Wild Sushi - Japanese - Inner Sunset - San Francisco, CA - Menu

Wild Sushi   - Japanese - Inner Sunset - San Francisco, CA - Menu

Met up some friends as they were finishing up dinner at Wild Sushi on Friday, August 12th around 11pm. They were basically done eating, but we ordered some appetizers along with some sake and beer.*Fried Calamari: deep fried calamari*Age Dashi Tofu:deep fried tofu in broth, topped with ginger & bonito flakes*Gyoza: pan fried pot stickersI didn't try any of the food, but I had a great time drinking and catching up with some old friends. The servers were sweet and attentive, even though we were kinda lingering around after my friends had already finished dinner. At least we ordered some apps and were still drinking.I see Wild Sushi all the time when I'm scrolling through places to get delivery. Will probably order from them some day, but I had a great time at the restaurant drinking and catching up with some old friends.

Gyoza, Fried Calamari, Age Dashi Tofu Gyoza, Fried Calamari, Age Dashi Tofu 7/21/2016

If you think you're being charged the appropriate amount of tax/tip, check again. Here's how:Take the tax amount and divide that by the subtotal amount. Then, multiple that number by 100. What percentage did you get? I got 10%.Now, let's calculate the service charge. Take the service charge amount and divide it by the subtotal again. Multiply that by 100. What did you get? I got 19.5%.When we brought up the problem to the waitress, she acted ignorant and said that it was all the computers doing. Well, then who can fix that computer? Then, using her wonderfully kind attitude, says if you feel that it is incorrect then pay however much you want.We gave her the appropriate amount after calculating 8.75% tax (CA tax requirement) and 18% gratuity (because your service was off point), but we did enjoy the happy hour pricing (for subpar food). Thank you mysterious, snobby, Asian server. Your cat eye was on-point. Your choice to ignore the adults at my table who were speaking Chinese to you because you feel better than thou until the end; thank you for perpetuating the rude service stereotype. Best of luck with your future endeavors and I hope somebody else explains your miscalculations to you in terms that you feel are worth your time.Forever courteous,A long, lost customer.


Tried to go to Izakaya but the line was too long. His has got to be the world's worst bowl of ramen I have ever had. This statement cannot be contested at all. Ordered the tonkatsu ramen and it was not tonkatsu ramen. They don't know what tonkatsu ramen is. Period. Not even the fact that tonkatsu ramen is supposed to come with sliced pork. Utter disbelief at how bad this place is. Potential customers, beware!We are literally leaving our plates as is and ordering takeout from Izakaya as I write this. No, we're not sending this back in expectation to get his comped. Our inability to eat this food will speak for itself in the left over on he table.

What is this? What is this? 9/19/2016

My friends and I came here for their 4-7pm HH and sushi boat combo (!!) Eating sashimi is always iffy for me since I have a sensitive stomach but the raw fish served here are fresh! No tummy aches for any of us. The HH menu is pretty awesome - specialty sushi rolls for $8 and some appetizers for $3-4. The only thing missing on their 4-7pm HH are drinks. Nonetheless, I would come back here for their HH.

Sushi boat combo A Sushi boat combo A 9/21/2016

Friend told me they can make a sushi birthday cake. I call to order one to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday. When I come to pick it up. I think my boyfriend will very like it and he did like it when he had see it. We have a very good birthday dinner at home. So glad I order this special cake for him. Thanks! Wild Sushi!

sushi birthday cake sushi birthday cake 3/8/2016

Good Happy Hour Menu (4:30pm-7pm)! Each roll is only $8.- Happy Cow (2/5): Wasn't too sure what I was eating. The sushi was topped by a thin slice of medium-cooked beef, which didn't really contribute to the taste or the overall cohesiveness of the dish. The deep fried eel tasted good though. - Four Season (3/5): Very pretty to look at, but basically imitation crab and a tub-full of sauce. All of the flavors were from the sauce, which tasted good not wasn't too special. - Wild Wild (4/5): This was probably the only sushi where the flavors came purely from the raw fish. I liked the scallop wrapped at the top as well as the ponzu sauce that didn't overwhelm the dish. - Double Hamachi (4/5): I liked the crunch and flavor from the deep fried yellowtail. The house sauce was on the sweet side but pretty good. Very friendly service too. We came on a Saturday at 6pm and the restaurant was completely empty. But the entire place was filled by the time we left at 7pm, despite the pouring rain outside. Street parking is available since it's located in the residential neighborhood.

Takoyaki ($3.99 during HH) Takoyaki ($3.99 during HH) Chicken karaage ($3.99 during HH) Chicken karaage ($3.99 during HH) Wild Wild, Double Hamachi, Dragon, and lion king Wild Wild, Double Hamachi, Dragon, and lion king See all photos from Wendy F. for Wild Sushi 2/4/2016

This place was cool. I was expecting a lot more but it sufficed!Came here with the lady because she is a big sushi fan. She ordered 4 or 5 different rolls. I can only recall the fireworks because they light it on fire! Yes, there are flames but they don't burst at you! Very entertaining.I essentially scarfed down three of the 4 rolls all by myself which typically tends to happen. Good sushi, I would recommend this place to other looking for something a tad bit different. However, this place is rather small and street parking is limited and metered until 6! You might have to circle the block a couple of times if you want parking so be warned in advance. #notthatwild

It's so wild...... It's so wild...... I ate the entire roll! #exquisite I ate the entire roll! #exquisite Yes it's on fire! #flames Yes it's on fire! #flames See all photos from Robert F. for Wild Sushi 3/10/2016

Can't ask for more with the price and quality at Happy Hour! Friendly staff and comfortable seating, a great dining experience. Wild wild- Love this roll, my favorite! The scallop on top is delicious, and it has mango in it, giving the roll a tropical/ fruity flavor. This roll tasted very fresh and light, really appetizing. Four season- Great presentation with the sauce, but I would say the flavor from this roll come mostly from the savory and sweet sauce, which is slightly overpowering. If you like saucey sushi, this is a good choice! Happy cow- I was initially skeptical about those half raw beef on top of the rolls, but it turned out pretty good. It actually does not taste raw, but give a very unique 'beefy' taste to the roll. Really though, nothing can beat the price and quality isn't half bad! Their happy hour menu has a good variety of rolls, you can easily find something that suits your palate! I will definitely come back to try other rolls, or come back for their other happy hour at 10pm!

Four season Four season Double Hamachi Double Hamachi Happy cow Happy cow See all photos from Karen C. for Wild Sushi 12/15/2015

We were seating quickly on a Monday night, and teas were served upon arrival. I ordered the albacore tataki, and they were very accommodating when I asked to switch the fish to fresh hamachi. It was very refreshing, but there was a little too much ponzu sauce on it. I also ordered the salmon, hamachi belly, and unagi nigiris. I love that they had an option to choose hamachi belly, however it was not fresh at all. I really enjoyed the salmon and the unagi was decent. Their rolls are pretty good, especially for the happy hour prices. I don't think I would dine here if they didn't have the happy hour, though. The servers were very nice and they refilled our teas many times, which was wonderful! :)

Salmon (2), hamachi belly, unagi Salmon (2), hamachi belly, unagi Hamachi Hamachi 9/16/2016

We ordered four chirashi sashimi on the lunch time. Because compare the price with the lunch special is still ok. It surprising us not just the chirashi come with the miso soup, the fish is also super fresh and the rice is full of flavor. Will come back for their bento box next time!


Dood, this place is veeeery good! Came here with my gf last night and we tried all the yummy stuff. Uni(4 orders=), oyster shooter, large sashimi combo, lobster tail, beef tongue and chicken gizzard, tobiko sushi, hamachi kama and strawberry sake. Everything fresh and good potion. Sushi chef is fun. Done...we luv it!

See all photos from Vee V. for Wild Sushi 9/15/2016

This place is great! They have the Happy Hour for the special rolls and appetizers. They got some special item from the special board that hang on the wall. And my favorite is the sushi boat combo! It always make me and my family to eat until full! Definitely worth it! The waitress are sweet and attentive too! No question for Five Star!


This review is for their Happy Hour.  Their happy hour deals are great! I think happy hour is from 4-7pm and it well worth it! You can choose from a variety of rolls for 7.99. They all taste really good! My sister and I went there around 6pm yesterday.  The place was pretty empty at the time so we were able to choose any spot to sit at.  We sat all the way in the back of the restaurant. They have a little garden back there and the place had a nice ambiance and was clean (so was their bathroom).  I wasn't too hungry and didn't want to spend too much on dinner so I decided to order two rolls from their happy hour menu. I ordered: Cherry Blossom roll - soo yummy! It had some crunch stuffy inside kind of like a tempura and had some tuna on to of the roll. There weren't that many stuff inside the roll itself but they had a generous amount of tuna on top of it. Even though they didn't put a lot of stuff in there, the stuff inside added a nice crunch to every bite. Lion King roll - I ordered this because lion king roll is usually pretty heavy and I wanted something filling.  This tasted pretty good and came out hot. It was also a generous serving.They also served hot tea and water for us and the servers were all very attentive and helpful. They kept our cups full and made sure that everything about our meal was going well. Great service and great food! Will definitely recommend this to anyone specially if you're hungry around the time they have their happy hour!

House Ramen $9.something House Ramen $9.something Baked Oyster App. - soo yummy 8/2016 Baked Oyster App. - soo yummy 8/2016 Happy Hour App - Tako Yaki Happy Hour App - Tako Yaki See all photos from Carmina D. for Wild Sushi 4/5/2016

Came here on a whim with some friends. Got some sushi, ahi salad, ramen and saki. All were good, but nothing to write home about. The service was good, but they couldn't speak English that well, so that made it challenging when ordering. Will I be back? Maybe, if my favorite ramen down the street doesn't have a immediate spot for me. Otherwise, there are many other places in the area to checkout for ramen and sushi;)


I have to highly recommend this restaurant to all of you guys! Nice place and big portion of sushi! Very nice Japanese style back yard! Especially I always like the sushi chef's special! Good choice!


Uni Nigiri sushi is my favorite one.It's smell bad and different that I used to ate many times. Server didn't come to check their food.Finally, the server come to keep dish I try to told her about quality of Uni Nigiri sushi but she told "OK". She may be think I still need to eat it.I told another server who come to check he told that I should told him early.2 stars for rainbow sushi.Minus 3 for servers who careless and poor quality Uni Nigiri Sushi.


My best friend and I were browsing for a sushi restaurant and I came across this place. What caught my attention was the sushi boat. Without hesitation we decided to come here on a rainy Sunday. As we arrived the place was fairly filled with a few reserved tables left. We were seated quickly at the sushi bar and made it in time for happy hour. The place became packed after that. We ordered Combination A and Happy Cow. The look on my best friends face was priceless when she tasted Happy Cow. The beef was seared and the tempura inside was still very crispy. I highly recommend this roll! The boat we received was enormous and took us awhile to eat. The fish is pretty fresh for the price we're paying for. The sashimi was cut very thick! +1  for that. The service here was good, the waiter came around frequently to refill my tea.Overall I would definitely come back to this place if I'm nearby and craving for sushi.

Combo A Combo A Happy Cow! Happy Cow! 11/4/2015

We were seated quick. Service was on point. Food was reasonably priced and fresh. All in all, it was a good meal. Thy have a HH menu where some specialty rolls are $7.99 whole apps are below $4.Advice - I would skip the live uni. It had a weird texture/taste to it. Color was a bit dull, too.


Oh gosh. I've had this place bookmarked for a while, and I was so excited to finally try it. We came in as a group of 6 and it took about 5 minutes for us to be seated (even though there was no one else around, we just stood around waiting). The food was not memorable, nothing stood out, disappointing since the pictures on Yelp look so good! Maybe they were having an off day.


I ate my few pieces of nigiri in 15 before it all came out of me in the next painful 60.Delivery was smooth, and the sushi itself tasted middle of the road. Unfortunately, 1 star for the midnight sushi birth I felt forced into labor for.

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