Yama’s Fish Market - Seafood Markets - 2332 Young St, Mo - Menu

Yama’s Fish Market   - Seafood Markets - 2332 Young St, Mo - Menu

I have to give this place a two thumbs up. The food has been consistently good every time that I've been here. They sell plate lunches with an emphasis on Hawaiian food. When I'm craving Hawaiian food, this is the place that I usually go to. They have a variety of poke. My faves are the shoyu ahi and spicy ahi. Their fish is extremely fresh and just melts in my mouth. My husband doesn't eat beef or pork. He loves it here, because they serve kalua chicken with cabbage. I always get the laulau. I love the laulau. It contains both chicken and pork on the inside. I'm pretty sure that they make their own laulaus. The flavor is spot on. However, I have noticed that it has gotten smaller recently. The only item that I've tried from that I don't really care for is the squid luau. It wasn't rich or sweet enough for my liking. This place is extremely busy. They have about five parking stalls at this place. Other than that, good luck, because parking is a pain.

combo chicken and pork on the inside combo chicken and pork on the inside laulau with rice laulau with rice kalua chicken with cabbage kalua chicken with cabbage See all photos from Angel H. for Yama's Fish Market 10/3/2016

Must get the Spicy Wasabi Ahi Poke! I've been eating poke for a while now in LA, and I must say that their poke is the real deal (fresh and delicious)! Great place to stop by for a quick and awesome lunch. They don't have much seating (2 tables with a few chairs). Parking lot is also small, but its a place where people stop and go so shouldn't be too bad to find parking.


Can't believe I haven't reviewed this place yet.Anyway, I've been a fan of Yama's Fish Market for years.  Why?  They are consistent, quick, fast, easy, without compromising the quality of the food / ingredients.  A painless ordering process and wait.LAU LAUA combination of both pork and chicken or just chicken - the choice is yours.  Both types are always flavorful, juicy, and never dry.  I've never had a bad lau lau from Yama's.COMBINATIONSSo many to choose from, but take your time checking out the menu to make sure you get what you really want.LAU LAU + BEEF STEW COMBO (#8)I most recently ordered the lau lau + beef stew combination with rice and mac salad.  Yama's Fish Market's lau lau is a common favorite and my regular go-to order.  I've had the beef stew before, but years ago.  Not sure if the recipe changed or if maybe it was not the best day for it, but my beef stew was slightly bland and lacking in flavor.  Maybe it needed more salt or spices?  Not sure.  It was okay, but not the beef stew I was looking and hoping for - hence the 4 stars (sorry).SPECIALSCheck their white board for specials.  Sometimes they have stuff like shoyu chicken or specially prepared fish.SIDESAdditional sides are available as well, and in different sizes / quantities.  If you don't see something you like included in your combination macaroni salad, chicken long rice, lomi salmon, pastele (mild or spicy), pork adobo, lau lau, beef stew or curry, etc.  I would call ahead if you're looking to purchase in bulk or a large order.FRESH POKE AND SASHIMIThey have a nice array of fresh poke and sashimi (both at market price), made daily.  The term "market price" usually translates to expensive in my experience, but not at Yama's.  I don't feel like I've ever overpaid for the fresh poke or sashimi platters.TO-GO BENTOS AND DESSERTSReady-made bentos and other to-go items are available for your convenience.  Even desserts!  Check the refrigerators for the purchasable clamshells and small trays of sweet potato haupia dessert, zebra haupia, chocolate haupia dessert, pumpkin haupia dessert, etc.You'll also find other goodies to buy like taegu and bags of boiled peanuts in the refrigerators, too.SWEET POTATO HAUPIA DESSERTIf you haven't tried this yet, you need to.  If I go to Yama's, this is a given; I ALWAYS order at least one.  I've tried the other "haupia desserts" here, but this one is my fave.PARKINGA super small private lot, so yes - super limited...  But I feel like at Yama's they do a pretty good job of getting their orders filled quickly.  If the lot is full, maybe take a trip around the block and hopefully something will open up.  Or there's a lot across Young St., but I'm not sure if I would risk it...  No one likes getting towed.  But if you've called in your order ahead of time, it might be okay.  Risky biz, man.DON'T FORGETChili pepper water is a must.  Don't forget to ask.  Yes, you gotta pay for it but it'll cost you just some pocket change.VERDICTI am a devout fan.  Always a top go-to spot for local, home-style grinds.Friendly staff, a healthy variety of food options, great desserts, parking (although limited), and they take cash, check, or charge.Bottom line - this place is great.  I definitely recommend Yama's Fish Market to anyone looking for delicious and convenient local fare.


How many of you folks remembered when Yama's Fish Market use to be just across the street from the McCully Bike Parking lot (in the back of the McCully Bicycle Sporting Goods store?)Yes gang, Yama's has been around for a very long time (since 1980), and it's nice to see they are still going strong today.Over the years, I've been here many times..........mostly when I feel like eating a delicious Hawaiian Plate, or just to get an ono Lau Lau! I find Yama's a very unique shop, as they sell an array of local kine grindz. I've had my share of da grindz over the years like -1. Lau Lau2. Poke3. Kalua Pig & Kalua Chicken with Cabbage4. Beef Stew5. Curry Stew6. Lomi Lomi Salmon7. Mac Salad8. Bento's9. Shoyu Chicken10.  Boiled Peanuts11.  PoiYama's also has a large selection of desserts in the fridge! One dessert that Yama's is known for is the - Sweet Potato Haupia Dessert! If you see it, may I suggest you get it, as a lot of my friends have raved about it for years!Yama's is basically a grab & go kinda place. There is absolutely no seating inside of the store, but if you're lucky...........there are two small tables & chairs outside of the store by the entrance area. If you choose to eat outside, I must tell you it can get pretty hot outside in the sun.Parking is available in the private parking lot, but parking is pretty limited if you come here during peak hours.I came here during off hours, so I did not have any issues finding parking at all. I was craving a good Lau Lau today, so I decided to stop by Yama's Fish Market to take care of my Lau Lau craving!The cool thing about Yama's is that they sell the standard Pork Lau Lau, they also have the Chicken Lau Lau, and if your looking for a hybrid............they have the Pork & Chicken Lau Lau (which is probably the best tasting in my opinion). I also noticed on the menu that they had a Vegetarian Lau Lau , great for you non meat eaters!Prices here are still pretty reasonable, as you can get a Chicken Lau Lau for just $5.15!If you're looking for some ono Hawaiian Grindz, may I suggest you stop by at Yama's for some onolicious Hawaiian Grindz!!!

Inside my Chicken Lau Lau. Inside my Chicken Lau Lau. I was haaaaangry! Chicken Lau Lau! ($5.15 for one Chicken Lau Lau). As you can see, I bought two Lau Lau, cuz I'm oink lil' dat! I was haaaaangry! Chicken Lau Lau! ($5.15 for one Chicken Lau Lau). As you can see, I bought two Lau Lau, cuz I'm oink lil' dat! Sweet Potato Haupia Dessert! ($1.70) per slice. Sweet Potato Haupia Dessert! ($1.70) per slice. See all photos from Fran C. for Yama's Fish Market 8/11/2016

Yama's Fish Market. (4 stars).Ahhhh yes!! FRESH Ahi Limu Poke!! It's still the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Yama's!! Oh the stories I could tell about my experiences here 15 years ago!! OMG where did the time go??!!I have lived in Hawaii my entire life but never really ate "authentic" Hawaiian food growing up. To this day I'm not sure what is considered "authentic" as all the "Hawaiian Food" places I frequent (Yama's, Tanioka's, Ono Hawaiian, and Young's Fish Market) are owned and run by Asians!!?? I just know what I like and I do enjoy the FRESH Ahi poke at Yama's. It was here that I got to try different Hawaiian dishes which introduced my palate to a new and tasty journey!!FRESH Ahi Limu Poke. (4 stars).Everyone has their foodgasmic experiences and favorites when it comes to poke! Some enjoy frozen poke and are just fine and dandy with that! Some enjoy poke drenched in sauce. Me, I just enjoy FRESH Ahi Limu Poke. Pure. Unadulterated. Satisfaction! A douse of Sesame Oil, a dash of Hawaiian salt, Onion, and Limu! Sometimes I ask to have a little bit of spicy shoyu ladled over my Limu Poke!! Oh my mouth is salivating just thinking about this delicious delectable morsel!! ***Poof*** Damnit don't wake me up from the dream!!Opihi. (3 stars).Limpet... haha still cracks me up to say the word! WICKED briny (salty) with a squishy tidal wave of... hold up... I don't want to disgust the one person who reads this review!! LOL!! So far everyone I have introduced opihi to does not like it! I grew up on Kauai and would go opihi picking with my grandmother all the time and those were fresh and delicious!! The farm raised opihi of today is nothing like the ones I had growing up!! FRESH is always best!! At almost $5 for 0.10 pounds I highly recommend going to a beach and picking ur own (during low tide of course)!! :)Lau Lau. (4 stars).Moist and flavorful!! I prefer the combo (pork and chicken). The lau lau was always steamed perfectly!! I wish it wasn't so dang tedious to make these let alone wait for them to steam!! Yummy!!Squid Luau. (3 stars).I think it's a textural thing for me. The coconut milk "stew" and the chewy squid seem a little "off pudding" to me... But everyone swears by this dish! I have had it enough times to know I'm not a big fan of this dish.Salads (variety). (4 stars).I enjoy their variety of salads! ALWAYS fresh and customizable because I would add Poke to the salad! Haha was a crazy idea back then!! Trailblazer... in my own mind! :)Sweet Potato Haupia. (4 stars).Aside from seeing the amount of food dye that is required to bring out such a beautiful and brilliant purple... I have to say I do enjoy this dessert above the brownie haupia and other desserts. The haupia has a coconut flavor but not overpowering which is saying a lot as I don't really care for most coconut desserts. I usually get a small tray whenever I come here!!Parking still royally sucks here but there is a small lot on site. I think it has 4-5 stalls?? The good thing is that most people don't eat here they just stop in to pick up food and head out!!All in all, Yama's is a good solid Hawaiian Food experience that I try to frequent when I'm in the Moiliili area!!

(L to R): Storefront, Sweet Potato Haupia, Fresh Ahi Limu Poke, Combo Lau Lau, Squid Luau (no thanks), and Opihi (LIMPET!!). (L to R): Storefront, Sweet Potato Haupia, Fresh Ahi Limu Poke, Combo Lau Lau, Squid Luau (no thanks), and Opihi (LIMPET!!). 8/23/2016

Yelped this place and found it to be close to our location.  Mainlanders, hungry and craving for poke.. this place was perfect.  Various lunch plate selections, and poke.  From Tako, Shrimp and of course Ahi.First off, parking can be difficult.  There are only about 10 total spots but even then, we came during lunch time and we were able to secure parking. It is a 'lunch plate' establishment so most purchased their food and left.  We on the other hand were too hungry to wait and found one out of the two tables outside available.Inside: to the left you see items you can purchase such as sauces and seasonings.  To the right are baked goods and desserts.  My husband and I ordered number 17-Baked Seafood Mahi, brown rice and 18-Grilled Ahi.  They didnt have the Mahi so I substituted for Ahi.  We ordered half pound of Ahi w/Masago Poke, Spicy Tako Poke, and Namasu salad.  I know I ordered way too much.  Everything was great!  Both of our main dish of Ahi was tender and seasoned to our liking.  The poke was melt in your mouth... very tasty! The spicy tako had the perfect amount of spice for me. Overall the place is a great find. We enjoyed ourselves, and would definitely recommend to others.

Desserts-i didnt have any :( Desserts-i didnt have any :( Spicy tako poke Spicy tako poke See all photos from Racquel U. for Yama's Fish Market 7/18/2016

On the last day a few hours before heading to the airport we decided we needed to eat Poke one more time. Searched for something around the area and we found Yama's.We actually got there too early and had to sit in the car while we waited for them to open. As soon as the doors opened we were like kids in a candy store. There were about 10 different variations. We ended up picking .Wasabi Ahi Poke  - Favorite!!Ahi Shoyu PokeAhi Limu Poke#4 Kalua Pig, Macaroni salad - Delicious. Melts.Everything was so delicious. A must try if you're in the area. They have tables set up outside so you can eat it there as soon as you purchase them.


On vacation, and wanted to visit Wagaya Ramen but it was closed that week, so we yelped some poke and found it close by. Really enjoyed the poke here. They don't serve poke unless its fresh and it was super super fresh. So good. Wish we didn't have to leave Hawaii so we could try more poke at yama'sSpicy ahi poke - so good, was my favourite. A little spice. Just enough. Fresh.Hawaiian style baby scallop - so good and so fresh. Really enjoyed itHawaiian style ahi poke - pretty fresh and delicious but would probablt recommend one with soy sauce instead


When you order poke,  and there isn't enough to fill your order,  they whip up some more.  Unfortunately if you go and they are only  open for another hour they fill your order with mostly vegetables with a couple pieces of fish.  I ordered 1/2 lbs of spicy wasabi ahi poke,  and I got at least 1/4lbs of onions and limu.... Mean.... Just go to Ono's Seafood on Kapahulu for your poke fix The chicken long rice,  pretty much tastes like a can of Campbell's chicken noodle soup with two parts water poured on top of long rice. Pretty much go anywhere else that serves chicken long rice for your chicken long rice fix. It's been a few years since I've been to Yama's,  but did the owners changed or something?

At least the fish was fresh.... At least the fish was fresh.... Ate all of the fish along with some onions and limu Ate all of the fish along with some onions and limu 2/24/2016

Jonesing for Hawaiian food?Yama's got da cure.  Its #7 plate with laulau, kalua pig, and lomi salmon ($11.95) hits the spot.  Here's the rundown---AWWRYYT---the kalua was moist and smoky-salty-porky flavor jus' right.AWWRYYT---the laulau was ono.  Odd that half was pork and half was bone-in chicken thigh.  I nevah request one hapa laulau.  ?  Meat and luau leaves were moist enough.  A bit of shoyu on the whole shebang helped the taste along.MEH---lomi salmon.AUWE---rice was 2 scoops of rice starch.  Too much water braddah.  Not supposed to be mochi.CHEE HOO!---Yama's ahi limu poke is always good.  Ahi is always fresh, and get plenty big (farmed) limu.  ONO!  My favorite on the whole island.E 'ai kakou.  We go grind!

CHEE HOO! CHEE HOO! Da cure. Not pictured:  chicken bone and 1 forkful of rice. Da cure. Not pictured:  chicken bone and 1 forkful of rice. 2/28/2016

Came in on a Sunday afternoon to 1)  Use a coupon I received from the Blood Bank last month to get 20% off before it expired and 2)  Use a gift certificate Terrence C. had from MANY Christmases ago.  Be prepared before coming here by knowing 2 things:1.  Parking is very limited (less than 10 stalls)2.  If you want to sit and eat, know that there are only 2 small tables outside (2 chairs each).  The people that were there when we went were all getting take out orders so we were lucky to get a table.  After looking over the extensive menu and many additional choices to purchase around the store, we decided on:1.  #3 combo - lau lau (pork and chicken mix), one scoop of rice, lomi salmon, poke (spicy wasabi ahi masago), and haupia2.  Side orders - kalua pig, squid luau3.  Sweet potato haupia dessertAll came out to just under the $20 gift certificate that Terrence C. had on hand.  We even got change for what wasn't used!  Many places don't do that and so whatever you don't use you basically lose.Breaking it down:1.  #3 combo-  lau lau:  A mixture of pork and chicken...there was a large bone that we found inside...surprise!  The meat was tender, so very pleasant to eat.-  lomi salmon:  Mostly tomatoes and onions with some pieces of salmon-  poke (spicy wasabi ahi masago):  It had pieces of limu inside...not a big fan.  It comes in a very small cup, so you'd probably be better off just getting a cheaper plate without poke and ordering a side order of poke so you can get more.-  haupia:  Yum!  Strong coconut flavor and firm!  Really love their haupia!2.  Side orders-  kalua pig:  VEEEERRRRRRYYYYY salty!  I ate the lau lau leaves and rice with it to balance the saltiness.-  squid luau:  VEEERRRRRRYYYYY liquidy...not how I like my squid luau to be.  There were small pieces of squid here and there.  Not a very strong coconut milk flavor, either.3.  Sweet potato haupia dessert-  FABULOUS!  The ratio of okinawan sweet potato, haupia, and crust were all well balanced.  The guy who helped us was very friendly and patient with us as this was our first time trying this place.  We were very interested in trying out their different poke, so he gave us samples of the spicy ahi, spicy wasabi ahi masago poke, and wasabi ahi masago poke.  I'm a fan of spicy ahi poke, but this one didn't have that mayo masago sauce that usually accompanies spicy ahi.  This one is just spicy...end of story.  If you wanted that mayo masago sauce, you'd need to get the spicy wasabi ahi masago that has the wasabi flavor, but also limu inside.  The wasabi ahi masago isn't spicy at all...mainly wasabi flavor.  Therefore, I'm not a fan of their way of making spicy ahi.  I would be interested to go back mainly for the haupia desserts.  The pumpkin haupia and strawberry cream haupia looked pretty good.  As for hawaiian food, I can think of other places that are more satisfying.

Combo #3 Combo #3 Squid luau (small side order) Squid luau (small side order) Kalua pig (small side order) Kalua pig (small side order) See all photos from Traci T. for Yama's Fish Market 7/8/2016

Yamas is a great place to pick up some local food for lunch. Great plate lunch selection and a nice variety of poke as well. Food comes out at a pretty quick pace for a busy store. Parking is a little tight here and only 2 tables outside to sit down. One of my favorite things to get when I'm at yamas is the haupia chocolate cake. Must try in the fridge area next time you are here. Skip the individual size and get the full size.

Laulau with wasabi ahi Laulau with wasabi ahi #1 laulau plate #1 laulau plate Spicy ahi patties Spicy ahi patties See all photos from John M. for Yama's Fish Market 9/21/2016

Yelp has almost got it right! Yama's is a 3-3.5 star spot! A co-worker and I had to run and errand a few days ago and we realized it was lunch time. We were in the area , and he suggested Yama's. I quickly Yelped it and agreed! As soon as I walked into this place it reminded me of Young's on Dillingham which we frequent.If I'm comparing it to Young's I must admit the menu is more extensive, as is the poke selection. I ordered the beef stew/ kalua pig combo which came with mac salad. I also ordered a quarter pound of spicy ahi to go with it. I don't ever pass on the opportunity for fresh fish. My co-worker ordered the baked seafood  and a side of haupia. For my dish I would say the portion is about average nothing more nothing less. For $12+ you would maybe expect slightly more but I was happy with what I got. The kalua pig was good and full of flavor, on par with some of my favorite spots. The beef stew was lacking in much of anything unfortunately it was fairly bland. Not that I wouldn't eat it again if it was free , but I probably wouldn't spend money on it again. The poke was actually what surprised me it was pretty decent , you could tell it was fresh. Their take on the spicy ahi was with limu almost what some places might call a spicy hawaiian. I enjoyed. Would eat again. The co-worker was satisfied for the most part allthough the portion on his plate was lacking a little as well. The customer service was pretty good, nothing amazing but our orders were filled fast and efficently. Parking is difficult with this place as they only have a tiny lot. The location is good in the heart of town not hard to find at all. I can't help buy compare this place to Young's and for me they are cheaper, the food is better, parking is better so I'd go there over Yama's . Now would I ever go to Yama's again? Sure it wasn't bad just wasn't the best, if I was in the area and that came to mind, I'd go again.


One word: YUM! We had way more trouble than expected narrowing down our order at Yama's, thanks to their fabulous display case of poke. While we struggled, the constant stream of customers in and out spoke volumes to how popular and solid this place is to locals.THE HIGHLIGHTS.+ Fabulous, fresh, flavorful poke of 10+ different kinds (wasabi ahi, spicy ahi, miso tako, spicy scallop, smoked salmon poke, and more)+ #16 (their mochiko chicken, the closest I got to katsu) was a welcome treat, and came with some pretty decent mac salad+ The dish that floored both myself and the boy for sure was the (all caps now) HAUPIA SWEET POTATO PIE!! It was creamy and delicious, even to a guy who normally avoids desserts. Do yourself a favor and try this out at least once.Yama's Fish Market is run by the nicest people, and is well worth your time and money. Can't wait until I can return for more delicious poke and haupia cake!

Mochiko chicken mmmm Mochiko chicken mmmm Haupia sweet potato pie = GET THIS. Haupia sweet potato pie = GET THIS. Some of the best poke we had on the island! Some of the best poke we had on the island! 7/22/2016

Once upon a time (five years ago) a haole family moved from a state with island in the name to a state that is actually an island. They rented a cute little home in a beautiful valley in the center of the island from a certifiably crazy young island born woman. Before knowing any better, the haole mom and daughter took an island tour with said crazy landlady and she took us to lunch at her favorite place for local kine food. While we got out of her place quicker than you can say ono grinds, we will always be thankful for her introduction to Yama's. It's not hard to say what I like about Yama's because I have yet to have something that I haven't liked. If I had to find a complaint, I guess it would be their bowls (Kalua pig bowl is just ok), or lack thereof (they don't have poke bowls).Hands down the best poke and laulau I've had on island (they even have vegetarian laulau if you order ahead). Delicious choices in haupia. In love with their namasu. Can't go wrong with their specials. Amazing counter help with even more amazing memories. Seating is limited so we usually walk to the park around the corner and sit on the picnic tables, joining Oahu's political leaders as we try not to feel responsible for the homeless squatting there. Seriously so ono that we find a way there every time we find ourselves in town. You won't be disappointed.

My cute little lunch of shoyu poke over a side of rice, namasu, ocean salad, and strawberry jello haupia :) My cute little lunch of shoyu poke over a side of rice, namasu, ocean salad, and strawberry jello haupia :) Yum Yum Menu Menu See all photos from Robin D. for Yama's Fish Market 12/23/2015

Before heading to this place, I literally thought it was a full out fish market. It actually is a little order out shop with lots of goodies. They were quite busy when I stopped in and there aren't any seating area inside.Laulau - Was a little bland.Kalua pig - Delicious! Although this was my first time trying Kalua pig.Mac Salad - So good! $1 for a little tiny side, but it's worth it.Beef stew - Must tryAhi - They have a few options on fresh ahi. Five stars!


Yama's Fish Market definitely has some of the best Hawaiian food in Honolulu. The first time we came to Yama's was at the recommendation of my elderly uncle. He was born and has lived in Hawaii for so long that he was actually one of the first fire department responders to the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941. We figured his recommendation would be worth a shot and boy are we glad we pulled that trigger! The restaurant is counter service take out only so be prepared to take your food elsewhere to enjoy (might I suggest the beach?). The plate lunches are good options to have some of everything at a reasonable price.The lau lau is fantastic. We typically will order the pork and chicken filling. The leaves are full of flavorful and the meat filling is not overly fatty as is the tendency.  The kalua pig is also great and has the perfect amount of salty and delicious. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the lau lau and kalua pig from Yama's could be my favorite in Honolulu (although I have yet to try Helena's). The lomi salmon, mac salad, and pipikaula are good accompaniments to the lau lau and kalua pig. Yama's has a decent selection of pokes that are quite good. I would say that I like Yama's limu poke better than Foodland's, but only so slightly. Yama's is a little less salty, which makes the flavors blend better and taste more fresh. Another favorite of mine is the opihi. Oh the opihi - it's so amazing! It's worth trying for the price; trust me. Yama's Fish Market is a great option for traditional Hawaiian food in Honolulu. We make a stop every time we come back to Hawaii.


Juicy laulaus, amazing poke and yummy desserts! You have an option of pork and chicken laulau or just chicken laulau...one of my favorite places to pick up laulaus from!


Got me the Kalua Chicken Cabbage Plate and the amount of chicken was ridiculous. It was not even half of a shredded chicken breast. The taste was good and so was their Ocean Salad.


As Californians, we're always on the hunt for good poke when we're in Hawaii, so we tried Yama's for the first time for lunch today. The staff was so friendly and patient as we took some time to study the plate lunch options and the diverse poke selection. We opted for the shredded shoyu chicken, Kahlua pork/beef stew, shoyu ahi poke, onion tako poke and spicy shrimp poke. Everything was fresh and delicious--especially the ahi. We also tried the sweet potato haupia, which was tasty and not too sweet.  The fountain drinks are a great deal at $1.35 for a small, medium or large (never seen that before). The only bummer is the very limited seating outside, but we just took our food and ate at a local park. I would highly recommend Yama's for plate lunch, poke and haupia.

Spicy shrimp and shoyu ahi people poke. Spicy shrimp and shoyu ahi people poke.
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