Zion Canyon Brewpub - Breweries - 2400 Zion Park Blvd, Springdale, UT - Restaurant Reviews

Zion Canyon Brewpub   - Breweries - 2400 Zion Park Blvd, Springdale, UT - Restaurant Reviews

Really wanted to escape the heat and get a drink.  Nice homely pub, quick service and nice basic menu.  We started with a pork belly poutine, having lived in Canada we love poutine, however this had no cheese curds, just some grated cheese.  No Rich pork gravy it was thin like a jus which made the fries soggy.  Pork belly was undercooked and super fatty.I had fish and chips, with "English style fries", fish was delicious, light batter, key lime tartare Sauce was light and delicious, English style fries were weird, more like cubed potatoes over fried and not very nice.Joan had buffalo burger with chimichuri fries which were yummy.


I'm giving the Brewpub two stars because the service was horrible!  The extra star is for the decent food.  I had no wait staff for a very long time.  I think whoever was covering my section was taking her lunch, out back smoking or distracted in some way because she was non-existent.  It took 20 minutes to get asked for a drink order after being seated.  The waiter for the table next to us finally took pity on us and asked to help.  Then it was another 15 minutes for drinks and another 15 for our actual waitress to finally show up.The food, well, it was fine when it finally arrived but by then I was too pissed and wanted to leave so I wouldn't miss the last shuttle back to my car in the next town over.  Great to have a nice restaurant here instead of just a snack bar but the execution failed spectacularly.


That hike (really, it was a walk) was really hard -- BEER ME!After an FAILED attempt to hike something (anything) at Zion, we were starving and needed sustenance for the drive back to Vegas.Honestly, I saw beer on the menu and ran in! lolLow and behold, the food was good, too. Large portions, as well.The pretzel app was like a hot dog. Literally, THAT SIZE!Had couple of burgers but, the stand out dish was the chorizo and shrimp po-boy. Whatever aioli that was on it made that dish pop!Service was great and they were quick with the iced waters once we sat down!

Pretz for $3. Great deal! Pretz for $3. Great deal! That's some pretzel. That's some pretzel. See all photos from Laurie V. for Zion Canyon Brewpub 8/17/2016

HIDDEN GEM! Who cares about those oversized rocks anyway?! THIS is the true treasure of Zion. HANDS DOWN BEST PUB FOOD EVER. -Homemade pretzels with lager cheese sauce. Just $3. Need I say more?-The salmon blueberry salad (with mixed greens, pomegranate seeds, chia seeds, feta and red onions) is heavenly. I want it every day of my life. Splurge the extra $3 for grilled salmon over smoked salmon. More delicious bang for your buck! As for the BEER, do the flight! 4 6-oz beers at $2 a pop makes for a great tasting experience. My fave: the Foray, their handcrafted pomegranate ale with an unexpected sour bite to it. Refreshing and delicious! Definitely don't pass up the opportunity to stop by this place after a long day of hiking at Zion (conveniently located in the last shopping center before you hit Zion--so no excuses not to go!).

Beer flight (4 6-oz for $8) Beer flight (4 6-oz for $8) 8/10/2016

Yum yum yum!!! We arrived at Zion super early so by 11 we had already finished Angel's Landing. We decided to grab lunch before doing our next excursion of the day and this place was within walking distance of the park entrance, so really we only stumbled in because it was convenient but Wow this was a great find! My sister and I split the cobb salad and an order of the wings. The wings had this dry rub on them and came with ranch and hot sauce on the side. They were so good! The cobb salad was excellent as well, loaded with fresh toppings. I don't think we left a single crumb on the plates. OMG the pomegranate sour beer!  I'm not a beer drinker much, but this was easily one of the best beers I've ever had. Sour beer all day err' day. I had to talk myself out of ordering a second one. Really, I can't believe this place doesn't have better reviews. I loved it! We went out to eat for dinner too (don't judge we were on vacation!) and kept saying we wished we had just gone to Zion Canyon Brewpub again. Check it out and don't sleep on those wings, fam.


Friendly service, good beer, good burgers.. Perfect way to spend after a long hike. Conveniently located near the bus stop, after exiting the park, I couldn't help but stop here.Server was very friendly, took time to explain about beer. I also learned about Utah state liquor laws from him.Applewood smoked bacon burger just hit the spot. It was around lunch time and I've been surviving with dry food (beef jerky, dried fruit, almond...), this was the first real meal. I really liked the chimichurri fries flavor, I ended up eating most of fried.. (Well I think I burned enough calories so it's okay to eat fries).Stop here after hiking, you won't know how good their beer taste until then.

Burnt Mountain Brown (seasonal) Burnt Mountain Brown (seasonal) Applewood smoked bacon cheeseburger with chimichurri fries Applewood smoked bacon cheeseburger with chimichurri fries 8/26/2016

3.5Zero complaints. We visited this little brewpub three times on our recent trip to Zion as it was located conveniently next to our hotel (Cable Mountain Lodge). They have a great little tap list and pitchers are a mere $13.00 bucks (a steal). If you want something light and refreshing I would go with their house Hefeweizen or their Jamacan style Lager, both are good.Their food is standard pub fare, not too special or complex but tasty none the less. There is something so gratifying about eating fattening food after a day of hiking. I'd suggest the meatloaf burger or Irish nachos for anyone that wants to eat all the calories they just lost. Service all three days was great with everyone being friendly and attentive. If you are in the area, I would suggest you give them a try!


Great place to go hang out after a long day of hiking. We went over there craving beers. They have a good selection of beer (but that's pretty it, if you are not into beer, wine is really your only option left). Expect to see food on the menu around 15-23$ (burgers/meatloaf..). We ended up having the beer sampler and were very happy with that. They have a band playing and outdoor sitting. Good way to enjoy the nice weather :) 3 stars for overall overpriced menu.


We were so excited for this brewpub. But it didn't live up to our expectations.  After hiking the Upper Pools and Riverside, we walked to the brewpub (note; if you do this, bring your entry receipt with you).We sat at the bar, because we didn't want to wait for an outside table.  Barbi was our bartender.  We both had beers and shared onion rings.  I chose a $2 taster of Saison du Jardin, which is described as exhibiting a fruity, berry aroma and bright tart dry finish.  My fiance had the Paradox Session IPA, which was specifically brewed for Utah.I can say my beer did not taste very Saison-y and wasn't very good. Since the beers are low in alcohol percent, it could take a long time to get the buzz you may expect.  He didn't care for his either.The Onion Rings were just ok.  The dipping sauce was cool, a BBQ ranch, but I switched to A1 and ketchup.While the menu has a bunch of creative food options, I wouldn't recommend the food and drinks we chose.

Beer menu Beer menu IPA IPA Onion rings with BBQ ranch Onion rings with BBQ ranch 7/27/2016

4 Stars because the food wasn't something to write home about.  My wife had the Grilled Salmon blueberry salad and the salmon was fishy.  My Po'Boy sandwich was average.The beer was great and the service was exceptional!!!  We will definitely come back.

Grilled Salmon Blueberry Salad Grilled Salmon Blueberry Salad Po'Boy Sandwich Po'Boy Sandwich 8/24/2016

The beer was pretty good, it was fun to try some local brew in Utah.  We got the flight, it was a great way to try 4 of their offerings.  We got a couple appetizers, and they weren't great, that's why the 4 stars.  The pretzels were weird, like deep fried.  And I got the bread pudding...just not good.  So, the little food we ate, I wasn't excited about.  The patio is lovely and right by the river.  A plus for sure.


Let me they say have a captured audience.....beautiful mountains, the Zion National Park and the Zion Mount Carmel Tunnel....With that being said...it's really just a small restaurant with tables, booths and about 12 bar- seats,Menu wasnt too impressive... -I had tried their mango ceivche which was quite tasty, it had kick to to it...ascender hefeweizen this beer was good as well...banana flavored.Good for a snack, I would suggest.




We came here because it was right next to Zion Oufitters and we just finished tubing and we were hungry.  We were seated right away. Our waitress was friendly enough. Food was just average. We ordered the chicken wings, fish and chips, and kids chicken with salad. The ranch dressing was very runny and the sauce for the wings did not taste like siracha. Overall just an okay experience here.

Comment from Troy M. of Zion Canyon Brewpub Business Owner 8/9/2016 The sriracha sauce on the wings is made with ginger and our IPA. 8/18/2016

Went for the beer. Would have returned for the food a second time if we were staying longer. Had a Vietnamese Roasted Cauliflower Sandwich. Most excellent.


We just had beer and appetizers, but everything was great. The session IPA was a bit too nutty for my liking but the wings and irish nachos were on point. The barmaid was really attentive, and everything was surprisingly good for a place that looks like a tourist trap.


Horrible # this place is OVER PRICED ,HOT and the people are RUDE. DO NOT order the kids chicken, it was SO bad, my grand daughter could not bite into them, they were hard and God only knows what they really were. This is a " beer pub" but the beer was HOT and not good at all. We paid 60 dollars basically for a 25 dollar meal. There are so many places to eat in walking distance. The FREE bus makes round trip pick up ever 10 minutes or so, the only reason it got 2 stars, because I was in need of a place to sit after hitting .

Classic hamburger . Again over done and a half eaten pickle .hummmm Classic hamburger . Again over done and a half eaten pickle .hummmm Kids over cooked and old chicken . They had to take this back Kids over cooked and old chicken . They had to take this back 9/10/2016

We were told it was a 35 minute wait although we could clearly see 10+ open tables. They ended up seating us in under 5 minutes. The beers were great and so was the live music. We ordered the chimichurri fires. They were cold and soggy. Wait staff was great, but the place has a few things to work on.


This place is the bomb! Make sure to stop there when you are leaving the park. You'd assume that they only have bar type food. Wrong! They have amazing healthy options and a wide selection!  Even some fruit beers as well. I got a berry salad with smoked salad, and it was almost to die for!  My friend's burger with chimichurri fries looked great!  Service was a bit slow, but only because they were busy

Burger with chimichurri fries Burger with chimichurri fries Berry salad with smoked salmon - yum! Berry salad with smoked salmon - yum! 4/7/2016

We came here for a quick dinner since we were staying right next door at Cable Mountain Lodge. I wasn't expecting anything amazing but wow, was I wrong. We got the Irish nachos to share which were absolutely amazing. Just the right amount of spice, cheese, and potato chips all mixed together. Absolutely genius idea for an appetizer. For my main course, I got the Kimchi turkey burger with a salad. The burger was really juicy and mixed well with the kimchi; I never would have thought to pair those two things together but this place does it right. The only downside to the brewpub is that they don't have any hard liquor, not even basic ones. I'm not a beer or wine drinker so I was a bit left out on the alcohol side of things but my family said the beers were really good. I'd love to come back here and try more and it's a great option if you're staying nearby.

Kimchi turkey burger with salad Kimchi turkey burger with salad Irish nachos Irish nachos
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