottom) Carnitas tacos (top) and carne asada tacos (bottom) 5/17/2016

ONE DOLLAR TACOS.... Every day of the week!!If you're as broke as I am but are still craving some wonderful Mexican food, check this place out!! I usually order about 4 carne asada tacos with either a bottle of Coke (real sugar!) or a nice, cool horchata. Always hits the right spot, especially on my family's Taco Tuesdays. The aesthetic design of the restaurant isn't too great, but the food is solid and affordable. The customer service is also amazing - everyone serves with a smile and the tacos are ready within a reasonable time. Parking may be limited depending on how busy the restaurant is, but there's a larger lot across the street if the parking lot gets full. Overall, I'm a huge fan of this place. Such a hidden gem in Union City! Definitely check it out!!


Im not exactly satisfied with the food or the service. The food was pretty lousy:Quesadilla was fine taste wise but overpriced for what you got. one of the salsas was quite nice, excellent flavor. The horchata was bland and tasted like it was a mix. The nachos were horrible, they were just tossed in the microwave. the refried beans were dry, the chips were soggy, the guacamole was nice however.  The girl behind the counter wasn't particularly helpful she seemed to be bothered with my questions about the food. The price was reasonable. But when you consider that the food just wasn't very good. I don't imagine I will be coming here again. Really the only good things were the flavor of one of the salsas and the guacamole.


$1 tacos can't complain! Steak has great flavor. King Kong burrito went up on price so no longer buying that. Sticking to them cheap tacos and quesadillas!

Them fire $1 tacos, smackkkk Them fire $1 tacos, smackkkk 6/3/2016

Missed out on the $1 tacos that r now $1.50 wehh but wanted to try em out n the King Kong Burrito. Food was ok but worth the price. The place looks small but there is extra space to sit. Friendly service n lots of customers but fast service.

$1.50 taco $1.50 taco King Kong Burrito King Kong Burrito 10/14/2015

OKAY WHAT THE HECK ONE DOLLAR? all day EVERYDAY? Count me in. There is really nothing too special about this place but it hits the spot - then again I may be a bit biased cos I had Angelou's (SJ location) with some buddies and that place was AMAZING and I'm still reminiscing about it... ): The burritos were pretty bomb, hot sauce was too oily, green sauce was bomb, tacos were bomb. I ordered beef and chicken and thought the beef was a tad on the chewy side but not unpleasantly so. Nice hidden gem in UC.

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